Cheese at Tiffany's


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Scene Title Cheese at Tiffany's
Synopsis Matt surprises Kaydence with a little bit of Tiffany's and a fair amount of cheese.
Date January 31, 2009

The Damaris Residence

New York City is still in a state of disarray, not that it hasn't been in such a state perpetually since 2006, and to a lesser degree since 2001. Law enforcement has been especially busy, which means double shifts for some. Kay Damaris is recovering from her latest stint on duty, sprawled gracelessly along the length of her couch. One arm hangs off the side, the back of her hand and fingers brushing against the royal blue carpeting, and the opposite leg is actually slung in such a way that the knee is crooked over the back of the sofa, suggesting she climbed over the piece of furniture to flop as she did. Her coat has been turned into a makeshift blanket. Sometimes a woman is just too tired to make proper sleeping arrangements for herself.

When Matt Parkman slips through the front door, alerting Towser only so much that the dog lifts his head from where he lies on the floor, he can't help but smile. There Kay is, sprawled just as he himself has sprawled on so many occasions. Despite everything the both of them, and the city, have been through, his heart swells at the sight.

He walks as quietly as he can around to her side, giving the dog a scratch on the head as he passes him. Silently, he withdraws a decorated band of gold from his pocket, devoid of any velvet box to pretty it up beyond it's own brilliance. Matt picks up that dangling arm up with the utmost care, and holding her left hand in his own, he slips the ring onto her finger, giving the plainer band on her thumb a soft, sensuous rub. Spencer's rings sit in his coat pocket. Hopefully his own choice will match enough to Kaydence's liking.

Kay's eyelids flutter for a moment when he reaches for her hand. Only once the new ring is in place and he's rubbing the one on her thumb do her eyes finally open, though. She emits a quiet, sleepy murmur and rubs at her eyes with her free hand before Matt's presence registers. "Hey," she greets softly, with a tired smile. "It's good to see you." She glances down at the hand he's holding and does a double-take, eyes getting suddenly wider. "Oh my goodness!" She sits up quickly and gapes at the ring. "Matt! It's beautiful!" And it must have cost him a small fortune. Big, bright eyes turn to the HomeSec agent. No more words - just a smile as dazzling as the Tiffany's ring on her finger.

The only people Matt has to spend his salary on are the women in his life, and that number just got upped by two. His own smile back at Kaydence is broad, making the skin around his eyes wrinkle. The light in her face is enough to reflect and refract both in the solitare and Matt's own expression and bounce back out at her.

He brings his other hand up to cradle one side of her face, tilting his head as he moves his eyes from her own to her various other features, as if he were trying to memorize them. "Not enough." The words are cheesy, and Matt knows it. Watch him care.

Cheesy he may be, but Kay loves him for it all the same. She mirrors his gesture to cradle his face in her own hand before leaning in to kiss him almost chastely, but still fierce. "I love you. Thank you." She slides the ring off her thumb and holds it up now so that he might let her slip it on him. "I think it's time we mark you as off-limits, mister."

The only protest Matt gives to the transference of the ring is verbal, but it is only after he laughs, keeping his face close to Kaydence's as he kneels on the floor.

"Oh, I get it. I'm not allowed to enjoy what's left of bachelor-hood, huh?" He chuckles, then moves to kiss her again, but if his technique is any indication, Matt wouldn't be doing much with any extra time as a bachelor anyway.

"That's right. You've put a ring on my finger and now I get to call all the shots," Kay quips after they both come up for air again, a grin on her face. She stays close, brushing her nose against his. "Okay, maybe not all the shots. You are just as stubborn as I am."

A sheepish sort of smile slides onto Matt's face when he's called out, but it doesn't look like he's really that bothered by it. "Your back's going to kill you if you sleep there," he points out, letting his hand drift to Kaydence's hair. "Trust me on that one."

"You are the expert on this subject, I believe." Kay mm's softly with the hand in her dark hair, darting in for another brief kiss. "I suppose I could be persuaded to go to bed," she teases. I think I'm finally ready, now. "Will you be staying the night?"

As Kaydence speaks, Matt slips his arms around her as if to pick her up and carry her to bed. She doesn't get much of a choice in the matter, even if she hadn't agreed. He's standing once again (though it takes a moment and a soft grunt to get there) when she asks her question.

Matt looks at her for a second before he answers in the form of a soft and lingering kiss to her forehead. No projected thoughts. No mindgames at all. Matt simply carries her off to the bedroom.

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