Chick Fight


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Scene Title Chick Fight
Synopsis Monica's next test for Rebecca? To pick a fight.
Date September 9, 2010

It's a Thursday night and training has gone well. In the past several weeks, Rebecca has improved her hand to hand and has been told as such. She's actually feeling pretty good about living alone in this city. Even if living alone means an apartment at the Redbird building. Occasionally the two would go out for drinks afterwards, even if that drink is tea and coffee. Rebecca's attire as even improved from nerdy to somewhat street fashionable. The chill is starting to come in so she wears a hoodie over her black tank top, with jeans and sneakers to complete that ensemble.

As they step out into the cold to walk down towards a place where they can grab a bite to eat and something to drink, she reaches behind her and pulls the hood up over her head. Dusk is settling in and the street lights are starting to flicker on. There's still a couple hours left before curfew. "Thanks so much for the training. I feel so much stonger and confident than we I first started." She's actually starting to fill out a little with some muscle coming in.

"Hey, it's no problem. It's always good to be able to defend yourself and with everything that goes on in this city, even more so." Monica smiles over at the other woman and she zips up her own hoodie. This summer didn't last long enough, alas! "There's really just one more important phase to the training. Maybe we'll try it out after a drink." The implication being… it might be better with a little alcohol in the system.

The place they're going is not too far from where they were as they are seated right away, Rebecca removing her hoodie and setting it next to her in the booth. She doesn't often drink alcohol, considering her addictive nature, but she does have some now and again. She's just more careful with it after that whole Refrain debacle that cost her her job. She does look curious as you say one more phase, but she doesn't ask. At least not yet. She's starving after that workout. So when their orders are taken, she orders her meal and a wine cooler to go with it. Nothing too hardcore for her.

Monica doesn't order anything too hard, either, and her meal is pretty light, too. But even as the meal arrives, the mimic is glancing around the place, checking the people out around them. "You don't mind getting kick out of a place like this, do ya?" It is not a reassuring note for the next phase.

Taking a bite of her meal as the question comes, Rebecca blinks with her mouth full of food and slowly chews it, swallowing and picking up a napkins and wiping around her mouth. She blinks again. "I.. I don't understand what you mean? Why would we get kicked out?" Despite her training, the former forensics officer can be a little naive. She reaches for her drink to wash down some of the food.

"Well, Bec… an important part of learning to defend yourself is learning that a fight never goes as predicted. And that you will get hurt. It's one thing to spar with a friend, it's a whole other thing to square off with someone who's really trying to hurt you. You have to learn how to take a hit. And we're just going to take you on a run through." Monica is pretty calm about the idea of picking a fight, apparently, but then, she's pretty used to them herself. She nods to the table behind her, where there's a group of women much less restrained with the drink and who look pretty solid.

She's trying to figure out just what Monica is trying to say to her. She's never gotten into a fight in her life. The one time she got mugged, she could barely defend herself and someone else died. "Waitwaitwait. You're going to pick a fight in here?" Her perceptive eyes are glacing around and she sees just who's being referred to. "You know we could be arrested for this." Rebecca even smirks, "Might be easier to go out and try to get mugged," she teases, though then she actually thinks that Monica might consider that.

"We could, but that would take time! We could move the fight to the parking lot, if you want. But I wouldn't worry too much about getting arrested, we won't hang around long enough. Promise!" Monica flashes her a smile that's not… actually all that comforting. "I just don't want your first real fight after training to be something… real serious. You know? A stupid fight in a bar is good practice!"

To call Rebecca any type of badass would be definitely comical, though she can probably start handling herself now. She considers the situation and then nods her head. "Let's do it." Lucky for them, this is not some place they frequent. "What do we do?" Picking Fights 101 was not on the agenda for Monica's training.

"It's really easy," Monica says, finishing up her last few bites before she smiles crookedly. "Toss your drink over your shoulder." Because the girl behind her seems to be the type who uses a lot of hairspray. "And then just be insulting."

Rebecca just looks at Monica as if she were a space alien. "You're not kidding." And she can tell that Monica is not kidding, though she really wishes she was. She'll have to get new business cards: Rebecca Nakano, Thug. She reaches for her drink and swallows the rest of it in one gulp before wiping her mouth with a napkin and standing up to move in front of the table where the two women are sitting. Both larger then Monica and herself. "Excuse me. I think this is our table." She looks to see if Monica is behind her yet.

