Cheeseburgers and Rabbit Holes


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Scene Title Cheeseburgers and Rabbit Holes
Synopsis After the confrontation with David Cardinal, Kaylee and Luther hatch a plan and talk about how deep this rabbit hole already goes.
Date March 21, 2018

The clatter of dishes and the murmuring sound of chatter fill the tiny diner that looks like something that Hollywood would use for those secret rendezvous… Very 50s…. With it’s rounded unbuffed chrome and banks of barely insulated windows. That same feel is carried indoors, with the decor within the Night Owl looks about the same; all checkerboard tiles and a jukebox on one end that plays softly over the voiced. Even a light haze of smoke clings to the ceiling.

The smell of food was at least enticing, since they couldn’t exactly order in, it made sense to trudge through the deepening snow across the street to the diner. “Nothing like that one year it snows, but damn it all, it’s too cold for walking like that. I don’t think I can feel my lower legs.” As Kaylee Ray-Sumter talks, it goes from muffled to clear, when she starts unwinding the scarf from around her neck.

With a sign that declares to seat themselves, the telepath has no qualms about doing so. Finding a spot that is at least a little further from the main crush of people. “And I’m starving.” Or more like, looking to eat her emotions right now. Kaylee scoots herself into one side of the booth, glancing out at the darkening world, the snow is still falling. “Wonder how long the storm is going to last?”

Though one of the benefits of Luther’s ability is the way he could convert other energies into heat, he isn’t doing as much on their short trek from the inn to the Nite Owl diner. And as far as he was concerned, a good meal was definitely in order to recharge from the intensity of the conversation held earlier with the man formerly known as Walt. Or David Cardinal. Or whoever he said he was. The file had said one thing, what they encountered, something else entirely.

“As long as it needs to.” His response to her talk about the weather sounds layered with other meaning. What storm is he referring to? What storm indeed. “‘Course, I don’t think this one’s an Evolved’s doing,” he appends in afterthought, referencing to the actual weather outside the window. At least, that’s the hope and expectation. “Took a lot of lives, that winter. Lots of people who didn’t have money to pay for heat or places to stay.” He’d been lucky, again, thanks to his ability. But not even his power could keep up with that chill, and he’d spent nights shivering like the rest of the city’s homeless.

The man sheds his outer layer, shrugging off the heavy workman’s coat and gloves, laying them over the seat as he sits across from Kaylee. The man sits right in the middle of the large bench seat, leaning elbows on the edge of the formica surface and putting hands together to breathe a little warmth into his fingers. Instead of watching the outdoors, he watches the younger woman, grey eyed gaze holding on her pensive features. But he doesn’t approach the questions that are circling overhead. Somehow, he’s able to push aside all those thoughts for the sake of food and drink.

“You want a cheeseburger?” he asks, thumbing through the pages of the diner’s menu. “Could go for a chocolate shake.” Yes, a shake. Yes, in this weather.

“That actually, sounds pretty good, ” Kaylee says conversationally, while she slowly works the gloves off her hands.. “Not the chocolate shake mind you… never been much for chocolate really. I am more of a vanilla shake, kinda girl.” She knows there are questions there hanging. She can almost hear that questioning tone to the mental hum of Luther’s mind on the other side of the wall, but… she doesn’t query him about it. She knows from experience that people will ask their questions when they are ready.

“I spent a lot of that winter holed up in derelict safe houses hiding from bad people or out in it, deep in Ferrymen business.” Kaylee’s brows furrow a little as she flips through the menu. It was still weird to talk about her Ferry days like that. Something that is brought up so conversationally. However, who she was is no secret. She is a celebrity in some ways over her time with the now revered group.

“Yeah, I am thinking cheeseburger and fries… Never been much of a salads and healthy stuff.” Kaylee chuckles a little. “You never know how spoiled we are food wise until you are cut off from it. They make the Ferry look so glamorous now… but it was a lot of scraping up food to support all those refugees and archaic medical care.”Unconsciously, she rubs at her stomach, where scars hide under the fabric of of her clothing. “You were with my brother’s group back then, right?”

