Chicago CDC Building Bombed
Date July 1, 2010
Relevant Logs Purged By Fire

Associated Press
July 1, 2010

In a stunning display of violence, the CDC Central Operations Building in Chicago Illinois was destroyed by what the Department of Homeland Security is calling "a concerted terrorist attack on American infrastructure."

The building, according to Deputy Director Nathaniel Rockwell of the Department for Homeland Security was brought down by a planned demolition style explosion targeting support structures inside of the 15-story skyscraper along with a secondary explosion on ground level from what authorities say was a fuel-air bomb, which was designed to incinerate and demolish the lower floors of the building.

According to current estimates some thirty-six CDC workers were killed in the blast along with an unknown number of security personnel manning the facility. The Chicago CDC Central Operations building is the hub through which all H5n10 vaccine shipments are planned for the Chicago metropolitan area.

Due to the method in which the building was destroyed, minimal damage to the surrounding area was inflicted, leading authorities to believe that this attack was singularly focused on the destruction of the CDC's stores of H5n10 vaccine in the Illinois area which supplies much of the Great Lakes region with the much needed and difficult to produce vaccine.

Operations Director Matthew Parkman of the Department For Homeland Security is claiming that a radical pro-evolved terrorist organization calling itself "Messiah." At present it is not known why Messiah would have targeted the building or what message they intended to send by its destruction.

Parkman claims that the FBI was forwarded a message claiming to be from this terrorist group that took responsibility for the attack and that they believe Messiah to be "a credible threat."

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