Checkin' In


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Scene Title Checkin' In
Synopsis Sable drops by to visit Kaylee and to see if she's alright.
Date October 03, 2010

Gun Hill: Kaylee's Apartment

A little late, we must admit, to check up on Kaylee's welfare. It's not that the telepath's collapse wasn't on Sable's mind. Or hasn't been, these past days. It's just that, what with the Gun Hill diaspora underway, and the repercussions of the very memories Kaylee unveiled still echoing in the strange confines of Sable's mind (not to mention the fact that that pretty little thing in the clinic said Kaylee was okay), she's been… preoccupied.

Yes, yes, Sable feels guilty, basically. In that funny way where she's not quite sure how to make up for it. If Kaylee was one of her most dearly beloved, a member of her inner circle, Sable would have supreme confidence in her ability to smooth things over. But, while Sable's mind is an open book to Kaylee, Kaylee's psyche remains opaque to the searching peer of yellow eyes and the postulations flickering away behind them.

So what Sable has in the plastic bag she's carrying is the product of guesswork, done in broad stroke. It's pitiful, really, and - as we conceded - much, much too late. But better than never, as the adage goes. Cargo-panted, tank-topped, looking the same as the same as the same as ever, the miniature rocker wraps her knuckles against the door of apartment 202. The apartment of Kaylee Thatcher.

The door opens, almost as soon as she raps on the door, seems Kaylee already knew someone was stepping up to her door. "Hey, Sable." She offers brightly, stepping aside a bit, so that the other woman can step inside. "Your lucky. Missy isn't exactly up to par this weekend." A glance goes to her bedroom, where the soft woofing can be heard, but no dog. "She got fixed, so she's mopey." The young woman sounding a touch amused at the idea.

Her college books are spread across the coffee table, some last minute homework, clearly. Kaylee is, herself, wearing a black turtle neck and jeans, but bare foot as she hadn't planned on going out til later. A hand motions the rocker to the available seating, as she closes the door and moves to tuck the school books away. "So, what brings you to my humble apartment today?"

With a sideways shuffle, Sable moves from hallway to apartment, public to private, the white plastic of the bag rustling low on her thigh, hanging from a wrist that just barely sticks out of a pocket. The brightness of Kaylee's greeting brings a slanted smile to Sable's face, though the dark haired woman looks (and, to the telepathic touch, feels) a bit nervous. Mention of Missy does distract her momentarily. "Aw, poor gal," she says, glancing in the direction of canine mourning, "but 's least th' boys won't be all up on 'er anymore, eh? Gotta be a relief. Dogs ain't no gentlemen."

Sable makes her way over to the couch but doesn't sit, instead hovering by the couch's arm. She peers, briefly, at the assorted books. "Whatall's this?" is a quick question, gesturing at the homework in progress, but Kaylee's own question takes precedent, of course. Sable gives a small huff.

"I went t' th' clinic t' check up on y', but y' were already gone. But, like, I went. Worried 'bout you after, like, y' went int' my head," Sable gives a tentative smile, "didn't mean t' be so inhospitable, hon. I'd like my mind t' be welcomin' as anythin' t' a fine lady such as yerself."

"College. Working towards law school" It's said rather nonchalantly, almost dismissed like is not that big of a deal, the last book shoved into a back pack that's been propped against the coffee table.

Straightening, Kaylee's brows lift a bit. "Inhospitable? Naw." She gives a flick of her wrist to dismiss it. "I had to put a block in your head back then, make you forget what happened." The telepath explains patiently, moving to settle on the couch, perching at the edge of it."At least til that moment, but I had the assistance of a drug when I blocked your memories of Colette and Elaine, so it made it pretty strong. I was fighting my own handiwork, not you." There is a sort of gentle reassurance in her voice.

"I do appreciate the concern, tho. I was laid up for a day, kinda hangover-ish after that." She flashed Sable a mischievous smirk, "I was well enough in time to go on my date with Joseph. So… no harm done."

"Hey now," Sable says, warningly, "learnin's all well and good, but don't you let th' law chew y' up 'n' shit y' out square," this isn't a joke, at least not from the sound of it. It's a legitimate concern Sable seems to have. "Th' law's th' strong left arm 'f th' Man.

