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Scene Title Chesty
Synopsis Nicolas comes for alcohol and expands his world knowledge a bit. That and meets some of Old Lucy irregular women.
Date January 11, 2009

Old Lucy's

Old Lucy's has been open an hour, all the chairs down, the smoke lingers in the walls, devoid of alot of people just a few who stop in after work. Abigails taking an early shift today, working a few hours to get everything set for the night. THe long bar is empty and there's no one behind it till Abby comes out from the back door/emergency exit off to the side carting a crate with filled bottles in it. The little cross dangles as she puts it down beside the others turning to close the door and keep the warm air in.

Nicolas pushes open the door to the bar, stepping inside from the streets. He pauses and looks around at the near empty bar and glances over towards the bar. He frowns slightly as he doesn't see anyone until Abby comes back from the back. He takes his hands out of his pockets and looks at the woman. "You guys open?"

"Yup" comes the reply from the young woman. Old enough work here, not old enough drink here. "Opened an hour ago but it doesn't pick up for like… three or four hours from now. Give me a moment, lemme get these boxes to the bar and I can get you something to drink" Abby kneels down and hefts up a box, shuffling towards the bar. "Names Abigail"

Nicolas nods his head as he makes his way to the bar as he looks around the room. "Cool. That's fine. I'm not really in the mood for the crowded club feel right now." He says as he slides onto a bar stool, removing his coat and sets it on the empty stool next to him. "I'm Nick." He says as he looks up at the selection behind the bar.

"Then you want to be out of here by 7, as it gets crowded that you have to wait to even get to the bar" Down the box goes behind the counter and she walks over to where he is. "Nice to meet you Nick. Welcome to Old Lucy's A regular for bar filled with un-regular women. I'm the nun, at your service" A tank top that doesn't expose chest, maybe a sliver of skin seen where shirt meets belt, Abby leans against the bar, hands on the edge. "whats your poison?"

Nicolas nods his head slightly and chuckles. "I'll be sure to be out of here by seven then." He says before he sighs and looks back at her. "I'll take an Irish Car Bomb to start with followed by a beer and a shot of whatever." He says before he raises an eyebrow slightly. "Why do they call you the nun?"

"Irish car.. bomb" That's got her puzzled. Abby laughs and shakes her head as she ducks down to grab a binder and whip it out onto the counter. "They call me the nun" She points to the cross that dangles on the delicate chain. "Because I don't dance on the bar, I don't wear what they wear, and I'm .. fairly religious" Fairly being the understatement.

Nicolas chuckles as he watches her get the binder out. "Half pint of Guinness with an ounce of Jamison and half ounce of Bailey's Irish Cream in a shot glass." He says as he looks around the bar for a moment. "So, they dance on the bar? Kinda like that Coyote Ugly movie?"

"I'm told it's exactly like the coyote ugly movie. Only time I was up on the bar was new years eve. They auctioned off a kiss from me." But he's supplying her with the recipe just as she finds it. "Exactly like you said" She grins then, sliding the binder off to the side and sets about to pouring the Guinness to where it's indicated and placing that in front of Nicolas. "You have a nickname?" Shot glass is plucked from behind her, the little stack of them lining up, ready to be used. the liquids go into jiggers for measure, she's not good enough to measure by sight, and combined before placed to the side for him to put into the Guinness at his leisure.

Nicolas nods his head and chuckles. "Bet you got a good price for it." He says as he watches her mix the drink. "Not really. No nicknames. Unless you count Nick from Nicolas as a nickname." He shrugs slightly. "Never really bothered with the nicknames thing."

