Chatting In An Empty Pub


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Scene Title Chatting In An Empty Pub
Synopsis Kaylee heads to Biddy's as soon as she leaves Rapture, looking for Adam to talk to him about what happened. She finds the bar empty of people and only Adam there. Felix shows up and the trio start talking about college and other topics.
Date June 15, 2009

Biddy Flannigan's Irish Pub

Dim yellow light accents natural wood floors and rough brick walls, the interior design that lends to a warm and old-world atmosphere. While foreigners would balk at the notion of calling this place a pub, due to its strictly Americanized layout, the patrons here are comfortable with the level of decour being just European enough to accent the stout served behind the bar. Biddy Flannagan's is a local fixture here in the Upper East Side, a place of welcome respite for the thousands of upper and middle-class residents of the neighborhood to come and share a pint amidst a comfortable and warm atmosphere.

Inside of the pub, it's hard to tell whether it's day or night outside, with thick burgundy curtains covering the front windows, and the deeper recesses of the pub near the bar shrouded in the smoky air darker still, creating a certain ambiance that lends itself to drinking.

Fleeing the club, Kaylee makes sure to put a lot of distance between her and that Norton fellow. She knew she should just go home, but she wasn't ready to settle down yet, so she decided to visit the pub. With hopes of running into Adam, though a part of her dreaded him finding out what she did. Why did she even care what the man thought? She doesn't know, but it does.

Adam is sitting in a corner of the pub going over what appear to be financial statements. What exactly those statements are for is unclear. At any rate, when the door opens, Adam looks up. Currently, the pub is empty, whether because it was closed or because everyone's kicked out is unclear. He looks back down at his paper work and then looks back up a moment when his eyes narrow, "What happened to you?"

Kaylee didn't expect the empty pub, so she pauses just inside the door and glances around with an arches brow. "Wow.. okay." She spots Adam in his corner and she wanders his way. Her cheeks flush in embarrassment as he obviously spots the darkening bruise and cut on her cheek. She pulls a chair out, it scrapes loudly on the floor so that she can kinda just drop down ungracefully into it. "Someone — or I think it was him — turned off my ability during a bad date.. And my date hit me." She mutters deciding to just tell him the minimum. She reaches up to rub at a temple. "Still have a migraine from it coming back online."

Adam watches Kaylee walk in across the empty bar and sit down. He arches a brow for a moment, "Date?" his head tilts to the side, "You didn't actually, after all that, end up with that man from the chinese restaurant?"

Empty. This place is….really sparse. That has Felix backing up a step, like he expects it to have a sign out front that reads 'CLOSED DUE TO ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE'. He's not in his suit, and is doing his best impression of a normal human being rather than a government goon, down to the jeans and the Moscow Dynamos jersey. He looks more like an overstressed, underpaid grad student, really. The glasses help. After a last wary survey, he heads for the bar, takes the stool where he can see the entrances and exits.

She actually looks like she is considering telling him a bold faced lie. Kaylee weights the pros and cons, a slightly pained look on her face. Finally, she hangs her head, eyes intent on her hands in her lap. "Yes?" She finally says like a kid being caught doing something naughty, hands wringing in her lap. "It was kinda cute…." Looking up with an apologetic look. "He slipped his number in my fortune cookie." her voices trails off to a soft whisper. Though the sound of the door opening makes her jump a bit as she didn't expect anyone to come in.

Adam looks up as a new person enters. He opens his mouth as if to address the man and then snorts when he sees the jersey. "The dynamos." he explains to Kaylee, "Is won of the most worthless football clubs in the world." he shakes his head and then decides that alone seems to indicate the man deserves a drink and calls out, "Michael, there's a customer." a man comes out the back and doesn't actually seem to know what to do. He looks at Adam then at Felix, then back to Adam. Eventually, he turns to

Felix and says, "Uh…yeah?" Adam turns to Kaylee and leans forward, "Perhaps you should learn to take my advice more seriously." in a quieter tone, "Tell me about this other man."

"These Dynamos were a hockey team," Felix explains, lazily. "Different sport entirely." He doesn't seem offended, though. The bartender gets a puzzled look. "Gimlet, neat, please," Fel prompts. He doesn't sound terribly hopeful.

Kaylee blushes pink at Adam's words. "I know Adam.. I'm sorry. Of course again my inability to drink caused this.. not to mention that guy." She glances over at the guy at the bar and moves over closer to Adam lowering her voice so that it doesn't carry beyond their table. "Said his name was Norton.. When I tired to tell Ken to forget me and leave.. " Her eyes widen a bit as she says, "It didn't work. I tried three times." She glances at Felix again and leans even closer to Adam. "When I went to leave.. I got this sharp pain in my head. Like someone driving a pick in my brain." She literally make a motion with her hand of something being driven into her head. "I tripped and he helped me.. When he got close the headache came back.. and I couldn't.. read him." She goes silent waiting to see what Adam has to say about that.

Adam listens to what Kaylee says and then leans back, considering her words. Meanwhile, Michael listens to Felix and frowns. It's clear on his face he wants to say 'what the fuck is a gimlet?' but looks under the bar and gets out a book, a bartender's guide and starts flipping through pages. Finally, he seems to find something and says, "Do you want that with gin or vodka?" Adam looks up, letting the Kaylee conversation simmer and says, "Sorry friend. I'm a football fan, I've got…" he pauses, "Reflexes. Also, we're kind of closed. But you know, if you're patient, you might as well drink." then he turns to Kaylee, "What did he look like?"

"Closed?" Felix sounds….unpleasantly resigned. "Shoulda shut the door." He glances around, as if expecting others to appear, looks back to Adamn, as if he might explain further. To Michael he notes, with that strained patience, "Gin. Make it about a third lime juice, please. And actually, on the rocks?"

