Checking On A Feeb


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Scene Title Checking On A Feeb
Synopsis Elisabeth slips back to Teo and Francois's place to check on Felix.
Date Apr 7, 2011

Maison d'Allegre

The trip back to the house was … hard. Elisabeth used the underground as much as she could stand to, and she was very very careful about getting back from the Endgame safehouse. She's only remaining over there because of the negation factor. As she lets herself into Francois and Teo's back door, she's being very vigilant. It's only after she locks the door behind her that she finally relaxes just a little bit, leaning back against the door and wilting in relief. For just a little longer, safe.

Fel's just there, as he was. Reading on the bed in the guest room he's been given. He looks up as Liz comes in, pokes his head out and then comes wandering out. He looks oddly young and uncertain, these days. "Hey there," he says, gently.

Blowing out a breath, Elisabeth smiles toward him. "Hey, Feeb," she offers wearily. The strain is wearing on her, and even with the smile there's a taint of uncertainty to her as well. "How're things? Has Francois been able to get home yet?" she asks softly.

"Not that I know of," he allows, tone gentle, as he comes over to take her hand, wrap his fingers around hers.

Elisabeth squeezes his hand tightly. "Okay," she says softly. "I, uhm…. I'm sorry that I haven't been staying the nights. I'm…." She bites her lip. "I've been afraid of causing Teo and Francois problems," she admits. "I don't seem to have myself under complete control, and Trask's been staying at the safehouse. Negating when I sleep." Felix of all people remembers those nights that she has nightmares.

Felix just nods his understanding, blue eyes soft. "It's okay," he says, simply. "I get it. Last thing anyone needs is you literally bringing the house down."

"Yeah… that," Elisabeth admits and slides into his arms to hide in the embrace. "Are you and Teo… doing all right in the same space?" she asks gently. Because she knows that he's missing his own Teo.

She can feel him chuckle. "Yeah. It's like he's a twin brother, you know. He does give me a start, but…..I can roll with it. It's sad, though - to look into a familiar face, and not see the look you expect. That other variant loves me, in his way."

"Who wouldn't?" Elisabeth asks with a faint smile. "Give it a few days, okay? We'll make contact when things die down a little?"

Felix nods, leans his head on her shoulder, tenderly. "I know. And….well, Liz, you may've noticed that not everyone is in love with me," he adds, voice dry, good-humored.

"Well, I'm not in love with you either," Elisabeth grins, nuzzling his neck. "But I do love you all the same. And if people don't know what an amazing friend you are? Sucks to be them."

Felix kisses the top of her head, and chuckles. "Thank you. You're certainly an ego boost. Now, what plans do we have, so far?"

Elisabeth blows out a breath. "Well…. from what I understand, Redbird's compromised. And Richard's got some… plans in the works to try to frame Humanis for some things related there. In the meantime, I've been thinking about older plans. And whether we can make it work out. What hte Evo movement had when things went well for us was a martyr. I'm not sure I can be that martyr, honestly. I'm not clean enough maybe. But I am a public face, and I might be able to at least get people talking. So Jaiden and I are trying to come up with some ways to put video up on YouTube and hope it goes viral…. maybe some information on what Humanis First did to you, to me, that the government covered up. Things like that."

A martyr. That makes him go somber, thoughtful. He'd known it might come to that, but it doesn't make him any more enthusiastic. He merely nods, though, and doesn't say anything.

Yeah… Elisabeth's not a fool. "I'm hoping it doesn't come to full martyrdom," she admits softly. "I just… I don't know what else to do. Fixing what we've already done just… seems to be making things worse and worse."

"I don't, either," he allows, softly. "I wish I did." His embrace tightens around her, and he buries his face in her hair.

Elisabeth sighs and hugs him tightly. "Me too. It's always about muddling along, yeah?" she asks ruefully. "We'll make it. Somehow. We've got… a huge team. There's got to be something we can do without becoming outright terrorists to make things work out." Maybe. Or maybe it will become fighting fire with fire until somewhere along the way it makes a difference. She sighs.

Felix's lips have pulled sideways into one of those wry little expressions. "Freedom fighter. That's the term you want," he suggests, with a sigh of his own.

"Yeah…. I so wanted to be one of the leaders of the Rebellion," Elisabeth retorts dryly. "You're still all Luke Skywalker about stuff," she informs him. And it makes her laugh because it amuses her.

"I grew up with stories of the Great Patriotic War," he points out. "And then we defected here. I'm all about the battle against the evil empire, you know?"

"Well, if we battle the evil empire, I'm not sure there is a place to defect to after this," Elisabeth points out. "So I guess it's for all the marbles, Feeb." She forces a small smile and hugs him tightly. "I'm going to catch a shower and pick up a couple things before I head back over. I don't want to travel back and forth too much, but I think staying near the negator for a time is wisest. Will you let me know if Francois is able to get home?" she looks up at him and says softly, "I don't want them to think I'm not grateful. And given what's coming down at Redbird, we may all be scattering out of the safehouse too."

His voice is haunted, when he replies, "I know. Even if we ran to Canada, they'd likely have to give us up. I'll let you know."

Elisabeth stands on her toes and kisses him softly. "It may not seem like it… but I'm glad you're here, Felix. That you stood behind me and came with me…. means more than I can ever say."

The Russian's face is grave as he looks down into her face. "All for one, one for all," he says, simply.

Her own expression is solemn, far more serious than she allows most to see. "I hope your faith isn't misplaced," Elisabeth whispers. She leans up to kiss him one more time, lingering there uncertain whether it's for her comfort or his. And then she slips away from him to catch that shower before it gets too late.

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