"Nick for Nicolas. I get called Abby for Abigail. Or the nun, by those brave" The requirements for the drink are before him, the shot glass ready to be dropped in when he wishes it. She toes the cooler door below and behind the counter for the bottle of beer, popping the cap with a lif opener and slides it to the same spot. Another shot glass and Tequila seems to be the drink of choice. It's poured, A salt shaker and lemon put in front. "I'll have to think up one for you, next time I see you in here"

Nicolas nods his head. "Well, Abby it is then." He says as he slides the pint of Guinness over to him and takes up the shot glass and drops it into the pint glass with a 'ploop' (Him making the sound). He takes up the glass and starts to chug it, downing the whole thing in one go. "God damn." He says as he sets the empty glasses on the bar. "Good way to start the night." He says with a chuckle before he looks at her. "Better be a good nickname then. Nothing like Fluffy, Rex or Princess Sophie."

There's a wince from the blonde at the epithet from Nicolas' mouth, but, like Hagan said, this is a bar, not a church. Well, for some a bar is a church. But she watches the ongoing with raised brow, filing that recipe away to make at home for the guys. She's sure one of them would enjoy it. "No, nothing like Fluffy or Rex or Princess Sofia" She'd seen the movie that last one comes from. The pint glass is removed, plunked in a grey tub for someone t come by and clean it all up. "What do you do nick, when not drinking Guinness in a bar?"

Nicolas takes up the salt shaker and looks up at her. "Well, I test the security of various companies to see how well they stand up against computer hackers." He says before he licks the part of his hand between the thumb and index finger and shakes some salt on the wet spot. "Sorry about that God thing. Just comes out sometimes." He says before he takes the shot glass in hand.

"I'll get used to it. It's 'a bar Abigail, it's not a fucking church. If I was in church I wouldn't swear' I get told by a regular customer" There's a rag in her hand to clean the bar from any drops spilled by her serving. 'So.. your a hacker, who prevents other hackers from making trouble for companies?"

Nicolas licks the salt from his hand before he slams back the shot and takes a bit of the lemon, making a very sour face. "Wow. Not much for Tequila." He sets the shot glass and the lemon down on the bar. "I never said I prevent anything, but yeah. Something like that."

Abby makes an 'ohhh' face. A better understanding now. "I get it now. Don't like tequila?" That's a frown. She's thought maybe he'd like it, but guess not. "Something else?"

Nicolas shrugs as he takes a swig from the beer. "Naw. I think this will be fine for now, thanks." He says as he sets the bottle down. "It tastes a bit weird for me. But doesn't mean I won't drink it if it's set in front of me." He says with a smirk.

"I don't care for tequila. I prefer like.. a Singapore Sling when I dare to drink. Or rum and coke" Abby flashes him a grin before she moseys around the bar and towards the crates left there, start putting stuff away again. "SO, when not doing what you do, what do you do?"

Nicolas nods in agreement. "I like screwdrivers better than Tequila. They're good. Crown and Coke I like better than rum." He takes another drink from his beer. "Well, not a whole lot lately. A lot of my stuff is still packed up. I just moved into a place and haven't gotten around to getting it setup." He says as he looks at her. "What about you?"

"Church" It's deadpan spoken as she deposits a crate and heads back for another. "This and that. Occasionally I treat myself to a movie, but I have two roommates that I look after, clean the place, I'm going to go to school to be a paramedic" if I'm not killed in two weeks and even that, that's a big if. Last part obviously not spoken, though there's a frown that crosses her face.

Nicolas nods his head as he listens to her. "Paramedic. Not bad. If I ever cut off my finger or something, I'll know who to call." He says with a grin before he sets down the beer bottle and thinks for a moment before he looks at her again. "You guys serve food here too?"

'We do, bar type stuff. Let me get you a menu and we'll see. I can fix a cut on your finger right now, and much more" She drops the crate on top of the other and wiping her hands on her jeans, Abby reaches for one of the cubbyholes to bring out the small menu to lay it open in front of Nicolas.

Nicolas nods his head and looks over the menu. "Really? That's cool. You took some classes already?" He asks as he continues to look at the menu. "Mmm…Mozzarella sticks sound good right about now."

