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Scene Title Chariot, Empress, Lovers, Hermit, Page
Synopsis Alia surprises Cardinal with a Tarot Reading.
Date August 15, 2010

Battery Park City

Cardinal's office

The office building's just about ready to be opened, although some minor services have already been provided - mostly for semi-legal contacts and the police, but hey, whatever looks good on a resume and brings in some money. The lobby's looking good, and as the sun sets Cardinal's to be found fiddling with the phone on the main receptionist's desk, frowning at it.

"Why the fuck isn't this thing getting a ring tone," he mutters.
Alia walks into the office, skateboard tucked under her backpack.. which is getting left in the 'front' office. She slidees a small box out of one of the pockets of it, before nodding to Cardinal.

The reciever is banged against the main unit a few times, and then Cardinal holds it back up to his ear. Nope, didn't help. He drops it back down with a sigh, "Fuck it, I'll let one of the people who understand this shit figure it out - hey Alia."
Alia smirks as she walks over. "Loose wire?" she asks simply as she looks about. "… talk in back?" She says MUCH more softly.

"Hm? Sure." Cardinal pushes himself straight, his head shaking as he heads to the hallway leading to the various offices, "One've the offices work, or do you want to go downstairs? It's kind've a mess down there right now…"

Alia clears her throat. "Somewhere… that future will not scare."

Cardinal gives her a curious look — and then he shrugs one shoulder, hitting the stairs in the hall and making his way down. "Basement it is," he murmurs, turning the mechanical combination lock on the door and pushing it open. There's panes of bullet-proof plastic stacked everywhere and metal brackets leaning against the wall, but there's a folding table and some folding chairs set up.

Alia takes a seat as she brushes the table off. She sseems all business as she opens the small box, and pulls out a deck of cards.

Cardinal steps along over to a chair opposite, sitting down, one brow arching a little at her. "What, are we playing a hand've poker or something, here?"

Alia laughs. "No." She shuffles the deck of cards with a serious look to her face before dealing out five cards in a cross pattern.

"Oh." As the cards are laid out in a cross pattern, Cardinal's lips purse in a slightly pensive frown. "Tarot. I don't believe in this stuff, you know…" Which is why he looks at them worriedly. Riiight.

Alia looks up at Cardinal. "The past effects." She flips the first card face up. "The Chariot. Control over the path. Someone who can find greatness." She pauses. "if they put mind to it."

Alia flips the second card over. "The present." She looks down. "The Empress. Material wealth and abundance. For now."

"You know, when all the good cards are showing up in the past…" A wry note to Cardinal's voice, gaze sliding to the next cards waiting face-down.

Alia nods a little before flipping the bottom most card in the cross alignment. "Inner influences." She looks at the card and almost laughs. "The Lovers. A choice to be made. A difficult choice. Balance between inside and outside." She looks at Cardinal a moment an eyebrow raised. "Easy. And Right. Know your path."

Cardinal's smile fades at the sight of the next card - inner influences. He doesn't say anything, though, hand raising to rub against the side of his neck as he opens his mouth, then closes it, looking back down at the table to await the next turn-over.

Alia flips the top card over. "External Influences." The card reads 'the Hermit'. "A guide from the spirits. Or message from a mentor." She shrugs a little as she grapples for words. "A teacher…A difficult task, but… it can be done."

Cardinal's frown deepens a bit, snorting faintly. "Mm-hm. Get on with it."

Alia flips the last card. She looks at it a moment. "advice. For the foreseeable future." She looks at the card. It's not major arcana. it's the Page of Pentacles. "… A messenger. You will meet a student of life." She frowns and grasps for words again. "I feel…that… good fortune. a good outcome… depends on you and this one." She closes her eyes to think. or maybe it's to rest and try to find more words to fit her overall vision of the cards as they now sit before her.

"That all could just mean… anything," Cardinal says with a shake of his head, leaning forward again with a rap of his chair's legs against the floor as he frowns down at the splay of cards, "What's 'a student of life' even mean, anyway…?"

Alia speaks slowly, her eyes closed. "Your inner drive. That which keeps you to your path. But two paths you find. A choice. The elder offers wisdom, but choice is yours. Wealth, materials, you will have." She grins. "Student of life. Hard knocks. Or reality. Learned from it." She rubs her forehead. "The Hermit is isolated. May be wise, but may not see all. Inner conflicts tough." She sighs, then shakes her head as her mouth works, but no sound comes out. "… Words. Not my friends."
She looks at the cards a moment as her hand brushes the pentacle charm she wears at her neck. "Hotoku is better translator."

That just draws a shadow across Cardinal's brow. "Yeah, well, she's dead… she did a spread for me, once, and not much of it was good. Actually, she wanted to stop half-way through because it was so bad," he admits, his head shaking, "We make our own fate."

Alia looks up at Cardinal. "dealt… in her shop. After the news. Wheel of fortune comes around. Death inversed." Alia pauses. "I believe they cannot lie. Confused, but not lie." She looks at Cardnial. "Yes. We do. Paths. Choices. The cards… a tool. Can change future, if we know what it is." She leaves off the obvious 'for the better' as she gathers up the cards in silence, trying very hard not to clench her hands harder than needed. The headache she is feeling is intense.

"If she knows what's good for her," Cardinal says a bit gruffly as he pushes up to his feet, "She'd better be dead. After all the pain and death she caused…" He looks down to the cards as they're gathered, murmuring, "Thanks, though."

Alia smiles a little. She doesn't say anything as she puts the cards back into their box. She pulls something else out of her pocket however. It's a design she had shown before. A cheap pay-as-you-go cellphone, attached to a solar charger. "Eyes and ears?" she offers finally, out loud, before heading back up the stairs to hook the wiring into the phone the right direction around.

"Just be careful with those," observes Cardinal with a shake of his head as he heads towards the stairs as well, "I imagine that Rebel can see through them too…"

Alia looks over her shoulder. "Not here. But. Island? Midtown?" She says simply. She KNOWS other technopaths could see through them. Thus it's just sketched design. She's offering herself up to help, as best she can.

Cardinal's head bobs in an easy nod, "Could work… Midtown might not be a bad idea, there's always some people moving around. I might have some Institute encrypted frequencies for you to start working on soon, too."

Alia nods as she heads up the stairs to fix the phone before Cardnial can break it further.

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