Checking Credentials


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Scene Title Checking Credentials
Synopsis Lynette meets the other Ryans. Just how many of them are there?
Date October 13, 2010

Gun Hill

Just returning from a run on this nice afternoon. Her new short sleek do is pinned back but as she opens the front door and walks in she shakes her hair out and runs a hand through it. Her grey eyes adjust to the light change from outside to the inside. Dressed in a pair of gym shorts and a tight black tank top. The only odd thing about her outfit.. would be the forearm long black soft cotton gloves that she is wearing.

Lucille Ryans really doesn't want to lose control of her ability in the public, that would ruin all the work it took to get her here. So careful she is being, until she can learn to control her ability. A sip is taken from her water bottle and she leans against the wall for a brief break of moving. A lot has been going on the past month for her.

And as she takes that break, the door to one of the apartments opens and Lynette Rowan steps out and turns to start down the hall when she notices a figure there that she doesn't recognize. Hm.

Taking a step back, she looks over at Lucille and notes calmly, "I'm sorry, the building's closed for renovations." Like any business would address a hopeful customer. "But can I help you with something?"

"Oh.. hi! I.." she looks around where she is. Yeah, she's in the right place. "I'm Lucille, I live here? I'm Delia's father.. um Benjamin." She tilts her head. She was told this was a place that was safe, so she assumes she can say who her father is. And if she can't.. well then.. she'll have to remove those gloves."

The thought makes her shudder. But she offers Lynette a soft smile, to show. She's not a crazy wacko.

It's caution that colors Lynette's features at the mention of those names, and she looks Lucille over a bit more. "Ben's daughter." There's a small pause before she adds, "What does your sister do?" Yes, this is a test. Normal people might ask for ID. Not this one, apparently.

"I'm sorry, I don't mean to be distrusting, but if you're his daughter, you know there's a reason for care." Right? Lynette is watching her reactions fairly carefully. It's something like an impression of a guard dog.

"Besides try to ruin my life daily by borrowing and destroying m clothes? My sister is a nurse and my dad is off to save us all from the Institute by blowing up a satellite." She says the last with a bit of a growl, not towards Lyn but towards her father. Stupid hero. Lucille looks back at Lynette with a nod, "I've just arrived from Europe. Rebel and Mister Bennet helped me get here."

"Are you person that runs this safehouse?" she asks with a tilt of her head.

"Oh, well. I suppose if you know that much and you're really some Institute goon, we're all screwed anyway. So yes. I'm Lynette, I'm the operator. And I promised your dad I'd keep you safe. Didn't know you were on your way, but I'm glad you made it safely." Invoking the name of Bennet and Rebel might have helped.

She holds a hand out toward the gloved woman, and offers a smile. "Are you stay with your sister or should I get you one of the other apartment keys? It isn't like we have a shortage…"

"Thank you." She smiles softly at Lynette and shakes her head at the woman. "I.. I want to stay close to my sister.. for the moment. But in the future, I'll let you know?" she says with a sheepish smile, who wouldn't want to stay close to family after all they've been through. She shouldn't be ashamed, she just doesn't want to seem childish.

"But thank you so much for taking me in. I appreciate it loads." She says as she takes the woman's hand to shake.

"Absolutely." Lynette doesn't seem to be judging her, either. "This is mine, 101. If you need anything, feel free to knock." Her shake is friendly, but firm, and comes with an easier smile. "No need to thank me. It's my job. Just make sure you're taking care when you come in and out and keep up the facade that the building's closed and everything should be fine. There are a few others in the building beside the Ryans clan, and Ferrymen tend to be in and out. But anything really strange, don't hesitate to come tell me. Also, your father left some weapons in his closet, for emergencies."

"Awesome, I'll take a look at them later. If you don't mind?" she asks the woman and nods her head with a smile. "I hope I get to meet the others." She grins and then she's looking down at herself. "I kind of.. have to go and shower. I'm gonna start getting stinky and I really don't want people to be like. Oh there's the stinky girl of the building when they first meet me." She says with a chuckle.

Lucille is happy to meet another nice face. All of her dad and sister's friends are nice, this is pretty cool indeed.

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