"I have some first aid and some other tricks up my sleeve" the blonde answers him. "Cheese sticks, anything else? The potato skins are pretty good. I like them, with a glass of coke" She turns to punch the order in, waiting if anything else comes up for his wants and needs.

Nicolas nods his head. "Yeah, sure. Why not? Throw in those skins too. Might as well try 'em." He says as he takes another drink from his beer. "So, why do you wanna be a paramedic?"

"Because it makes sense" Abigail answers. Tap tap tap goes the screen, order shoved to the kitchen. "because I want to do good, and I can do good, and help people in need. Hurt people who are in need of a little good in their lives" Abby grins to Nicolas.

Isabelle has arrived.

Nicolas sits at the bar, his coat draped over a stool next him. He chats idly with Abby as he sips on his beer. "Well, that does make sense I guess. I don't know if I could do it. I'm not one for all that heroic stuff." He says as he looks to the bottle in his hands. "I don't think that I'd do well with someone's life in my hands."

'You'd be amazed what you do, when you have someones life in your hand" comes the murmur from Abby. "No time to think just.. instinct and reaction" Abby's behind the counter helping get things in order for the later shift, she was on a short shift today.

Nicolas nods and thinks for a moment. "Maybe, but I haven't been in that type of situation yet, so I don't know how I would react if I was ever put into that situation. Maybe, if the day comes, I'll find out."

'Well, here's to hoping that you don't ever get to know that situation, it's not pretty" Abby grins at him, grabbing bottles from the crates and stocking the coolers under the bar. "where did you come from then, before you've come here, and by here I mean New York and I don't mean the bar" She's ahd people weasel out of that question.

Entering from her apartment upstairs is none other than Isabelle, wearing a short miniskirt and tight black tank top along with a pair of knee high leather boots. The woman with the pouty lips makes for an impressive sight. Her hair is tousled and she surveys the bar as she walks up to where Abby and Nicolas are and she grins at the young woman, "Heya Abs." She says and then turns her gaze on Nicolas, whatever is running through her mind makes her smile as she studies the man. Who is the hottie?!

Nicolas nods and raises his beer bottle a bit. "Yeah. Here's to never knowing." He says before he takes a swig from the bottle and sets it back down on the bar top. He looks back to Abby as she asks the question. "Vegas actually. Born and raised."

'Vegas, the city of sin, Afternoon Isabelle. Isabelle meet Nick, Nick, meet Isabelle. She's my boss and owns this place" She gestures to Isabelle for Nick. "That's how the rest of them dress. Now you see why they call me the nun"

"I love Vegas." Izzy holds out a hand to Nick with a grin and mock look of hurt at Abby, "You know I don't get cold, so I just wear.. less clothes than you." She turns her gaze back to Nick, "She really is the Nun of this place."

Nicolas glances back as Abby makes the introductions offering a nod to the woman. "Hey." He says, taking her hand in his. Nothing chivalrous, just a simple shake. He smirks as he releases her hand and takes another drink from his beer. "That's what she keeps saying."

'Some of us aren't that.. endowed" Abby remind Isabelle. "Louisiana for me" As one can't tell by the drawl that she wasn't from some place south. Far south. "Never been to Vegas. Think I would have enjoyed going there."

"Why thank you Abby." Isabelle winks at Abby and leans against the bar. "I think I'm the only local in here." She jokes and ruffles her hair a bit and tilts her head at Abby, "You in Vegas? It must happen." Isa chuckles.

Well endowed? Nope, Nick didn't notice. At all. Nope. "Vegas is actually a shit hole. A place you wanna visit, but not live." He says before he takes another drink from his bottle.

"Better happen within the next two weeks" Abby points out to Isabelle as she stands up completely, the cooler door given a kick as she looks to see what else it is that she has to do to get things ready.

A look is given to Abby at that and Izzy shakes her head before looking back to Nicolas. "What do you do Nick?" Then something strikes her, "We might have a new bartender coming in! Name's Reese, she looks like a angel, might be a little shy, but we'll fix that."

