Cheating Is Bad, Kids!



Scene Title Cheating is Bad, Kids!
Synopsis Monica Dawson is a good girl, seriously. And Cash Cab needs to update their rules.
Date September 30, 2010

A New York City Cab

A cloudy overcast day, A taxi was the mode of choice desired when Monica left from wherever she was going. UNlike some others who end up getting screened in and find themselves getting into the cash cab with the idea that they'll be taken to where they'll actually play on a gameshow, Monica is one of the lucky few who really truly get in unexpectedly.

The taxi driver hunches over his wheel, a thick Russian accent coming from his mouth. "Where you go" He offers to the dark skinned woman. '"I take you, where you go"

Monica looks up from getting herself settled in the back of the cab, and she smiles politely as she says, "Lexington and eighty-sixth, please." It's really too bad that Monica doesn't really watch much TV. Ah well!

"Lexington and Eighty-Sixth" He parrots back, looking over his shoulder towards the street and starts to pull out. As he does such, the roof of the cab lights up into pastel hue'd squares and a sound not unlike that of a slot machine starts to bleat and blares, flash and light up the interior of the cab.

And she was just settling back into the seat, too, when the lights and sounds make her jump. She was not expecting that. "Gee… whiz," she says, letting out a breath on a bit of a laugh. "Way to scare the crap out of a girl," she adds to the driver.

"Sorry about that!" The Russian accent dissolves, replaced by a generic midwestern american one and the closely shorn cabbie's face lights up, grinning. "Welcome to the Cash Cab! The only gameshow that happens here, in my cab. Here's how it works. I'm gonna ask you some general knowledge questions that start out easy and get harder. As they do, so does the money worth. You get an answer wrong, you get a strike. Three strikes and you're out and I kick you out onto the curb." HE flashes another smile to her. "You get one street shout out and one phone call. You good to play?"

Monica glances around as he explains, possibly checking for where the video cameras are. This is either the a dose of crazy luck or the most creative kidnapping ever. She clears her throat, though, and smiles back at the host. "Yeah, okay. I'm good to play," she says, even relaxing some there in the back. "Bring it on."

"I like to hear that. Lets get this game going." He switches lanes, glancing in his rearview mirror and starts talking. "the opposite of agony, what the word for a euphoric state of bliss meaning trance in Greek?"

"Um…" Monica glances out at the road, too, just in case the driver is a little distracted. This can't be entirely safe. "Ecstasy?" It's one of those… maybe this is too easy of an answer moments that lead to so much uncertainty.

"Oh Dear that's completely RIGHT!" Ben grins like a maniac, 50 dollars appearing on the Meter. "Completely right, here comes your second question. better known for it 2 gallon jugs of mayo, what rival of sams club sold an authentic picasso drawing online" He glances over his shoulder at Monica.

"Wow, a picasso, really?" Monica blinks a little at that before shaking her head and venturing a guess of, "Costco?"

"That's the way to go, mmhhhmmm Mayo!" Beatific smile on his face. "Never have enough Mayo. Here's your next one, still good for fifty bucks. assosciated with hallucination adn harrowign combat what narritive device intrrupts a story with a scene from the past."

Monica gives him a bit of a 'you're crazy' look with his love of the mayo, but as it becomes fairly clear this isn't a creative kidnapping, and they aren't crashing into anything, she actually relaxes enough to start enjoying herself. "A flashback."

'Flashback it is You are on a roll! hundred and fifty dollars, this next question is worth fifty and the last one to be worth fifty, are you ready?" Whether she is or not, he plows forward. "with russian polish roots what director of chinatown, skipped the 2003 oscars due to an outstanding arrest warrent."

There's a pause after that question and she blinks once or twice. Drawing a blank. "Uuh. I think I might need to ask for some help on that one. The shout out."

'SHout out it is" The cab looks for a spot to pull over, in front of the Blue Moon Cafe it does, the window of the yellow taxi van pushed back and out of the way. "Just grab anyone on the street and ask them for some help"

Aric is escorting a woman out of the store and down the stairs. He hands her the bag and smiles, "Thank you for coming Rebecca. It was nice to see you." The woman waves Aric as he watches her leave with a smile on his face. He must have just had a good sale.

Hey, she knows this cafe. And hey, she knows that guy! "Anyone?" Heh heh. Monica slides the door open and waves to get Aric's attention. "Hey!" But, she's running over there to follow directions and grab his arm. "So I need your help. In this cab." Very informative. But she tugs him along back over to the waiting taxi.

Aric blinks as Monica walks up to him and he cocks his head to the side, "Ummm ok? Is everything ok?" As he walks up to the cab Aric looks towards the driver first and then inside to make sure there is not like a body or the beginning of a "Weekend at Bernie's" going on or anything. He smiles warmly at Monica and says, "What's up?"

"This is the Cash Cab. A gameshow that happens right here, in my taxi cab. Your friend here, is using you as her shout out for the question that she's not able to answer on her own, will you help her?" The Genial host and driver of the cab offers out to Aric.

As he shrugs, Aric looks at Monica with a raised eyebrow curiously and does not ask her anything but turns his attention towards the driver. He cocks his head to the side and smirks, "Sure why not." Aric decides if he is gonna cheat or not when he hears the question. He might know the answer…he is somewhat intelligent.

And Monica just smiles her best 'pleeeease' smile before he agrees and she slides right back into the back seat. "Alright, knight in shining armor," she says. She may be crossing her fingers for this to work because, hey, extra 50 bucks is never a bad thing.

"The question is, with russian polish roots what director of chinatown, skipped the 2003 oscars due to an outstanding arrest warrent?' Ben the host looks to Aric expectantly, hoping the man can porovide the answer.