“Vanilla, eh?” Luther files the tidbit away as he sets down the menu. There’s no rush from him to call a waitress, though. Brows twitch up when she starts talking about her association to the Ferry. His nods are sympathetic, supportive of the concept for the overall group as with the popular concensus. “You get into a lot of trouble back then, being so young and wild?” he asks with a light smile. She’s young still. But the war aged a lot of people, made them hungrier. He gives a deeper nod on the comment about being spoiled food wise. How many times has he been caught picking through Raytech’s bins… Old habits die hard.

“When I met Richard, it was— interesting.” Their meeting in the middle of the ruins of Midtown still stands as a keypoint in the long line of Luther’s timeline. “But, guess you could say, it was chance that Miss Peyton and Monica brought this old an’ broken stray in to Redbird.” His ribs give an obligatory ache as if in reminder. Never forget.

The first of his questions pops with the memory, and he straightens a little. “Did you always know he was? Your brother.” The man, to his credit, doesn’t even put the audible quotes around the relationship terminology. But there is a fleeting thought, the way people simply recall and then dismiss, that he’s an adopted brother rather than biologically related. It adjusts Luther’s comparative view.

“Trouble… a mild word for it,” Kaylee offers blandly. “Even after stumbling on the Ferry, there was always some sort of trouble to get into… never blinked at it. Kind of how I ended up meeting and falling in love with my husband.” There is some humor in that thought.

The waitress arrives for their orders, which means his question isn’t answered right away. A bright smile is given to the woman, who looks less than pleased to be there. “Ah, yes, cheeseburger with fries, Iced tea. Please.” She’ll wait till he’s ordered before she finally turns back to his question.

“No… I didn’t always know. In fact, I knew him for a few years before I knew anything really.” Fingers play with the gold band on her finger, no engagement ring, only the simple band. Blue eyes are distant as she thinks back. “I — think I only learned a year before the attack on the Ark. We were always kind of in each others life, helping each other here and there.” Brows lower slowly as she says, “I am not sure why Edward decided that was the time… and it was through one of his round about trail of clues… Man couldn’t just tell you anything outright… ever.

Reserving a double stack cheeseburger, fries, a chocolate shake - wait they don’t have it, oh well then, just some water, ma’am - and a coffee, Luther flicks a glance to his dining companion to check if she’s good before turning up to the waitress and nodding in response that they’re done ordering. Then it’s back to Kaylee again.

His expression taking on a neutral focus the way he might when he’s focused on the energies around him, he soaks in the information she relays. It’s on the mention of Edward that there’s a shadowing of his countenance. The conversation with David is spring green fresh in mind, but it leaves a sour taste in the mental meat. Luther shakes his head slowly, looking down to the table top for a few moments. Then it’s back up, and a narrow eyed gaze, still relatively neutral, settles on the woman. “What’d you think of all that?” Contextually, the conversation with David. Though he folds in that she’s referring to Edward not telling her anything straight up, too.

Maybe it is the mental cues that shifts her thought on what he is asking, sometimes she doesn’t even notice when she does that; but Kaylee shrugs a little, mouth pulling to one-side showing her uncertainty. “That whole thing is complicated.” That is probably an understatement. “Not sure how to even explain it. Or where to start… ”

Gaze wandering over the the features of the man in front of her, thoughtful and curious. “So I guess, I better start by asking, how much did you you know of Richard’s operations when he had Redbird and.. Well, Endgame?” It is an honest question really, where does she even begin, if she doesn’t know how much he was involved.

Diving into the memories of the past, there’s a lot to uncover. A lot of it due to the haze of time, a lot by willful archiving. Luther takes in a slow breath, his gaze steady on hers. “I was under the illusion that being janitorial meant just cleaning up physical messes.” His expression turns wry with the shared understanding that obviously, the title means so much more than what’s implied. “He pitched me on Redbird, which was good and fine. But there was… there was always more behind it, I’m sure.” No doubt, Luther’s file in the Raytech servers list his ability, although the limits of which are yet to be tested. Notably, he’d survived the bombs. Plural.

