Checking In On The Personal Assistant


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Scene Title Checking In On The Personal Assistant
Synopsis Adam and crew show up at Sabrina's apartment to check up on her and to try and find out what she learned.
Date July 24, 2009

Sabrina's Apartment

Sabrina's apartment isn't exactly in the best part of town. It's on the border of 'okay' and 'awful' since she's been too busy to go serious apartment hunting yet. It's a step up from when she first got to the city, so she doesn't feel like she needs to complain. She's on the second floor at the end of the hall, apartment 27. The downstairs door at one time had a lock and a buzzer system, but now the door is just all kinds of open since someone busted it and the glass panels a long time ago.

Up in her apartment, all the lights are off and Sabrina is laying on her couch in her pajamas and a housecoat, holding a damp cloth over her eyes. It was a long, long night.

Adam has brought along Kaylee and Michael to go visit Sabrina so he can get some answers. He frowns when they pull up to the apartment complex, "I pay her too much for her to live here." he shakes his head. As they close in the apartment and notice all the glass and door open, he frowns and motions for Michael to draw his gun and draws a gun of his own. Then, they begin to slowly infiltrate the apartment. Looking for Sabrina or…other people.

"I dunno. Looks a lot like some of the places I've stayed in." Kaylee comments lightly. She could live better, but why? Look what she could do to an intruder. Glancing at Adam she gives him a grin, but when her eyes go back to the place and it's condition is noted, that grin fades away slowly. She doesn't draw a gun, no… the night at Pinehearst convinced her that was a bad idea. Instead she reaches out as they approach, her mind searching for any sign of anyone inside. She brushes thought after though searching for Sabrina.

As they silently approach the door, Kaylee's lift to look at up as she brushes against something. "Second floor… " She whispers, she starts to open her mouth to say something as she touches the other woman's mind, her head snaps back. Kaylee goes stumbling back as her head is slammed by whatever is in Sabrina's head. She goes done to her knees until she can close the connection with a desperate snaps.

She's left gasping and wiping blood from her nose. Kaylee stumbles to her feet and winces as her head pounds from the onslaught. "Son of a bitch.. her head is like… She feels ready to.. I dunno.. Explode… implode. Whatever it is.. its not good."

All the commotion in the halls of them going door to door causes Sabrina a lot of pain. She's got the world's worst migraine and loud noises are not helping. "Could you PLEASE," she shouts out, even though the words ring in her own ears, "Keep it the hell DOWN? Some of us are still SLEEPING!"

Adam turns to Kaylee, frowning as she goes down to her knees, then looks up to the second floor where she indicated and then, suddenly, comes the loud yelling. He turns to Michael and motions for him to help Kaylee and then hops up the stairs to the second floor to find the pained Sabrina. He glances towards her and says, "You look in pretty bad shape."

Michael gets waved away and pushes lightly at the minion's arm indicting he needs to go now, "Go.. I'm not a freakin' girlie girl." Kaylee hurries to follow Adam, the headache jarring her head painfully as she takes stairs two at a time so that she can catch up. Coming along side Adam, she wipes at her nose again to make sure the bleeding has stopped. "Your head feels worse." She quips after Adam.

Sabrina hasn't removed the chain from the door so that she's just squinting badly into the corridor, holding the damp, folded cloth to her forehead. The light pains her and so does seeing Adam. "That's why I called in sick. I'm sick. Which means I'm not going to be around to tell you that shirt was a terrible choice for the day." Her words are slurred just a little but from the pain. Or perhaps medication. When Kaylee and Michael appear, Sabrina realizes this might not just be a house call to make sure she's all right. Thinking hurts so bad. "…what do you want, Mister Monroe?"

Adam hmms a bit. He sits down in a chair thoughtfully, considering Sabrina thoughtfully. His lips purse as he considers his ailing assistant. "I'm here to help you." he says as he slips a hand into his jacket and pulls out what appears to be a hyperdermic needle. Who carries those? He opens the case and turns around and appears to be doing things, "I'm here to help you with your pain and when you're ok, I'm here to find out everything you found out at Pinehearst."