Trying to figure how to describe the man, she glances over at the man at the bar and smirks glancing around. "I kinda thought the empty bar would be a pretty good clue." She gives him a wink before turning back to Adam her smile falling from her features as she turns serious. A glance Felix's way her voice goes low again as she describes the guy. "Blue eyes.. I mean.. /blue/. That kinda blue that makes you want to stare? Kinda cute really. Short blond hair. Could really handle himself.. He had Ken's face smashed into the bar before I could blink." She grimaces a bit. She shakes her head and continues softly. "Pissed off Ken enough that he was making some seriously bad threats and he tried to go after me again." Her hands lifts to gently touch the dark bruise and cut on her cheek. "This wouldn't have happened if he hadn't shut me off," she whispers bitterly. "Though I'm not sure it was on purpose."

Adam hmms a bit as he listens to the description of the fellow and the incident, "I see." is all he says to all this. He's quiet for some moments, thoughtful. During this time, Michael laboriously tries to make the drink as instructed and as the book says. Eventually, he puts it in front of Felix. It's…right. But there's no flair, no practice, so it will probably a bit unimpressive. Adam says, "Actually, the bar's closed for renovations. I was just in to do some paperwork. I would have told you when you walked in, but you looked like you needed a drink." he pauses as he closes his spreadsheets, "Why don't you come on over and sit."

Felix laughs at that, but it's a rather humorless sound. He lifts the glass in salute, making the ice clink. "Well, thanks," he says, wryly.

Kaylee gives the man at the bar an amused smirk and motioning for him to come on down. "Come on.. Come on over. I promise not to bite." She teases giving him a wink. Glancing at Adam she asks. "They got coke back there? I'm thirsty.. I came pretty much straight from there, didn't get much of my drink."

Adam shrugs a bit as the man doesn't make a motion to join. And for the moment leans back for a bit as he watches Kaylee. Eventually, he looks up and glances towards Michael, "Why don't you get Kaylee a coke?" for a moment, there's a look from Michael, this is most certainly not in his job description. But he ends up getting a glass and some ice and uses the nozzle provided at the bar and walks it over to Kaylee.

Well, with that urging, Fel does come over, lifting his glass and pacing over. He's obviously worn and tired. He's watching Michael, now, since the man clearly isn't a trained bartender.

"Thanks!" Kaylee says brightly to Micheal as he brings it over. "You sir.. are a life saver." Taking a big drink of her soda she sighs happily. "Ooh yeah. Thank you," said to Adam with an appreciative look. Taking another sip of her soda as she watches the man approach. "You go to NYU?" Is asked of Felix suddenly. "You kinda look like you should be going to college or something, I never seen you there. However, it's a big campus."

Adam nods to Michael as he comes over. He gives a smirk to Adam, but seems to genuinely smile at Kaylee. But Kaylee has that effect on men. Eventually, he heads back behind the bar and into the backroom again to do whatever it was he was doing in the first place. Adam, meanwhile just sits over the conversation between Kaylee and Felix.

"A long time ago," Felix says, after downing a good deal of the gimlet in one swallow. "About fifteen years, actually." Older than he looks. "I should go back to school. Haven't yet."

"Wow." There is genuine look of surprised, as she adds "I wouldn't have thought you that old." Kaylee flashes the man a grin. "You should. Lot of older people at NYU especially after the bomb and stuff.. like they gotta prove something or just trying to do better." A glances is given to Adam, before she says. "Going on my second year there in the fall."

Adam leans back for a moment as he considers Felix, studying the haggard, young looking, older man. After the man says that he's been out of school for fifteen years, Adam ventures, "And what sort of work do you do now?" he questions.

The thin man's smile is wry, a little self-deprecating. "I'm….I used to be a cop," he notes, a little vaguely. "Got tired of that, joined the Feds." He swirls the remaining liquor in his glass, with a thoughtful air.

Kaylee's brows lift high and she sits back a bit. "Really?" There is definitely an touch of interest there. "FBI? Wow." A sideways glance is given to Adam. "I ain't never met a Fed before." She looks back at Felix with a big grin. "I really didn't peg you as one.. I always thought… I dunno. Not with glasses though. I guess that's me watching too many movies."

Adam mms a bit at the answer, "A federal, how exciting." he says, "But she is right…don't you always have to be in a suit and tie or something? Don't they kick you out for wearing clothes such as you're wearing now?"

"Well, I'm not on the job. And Hoover's been dead for about thirty years, so they relaxed the dresscode," Felix deadpans. "I know. I don't look like a cop. Lucky for me."

"Looking like a cop.. and looking like a Fed I thought was different?" Kaylee asks with an amused look, tilting her head a bit. "Cops are always cranky and all that.. and Fed are all. Pressed suits and stick up their butts." There is a shrug and a chuckle. "Just like everything else Hollywood gets wrong huh?"

Adam considers Felix for several more moments. "Well, it looks like you've got more problems than being off duty. You don't have the look of a man who's enjoying life. Is it a woman? Or a particular damning case?"

Felix gestures with his glass at Kaylee, but manages not to slop any of what's left. "No. A lot of them do look like that," he admits, shamelessly. He flashes an incisor at Adam, lifting his lip in something like a sneer. "All of the above. Forgive me, I'm presuming on your hospitality. Suffice to say we're like doctors - we wish there were no need for our services."

Kaylee chuckles as her brows lift. "You mean they actually got it partially right? Cause, that is obviously not you." The amusement bleeds out of her a bit as he and Adam exchange words. "I dunno. If we didn't need Doctors they wouldn't have those fat paychecks and those car they drive to compensate for something. Not sure they'd like loosing that." There is a sage nod to her own words. "I think Law Enforcement is the only one that I'd really think would thing that way."

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