Rubbing a hand down his beard stubble, Luther goes on with a squint of his eyes upward to the diner ceiling. “I wasn’t privy to the plans directly. But, suffice to say, there was definitely a point when I got tossed down the rabbit hole.” His gaze returns to Kaylee, and with a wry, dry rumble he speaks one name, “Hiro Nakamura.” Several memories unearth for the mention of that name. The first time he’d ever met a teleporter, a time traveler, and even for a moment there is a hitch in his breath and thought as it evokes a singular face, one they seem to both know. Sera.

There’s an uncomfortable shift of the man’s posture when he thinks about the Raytech receptionist, a muddled grunt escaping him for the movement. “I do feel kind of bad about punching the guy,” he continues after, “but that’s the real… Endgame, isn’t it? Going to the past, trying to change something about the future.” For better, he’d like to think.

Drinks arrive and Kaylee sets about fixing her tea. Few packets of sugar. Stirring it slowly, she listens… thoughtful. “Hiro… “ She knows that name and it shows. “I had to go with him to cover over what others did during all of that. In return he helped me save Valerie — ” Yes that one “ — from the Midtown explosion.” Brows furrow suddenly as she says that, as if something occurs to her. Did she ever do that for Luther’s jump? She couldn’t remember. She shakes it off as unimportant.

“Anyhow, I was thrown down the rabbit hole even before all of that… Still not sure I‘ve ever gotten out of it.” The spoon clinks softly on the edge of the glass. Kaylee sets down the spoon and curls fingers around the glass. “Luther. There is so much going on out there. Time travel, secret societies, good versus evil.” That she gives him a bland smile. “So much below the surface… what happen with the war, was all that suddenly coming to the surface.”

Her head turns to look out the window, though it looks like she is viewing the snow covered landscape, Kaylee is actually looking at her own reflection. “Have you heard of the concept of multiverses? The idea that every major decision we make creates a split. A split for every choice?”

Engaged in the slide down the side of the iceberg, Luther leaves his water and coffee alone temporarily. “First time I got shot,” he remembers quietly of the time there was a raiding party sent to stop a man who ran an Evolved circus. The flash of pain then is dull now, and how many times had he been shot since then? Only the scars on his body could tell that story.

A small smile pulls up for mention of Valerie. There might be a reason why Luther tries to keep the floors clean and clear. It’s an expression tempered with understanding about the effects of the Midtown explosion, why anybody would go back to save a loved one. His next deep breath is exhaled in a sigh, in memoriam of his family, lost to the explosion as well.

Once she’s done with the sugar packets, he reaches for them, holding a finger over the selection of pink, blue, yellow, brown, white. “You know, I read about that somewhere. That every decision made, every action done, splits off another part of reality.” Eventually he goes for one brown, one white, and drops the contents of both into his coffee. It seems like an indulgence rather than preference. His gaze eventually lifts back up from the coffee, blinking at Kaylee. “So… how does Edward Ray figure into it? How do we figure into it?” His question doesn’t come with force or a demand for answers, but an explorative quality. The iceberg grows beneath.

At some point while he talks, Kaylee’s eyes shift from her reflection to watch his in the window. Thoughtful as his makes his choices, only looking at him when he looks up at her. “Edward’s ability was to see the choices we make.” Looking at the sugar packets she takes a pink one and lays it on the table, soon followed by blue and yellow. Lined up perfectly. “He could look at each option and decide the probability of its outcome.” Her words are soft as she touched each packet in turn.

She holds up a finger, here, looking up at the man across from her, “It’s not perfect. He wasn’t a pre-cog. His used information around him and he would create a road map.” There is a sad chuckle, eyes unfocusing as the memory catches her. “I can say that I have seen in his head… like a giant spider web of events, twisting and crossing… as far as i could see.”

