Chicken Little My Ass


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Scene Title Chicken Little My Ass
Synopsis Elisabeth learns what Maya's powers are.
Date July 27, 2009

Village Renaissance Building, Fourth Floor Safehouse

Although she's got a million things to do now that she's back at work, Elisabeth also has some things that require doing at the safehouse. One of those is involving bringing news to a new refugee, and to that end, Elisabeth is knocking on Claire and Maya's door at about 11am.

At 11 AM, Maya is busy cleaning. Her hair is pulled back in a ponytail, and her shoes and socks are by the door, leaving her just in jeans and t-shirt. The entire place is scented of Pine-Sol as she comes to the door and opens it, perspiring lightly. There's a smile as she sees Elisabeth. "Hola, chica."

There's a smile as Liz holds up a backpack. "So, uhm… it might be presumptuous, but I wasn't sure Cat and Claire would think about it until later. I brought you some changes of clothes," she says as she holds it out. "It'll at least tide you over until we can get you set up with a job and some cash and such. May I?" she gestures into the apartment.

A grateful look is her first reply. "Oh, you're an angel." she says, and motions Liz to come in. "Please. I am so tired of wearing the same thing every day. I have to see where there's a washer and dryer, though I can use the sink if I have to."

There's a soft laugh. "Open the closet in the bathroom — I think the washer and dryer are inside, but I'm not sure. I know there's one here," Elisabeth says. Each of the safehouse-floor apartments is fully furnished — she knows Cat spent significant money there. "And you're welcome. I just noticed yesterday that you didn't have anything with you, and since you're coming from Staten, I kind of figured it was because you didn't have much. Listen…. I wanted to pop in and let you know that so far as I can tell, your brother hasn't been picked up by the authorities." She pauses and eyes the woman. "But I think before you stay here where my friends are much longer, we should talk about the open warrants on both of you."

Okay, THAT makes her tense up. Especially since she knows those warrants are for killing people. Lots and LOTS of people. The relieved look when Liz tells her about Alejandro not being locked up gives way to a panicked one when the warrants are mentioned. "Please, please, you can't turn me over to them." she pleads.

Elisabeth holds up her hands in a calming motion. "Settle down. I'm not going to do anything without getting all the facts here, Maya." She's dressed in a pair of chocolate slacks and an ivory blouse, her weapon at the base of her spine out of sight. And she's not wearing a badge, but the blonde's eyes on Maya are cautious. "I need to know the full story about what happened. I need know that my friends and the people in this building are safe. It's my job." She doesn't mention what she'll do if she determines they're not. No need to agitate the young woman further.

Maya watches her warily. She isn't rabbiting yet, but it doesn't look like it would take much to push her to it. "God cursed me." She says. "For my sins. There's blackness inside me, and when it comes out, people die." She looks upset. "I'm not trying to hurt anyone. I came to the United States to try to find Doctor Chandra Suresh. To see if he could take it away."

"I believe that you're not trying to hurt anyone, Maya," Elisabeth soothes gently. "But I need you to talk to me about what exactly happens when your power is loosed and how it's triggered. The information I have indicates that you have a rather large number of people who've been adversely effected, and we need to sort how what to do to counter the problem, okay?"

Maya's expression is a little stricken. "Poison." she finally says. "The police said they'd been poisoned. It happens when I'm upset." Which is a good reason not to make her upset. "My eyes blacken, and then the people around me. And then they die." Her voice is quiet.

That information is enough to set Elisabeth back on her heels, though she keeps her expression still neutral. "So…. you get upset, and … your eyes change. And you … excrete a poison? Do you know if anyone's sorted out what kind of a poison?" Christ…. no way in hell is she letting this woman's ability compromise everyone in this building with a poison!

Maya shakes her head, miserably. "No. When it came out…it was at my brother's wedding. I've been running since then." she explains. "I have to find a cure for it."

Elisabeth blows out a breath and nods slowly. "All right. Well… I'll tell you that I don't think we have contact with Dr. Suresh, but we may be able to find someone who does. And we may have a way to negate your ability for a time." She considers. "Let me do some looking into it…" She looks at Maya and says quietly, "And for God's sake, woman, don't get upset. For ANY reason."

In the back of her head, Elisabeth's also scrambling for 'where could we get some of the tranqs that the Company was using?'

Maya looks a little relieved as it becomes apparent that Elisabeth isn't just going to turn her over to the police. And then looks practically ecstatic when she mentions someone who can turn it off, or take it away. "Thank you. Thank you so much." she says, crying a little with gratitude.

The blue eyes are very very serious on Maya. "Don't thank me yet. It may necessitate a constant bodyguard, which is a situation most people find extremely annoying at best. It could even require drugs." And though it goes unspoken, Elisabeth's tone might give away that if Maya hurts anyone in this building, things will go very poorly indeed. "The security of the people in this building is a priority — that's what I do in this organization. Stay calm."

Her shoulders slump just a bit. "If you want…I'll leave. I don't want to hurt anyone." she says, her tone fervent. "I just want to find my brother, and find a way to take this curse away."

Elisabeth shakes her head. "I don't think it's required that you go. Besides… at least here, there's the possibility for negating the danger," she replies with a sympathetic look. "If you leave, what then? It's only a matter of time before you get upset at something - you're only human. You can't suppress your emotions constantly, Maya. So settle in. Let me see what we can do for you, okay?" Turning the woman loose on an unsuspecting populace seems like a bad idea too. "Just… " She shakes her head. "Just be careful," she offers finally. "We'll work something out." Like sticking Trask to the woman's butt with superglue, like they did with Elle, perhaps? She doesn't have to be constantly negated or anything, clearly.

There's a nod, but it's more subdued now. "Thank you for the clothes." she says, in a quiet voice. "And for not calling the police."

There's a hesitation and Elisabeth says quietly, "I'm not calling the cops. I'm going to do everything I can to help you find your brother, and to help you keep from hurting anyone, Maya. I promise." She's not sure what form that promise will ultimately take, but this girl is so clearly troubled and wanting help that she wants to make things better for her.

Maya reaches out to take Elisabeth's hands. "God bless you, Elisabeth. Thank you." The expression on her face is a grateful one, again. "Thank you so much. And I'll be careful. I promise."

Elisabeth nods and squeezes Maya's hand. "Now let me get out of here, lady," she says with a smile. "I got a bunch of stuff to do today." Like fill in Cat on this power set, get something in place to alert people not to upset the emo-POISON GIRL, and get back to work before Felix has a shit-fit.

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