As he wrinkles his nose, Aric looks at Monica and presses his lips into a fine line, he says softly to himself looking down, "I want to say Mr. Polanski…Roman Polanski yet I am not sure." Aric decides he is gonna have to cheat as he turns his eyes on the driver and opens his senses to read his thoughts to see if that is correct before he answers.

Roman Polanski Even the cab driver knows this and he waits, looking between the two.

Monica looks at Aric questioningly, "Roman Polanski… yeah?" She turns to the driver and nods a bit, "Good enough for me, is it Polanski?" What a sad, pop-culture sheltered being she is, to be the one in the cab who doesn't know.

As he nods curtly to himself and says to the cab driver, "I am gonna have to go with my gut and say….Roman Polanski for the win Pat?" Aric smirks his boy smile as he runs a hand through his long locks and waits to see what the man behind the wheel says to them.

'Roman Polanski" Ben shakes his heart before he taps his hand on the wheel. "Is correct! You just won yourself another hundred dollars. Say goodbye to your friend we still got ten fifteen blocks to go! THanks for your help!" To Aric.

There's some mild celebration in the back and Monica leans over to give Aric a hug as she notes, "I owe you one, thank you!" She never really pegged herself for one of those people who get all excited over gameshows… but there it is all the same. So exciting! :D

As he smiles at Monica, he bows his his head to her and says, "My pleasure to help a lady in need." He gives Monica a wink and says, "Anytime." Aric makes his way out of the Cab and begins to step away from the curb giving the pair a wave.

"Nice guy" Ben comments, pulling out back into the street, leaving Aric in the dust. "Next question. what is the nickname for the election day in march when the largest number of states hodl their primaries"

Monica waves after Aric before she turns to look back to Ben. "Yeah, super nice." She should, like… buy him something. Take him to dinner. Something! She looks up at the next question and thinks about it for a moment before she answers, "Super Tuesday."

Abby says, "Super tuesday it is, for one hundred dollars, on a roll after the save from your friend" The host keeps on driving, anotehr question fed to him through his ear piece. "also a simple card game, what term also refers to a lonsesome kernel of popcorn that remains unpopped?""

"Old maid," Monica says with a smile that says she knows that one! "This game is nervewrecking, you know."

"Is it? It isn't for me" The smile on his face worth it when there's a ringing sounds and she got the answer again. "Old Maid, is right. Your last hundred dollar question is coming up. with it's US headquesrts in redland washintong. What Video game company is the majority owner of the seattle mariners?"

"Well, sure, not for you," Monica replies with a chuckle. And then the next question. Goodness. Sports and videogames. "Um. Crap." She brings a hand up to cover her face, possibly in shame. Does she even have any friends who would know that? Does she even know any videogame companies to guess? Well… she knows one… "Nintendo?" It's pretty clear it's a shot in the dark thing for her, but hey.

'That your final answer?" When it is, confirmed, there's a w ince then a smack of the palm on the steering wheel. "Correct!" Much probably to the surprise of Monica that her stab in the dark succeded. "Eight blocks to go, no strikes, and still a mobile shout out. You're sitting at… five hundred dollars. This is another hundred dollar question. Ready?" He glances at her. "also called eyelets. What is the term for ring like re-inforcements used in everything from lace to combat boots?"

Monica lets out a sigh as that one comes up correct, and she shakes her head a bit. It'd pretty rare for Monica Dawson to be handed large sums of money and for her, 500 is definitely up there. "Um…" She looks down at her own boots, as if they might offer her inspiration. And it seems they do, because she says, "Grommets?"

'Grommets is correct for six hundred dollars" The host looks pretty impressed by the run so far. "No strikes, last question before we come to your destination, for one hundred dollars… Black Panther Bobby seal was infamously bound and gagged during the high profile trial of what group of 1960's protestors?"

And 600 is even bigger holy crap. Monica is even smiling. I mean, a day where thins are going pretty good! And no one has tried to attack her or take over the world or anything! This last question, though, she feels like she really should know. I mean, come on. But sadly, she shakes her head and looks over at Ben, "I need to use that call this time."

'MObile shout out it is, Who are you going to call?" A cellphone is produced from somewhere in the front, held ready by the host so that he can punch in the digits. "The mobile shout out is sponsored by AT&T" A wink into the camera and then looking to Monica, passing it over once the digits are pressed in.

Taking the phone, Monica looks at it for a moment… they starts to dial. And she doesn't dial a real number, but rather, spells out Y-O-M-I-C-A-H in the number pad before she sticks the phone to her ear.

'Doing a mobile shout out, see if Monica here can't get the answer to this question. When it connects - though not through any known number dialed - THus beings the game of back and forth with ben the host relaying the question and monica repeating it back to Rebel.

Rebel's single reply being Chicago Seven. and nothing more from his end.

What is family for, after all. Even digital family. After the phone call, Monica passes the phone back and gives Ben a smile as she notes, "Chicago Seven." That one's said with certainty, too, because, if there's anyone who would know all the answers…

It woudl be rebel with the power of google and a triplicate of technopaths. "Correct! For seven hundred dollars, we are here at your destination" THe cab starting to pull over. Doors don't open right away, the vehicle put in park and he's holding up some cash. "Now. You can take the money and run, or you can go double or nothing and answer a video question. Your choice, what do you want to do?

"You know, my luck isn't usually this good… I don't think I want to press it much farther. I think I'll just take it and run. But thank you, it was the most interesting cab ride ever." And she does just that, taking the money and climbing out after making her goodbyes and so forth.

"ANd there end,s another round of cash cab. Remember as you walk the streets of New York city and take a cab, you never know who's cab you might be walking into"

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