Blinking a little, she focuses on Luther with a brighter smile, “With that he manipulated events… important ones.” Kaylee shrugs a little. “I know this is going to sound crazy, but I am pretty sure there are timelines that run parallel to the wild ride we are on.” And it circles back around to, “I’m confident that what we saw today from Mr. David Cardinal… is more proof of this.”

There is a short laugh as she adds, “Or he was straight up lying… and even that will not surprise me.”

Even with all the reading he’s done over the years, nothing has really approached this level of reality manipulation theory. Luther watches the visual demonstration, listening to the explanation intently. Something stirs a deeper question as she goes on. The all important question. “Why would he want to mess with it at all? What’s the point?” The man shakes his head slowly, reaching for and snagging another brown packet to toss into the black coffee. There’s more burnt than coffee, perhaps.

“And what’s that got to do with Richard, or you, or…” he trails, though there’s a me implied in the dropoff. As if he immediately regrets saying the question, because it’s a bit dumb. Of course he understands the butterfly effect in theory too. Her mention of the man they assumed was David Cardinal lying to them triggers a low grumble of dissatisfaction out of Luther. Like, now that she’s pointed it out as a possibility, it exists and the probability hits him as plausibly high.

“Why would he lie,” posits Luther, “unless he’s hiding something in there.” To effect, he taps his temple a couple times. But also, Luther drops his tone to a conspiratorial level, the timbre of his voice rolling along like distant thunder. “Do you think we should check out his shop? If we… say… need to fix the car.”

A pointed look, a fall of silence as the man makes his suggestion.

If there was an answer for earlier questions, they are not forthcoming. At least not at the moment. There is a mischievous glint to blue eyes, followed by an equally impish smile. Leaning forward, Kaylee’s eyes narrow ever so slightly. “I like how you think, Mr. Bellamy,” her tone just as conspiratorial and low.

Her eyes flick upward and she suddenly turns thoughtful. “In hindsight… that is probably a poor choice of words coming from me.” A telepath. “I’m not really looking… on purpose anyhow.” And now in her nervousness she babbles a bit. “I mean… “ The woman covers her face with both hands, but her cheeks are already red from that embarrassing slip. “I don’t know what I mean anymore…” she sounds mortified… Luckily, there is also the sound of chuckling behind those hands.

Finally, they slide away from her lightly flushed face, fingers hooking on the back of her neck. “What I meant is I like the idea,” Kaylee finally manages with a huff of amusement. “We should do it. Though, I think we need Richard and Valerie.” She picks up her glass and smiles; eyes still holding humor, “Because you and I do anything… Mr. David Cardinal will be suspicious.” and that is the truth.

His hunger realized when their meal finally arrives, Luther pauses in the crime plotting to offer an amicable nod of his head to the waitress, for all the world looking innocent. Til proven guilty. The man slides the ketchup condiment bottle over, nudging it to Kaylee in offering for her service first. "We were on a mission to gather intel," he says as she fumbles in her nervousness. If there is judgment on his part for her discussion about using her power, it's buried so far as to be undetectable. His gaze lifts from the enticing burger in a bit of delayed gratification as he studies her. "He doesn't seem to think he is who we think he is. But… it's his word against your research." Luther's fingertip wobbles the short stick holding the large cheeseburger together tenuously. Much like the plans that are forming, layered atop one another.

While he doesn't say much more, the thoughts that cross his mind are something dark. The look on his face echoes it, but he doesn't hide from them. "If Richard and Valerie get found out, though, that would be bad for the company. Especially if that gets eyes looking further in, you know what I mean?" There are secrets and skeletons. Fugitives of the law in their midst. His eyes slide over to the long counter, observing the diner staff, then back to Kaylee again. "There's so many questions about that guy, like if his dates line up. Plus, Kaylee, there's no tellin' if the guy'll fake his DNA test somehow. Swap it with another sample." No, Luther really doesn't trust things, even if there's a part of him that does want to take things at face value. He wants, likes, simple. They never are.