No, no such luck. But Monica is behind her, both literally and figuratively. She also seem to be letting Rebecca take the lead. The women at the table look up at Rebecca and one of them moves to stand up. "I don't think so, little girl," she says, her words cursed with a drunken slur. "So run off and play."

Rebecca's mother would be so ashamed. As the woman stands up, the gaze from Rebecca begins to rise as this female has about six inches on her. Rebecca narrows her eyes and reaches for a glass on their table, "No. I don't think so. You'll let us have our table. I'm certain you will." The wine in the glass meets the face of the girl that towers over her, the red liquid dripping down the woman's angry face now.

That splash gets a surprised gasp from the woman and then, the reaction Monica seems to have been looking for, as she grabs Rebecca and yanks her closer roughly. Meanwhile, the friend seems to be making her way over to Monica. "Alright, Bec. Let's hope I taught you well, huh?"

Rebecca barely hears the words of her teacher as the moment that she's yanked closer, she lets her head slam forward and she head butts the amazon right in the nose, hearing it crack as she does and she's released immediately as both stagger back from each other. The headbutt was not something the Monica taught her, but mostly instinctual on the detective's part. There's a shriek and a "You bitch!" before the woman with blood running down her nose charges Rebecca, who backs up to let her gain momentum, then trips her down and the Rebecca drops down onto her and wraps her arms around her neck from behind. The entire time, Rebecca is uttering apologizes to the owner of the shop.

Monica is clearly pulling her punches and seems to be making sure the woman never connects, rather than really fighting to her full capacity. Although, the frequent dodges just seem to be pissing her off. Rebecca's opponent, though, simply rolls over so the other woman is under her and pulls her arms off her neck before she gets back up to her feet. But, of course, she rounds on Rebecca again there, aiming a punch toward her gut.

Rebecca thought she had this one in the bag with that busted nose, but the woman is strong as hell. Her arm is pulled off her neck and Rebecca does not get the chance to dodge the blow to her gut and the wind is taken from her as she doubles over onto her knees on the ground, trying to take in a breath as the woman stalks up to her and grabs a handful of her long black hair. "You broke my fuckin' nose, you bitch!" The woman pulls her hand back, balled up into a fist and with Rebecca seemingly helpless and gasping for air, she throws the punch, hoping to return the favor of a broken nose.

However, that's where Monica steps in. Breaking off from her own opponent, she comes over to level a kick up to that arm, knocking it off its path. "Alright, ladies. Let's all take a moment to calm d-" Of course, the other woman chooses then to cut in and get a punch in to Monica's side, and while it knocks her off her feet, she quickly rolls right back up again.

That momentary distraction is all Rebecca needs as Monica gets punched. The woman on Rebecca keeps a hold of Rebecca's hair and then she sees her friend as the other woman, turns back to Rebecca just as the detective reaches up and grabs a fist full of the woman's shirt and pulls hard. The woman falls foward, as Rebecca moves to the side and the woman's jaw connects with a table behind Rebecca, knocking the other woman out immediately, as she crumples to a heap on the floor. Rebecca crawls to the side to sit there and recover her bearings for a moment, knowing Monica will certainly handle the other gal.

And handle she does, with an elbow to the temple. And then, Monica comes over to grab Rebecca's hand before she breaks for the back door. Funny thing is… she's smiling. Like she's enjoying herself or something. Weirdo.

Rebecca gets tugged as sirens are heard getting closer and she runs after Monica, hand in hand as they slip down the street and around the corner into an alley, where Rebecca pulls her hand back and staggers to a stop to catch her breath. "Oh my God.." she says as she leans against a brick wall and begins to laugh and laugh.

Monica laughs, too, pauses there in their hiding spot. "Whew! You okay?" She does mean the concern, but she also looks kinda… proud at the same time. "You did good! Let's just hope they were drunk enough not to really remember us tomorrow, huh?"

She's still laughing when Monica asks her that and she nods. She will have sore abs in the morning, and her hair was jerked rather hard, but overall, she's feeling pretty good. How it is when the adrenaline wears off, well, that's another story entirely. "I hope not. I don't need to lose my license of this." Rebecca pushes herself off the wall and holds her hand out, knuckles up waiting for it to be tapped. "Thank you."

And Monica does so tap, still chuckling a little. "Oh, you're welcome. We'll do it again sometimes, no doubt." She leans back against the wall, too, letting out a breath. "We should get out of here soon. Get you some ice, you're gonna need it by tomorrow."

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