Chelsea Residents Get Gifts

The local 6am news on October 11 greets viewers with footage of a fantastic playground and a reporter standing in front of it. "… Yes, Frank, what you see behind me is a small park that used to house a playground and sandbox array for residents of this small Chelsea neighborhood back before the Midtown explosion. Residents this morning awoke to find this …" The brunette gestures behind her. "It replaced the rusted out swings and slide that used to sit here with a state-of-the-art playground array that would do any elementary school or city park proud. As you can see behind me, there are at least three slides, a dozen swings, two roundabouts, a full sandbox and water play set-up with a fountain…. three separate basketball courts… and brand new solar-battery-powered lights that don't require being hooked to the city grid." She turns to look back at the cameras. "Residents heard nothing last night, but I'm told that this was not here as of midnight but when the early-shift workers came out this morning, here it was. A note left on the gate that merely says, "Happy Miracle Day." As many of the viewers know, this neighborhood has been one of the hardest hit in this area — there are a large number of refugees and homeless kids in this vicinity, so I think it's going to see a lot of use."

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