"He really seemed to have it out for Edward Ray," adds the man, lifting up his burger finally for a bite.

The food does look and smell rather good, her arms sliding off the table so that the waitress can put the plates down. She it offered a soft thank you, before she considers what Luther says. “Good point,” Kaylee concedes taking up the ketchup that is offered. “Thank you, sir.” Fires are pushed aside so that she can apply a healthy amount of ketchup to the plate. She offers the bottle over, while she also picks up a fry and dips it. The condiment coated french fry is carefully pointed at him as she counters with, “I will leave out Valerie, incase we are caught, but I’m calling Richard.” The fry is popped into her mouth, so that she can take the bun off her burger and work on slathering it with mayo.

“He is a former thief in his old life,” Kaylee finally offers around the bit of fry. She doesn’t know if he knows that, but he does now. “And he’d be heart broken if we didn’t include him now that we found his ‘father’.” She literally air quotes that word. Bun dropped on top of her burger again. “And… I’ve never broken into anything in my life…” she re-thinks that. “Well, at least… anything that didn’t require… you know… just busting down doors or blowing things up.” Weird conversation over dinner, but… she makes it sound like nothing unusual. Thankfully, they are keeping their voices down enough.

“Oh I know,” Luther says after swallowing a bite, “It’s kind of obvious that Richard wouldn’t skip the chance to do a little B&E.” A mischievous glint crosses his eyes that doesn’t linger, and he sets his burger down on the plate longer enough to pick up a few fries. “Can’t really go in without knowing some more info, though,” he considers as he dips. “There’s a lot of stuff to consider. What does a man who’s been locked up, confined for years, do about making sure whatever happened to him before doesn’t happen again?” He pops the fry in his mouth and chews away thoughtfully.

In afterthought he adds with a glance back up to her, “I’ve done my fair share of both those things in the past few years. But we don’t have to go in if we figure out a way to get you in.” His brows lift in suggestion, then drop slightly. “But first, you want to tell me anything your father said about all this?”

In the middle of chewing when that question is ask, Kaylee looks a little surprised… a moment confused. Finally, when she is able to speak again, she shakes her head. “On this… there is nothing. I only know what is in the file. I — heard a rumor and I followed it.” She isn’t sure he’d understand where the rumor came from, but.. “If I am to be honest, I was actually, surprised it paid off.”

Two fries at popped in her mouth and consumed with enthusiasm before she continues, “However, I have seen a photo my father gave Richard, of his parents.” She motions in a vague directions towards David Cardinal. “And his mom is pregnant in the photo.” A hand — with finger and thumb holding onto another fry destined to be eat — is held up. She isn’t done, yet. “However, that might be from one of those splits I mentioned.” Her hand turns with palm up as if uncertain.

“So your idea has merit and I am pretty sure, Richard will want to look.” That fry is used to point at Luther. “If you can… cause a car problem that he won’t suspect, we can use that, since we know he wants us out of here.” The fry disappears in to her mouth.

“Heard a rumor from who?” Luther blinks slowly, attention alternating between food and woman, his reactions reserved to nods and chin tilts. Another bite of the burger is taken, the situation and it chewed over, and then set down. “Level with me,” he says after a quick drink of water, “because you know how crazy that sounds. A photo can be doctored. But. Richard’s told me about Miss Desjardins, and now all this comes up with…” He jerks his head in the vague direction of David Cardinal as well.

“Richard said Des’ memories were… altered. Mixed up. Fixed up. Who’s to say David’s isn’t too, or Richard’s? And by who? You said your father died… was that a lie? Do you know for sure he wasn’t some alternate reality version of your father?” The last question accompanies another fry down his throat.