When Sabrina looks her way, Kaylee gives her a small smile. "Yeah.. you know what.. I wondered what his clothing looked a little off. No woman there to make a decision for him." Giving the woman a wink, she glances over at Monroe, her brows drop in confusion as he pulls out the needling. What the hell was he planning to do with that? She watches him warily, with a curious glance to Michael.

"You can't help me with my pain." Sabrina's voice falls a little flat but she opens the door so they can come in. The apartment is pretty spartan. It's just a little bit above a studio, with a small archway separating the livingroom/kitchen from the bedroom. There's not a book to be found, but there are a lot of fliers stuck on the fridge and scattered over the coffee table for various soup kitchens and halfway houses. A couple folders with what look like blueprints stacked neatly in one corner. Sabrina heads over to sit back down on the couch, leaning her head back. "I'm already taking medication for it and last I checked you didn't have an M.D. behind your name. What exactly about this can't wait until tomorrow?"

Whatever he's doing, Adam finishes and replies with his back still turned, "You're wrong, Sabrina. If you are, what I think you are, then your pain is resulting from the strain on your system. An information overload. Now, you're going to have to get used to sifting the information." he says, "But tightened veins, stretched muscles. All that I can help with." and he turns around with the syringe full of something dark and vaguely reddish. He makes his way over towards Sabrina and motions for Michael to hold her arm. As he steps in to inject her, he says, "And…I want to know what was in their computers."

Kaylee stays out of the way even though she's rather curious about what her boss is doing. Moving back she leans against a wall, kicking one foot to rest over the other foot and crossing her arms. "There is definitely a lot of stuff in there, all I did was just brush her mind to see if it was her and got knocked on my ass." A hand reaches up to rub her temple, while the headache is fading, it still throbs unhappily.

"What are youget off of me!" Sabrina shrieks as Michael grabs her arm. She's just a weakling girl so it's not like she can get away from him. "I have ALLERGIES toWHAT ARE YOU DOING?" then Adam is injecting her so she does what any girl who has gone to college is trained to do. She grabs at the little thing of pepper spray she's got around her neck and tries to blast both Adam and Michael. From the way she's still wincing and gasping, that shot ain't doing much. "Of course there was a lot of stuff in there," she replies angrily, sounding like she's still in a lot of pain, "The computer was hooked into a bunch of fucking servers. I already told you the most surprising thing, the god damn nuclear reactor! You're going to have to do better than 'tell me what was on the computer' unless you want a run down of your own god damn history. Yeah, you were on there."

Sabrina blasts Michael in the eyes who immediately grabs for his eyes and goes down. Adam just reaches forward and grabs the bottle and Sabrina's hand and tears it from her. "You need to calm down, Sabrina." he pauses, "What exactly about me was on there? And what did they have about the Company…Financial records…what was this drug that you said we should take."

When the guys get sprayed, well…. Michael anyhow, Kaylee moves forward to help the poor guy to his feet and get him settled on a chair. She grabs for Michael's hands to try and keep him from rubbing his eyes. "I know it burns, but rubbing it makes it worse. Blink and let the tears wash it out of you eyes.. Water will just make it worse." Sounds like someone has been hit with pepperspray before. Even if he struggles it try and wipe his eyes, she'll hold on for a time. "Where are your towels Sabrina." She asks sounding a touch annoyed.

"Son of a BITCH." Sabrina appears to still be reeling from being injected with something. "Everything. Everything about you was on there. The drug is some kind of—" she stops and blinks once, against the pain or something. "It's called Refrain. It's one of Pinehearst's biotech experiments. It was original a failure at emulating some kind of formula, which was then retrofitted into an extremely potent psychoactive drug that affects only people who aren't…normal. The drug stimulates the memory centers of the brain, forcing the people taking it to relive past memories vidivly. Could be good memories, could be bad. There's no way to know though the instances of bad memories being relived in testing was low. All right? Now nothing in my contract specified manhandling or INJECTIONS so I think you should all leave. All of you!" Even Michael and Kaylee get baleful glares cast in their directions and she doesn't comment on the towels. Though probably the door by the kitchen is a bathroom or a closet and that would be a good bet.

