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Name Dr. Elvira Illyana Blite Aliases Elvira Puika
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 0) Ability Registered: Weakness Detection
Actual: Biological Manipulation (Virions)
Gender Female Race/Eth. Latvian
Birthdate October 31 Age 27
Height 5'3" Build Slender
Eyes Hazel Hair Brown
Residence Dorchester Tower Apartments
Employment The Commonwealth Institute
Parents Anya Puika(Mother)
Mikhail Puika(Father)
Siblings Arkady Puika(Brother)
Anton Puika(Brother)
Mikhail Puika Jr.(Brother - Deceased)
Diana Puika(Sister)
Marital Status Widowed Children None
First Seen Winter's Harvest Last Seen
Profile A young aspiring virologist, going by a shorter version of her middle name, Yana is a fresh graduate from Columbia University where she quickly made a name for herself by making breakthroughs in new vaccines for several viral strains. Her understanding of virions is due to her Evolved Ability which she registered as Weakness Detection, when in reality, she can detect, identify and manipulate viruses. Her understanding of viruses and their genetic altering capabilities, in coupled with Evolved abilities being genetic, brought her to study the possibility of manifesting Evolved abilities in Non-Evolved through viral means. Secretly, she performs her research under the radar, landing a job with the Institute.
Dr. Elvira Illyana Blite
portrayed by

Mila Kunis

The greatest foe, lies within the self - Parasite Eve

I watched as the Lamb opened the first of the seven seals. Then I heard one of the four living creatures say in a voice like thunder, "Come!" I looked, and there before me was a white horse! Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest. - Revelation 6:1-2 - White Horse, Pestilence


Log Icons

Yana Dr. Blite Mother(Dreams) Young Yana
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Date Title Summary Cast
16th Winter's Harvest Kind deeds and charitable gestures are just masks for cruel intentions. Grow.. GROW my lovies! yana_icon.gif
17th Theories Before The Theater Magnes tracks Yana down for help with a theory of his. Yana offers up her opinion on the matter, and directs him to a colleague of hers. magnes_icon.gifyana_icon.gif
19th Gift or Curse Serendipity strikes at a street market in Greenwich Village. ingrid_icon.gifkayla_icon.gif russo_icon.gif yana_icon.gif
23rd Dobraye Utra Colleagues meet in the morning at work, discussions of dancing, family and exciting events of the week, ending on a bit of a sour note. elijah_icon.gif yana_icon.gif
24th Silent Night, Part II While the FBI are searching for a terrorist, an unexpected guest winds up playing substitute to a young girl who was destined to die on Christmas Eve. brian2_icon.gif cardinal_icon.gif elisabeth_icon.gif gideon_icon.gif lene_icon.gif melissa3_icon.gif nick_icon.gif perry_icon.gif skyler_icon.gif toru_icon.gif warren_icon.gif yana_icon.gif
25th Father Knows Best Brian takes Koshka home to her father, to paint over a coverstory for her disappearance. Elijah is suspicious, Yana tries to interject, drama ensues in the hallway of Dorchester brian_icon.gif elijah_icon.gif koshka_icon.gif yana_icon.gif
25th I'm Caviar, You're... Magnes calls to meet Yana somewhere on Christmas day to catch up. His attempt at pick up are met with less favorable results than he was probably expecting. magnes_icon.gif yana_icon.gif
26th Doctor. Doctor. A pair of colleagues meet in the morning at work. Two kindred souls come together. Look out world. Mad scientists on the rise. bella_icon.gif yana_icon.gif
28th Puppies Fix Everything The after effects of a dysfunctional Christmas on an awkward household. But the newest addition to the Puika home makes it all better for now. keagan_icon.gif yana_icon.gif
28th Strike Two Magnes just doesn't learn. Flying chicken attack! elijah_icon.gif magnes_icon.gif yana_icon.gif
29th Much Assembly Required Magnes makes an apology to Yana for past incidents. His effort is accepted, as is his resignation. magnes_icon.gif yana_icon.gif
31st Charity Not So Impromptu The Advocate has a New Years Eve charity ball, which goes relatively without a hitch! dirk_icon.gif kristen_icon.gif russo_icon.gif seamus_icon.gif magnes_icon.gif yana_icon.gif