His next words roll through slowly, carefully, and the statement comes with a fix of his gaze on Kaylee. “You’re a mindre— you’re a telepath. You could just take what you need and mindwipe the rest, couldn’t you?” It’s a dark turn of thought coming from the man who normally doesn’t ask questions. But he’s gotten wary over the course of a few months with the revelations that the iceberg beneath his feet is huge. Wary that it might roll, perhaps, and take him with.

“So sure. Car problem, done. But still, we need a proper angle of approach.” And the possibilities are daunting, infinite. He issues a heavy sigh. “Like you all don’t already have enough problems with having a business to run.” The burger is picked up, another bite taken, this one bigger than the last. He needs something different to chew on.

“Wow,” Kaylee says after a long moment. “You are full of questions. Not that I blame you, though I am surprised Richard hasn’t told you more.” Taking a moment to enjoy a bite of her burger, she takes a moment to get her answers in order.

She rests her elbows on the table and steeples her fingers. “Yes,” she states firmly, “I could do that, except I block memories not wipe them, but you do not win friends or trust doing that.” Even when she ran questionable circles, she thought like that.

With a soft sigh, Kaylee leans back again. “I guess I should explain my ability a little before I explain the how I came about that rumor, though I am not sure you’ll believe how I heard it.” Her smile turns rueful. “My files do say that I can hear things… typical telepath stuff. But what it doesn’t say is I can do much more.” She glances down at the plate of food, toying with the fries a little. “I can use my ability to manipulate memories… I can make you think things that you might not normally, even turn you against your allies. I can make you remember clearly the things you forgot or I can fade them away so that they are not so easy to remember. I can show you someone else’s memories…”

“I can even enter your head…” Reaching out across the table, she taps the side of his head, a light barely noticable touch, before pulling her hand back again. “See your memories, first hand. Live them. Interact with them to a point. Bring others with me…. Quite useful, really.” Picking up her last fry, she admits, “That was what I was doing when I heard a rumor that David Cardinal was alive. I was in Des’ head unblocking memories.”

Slowly shaking her head a little, “I got curious when I heard the whisper that ‘David Cardinal is alive’.” The telepath goes quiet now… watching the man across the table. She’s just laid out a lot of information… especially, about herself. Things that only a few people know in her close circle. And she hadn’t even answered all this questions… She was afraid to deepen the rabbit hole any further.

Remaining quiet as Kaylee explains her ability and capability, Luther listens. Attentively. The man's expression doesn't change much in comparison, given a blink or two. The subject of memory gets a light narrowing of grey eyes, his thoughts touching lightly on an oh, shit realization of those implications; to be able to block and influence, essentially rewrite someone's memories, that is a truly frightening power. The sort that gets one into trouble. The sort that makes one disappear.

But he stills as she reaches over to tap on the side of his head. There's no jumpiness from him at it, only a slight flutter of his eyelids. But there is some guilt behind the quiet of Luther's face. His gaze drops back down to his burger, a pensive posture covering the man's body. The rabbit hole does run deep. But he stands at the mouth of it, not yet jumping, only peering into it with curiosity.

So many questions bubble up from Luther, like how much does Kaylee know about himself, or what he's done. Some terrible things, for sure. But everybody has done things in the name of survival, have they not? The man picks up a fry again. "So, Des and Richard are connected by way of his father somehow, is that what you're saying? And you, Miss Valerie, and Richard are connected by way of your father, Edward Ray." The notion of Edward's web of strings creeps back into the man's mind. He's just poking at the edges, twanging a few strings, looking for a loose thread to pick up and follow.

“Yes?” Kaylee isn’t quite sure why the name of Richard’s father was in the mind of Des. “From what I understand…” meaning she doesn’t have all the answers “Richard’s parents and my father were good friends. Supposedly, they died and Edward adopted Richard… of course he promptly threw him into the system too… I think to protect him… I don’t know.” pushing what's left of her food away, she sighs. “It’s… all still pretty confusing for me, too.”