Adam considers that, a drug. How interesting. There's applications for that, Refrain is interesting. He looks thoughtful, "We don't really have a drug distribution operation." he says to himself, "Although, I suppose I know people who would." he makes his way over to a chair, not leaving yet. He appears mainly deep in thought over the apparent applications of this drug. He begins to slowly stroke his chin before he says, "I see..well, that was valuable. What about the Company, what did you learn from them?"

A frown to Sabrina, Kaylee moves through the apartment hunting down towel, trusting that Michael won't rub his eyes. There is the sound of her opening closing cabinets and doors till she finds what she needs. Returning, she pushes his hands away from the towel. "Let me do it, ya pain. Your hands are covered in it and you'll get it all over the towel." Leaning over, she takes a corner of the tow and starts dabbing away the tears that rolls down his cheeks. She moves to a fresh section of towel. "So… we've got and actual drug drug? For people not normal? You mean evolved?" That gets a considering look, "Damn Adam.. you wanted a way to make money off that guy. Looks like you got it." She gives him a toothy grin.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Sabrina wraps her housecoat tighter around herself , then tryies to find where her damp cloth went in the struggle. "I saw the files about the drug and I saw a file on how there was a nuclear reactor somewhere in the subterranean levels of that place. The most recently accessed file was about the drug and yeah, it meant for Evolved." She answers Kaylee, sounding tired. "I don't know, there might've been stuff about some company in there. There might've been things about a bunch of companies in there. If you haven't noticed? I'm sick. I get debilitating migraines and they make thinking hard. You know what else makes thinking hard? Being stabbed with needles full of strange things in your own home. I saw things I didn't want to see last night. I broke like fifty laws. I don't think you ought to begrudging me my mental health day."

Adam considers Sabrina for some moments, "You get…medications for your head?" he questions. He pauses for some moments, "What medication? Have you considered they are what's causing your migraine issues?" he questions.

Making sure Michael's redden tear filled eyes are better, before straightening and dropping the towel in his lap. She points over in the direction of the kitchen. "Go wash your hand really good, before you accidentally get it in your eyes again. Then she turns to study Sabrina. "Recreational drugs and anything that affects the mind like alcohol.. It can put me in a coma." As she continues it seems she is agreeing with Adam. "The drugs you may be taking.. could be affecting your mind. you might try easing up on them." She wags a finger at the woman. "You got something going on in there. If you take anything major for it, might be hindering something."

Sabrina gives Kaylee a grumpy look, "I'm taking Naratriptan. It's fine. It's for severe migraines. Of which I have one right now. I don't know. I'm thinking maybe having the single most stressful night of my life last night what with breaking into a building, watching people get killed, watching my former businessman boss go all teenage mutant ninja turtle on people while a nuclear reactor went supernova beneath our feet might have something to do with why I may feel so stressed out it triggered a migraine."

Adam tsks, "I'm still a businessman." he replies to Sabrina. He glances at Kaylee and Michael and shakes his head, "Fine, we'll get you some rest. But not here." he says. "Come on, time to go…" he pauses, "We'll rent some suites at the Waldorf, where you can relax in an environment without broken glass and doors."

Kaylee can only give a shrug and amused smirk to the woman, unaffect by her grumpy look. "I'm just saying. It's possible." A glance to Adam, Kaylee moves to stand at the door glancing out. "I'd live in a place like this. It's got character. Plus it would so not be what my dad woulda wanted." Not that she's ever met him, but the amount of money he stashed away for her says that he wouldn't approve.

"You don't need to do that." Sabrina protests of Adam's offer, though she doesn't seem inclined to really argue the point. She is exhausted. She rubs at the mark on her arm from the injection "I just need to sleep it off. I'll be better in the morning." Or at least able to hide it more!

Adam nods a bit. He'll even give her a spa day. He just needs that information. And so, he scoops up Sabrina in his arms like some romance novel hero and makes to carry her out of the apartment, along with Kaylee and shakes his head at Michael and makes everyone leave this god forsaken place.

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