Characters that appear in italics are designated NPCs.

For a list of taken actors, please see: Taken Actors.

For a list of character archetypes that we'd like to see more of, please consult: Wanted Characters.

For a table grouping characters together by their players, see: Table of Alts.

When making your character page, please use the character's single word @name, Eg., first name, OR surname, OR alias, as they appear as on the MUX.
Do not use the character's full name!

Active Characters

The following characters are active on String Theory MUX.

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Inactive Characters

The following characters are listed as inactive because they are currently not in play. Either they have left New York City for the time being, their players are on an extended hiatus/vacation, or the character is otherwise incapacitated. They are not in danger of being @toaded or retired.

Idle Characters

The following characters are idle (more than 30 days since last log-in) and may be in danger of being retired.

Available For Application

Feature Characters

The following characters are available for application. For information on Feature Characters, please see Features vs. Originals.

Adoptable Original Characters

Adoptable characters are original creations by the staff or players for the purpose of being taken up permanently by other individuals. Most characters who appear in this section will have specific directions on their pages for players who are interested in applying for them. If they don't, please contact staff and we'll do our best to get in touch with the creator so you can take the next step.

If you would like to put an Original Character up for adoption, please speak with staff.

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