Chemical Attack At Protest

MANHATTAN — Shortly after 9:00am on Wednesday, emergency response was alerted to what authorities are calling a 'biological weapon attack' on a peaceful protest outside of Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. Some two hundred protesters had gathered outside of Yankee Stadium to speak their minds and attempt to delay the beginning of the demolitions.

First responders to panicked 911 calls found dozens of bystanders across the street from the stadium dead from an unknown airborne chemical agent. Current estimates indicate that 213 people were killed in the attack, some while in their vehicles waiting in congested traffic, others on the sidewalk and some outside of the stadium.

The Department of Homeland Security has made no official statement at this time about the attack, but warns that this may have been an isolated incident. Neither the NYPD nor the Department of Homeland Security have ruled out the possibility of Evolved involvement yet.

A statement from DHS is expected within a day.

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