When it comes to viruses, there is almost no one else who knows more than Yana. Her ability gives her intimate knowledge into every detail about viruses. On top of that, she has devoted herself to a life of study on them. She knows her viruses, how to treat them, how to spread them, and what they do.

Yana's Babies

Viruses currently housed within Yana's body

H5N10(Cillian) - Currently in possession of the latest and more deadlier strain of the H5N10 virus, also know as the Red Death. Yana has altered the strain to actually infect non-Evos only.
H1N1(Eunice) - Commonly housed standard for Yana and most often altered virus that she has at her disposal. The current strain she has housed has been altered, making the more uncommon symptoms common, and replicates at a much faster rate.(Currently removed)
Rabies(Seymour) - The rabies virus that Yana is currently in possession of is much more deadly than its originator. It makes the more lethal symptoms more prominent and much faster as well as having double the replication rate.(Currently Removed)

Dr. Blite's Bucket List

  • Develop a virus that manifests Evolved abilities in Non-Evolved
  • Develop a virus that removes Evolved abilities from Evolved
  • Hmm.. let's make it airborne while we're at it.
  • Develop a virus that manifests Evolved abilities in animals.
  • Develop a virus that suppresses Evolved abilities. Gotta keep the bosses happy.
  • Develop a virus that is programmed to replicate and begin to collect trace elements from the body to create an explosive compound and develop as a tumor. Once created, the tumor reaches critical mass and explodes thus killing the person infected as well as damaging the surroundings… Hey.. it could happen.


Mikhail Puika - The patriarch of the Puika family, and the number one man that Yana admires. A former Company agent, Mikhail is a very shrewd man, with high expectations for members of his family, with a frightening amount of protectiveness for them. He makes it known that he sits at the head of the table, and delegates orders to his children as he sees fit. His relationship with Yana, being his eldest daughter, is close. Yana has made him proud in many aspects, and always does what is asked of her. He doesn't view her as being the one to succeed him in the family, but he knows that the family structure would crumble without her.
Anya Puika - In the lack of general emotion and affection within the Puika family, Anya makes up for the rest of her family. She is a gentle and supportive woman of anything that her husband and children do, regardless as to the nature of their actions. She shows much love and care, and will stand by their every decision, knowing that whatever they do, it is for the best. Anya is an important cornerstone to the Puika family, and is as much of a lady as Yana. Yana isn't as close to her mother as she is her father, but she takes after her mother equally as much. She does share a bond and her biggest secret with her mother, because Yana used her ability to cure her mother when she was younger.
Keagan Puika - Keagan is the surviving son of Yana's late eldest brother Mikhail Jr. She inherited the responsibility of him after the Midtown disaster took his mother and father. It was her father's decision, as he didn't want the boy going to his other family. Yana tries to provide for Keagan as much as she can, though she lacks the ability to give him the affection and nurturing he craves. Their relationship has been a little stressed because of it.
Christopher Kane - A man of many talents and a very few words. While not related to her, he is as close as family. Christopher Kane was hired by Yana to be her attendant, and from what it seems, he attends to almost anything and everything: being a chauffeur, a nanny to her nephew, attending to the cooking, the errand affairs, cleaning around the house, being a bodyguard, and having a mysterious past. Not much is known about him by others, save for his unfaltering devotion to Dr. Blite and to his duty. He's 6'7" of stoic strength. You'll be lucky if you hear him speak two words. His conversations with Yana always come in the form of expressions exchanged back and forth. The interaction between the two can usually be read just by looking at them. It is uncanny.


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