"Thanks, though, f'r goin' through that so I could recall all that," Sable segues, seeming content to let the matter of law school rest at that, or at least not wanting to continue the discussion further, lest she end up saying something stupid. "Y' dunno, like, how much all that means t' me. Knowin', now… it's changed things in a real fuckin' way f'r me. M' life… I've got some new, like, perspective." Though it might be hard to tell exactly what that entails, since Sable seems not much altered.

Her hand exits her pocket, and she grabs either handle of the plastic bag, extending her arms and opening it up. "Got y' these. Sorta guesswork, 'n' a weakass type gift but…" she wrinkles her nose, "they say it's th' thought that counts, eh? 'n' I though 'bout it, 'n' 'bout you, trust me."

Suspended in the thin white plastic are a pair of large chocolate bars. One Hershey's Special Dark, one milk chocolate Symphony. Purchased (not stolen, she swears) from CVS, as the red logo on the bag confirms.

There's a slight arch of Sable's brow at the mention of pastor Joseph. "Yeah? How'd it go with th' preacher man? He wearin' one 'f those white collars t' hide th' lovebites?" Mischief is answered with mischief, and a smirk to match Kaylee's.

There is a chuckle as she reaches out to take the bag, pulling out the bars to examine them. "I dunno about lovebites, but it was a — very pleasant evening with a wonderful man." Kaylee is vague on purpose, but the color creeping into her cheeks might tell a different story on just how pleasant it was. "It was rounded out with me going with him to church that morning to listen to him speak, just like I did this morning… though I'm not a fan of getting up that early." She muses with a soft chuckle.

"But memories are funny things," Kaylee says shifting the subject. "And your right, your whole perspective on life can change if you remember the right ones. Worked that way with my father." She says with a bit of a smirk. "One memory of him, totally changed what I knew about him, also showed me that my mom lied to me all my life." Shoulders lift in a shallow shrug. "Not everyone will get to remember. I've blocked the memories of good amount of people, and so far only you get to remember."

Sable's smirk widens into a wicked grin. "Sister, I trust he showed y' th' light. Several times, if he knows how lucky he is t' have y'. Th' good Lord put y' on earth t' give a little heaven t' someone 'r other. He'd best be givin' thanks, 'mongst other things." Leave it to Sable to avoid using profanity as such while still remaining profane.

A tilt of the head at the mention of Kaylee's father. "Whatall did it change f'r y'? Not that it's any 'f my goddamn business, but hey," she smiles, shrugs, "can y' blame me f'r wantin' t' know y' better?" A brief pause. "Whatall didja see while y' were in my head, by th' way? Just wonderin'…"

"Honestly, I was too focused on what I was doing to really have a good look at what was in your head." It's admitted sheepishly by the telepath, the chocolate bars tucked back in the bag and folded neatly with in it. "And by time I broke through I was in too much pain to really concentrate on anything.

"But my own memory of my father showed me he wasn't some dead beat asshole she had an affair with, that didn't give a damn about me." Her eyes remain on the bag in her hand as Kaylee talks about her father. "That's what my mom had me believing. The truth? My father loved me but made some bad decisions by listening to his own ability and broke my mother's heart. They were even married." She shrugs.

"Thass fine, hon," Sable says, smiling a little, "shortly w's worried y' saw somethin' in there so horrible it knocked y' flat. Not that there's anythin' too awful up here," she lifts a hand and raps her knuckles against her head, "but some folks is sensitive. I don't try t' shock. 't least not too much."

Kaylee's tale, however brief, is received in thoughtful silence. Sable gives a small huff. "Figure I c'n understand why she lied, eh? Not that it w's right 'r nothin', but y' c'n figure why mebbe she wanted y' t' be true not t' some memory 'f a man who wasn't there, but 'nstead th' woman who stayed 'n' did the work 'f raisin' y'," she shrugs "not that I know jack shit 'bout all that. Dunno nothin' 'bout either 'f my parents."

"I don't doubt she thought she was doing what was best then, but she's still sticking to her guns." Kaylee offers with a lopsided smile. "Either way, my eyes were opened to who my dad really is. He's still a bastard for leaving, but now I know it's cause he 'predicted' things to be better without him." There is a roll of her eyes and a smirk.

