Nocturne Ziadie

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Name Nocturne Kadama Ziadie Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 0) Ability Lie Detection
Gender Male Race/Eth. Black Jamaican
Birthdate Early summer 1943 Age 67
Height 6'2" Build Average
Eyes Brown Hair Graying
Residence Hamilton Heights Apartments
Employment Retired
Parents Father unknown †
Marisha Ziadie (née Ross) †
Siblings Two sisters, unknown
Marital Status Widowed (Makena †) Children None
First Seen The Biggest Boxing Arena Last Seen

A retired police officer who spent 30+ years with the NYPD, Ziadie struggles with living situation, with addiction, and with age related disability. Largely anti-social and a habitual drunk (and the two are related, because of his ability? he's reticent to say), but things might just be looking up for him, if he can keep on the path he's found.

Nocturne Ziadie
portrayed by
Morgan Freeman



I spend way, way to much time on the MU* to start with, so I'm around a lot, but there are some times that I'm definitely not around, and I'll try and keep track of it here.

All times indicated are for the west coast.

I should be here! But sometimes I'm not.
Evenings I have classes on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. These classes start in the afternoon and last until late at night and I may not be home or online at any point for then.
Monday Mondays are variable, and I should be online, and easily available to RP, but more likely if I have advance notice and things are arranged ahead of time, but I should be able to stay up late and such.
Saturday Class on Saturday starts early, and lasts until 2 in the afternoon and I probably will not be home until 3 or 4 PM. Once a month-ish I have ceramics lab until 5 and won't be home until 6 or 7.



Ziadie grew up in Kingston, Jamaica, and is fluent in Patwa, the Jamaican Patois Language. He rarely spoke it, though, as languages other than English held enormous stigma when he first came to the United States, but as he is getting older, he sometimes forgets about that. He still thinks in it, sometimes.

He does speak fluent, occasionally erudite English coloured with the characteristic of Harlem, though. Generally, the less he's thinking about what he's saying, the further away from proper it might end up.


From his time spent in the NYPD, Ziadie still has a majority of the skills. He did active patrols for seventeen years, spent the same amount of time thereafter most of the time behind a desk, but still. He has a knowledge of police procedure and process from the time when he was an officer, an extensive knowledge of individual rights and what is or is not a violation of various facets of the law. He doesn't know about the law regarding the evolved, or all of this stuff about terrorism and such, it's all after his time.

He also knows his way around handguns, small firearms, and a couple that aren't so small, and has maintained the licensing to carry a concealed weapon, even if that's the only time in the past seven years he's actually used a weapon.


When he's sober, Ziadie knows his way around New York State as well as anyone. But only when he's sober.


Occasionally, depending upon the mood, Ziadie's good for telling stories about the way things were, about life when he was a younger man. It's a rarer mood that makes him want to talk about the past, though. Most of the time, he'd rather drown out the past, and forget it.


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