Nicolas laughs softly at the exchange between the two, just content with listening to the two. When the conversation turns to him, he sits up. "I test the security of companies to see how they stand up against hackers." He says with a smirk.

"He's a hacker in other words and Reese, looks like an angel. Well. I'll teach her the ropes, so she can take over" Abby grins. "Besides, if you can get me to auction a kiss, then, you should have no problem with her"

Isabelle chuckles and nods, "True." Is her only response to Abby, A eyebrow is raised at Nicolas, "And here I assumed you were a straight and narrow type of guy. Don't judge books by their covers I guess."

Nicolas smirks and nods. "Yup. If you do that, it can come out to bite you in the ass." He says before he downs the rest of his beer. "Can I get another?" He asks, looking to Abby.

"Can do" The blonde answers, leaning down to collect his beer bottle, the shot glass and shuffle those off, replaced soon enough with another cold one, cap popped up and a fresh glass if he wants it. "Reese.. Reeses pieces"

"I know that only to well." Isa admits to Nick and laughs at Abby, "That can be her nickname."

Nicolas chuckles and nods. "Abby is going to get me a nickname the next time I come in. That's what she says anyway." He says as he looks to Abby and takes the fresh bottle of beer. "Thanks."

"It's a little tougher for him. But I'll think of something" Abby confides, leaning against the counter, arm parallel to the surface, elbow beside it and supporting her chin. "He says he's not a Princess Sophia""

Isabelle blinks, "Sofia??" The woman throws her hair back and laughs. "I think he is a more.. hmm.. having trouble thinking of something other than Hottie Hacker.. we need to give him something different."

Nicolas looks to Isabelle and raises an eyebrow before he looks to Abby. "Does she just say anything that comes to mind or did she not realize that she called me a hottie hacker?" He says with a joking tone.

"She says anything. Isabelle has no modesty. It's what I like about her. We're opposites" Abby shoots her gaze sideways to Isabelle. "Hottie Hacker. No. I'd say bomber? Cause that's what you ordered first"

"I speak my mind. Always do, so yeah. To me, you're Hottie Hacker." Isabelle agrees with Abby, "Bomber.. that sounds nice." She scratches her head.

Nicolas looks to Abby. "Yeah, but if you call me bomber, sooner or later, I'll get a visit from Homeland or the FBI and I really don't want to deal with the FBI again." He looks between the two women and shrugs.

Another wince "right.. homesec" Abby wants to say, homsec's not that bad, but better not. "Then I'm at a loss. It can't be two names Isabelle, has to be one word. hence haga is Irish and .. i'm the Nun and your .. you know"

"What exactly am I?" Isabelle puts her hands on her hips and tilts her head with a raised eyebrow. She taps her foot lightly.

Nicolas raises an eyebrow at Abby. "She's what?" He asks at the same time that Isabelle does. He looks to Isabelle and then back to Abby.

You say, "Nothing" As Abby straightens, making around the bar for the last carton of booze to bring in. "Nooothing at all""

"Abigail." Is all she says, "What am I?" she walks closer to Abby and does her best to look intimidating, which doesn't come hard for her so hopefully Abby knows she is just kidding!

Nicolas leans against the bar, resting his elbow on the bar top and propping his head up with his hand, watching the two. "Tisk, tisk, tisk. That's what you get for talkin' bad about the boss."

'Not talking a bad about the boss. If you knew her, you wouldn't be talking bad about the boss! Besides, that's her nickname. Boss." Then quieter "Chesty"

"Chesty??" the woman with bigger boobs looks down.. and then up at Abby, then to Nick. "I guess I can live with that."

Nicolas laughs softly and shakes his head. He can't help it. He closes his eyes for a moment, the register starting to display the word 'Chesty' over and over. A few moments later, the television starts to flash the same word.

