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Name Ygraine Catriona Olwen FitzRoy Aliases Ceiling Cat (Liette), Debater (Cat), Ender (Lene), Henchwoman (Colette), Sudden Ceiling Woman (Doyle), Yg (general use), Yggy Pop (Rue)
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 0) Ability Gravitic Bonding (Registered as "Object Adhesion")
Gender Female Race/Eth. British
Birthdate February 1, 1983 Age 28
Height 5'8" Build Athletic, curvy
Eyes Blue Hair Brown (though often dyed)
Residence Skinny Brickfront, New York, New York
Employment Personal Assistant to Soleil Remi Davignon
Alley Cat Courier Service part-time
Creator of Liberty and Survivors
Endgame operative and analyst
Ferry affiliate and courier
Parents Mariot and Dominic FitzRoy Siblings Anthony FitzRoy
Marital Status Married (Jennifer Galloway) Children
First Seen The Threat of Peace Last Seen Still in play
Profile An idealist, with a track-record of trying to save the world and help strangers in need. Also an opinionated nerd, foreigner, and academic with some combat experience and a habit of hanging out on rooftops. Created both Liberty and Survivors. Since March 2011, a member of Endgame, with a specific remit to employ her conflict-analysis training in assessing intelligence and options.
Ygraine FitzRoy
portrayed by

Victoria Pendleton

In every darkness, there's a light. In every struggle, there's a way.

~Anmol Andore~

Hopeful Grim Sound of Thunder
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We know what it is like to be happy, for we have felt sadness. We know what it is like to hope, for we have been hopeless. We know what it is like to feel the light, for we have felt darkness. We know what it is like to love, for we have hated.

~Joshua Neal Hartry~


Skills and Experiences

As suggested by her formal Distinction in a post-graduate Masters, Ygraine is a rather gifted book-worm. A good volume is so much more interesting (and intelligent) than most people, after all…. She is fluent in French (to the level of professionally translating international diplomacy), has some command of Latin, and has been trained to analyse texts and situations, with some tuition in mediation techniques. She's au fait with the full range of modern research techniques in the arts and social sciences, though her ease with computers doesn't extend to hacking or cracking.

Timeline of Game Events

A Briton with a couple of degrees and aspirations to compete in the Olympics, Ygraine's life seemed set for over-achieving happiness until she found herself on Broadway as The Bomb went off. Things went rapidly downhill from there, including an involuntary stay in an asylum and the end of her sporting ambitions. Years later, she's still trying to finish rebuilding herself, and has repeatedly returned to New York to face her fears and to seek new dreams to chase.

2008 ~ Ascent, Divisions, A Collective Fear, A Taste of Armageddon

Ygraine returns to NYC for the first time since she was caught in the Bomb's shockwave, intent on facing down her personal demons. Within the first few days, she sees an assassination attempt made upon the woman she's talking to. From there, things get stranger, as she forges ties with the Evolved underground; loses a friend to kidnapping, torture and murder by the Vanguard; and gains herself a fiancée.


2009 ~ Nadir, A Sound of Thunder, Escalation, Fallout

The year starts happily for Ygraine, but rapidly spirals into horror. She helps to save the world, but kills someone while doing so and nearly dies in the process; listens to someone sacrifice himself for the good of humanity; has her identity and illegal activities revealed to the Feds; and ends up trying to avert a smaller-scale apocalypse between her fiancée and her underground associates. Returning to the UK, she ties the knot and sees her new wife safely settled out of harm's way, before tentatively investigating a return to NYC. The world still needs help, after all, and that city most of all….

2010 ~ Fallout, Fahrenheit, Awakening, The Hunted, Divided We Fall

At last formally inducted into the Ferry, Ygraine officially now has a role in the unofficial Evolved underground. Though she frequently returns to the UK to visit her wife and family (and Ferry members and contacts there), she spends much of her time acting as a courier and messenger for the organisation within New York, both city and state.

