Checking On The Housebound


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Scene Title Checking on the Housebound
Synopsis Liz visits Norton while he's recuperating. She's a regular.
Date January 7, 2009

Norton Trask's Apartment

She's been a regular visitor at Norton's apartment since he was released. Though she only stayed overnight with him for the first several days, she makes a point of stopping in or calling to be sure he's okay a few times a day. Not out of guilt — her demeanor is never guilty, nor does she give the impression that it's a burden. She does it because he's her best friend and he's been shot and it's hard to get around. She lets herself into the apartment after ringing the bell to warn him that she's here with a key she took from him that first night home. "Hey, Norton?" she calls. "You naked?" Her tone is completely teasing — she does it every time she comes in, just to let him know that she's here. She carries a couple of steaming cups of coffee in a drink holder with her, and she's dressed for work — a black skirt with a pair of knee-height medium-heeled boots and a light purple blouse beneath a black wool coat.

Trask is on the couch, playing video games, he looks up, but doesn't get up, since it takes a bit of effort still, "Wow…you look hot…big date?"

Elisabeth pffts. "Gimme a break. Got court this morning," she replies easily. Moving to bring coffee to him, she sits on the couch with him. "How're you feeling?"

Trask smiles, "Better….It's slow going, How long you got?"

Glancing at the clock, Liz smiles. "About half an hour, I guess. Got a new partner to break in." She laughs softly. "I'm not sure, but I think you might like him when you meet him. He gives just as much shit as I dish out. And together we're gonna be a huge thorn in Harvard's side."

Trask smiles, "Anything that cause Harvard pain sounds like a good idea.

Elisabeth tilts her head and asks, "How come?" She's curious about why he doesn't like the captain.

Trask says, "I talked to Abby sorry." He smiles, "I shouldn't be so quick to judge."

Elisabeth ahs. "Well, he's an ass sometimes," she admits. "But… he can be a good guy, too." There's a shrug. "I want you to know ahead of time… when you get back, there's a lot of talk. I'm not sleeping with him."

Trask raises an eyebrow, "This is a rumor around the office?"

Elisabeth grimaces. "The locker rooms, yah. Cuz you know… came back on the force after two years, landed plum assignment, et cetera. Clearly I gotta be sleeping my way up." She rolls her eyes. "I think it's mostly coming from people I haven't worked with before, though — the ones I worked with seem pretty pissed.

Trask says, "Maybe your sleeping with me? Did they ever think that?"

Elisabeth grins at him. "You know…. you're not my boss. They only accuse you of it with your partner or your boss, usually. And you and I weren't friends until I quit the force, so… haven't heard much of that one."

Trask ahhhhs softly, "Well, I guess thats true…I need to buck for a promotion to get any tail." He winks and grins.

Elisabeth blinks and stares at him. And then she reaches over to set her coffee cup down, using her other hand to take his video game controller. "If you wanted to be friends with benefits, Norton, you could have said so years ago," she tells him quietly.

Trask mmmms softly, and puts his good arm around her, "Liz…that's not what I meant. Not that it's something I would turn down. But….I don't think my Doctor would be very happy with you."

Elisabeth grins evilly. "Oh, your doctor will be very pleased. He said you should 'lie down and exert yourself as little as possible,' didn't he?"

Trask says, "And you don't think this would be exerting myself?" He moves his hand to her head, entangling it in her hair he pulls her head to his, and kisses her, hungrily, passionately.

Elisabeth murmurs, "Not as long as you let me do the work!" And then he's kissing her. The heat and passion they found that day in the kitchen is present and accounted for in her responses to his kiss.

Trask kisses back just as passionately, then whispers, as he nibbles your neck slightly, "You have to be in court" he actually sounds regretful.

Elisabeth pulls back and murmurs, "Hold that thought." She climbs off the couch and grabs her cell phone from her jacket, speed-dials, says into it, "Hey, it's me. I'm running a few minutes late. I'll bring coffee to make it up to you." Then she drops the cell phone on top of her jacket and moves back to the couch to sit on the edge of it next to him. Her blue eyes rest on him. She's been far more the Elisabeth that he first met — confident in her self and her place, even happy in her job in spite of the fact that she's confided in him about the down sides, the bad stuff that's going on behind the Blue Wall. "Do you want me to leave? It's not my style to be a tease," she says softly, perhaps more baldly than she's spoken to him in months.

Trask takes a long look at her, "The last month…since…you joined the force, and since…" He smiles softly, "You've been much happier then you have in years. I am so happy for you."

Elisabeth tilts her head and studies him. "You say that like you expect you're not going to see me anymore or something. Instead of … wow, it makes things better between us."

Trask smiles, "It does make things better…I'm sorry…come here…" he waves you over.

Elisabeth moves closer to him, scooting to sit nearly leaned against him. "You were going to say 'since we broke up' or something. And I want you to know that you were not the thing making me unhappy. Being back at work, as much as parts of it sucks… I think it's got a lot to do with it. Being a cop isn't what I do, Norton… it's who I am."

Trask looks at you, his hand moving around, resting in your hair, "I know…and I wouldn't change you for the world."

Looking up at him, Liz murmurs a little regretfully, "You sure?" Some part of her wants to be what he wants. She tried, really hard, to be what she thought he wanted the past few weeks. And maybe that's where the trouble all started, if she's honest with herself. "Cuz I feel like who I am is… part of our issue."

Trask shakes his head, "I fell in love with you, not with what I wanted you to be…not with who you try to be for me, with you, I fell in love with you years ago."

Elisabeth bites her lip as she looks up at him. And then she leans up, kisses him heatedly, and murmurs softly against his mouth, "Thank you." When she pulls away, it's with a soft smile. "I love you." And before she can change her mind, she slips out of his arms and moves to pick up her jacket. "We'll finish this at a better time, mister," she says in a teasing tone. Because the previous mood is a little bit shattered, but something new is perhaps taking its place. "I'll see you tonight."

Trask smiles, "Tell your partner I'm sorry for making you late." He pauses, "I'll see you tonight, Liz…" His voice is softer in the second sentence.

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