'Chesty" Abby grins, "and bo… holy heavens…" The crate in Abby's hands is held aloft as she catches sight of the TV's in the place, then the register.

When the word CHESTY is repeated on the register and then on the TV, Isabelle looks at Nick with shock. "I don't think anyone in this city is normal anymore Abs." With that she extends her hand towards Nicolas and her palm is engulfed in flames. She isn't really angry and she grins darkly at Nicolas before she douses the flame, good thing nobody is in the bar. Except for the same guy that always is sleep there. Her eyebrows are raised, "Mind taking my nickname off those?" she doesn't have any evidence to point to Nick but who else could have done it. "I like your style." Izz says to the man.

Nicolas shrugs his shoulders as he looks up at the screen, chuckling. He then looks to Isabelle and raises an eyebrow as she makes fire in her palm. "Strange things are afoot at the Circle K." He says before he looks at the woman then to Abby. He shrugs and closes his eyes again. A few moments later, the names disappear and everything returns to their regular programming. He opens his eyes again and takes another swig from his beer.

"you did that?" Immediately, her mind goes to Hana but after a moment or two, while Isabelle is grandstanding, a much more quieter Abigail is going around the bar with the last crate. He must have, and she's regarding him in a slightly different way. "Faith healing" Since it's show and tell time at the O L Saloon.
"registered faith healing"

"A bunch of Evolved together in a room." Isabelle comments and grins, she knows exactly who she will be talking about Nicolas with. "How long you been able to do that?" she leans against the bar close to Nick. Her eyes are bright with curiosity. She's never met anyone with Nicolas' power.

Nicolas smirks as he looks to the two, shrugging his shoulders slightly. Well, they ousted themselves so he might as well too. "About 4 years or so. It was after I got popped by the Feds for hackin' in to their mainframe. Just started to hear voices and stuff, but was hearing messages. Instant messages, emails, blogging." He takes a long drink from his bottle.

'Twelve. Was twelve when god first let me heal. I found a bird with a broken wing outside walmart" the wal part drawn out. "Been doing it ever since. Anyone and everything, that god puts in my way, and in need of healing" Abby shakes her head, putting bottles away. "How did you not… go crazy? Hearing all that?"

"I bet that made looking at porn pretty easy." Isabelle jokes and nods at Abby. "How'd you survive your 'awakening' is what I like to call it."

Nicolas looks to Abby and ahhs. "I see why you want to be paramedic now. Makes a lot of sense." He chuckles and raises his beer bottle. "A lot of alcohol and drugs." He says as he takes a drink from the bottle. "Yeah. I can access the internet without a computer, but as long as there is one nearby." He looks at the two. "You guys registered?"

"I am, she isn't. I didn't have a choice. I had a .. SCOUT captain on my rear who thought I knew more than I know, and threatened to turn me in if I didn't. so.. I did. I'm not evolved, everyone else says I am, but.. easier to just.. do it, and in a way thumb my nose at the… asshole, than to not and wait for him to decide my answer isn't good enough and drag me in" Just a weeeee bit bitter is Abigail.

"Hell no, am I registered. Bullshit I call it." Her nostrils flare and people might want to duck in case Isabelle throws a fireball. "Fuck SCOUT." Is all she says, her voice full of venom. "Traitors to people like us."

Nicolas nods his head to the two. "I ain't registered either. They have enough of me on file from before I got my powers, they don't need any more." He says as he looks to Abby. "I could try to get you off their list. If I can hack the FBI with a computer, I think I could possibly get though Homeland and Scout without one."

You say, "You can't hack his mind, so there's not a point" Abby points out to Nick. "Don't worry. I appreciate the offer. It's not that big a concern, besides, it's just a card. I can disappear if I have to, I know people" People who can rearrange faces, do what you do and erase me from the system. "Though… Can you… make a fake ID… legal? Like put it's information into a system so if it's looked up.. it's real?""