2011 ~ Crossroads, Five Years Gone

As the world continues to slide into darkness, Ygraine struggles to find reasons to fight on. Even the near-suicidal missions on which she's going appear to be getting worse - from encountering a tank in 2009 to disabling one in 2010 to seeing Sylar cutting loose in 2011… not to mention things like getting caught in the Dome; being shot, starved, and firebombed;, then losing her lover to a former friend. Is there anything other than blind hope to keep the fight going?

For future-Ygraine logs, see Ygraine


To Treasure

  • Anthony: Ygraine's elder brother, who was originally responsible for getting her hooked on cycling. Now a specialist in international markets, working at the London Stock Exchange.
  • Dominic: Ygraine's father is a senior lecturer in linguistics at Edinburgh University.
  • Mariot: Having spent many years as a housewife, her mother is once again working part-time, now taking occasional consultancy jobs. She lives with her husband in Edinburgh.
  • Mark and Rachel Galloway: The in-laws. Laid back, open-minded, artistically-inclined and resident an hour's drive away in upstate New York. For as long as she was free to travel, Ygraine frequently visited them: she counts herself distinctly blessed in her family-by-marriage. Now, they look after Alfred for her.

JenniferOverseas since 2009 and wholly out of reach for most of 2011, but still adored
Young, passionate, idealistic, and gorgeous. Ygraine is rather bewildered as to quite how and why she acquired this beauty as her girlfriend, let alone her wife. Even before she wound up on the run in an increasingly fascist state, Ygraine was sure that she was getting a better deal than Jennifer. The pair wed (or formed a "civil partnership", to be legally accurate) in 2009, and sport matching knotwork rings. Jen is in the UK pursuing her studies as an actress (and staying out of the way of the perils of the US, not least because of her key role in Phoenix's Day of Miracles), and until she went underground Ygraine frequently flew back to visit her. Most recently, the couple were together when Jen came over to Toronto for a New Year holiday in 2010/11, during which she met (and approved of) Quinn.


LeneThe never and forever daughter
Lene saved Ygraine's life, or at least her mind.. initially doing so merely by existing in a timeline (which they are both working to prevent) that Ygraine saw in a manner that should have been impossible. That probably shouldn't be much of a foundation for a bond, but the dreams that Ygraine was granted of future-Lene came at a time when she was in genuine danger of falling back into helpless insanity. Showing her a life in which, decades hence, she was loved, trusted, and wanted, and in which she could raise a strong and capable daughter amidst an apocalypse – that gave Ygraine just enough faith in herself to pull back from the brink. Then she met Lene in person, and on each occasion found her to be kind, charming, funny, brave and – to Ygraine's eyes, at least – quite simply a wonderful blessing. Though they share no blood and she is terrified that their own efforts might lead to their bond never having come into existence, she adores and unreservedly trusts her future-daughter. It's probably not an intended effect of the time-travellers' plan, but Ygraine would now willingly sacrifice herself to preserve Lene's own chance at a future.


RobynHolding shards of a broken heart
Beautiful, musical, from the right side of the Pond, and not one of the teenagers who sometimes seem to surround Ygraine: Quinn would be interesting even if she weren't also charming, something of a geek, and appreciative of the Brit's Gothic inclinations and artistic dabblings. And, above all else, it seemed that she trusted Ygraine. She adopted Ygraine's notion of making the Ravenfall persona a steampunk DJ, let Ygraine introduce her to corsetry and Victoriana, and encouraged the Briton to draft designs for a tattoo as well as for logos and imagery for her musical projects; some of those have now appeared in print on Quinn's releases. Ygraine set Quinn on the path to consciously developing her Evolved abilities, teaching her the basics of optical physics and helping her to break new ground. It was also Ygraine who introduced Quinn to the 'Sailing Club' and encouraged her to take a stand. Even while imprisoned in the Dome, it was Ygraine who came up with the idea of live-streaming her concert - opening up a whole new audience for the performer. Deep and meaningful conversations had led to other things, and in the Summer of 2010 the pair embarked on a carefully-discussed and cautious romance, alongside which Ygraine mentored her lover's career and skills as best she could. It all seemed to work surprisingly well for eight months, and inspired more than one song… yet the actions of a third party during and immediately after Ygraine's incarceration in the Dome brought it to an horrifically painful end. In spite of being ditched while in the midst of an emotional and mental breakdown, and discovering that honest disclosure had been very one-sided in their relationship, for some time thereafter Ygraine adored Robyn virtually without reservation. She even aspired to retain her status as a muse. Now, half a year spent hiding in a ruin has provided plenty of time to consider how much trust might actually be deserved by someone who secretly slept around during their relationship, leapt into an engagement to the woman who sabotaged it, and promptly dropped every promise made to Ygraine. Yet… she can't help but feel she's stuck with adoring her beloved, infuriating, faithless Robyn. That's all the more true, thanks to multiple visions of their sharing a decades-long marriage: one that endured an apocalypse, and saw them raise a truly wonderful young woman in Jolene.


