Checking In


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Scene Title Checking In
Synopsis Brian catches Dee when she stops at home, to simply check in on her and her well-being.
Date February 3, 2009

Thomas Jefferson Trailer Farm

Coming home should be easy, right? This time it's not. Living in Thomas Jefferson has gotten progressively worse over the last few days, and so Delilah is a rarity here. Even her aunt and cousins have left to find another place to stay until something else blows over. The reason that she is back, however, is to simply gather some of her leftover things and hitch them up in a backpack currently attached to that rickety little red vespa. The wheels can barely make it where the ice is thick, and every so often she lifts down a boot to push herself forward. By the time she gets to her trailer, Dee is already jumping off in a hurry to get inside with the half-empty backpack.

The court in general is still in unrest, and looting and violence has been getting worse seemingly by the hour. It is turning into a new hellhole, and right now- Delilah is trying to get herself out until it is safe. So what if she'll be homeless? Better than here.

The riots, the looting, the violence. Seems like they save the world, only for the whole world to go to shit. What can you do in a world that already has gone to hell?

He flicks the key off of the ignition in his white 98 Spirit, opening the door Brian slides out. Patting his back to make sure the gun is till therejust in casehe pockets the keys and slams the door behind him. Making his way towards the young woman just entering the trailer.

All you can do is make sure the few people in your life are alright, and try to keep them out of the hellish world the city has devolved into. You can do your best to set your own personal world, right.

"Dee." Brian calls out as he approaches.

Delilah is only three steps in the trailer, and hasn't even shut the door behind her yet- the voice of someone calling her name makes her twitch around. She looks tired, and just about ready to start Defending Her Territory. The hood on her coat is down, and her hair is pinned up against the back of her neck. After a second of leaning out the door to glare at whoever it was- her more tense face seems to melt right off. "Oh! God. You spooked me!" If this were the Owl, she'd be hitting him with a spatula.

"What are you doing here?" Delilah questions first, looking back and forth at the space outside of her little trailer, as if someone is going to pop out of the ground and stay 'stick'em up!'.

"I spooked you?" Brian asks with an arched brow. He shrugs it off as he approaches quietly. "Sorry. I was coming to make sure you were alright. I heard about." He gestures to the rest of the trailer park. "What happened. Are you and your family okay?" The young man asks quietly as he approaches her. Raising his arms up to bring her into a brief hug, before taking a step back.

Even though he hugs her, his features are stony, cold. No smiles as usual or jokes, just a rather stoic looking expression. Save for the red rimmed eyes.

"They went to stay with someone. I told them I'd be fine on my own. I'm probably not sticking around here." Dee shakes the pack in her left hand, and it jostles audibly. Around now he gets close enough to give her that short embrace. She was too busy talking to notice. After the fact, the redhead gives Brian a curious and serious look, which ends up mixed into some sort of 'what?' expression. "…Are you alright, Brian?"

"No." He says bluntly. "Do you have a place to stay?" Brian asks, taking a couple steps back away from her. Watching her with a cold gaze. "Do you need any help with anything?"

No. Well, that is helpful. Dee almost rolls her eyes. "That's not really the answer I was expectin'." Or wanting. "Not yet. I- I dunno if I do yet. I just came back to find some of my things." She glances back into the trailer, then back to Brian, where she takes a moment to observe him more, head to toe. "Did something happen?" To you, in particular. Unhelpful answers get you nowhere.

"Yes." Brian answers, they may be unhelpful answers, but they are answers to the questions. He isn't a particularly helpful mood, anyway. "I can probably find you a safe place to stay, if you need it." He offers.

Delilah frowns visibly, the middle of her brows clumping together in a rather crude manner. "Oh, you." She'll stop, but only if she gets to put hands on her hips. Which she does. "Really? I was thinking about hanging out at a shelter or something, but I dunno how full they'll be now. People are shitting themselves silly."

"Good luck getting into a shelter." Brian says, with a little smirk. "The whole city has gone to shit, you can't really rely on what is usually reliable." He points out. "I'm staying at a bar, Old Lucy's. I'm friends with the owner. She might hate me for it, but I can probably get you a place to stay there if you need it. You can find me there."

"I've stayed in worse places than overcrowded shelters." Delilah briefly lets go that fact, settling into her stance. "I don't think I should impose on the kindess of your friends, should I? You can ask for me, if you want…and maybe I'll stop in to see if you're there." She sounds wary of the idea, but hey- it might be better than the other ones she had. "I wish it were warmer. It wouldn't seem so bad, leaving." The redhead mutters this as an aside, eyeing the icicles hanging from the edge of the trailer.

Taking another step away. "You know where to find me, if you need help." Is all he will say as he takes another step away from her towards his car. Opening the door, he gives her one last look. "I'll see you soon, I hope." And with that he slides back into the drivers seat.

Delilah steps after him this time. "Brian- wait." Dee happens to be following him the entire way to his car. Why? She's not entirely sure. Before he can shut the door of the car, the girl sticks herself in the way, making an attempt to muscle closer and wrap her arms around his shoulders to give that hug back. She didn't really have a chance the first time.

A ghost of a smile curls up on his lips as he bends to hug the shorter girl. Wrapping his arms around her weakly for a moment, he goes to giver her shoulder a squeeze before going to straighten. "I need to go Dee. If you need anything. Come see me." With that, he attempts to maneuver around her and into his car.

"Take care'a yourself?" She manages to get this out as he sidles around her. "Don't try and help everyone else and then forget to help you." Delilah glances down the road where he had come, before stepping away from the car.

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