"And honestly, I doubt there is anything in there —" Fingers wiggle at Sable's head " — too shocking, that I have done or seen before." Kaylee says, her smile slipping away. "I've done some really bad things and witnessed a lot of bad things. So… I'm not all that easily shocked." A corner of her mouth turning up a little, but the humor doesn't reach her eyes.

"Yeah, well, ain't too many cases I c'n think 'f where fathers 'r' any real good," Sable says, with a scowl and a obstinate cross of her arms, "don't take too much in th' way 'f gifts t' figure that out. Still, a cruel thing t' leave a woman alone t' tend her child. Cruel t' both, 'cause a woman may start t' feel like th' child's t' blame, 'n' no one leaves scars like parents do. 's why I ain't sorry I didn't have none. Know too much 'f th' ill parents do t' be wistful f'r any 'f my own."

Kaylee's indication that Sable's mind might, in fact, be rather hum drum when viewed through the lens of Kaylee's experience draws a skeptical look, though… "Figure yer right 'nuff 'bout that," she says, "slice 'f life I got looks different though, then the slice you got. Not sayin' I would trade, but I figure both 'f us lived ways that mebbe wouldn't shock th' other, but sure as hell wouldn't be like anythin' th' other's done."

"That's true." Kaylee says softly, head nodding in agreement. "That's very true. We're two different people, with two different, lives and two totally different abilities." Hunching over a little, shoulder rounding a bit, she rests her arms on her knees.

"Here is a question for you…" Kaylee starts as blue eyes consider the darker haired woman. "If you learned you had a brother. Find out, he's a crazy S.O.B. — as in mass murdering, multiple personality type — would you tell him who you are? Or would you avoid bringing attention to yourself, especially if he doesn't know who you are?" She doesn't know why she felt the need to ask Sable the question, it was more impulse then anything. A fresh set of eyes so to speak.

A fresh set of yellow eyes, slightly widened at the specificity of this particular question. Sort of distinct for a hypothetical. And one requiring some thought. Sable has to sit down for this one. She takes a perch on the arm of the couch and tugs one leg up, letting the other dangle. She rubs her nose against her knee, which apparently something like stroking one's beard in reflection. Finally…

"He's just yer brother in blood, eh? You dunno him? Never knew 'him b'fore? If so… he ain't yer brother, not really, eh? He ain't brother like we mean it, like we live it. Y' don't owe 'im nothin' if he ain't no one t' you. But… I ain't 'bout t' suggest cowardice, either."

"Oh he's met me… but he doesn't know that the two of us share a father." Kaylee explain, with a small rueful look. "He's got three people living his his head. Just absolutely crazy."

There is a sigh then and she falls back against the back of the couch, slumping in the seat. "I just… think bringing him close and telling him we are related could cause some problems. It could be a danger to the network and to — well — Joseph." Kaylee's brows furrow. "I want a family one day and seriously, the dude brings new meaning to 'Crazy Uncle'." That does make her smile a bit with amusement. "I dunno. I think it would be a mistake if he found out. Not sure it's considered being a coward, I dunno."

"F'rget 'im," is Sable's succinct suggestion, "big fuckin' deal y' share a father. That don't mean nothin', 'cept maybe he's got th' same kinda eyes 's you 'r mebbe y' c'n hit 'im up f'r a liver in a pinch. Family shouldn't jus' be who happened t' fuck who 'n' who happened t' pop out nine months later. He ain't family. All y' share is a father that ditched y'. Yer preacher man, yer fellow Ferryfolk… they're th' ones that y' got somethin' real with, I figure. He ain't no one. F'rget 'im."

There is a thoughtful moment, eyes downcast, before a small smile touches her lips. "Yeah," Kaylee says softly. "Ferry has been really good to me, and Joseph has had a good effect on me. I'd do just about anything to protect this network." And she means it.

"I do have a sister out there I'm hoping to see and get to know." Kaylee grins at the rocker and shrugs. "Maybe there will be a bit more luck there."

There is a suddenly, chuckle from the telepath. "Sorry, your still virtually a stanger and here I am discussing my family." A hand presses to her own forehead with a smirk and a shake of her head. "My head is a bit of a mess I guess. Too much going on lately."