Alfred - Trusty steed and fellow speed-freak
Initially just a vehicle to be used when lazy and as an occasional speed-freak indulgence, Ygraine's Triumph Tiger 1050 became more important when she started to have other people to take with her on trips. More significantly, Alfred has provided her (and the Ferry) with an at-times vital means of transport during harsh Winters and unnatural blizzards. Much-repaired, frequently cleaned, and now thoroughly loved, the bike is sometimes talked about as if it were a close friend. Fortunately, the powerful engine is still in good nick, and he coped well with his sometimes-arduous workload. Since emerging from the Dome (in markedly better shape than his mistress), he has been resting in the safe keeping of the Galloways.

The Sanctum - The place the darkness couldn't reach swept over everything
The Bomb and its aftermath broke Ygraine. She underwent repairs, and in time was issued with a formal certificate allowing her release from the asylum in which she had been compulsorily detained… but she remained acutely aware of deep fissures and cracks in her psyche. A key part of dealing with those, upon her return to New York, was the acquisition of an apartment that she could make hers. The state of the property market meant that – with parental support – she could afford to buy one outright, and she did so, thereafter making it into a safe haven. The worse the world got, the more tiers of security were added (both physical and counter-surveillance, the latter courtesy of the Manhattan branch of the Spy Shop)… but it remained somewhere that served as a physical substitute for the emotional and mental walls she normally maintained around herself in the outer world, and it became ever more precious to her. To be invited into her home was a distinct sign of trust; to be given keys to it was literally to be given a way past her defences. Over the course of three years Jennifer, Quinn, and Elaine successively received keys; the first two as a critical (for Ygraine) step in committing to romance, the last to provide a frightened young friend and protege with somewhere to seek shelter and feel safe at any time of day or night. A few weeks after that last gift, her sanctum became the scene for a confrontation that pushed her into complete breakdown. Thereafter, it gained a security cage around the door and a new house-guest in Graeme… before being hastily signed over to her father and fled from as she went into hiding with Endgame.

Memorable Quotes:

  • ”For me, trust is love.”
  • "I'm not going to let my brain atrophy simply because I spend a lot of time on a bike."
  • "There's money in tanning salons and not much in peace. War and preparations for war are immensely profitable, especially in the US. For far too many of those with influence, peace threatens their profits and power just as much as the aftermath of a nuclear blast threatens the local population."
  • "I'm scared my superheroine days are over. And I never even got to parade around New York in a spandex thong and thigh boots."


Inside, by Stiltskin

Trivia and Notes:

  • The player's a Brit and a geek, as you might have guessed. Invite Ygraine to start talking on one of her favoured topics, and I can probably oblige…. Do feel free to tell me if I go on too much. =)
  • The player is also chronically ill. Should I be wanted for something and not be logged in, please do drop me a line - I can often dose myself up and arrange to be around for something specific if my presence is desired. Drop me an @mail on the game, send me a private message through the wiki, or ask people to prod me via email: several have my address.
  • If I am online, I'm generally available for RP.
  • I came up with and have written the info for Liberty, which would always welcome help. If you'd like to be involved, get in touch with myself or Adelaide!
  • Ygraine also created Survivors, a group set up to support and help those affected by the Dome.
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