"So just how good are you of a hacker? I mean, satellites?" Izzy raises an eyebrow, "Because it sounds to me that your ability it pretty damn powerful."

Nicolas looks to Abby and nods. "I should be able to. I was doing stuff like that when I was fifteen. Haven't done it in a while, so I may be a bit rusty." He says to her before he looks to Isabelle. "I hacked the FBI mainframe. I'm pretty good. Got better when I got my powers. Though my powers have a limit of three hundred feet or so."

'Was curious. But that's good to know" Food. There's a little blinking light and Abby gives a quick "one moment" and disappears into the back, to fetch nick's bar food order.

"That's pretty awesome." Isabelle admits and nods at Abby as she ducks out for a second. "I can.. well burn things?" she lifts her hands with a shrug and then gestures to her outfit. "It's why I don't wear that many clothes. I'm always warm, or hot."

Nicolas nods his head and grins. "Well, aside from being comfortable in the winter, you can make a fashion statement no matter what the weather is." He chuckles and takes a drink from the bottle of beer. "The dress code here really is a good way to hide that fact."

"That it is. I didn't want anyone to come around and think that I was weird ya know, for dressing the way I dress." She runs a hand through her hair and tilts her head at the man. "So.. if I told you that I thought you were extremely gorgeous.." A slow grin crosses her face and she winks at Nicolas. She then takes a bottle of tequila and drinks just a sip of it. Has to get ready for the coming night.

Nicolas laughs softly and smirks. "…then I'd get free drinks?" He says with a shrug. "But thank you. I don't think I've had anyone come out that bluntly about it." He takes a drink from the bottle and sets it on the bar top. "Not quiet what you'd imagine a computer geek to look like, huh?"

"We could negotiate the free drinks, over dinner." Isabelle states grinning. "Abby didn't lie when she said I say what's on my mind." Isabelle leans over the bar somewhat and looks at Nicolas, her hair falls to the side and she chuckles softly. "No, I just thought you were a criminal, a cute criminal but not a computer geek."

Nicolas grins and looks at Isabelle. "I am a criminal. Spent a year in prison and a shitload of community service." He chuckles and shrugs. "Over dinner, huh?" He asks with a smirk.

"Ah hah." The woman nods and smirks as well. "My place." She gestures to the door that leads to the stairs to indicate that she lives up there. "I make some good catfish."

Nicolas nods his head and looks towards the door she indicates before he looks back to her. "When did you have in mind?" He asks as he as he moves to face her.

"It would be rude to leave Abby here.." Isabelle has a pondering look on her face. "How about later this evening? After I close up the bar?" she licks her lips as she looks at Nick.

Abby's foot steps precede her, before the rest of her actually appears the two plates in hand. "mozzarella sticks, and potatoes kins, for one Nick" Which is either going to prove awkward for the two, or not as Abby enters at that moment. She stops though, opting not to , you know, run over her boss with hot plates, and instead just hold them and wait for her to finish canoodling the customers.

Nicolas thinks for a moment and nods as he looks to Isabelle. "Sure. Sounds fine. What time do you guys close up shop?" He asks as Abby's footsteps are heard.

"Tonight? We're closing early at around 11 or 10." She tells both Nick and Abby.

"We are?" The plates are brought to nick, side stepping Isabelle and a couple napkins placed beside them too. "No wonder I had a short shift today"

Nicolas nods his head. "Cool. I will have to come back then. I have something I have to give to a friend before seven, so I'll come back around ten-ish then." He says as he looks to the plate, picking up a cheese stick and taking a bite. "Not bad."

"Perfect." Isabelle purrs and leans back from Nicolas so she doesn't make the other woman feel awkward.

Abby's not feeling awkward, just shaking her head. " got stuff to do in the basement, you have the front Isabelle?

Nicolas takes a bite from his potato skin. He looks to Abby and offers a smile. "Thanks for the recommendation on these. They're good." He says before he takes another bite from the potato and takes a drink from his beer.

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