Charlie Riggs



Scene Title Charlie Riggs
Synopsis Some guys is depressed, yo. Woe. Woe all over the place.
Date February 17, 2009

It's been a long night of fighting. Not for Charlie; Charlie just stands. Charlie just looms, watching, protecting, waiting. That's what he's paid to do now. That's what he was doing, but now, Charlie is home.

The same routine; remove jacket, toss over back of couch (brown). Put keys on table by door (clink-clack.) Go to kitchen (tiny). Take bottle from counter (whiskey again), open, walk to armchair, sit down. Stare at TV.

TV's not on. Turn the TV on. Charlie's eyes roll toward the remote. Turn the TV on or you're just going to think. You don't want that. Instead of reaching for the remote, Charlie raises the bottle to his lips, has a sip.

You're not even going to try to help that girl, are you?

Which one?

Either. The one looking for Sergei. There's no reason not to help her.

That's the kind of thing I used to do. Look for missing people.

Now you just help make people missing.

I do.

Charlie's still staring at the blank screen of the TV. Nothing special, just a cheap piece of junk he picked up in Tuck's shop a while back. Only a step above rabbit ears, really.

Why do you suppose that old guy at the Pelican took a knife to you?

That doesn't bother me.

It's bothering you now, dipshit, because you didn't pick up the remote when you should've.

So who is he? Did you hurt someone he loved? Did you take something from him? Is it Amanda Herk? 'Charlie Riggs'. Lots of people have a reason to hate that name.

So why should I bother figuring out why that guy hates my name specifically?

Hates you. Not your name.


Because it bothers you. You don't like to admit it, but it bothers you and now you're sitting and thinking because you didn't turn on the TV. Sitting and thinking and drinking.

People disappear on this island all the time.

Including you.

Yes. No one would look for me.

Probably not. Not your ex-wife. Not your daughter. They're glad you disappeared.

I know I know. I need to stop thinking about this.

You need to stop thinking? You're not really thinking now, are you? You're just being the big dumb guy. Again. Because it's easy. The big, dumb bad guy. I told you, pick up the remote. You didn't.

Shut up. It's easier. It's easier and I'm pretty much screwed now. I'm a bad guy.

You deserve this.


Steadily drinking, Charlie stares at the screen. He stares at the screen while neon lights outside cast garish shadows, flickering, on-off on-off. A wash of yellow, a wash of red. This apartment is cheap.

They say he turned a guy to dust.

It's been a while since my last fight.

It has.

Bet that would be a good one.

Yeah. Probably. Drink up, dipshit. Drink up and go to bed. You'll wake up tomorrow morning. Sorry.

I'm very sorry.

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