Brows furrow a little, as Kaylee ponders, “I can’t imagine having an ability and the choices it forced him to make, to protect his children and this world. I’ve seen the web. Seen how they cross and weave at important moments.”

Focusing on Luther, Kaylee smile a little. “If he were still alive in this timeline.. I imagine your sting and mine would cross at this moment.” Her finger taps on the table in front of her, as she says that. The telepath’s head tilts a little to one side, eyes narrowing slightly. There have been a lot of pointed questions… important ones. It gave her a moment of realization. “Why? ‘Cause I can tell this is the start of an important moment for you. Do you follow the white rabbit or do you walk away… “ Her eyes drift to the window and the reflections within it.

“I can tell you honestly, I still haven’t found the bottom of this rabbit’s hole.”

Her smile turns a little sad, as she adds, “It’s my legacy to keep going down that rabbit hole, you — sir — get a choice.” It is a little odd, but here she chuckles. No humor to it, no amusement… just a sound of a person resigned to her fate. “Life around us is never boring though.”

Huffing a short, less amused sound around his burger, Luther gradually picks away, down to his last bite of the entree and the stragglers of his pile of fries. Where did he put it all? "If it's confusing you, then pretty sure I'd have no business trying to untangle it either," he says after another swallow, wiping his hands on a napkin. His gaze strays to the plate pushed aside, but any inclination to retrieve its remnants is momentarily pushed aside too. His next words come in a distracted manner. "Well. Haven't bottomed out yet," he says, chest rising and falling in a measured breath. He's had his low moments, certainly, but if there's anything about the man sitting across from Kaylee, it's that he hasn't given in, hasn't drifted away into obscurity with the tide.

"Richard came by when he heard I was at the hospital, to check on me," he says after a moment. "That's when he told me about Des." Sure, he had asked him about Sera, shown him the paper crane that Luther keeps in his wallet even now. Sure, he had been told not to tell anybody else at the time. Luther does not assume he meant trying to keep secrets from a telepath. "When I looked up Redbird, years ago, I didn't expect to get an email from Alia. He must've had someone combing the logins," continues the man. All this to say, with a wryness born of dry humor, "Have we gotten to the cabbages and kings yet?"

The quote gets a smile, a small distracted one. Kaylee takes a deep breath, turning back to Luther. “Well, then… There is a whole hell of a lot more I could tell you, but I think it would take far too long and I need to make some phone calls.” Her smile brightens a little, turning to a grin. “And I don’t think Richard would appreciate me spilling all and leaving none for him to tell.

“Honestly, Luther, he has dealt with my father, much longer, then I.” It’s the truth after all. “I spent more time working for the Ferrymen…. until….” Well, he knows. “I got into plenty of trouble on my own, that is for sure.” Exasperated her husband, at times, no doubt. “Must be in the genetics,” she half jokes.

Grabbing her coat, the telepath fishes in the pockets. “I’m glad I brought you along,” she says with a glance and a rather impish smile. “Far better conversation then my brooding brother is sometimes.” It is a joke, of course. Merely a compliment for the man across from her. She feel the need to give him a warning look; pointing at him with her wallet. “Don’t you dare tell him, I said that.”

Rising to her feet but leaving her jacket and gloves laying on the bench seat, Kaylee quips, “Now, if you would please, watch my jacket while I pay for our meal.”

“I’d believe it,” Luther remarks on the possibility of the whole getting into trouble thing being genetic. “But right now, I’m more thinking we’ll just deal with one ‘dad’ influence at a time.” He doesn’t start to get up when she stands, perhaps a little rude of him but they’re probably past propriety at the moment. He looks up to her at the joke and smirks knowingly, because it might be true. Nah. His hand lifts as she warns him off revealing that little secret, crossing over his chest. Mum’s the word, cross his heart. Her request to watch her jacket is met with a sharp salute and “Yes ma’am”. Then a smile.

Once Kaylee’s back is to him, Luther reaches over to her plate to snag the fries off of it.

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