Zachery Miller

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Name Zachery Miller Aliases
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Anatomical Intuition
Gender Male Race/Eth. English
Birthdate 20th of October 1975 Age 35
Height 6" Build
Eyes Brown Hair Brown
Residence Le Rivage Apts
Employment N/A
Parents Lawrence Miller, Madeline Skelton-Miller Siblings Damian Miller
Marital Status Children N/A
First Seen A Recent Death Last Seen N/A
Profile Someone with a love for moral ambiguities and an ability to know just what's causing those aches of yours. Unless it's a proverbial heart ache, then you're on your own.
Zachery Miller
portrayed by

Callum Blue


Zachery: "Drinking and smoking. Yeah, life's too long, anyway." Sonny: "Well. If it isn't the rat bastard." Zachery: "They say there's ten rats for every human on the planet. Must be doing something right."

"When I still worked at the hospital, I once had to tell a patient he had terminal cancer. He had one year left to live. The man panicked for two weeks, and then promptly dropped dead. Panicking begets mistakes, mistakes beget a shorter lifespan. It's all very simple. Would you rather I run around in panic and get nothing done?" When first meeting Sylar.



Ms. Abigail Beauchamp's a strange one. Somehow she and Zach kept bumping into each other a while ago, and he remained puzzled by the young woman. Although it was never terribly likely that he'll ever get to know her beyond smalltalk, he's fascinated by how honest and optimistic she seemed to be, no matter when. But - with Zachery being the person he is - that also means he had a hard time relating to her.
Ms. Ichihara. Who is this? Despite her once having been his employer at a book store, Zachery doesn't have a clue who she is. Ever since their first meeting, his opinion of her has been neither here nor there. Or maybe just everywhere. She's a hard one to pin down or talk to without underlying suspicion. Something told him she may not want to know whole truth, anyway.
A former colleague from when Zachery still worked at the Harlem Morgue, and what some people may consider a drinking buddy at some point. It helped getting Zach outside, but they were never close and haven't spoken in months now.
Ms. Ygraine FitzRoy. Though they met on several occasions, Zachery never really got to know Ygraine beyond knowing she's generally a nice person. He hasn't seen her in a while, unfortunately.

Miscellaneous facts

  • Having practiced as a surgeon for several years, Zachery has long earned his PhD in medicine. He's worked as a Harlem district coroner for over five years, giving him further chance to practice his acquired skills. He knows the human anatomy about as well as a human possibly could.
  • He has a sound knowledge of the law and the workings of court procedures, enough to be considered qualified to practice as a lawyer. His emphasis was on malpractice.
  • He knows the basics of a handful of languages (French, German, Spanish, Latin), but the latter by far the best.
  • Zachery is proficient in the use of the equipment required to perform surgeries from the simplistic to the highly sophisticated. His use of the tools required for autopsies and his other duties as district coroner borders on artful to those who understand what he did. To those who don't, it might do more than border on slightly creepy.
  • As of the 30th of October, 2009, he owns a second hand 1967 Cadillac Hearse, lovingly nicknamed "The Bone Wagon". It's completely black and old fashioned looking, save for the long, stylized red flame painted on either side. They were already there when he bought the vehicle. Zachery claims he will get them removed at some point, but just hasn't gotten to it yet.

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