"Hate t' think y' still regard me as a stranger," Sable says, brows angling to suggest hurt, though her smile belies the expression, "don' mind if y' still think 'f me as strange, though." Sable slips over the edge of the couch's arm, settling on the couch proper, not too far from Kaylee. "But don't you apologize. I wanna get t' know y', and I don't mind 't all you knowin' me. I…" she gives a small sniff, "some folks h've pointed out how I don't talk too much 'bout m'self which, like, I figure ain't so bad a thing. But know I ain't keepin' nothin' from nobody, 'cept what I'm asked to keep, which I keep as secret as c'n be. But 'bout m'self… y'all just ask if y' feel like y' wanna even th' scales. Just don't never hold back on my account. I ain't much good at more th'n playin' music 'n' making love 'n' trouble, but I c'n been an ear t' listen if y' need it."

There is amusement painted on Kaylee's features as Sable talks, Pushing herself to sit up again, Kaylee leaves towards Sable, eyes narrowing a bit. "And as long as you don't try to make any moves —" there is a tease there " — your more then welcome to come by, hang out and chatter my ear off, when I'm not tied up in — all the crap I've got going on. Time traveling, liaison for terrorists groups, dealing with checking minds of all these people."

Kaylee's attention shifts to the back pack, "And that's just the Ferry stuff, then I have work and school on top of it." Eyes roll towards the ceiling, unknown to Sable, the telepath is focusing in on a particular hum above them. "Highlights are when I get to steal some time with the pastor."

Sable's expression is all shocked innocence. She sets a hand to her chest, indicating 'who me?', then wrinkles her nose and gives a haughty huff. "Y'all want me t' stop makin' passes, y' gotta stop bein' so goddamn gorgeous, y' hear? This is a two way street. Can't ask me t' do all th' work. You start lookin' dumpy 'n' frumpy, mebbe I'll lay off tryin' t' play devil t' balance out yer man 'f God, dig?"

She deliver this little speech with imperious indignance, not breaking character until seconds after the end, when a smile cracks her features and her eyes, which had been turned away in faux-pique, cut back to the blonde. "So you just tell me when yer havin' a bad day, haven't put on yer face 'r whatever… I'll drop by, arright?"

"Next time I show up drenched in blood, I'll make sure to call." She can joke about it now, to a point. "I think Joseph might prefer not seeing that again." Kaylee jokes mildly, her gaze dropping from the ceiling to the woman sitting next to her on the couch.

" But it could also be said that practice make perfect. The more you hang around, the better your chances of gaining a sort of a immunity and the ability to hold back those urges." Kaylee kind of wiggles a finger in her direction, with a toothy grin. "If I can resist the urge to use my ability, you can resist the urge to make passes at every woman you meet."

"Hon, you mistake me!" Sable says, again, 'shocked', "it ain't every woman I meet. It's just th' beautiful ones 'f which, lemme tell y', there are a lot in this city. Makes it worth stickin' 'round, despite th' fact that everythin' goes t' hell on a near-monthly fuckin' schedule."

Sable draws herself to her feet, brushing off the front of her shirt for no easily explicable reason. "Don't you go holdin' back on my account, neither. I ain't askin' y' t' resist th' urge. Y'all follow yer urges with me, y' hear? I won't have it no other way," she tips Kaylee a wink, then rolls her shoulders, "but I'm gonna get out 'f yer hair, golden 'n' flowin' though it may be. Mebbe I'll meditate on showin' patience 'n' restraint 'n' all, thinkin' 'bout yer words," this said soberly, "but…" she shrugs, "mebbe I'll just be thinkin' 'bout you." She flashes a wicked grin, then lifts a hand to waggle her own fingers in farewell.

"Real glad t' see yer okay. See you real soon, hon. Can't wait." And with that, she sidles towards the door.

Chuckling, Kaylee moves to stand as well so that she can shut the door behind the other woman. "If I ever get bored of that good lookin' man upstairs — " Her tone sounds like she finds it doubtful " — then I'll give it some serious consideration. For now, tho' he's enough for these urges.

"Thanks for stopping by and for the chocolate." A quick glance goes over Kaylee's shoulder to the bag. "I'll be seeing you around Sable."

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