Chicken Wings And Wingwomen


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Scene Title Chicken Wings And Wingwomen
Synopsis A small band bonding session between Adel and Quinn, considering of chicken wings, soda, lesdar, and movies.
Date December 8, 2010

Village Renaissance: Quinn's Flat

Big news, busy week. That had been the running summer of how Robyn Quinn's life had been going in the same span of time, and in truth it was starting to move forward faster than she might normally be able to handle. But sometimes to handle things going a million miles per hour, one has to slow down and focus. That's exactly what Quinn has decided to do that late afternoon after her shift at Ichihara had come to an end.

Well, that, and nap.

But once napping had been complete, she'd gotten on her cell phone and put out a call to Adel Starkey, the still somewhat newfound drummer of Mad Muse, and someone she hadn't had much opportunity to talk to, outside of the rare band gatherings over the last month, but with Magnes God knows where and Sable off tending to Ferry matters on Staten Island, now seems like the perfect moment.

She had been directed up Quinn's flat when she arrived, where the Irishwoman waits with a few chicken tenders, lukewarm at best, sitting on the coffee table. Quinn herself hangs upside down off the edge of the sofa, staring at the TV ahead of her with a grin. A familiar series of tones indicates she's watching Seinfeld, Quinn laughing ever few moments, as she is prone to do. It's only when she hears at the door that she really stirs, enough to look and shout 'It's unlocked!"

"Sorry I'm late, you wouldn't believe the— is that Seinfeld?" Adel's eyes automatically perk up. There's a big yellow backpack of her back, and her coat is even an ungodly shade of the color. It's almost like someone decided to dress up as Jubilee, but may not understand the reference. With a hurry she closes the door, moves across the room and plops down on the nearest part of the sofa, looking down at the upside down red head.

"Is it funnier upside down?" she asks rather seriously, as if wondering if someone might actually see things differently there. She tilts her head as far as it can go, without actually getting further than looking at it from her side. Without actually laying on her side. Hmmmm…

When Adel plops down, Quinn's legs are sliding off the couch and off to the side, hitting the carpeted floor with a whump so that's just lying flat on the ground. She laughs as she pushes herself up off the ground, shrugging at Adel. "Nah! I just- I'm wierd. just staring at the TV gets boring sometimes! So I find ways t' spice it up. That, an' I'm rather lazy." Pushing herse;f back up to ehr feet, she makes an almsot theatric moment out of brushing herself of, even if it's totally unnecessary.

"I love Seinfeld," she comments, looking back at the TV. "I'm glad were able t' come by! You an' I haven't had the chance t', like, hang out at all, an' I figure not might be a good time! Besides, I ahve a bitta news an' i have no idea if I'll be able t' get everyone t'gether this week."

"Yeah, getting everyone together can be hard sometimes… especially when there's more than just the band everyone is concerned about," Adel admits, bouncing until her head is straight up so that she can watch the television again. The comedy isn't something she probably gets much, being too young to appreciate a lot of the cultural references, but she's obviously trying to understand.

But she's also distracted. "News? Did we get a gig? Cause that would be totally primal. I've always wanted to actually play in front of an audience of strangers. Only concerts I ever got to participate in were family and friends and stuff, and that isn't quite the same as a real concert where people don't have to cheer and pat you on the back and say you're good for a kid— and I'm not even the youngest this time! So it's even better."

"Not exactly, though I'm about t' get workin' on that soon. I know a few places we could play. Hell, there's a resturant under this place with a stage an' everything - THe ROck Cellar. I'm willin' t' bet if I talked t' the right person we could just go down there an' play one night. Which would be so awesome." She grins wide, motioning down to the chicken tenders. "Feel free, by the way. They're leftovers, but they're really good."

Crossing in front of the TV, Quinn starts towards the small kitchen area of the apartment. "Want a drink? Anyway, I- got a job offer. You know Studio K? THe place that does The Advocate an' the radio show I'm goin' on as soon as that stops bein' postponed? They want me t' be a producer." At the doorway to the kitchen, she turns back at Adel with a smirk. "Which means I get t' plan things at the studio an' can slip the band int' them. NOt t' mention there was talk about a stint as a studio band, if we're interested."

"What really? We're going to be working with— !" Adel suddenly cuts off, looking suddenly very embarassed that she even said anything, much less with excitement. She reaches for one of the cold wings and pips chicken meat off with her fingers and hungeredly eats it. Despite the cold it may have, she seems to be appreciatative, possibly because it masks her flub.

Waving picked off bone— even the fat has been picked off, nothing wasted, she must have been hungry, she speaks again. "That'll be cool. Especially if we can do stuff on screen, play for a television that's beyond — awesome."

Two drinks - both Cokes, in holiday designed glass bottles - are removed from the fridge as Quinn starts back towards the common room. "Best I've got, unless you want something hard." Quinn smirks, setting one down in front of Adel. "I think it'll be cool, but it's why I want t' get everyone t'gether if I can, you know? It's a pretty big decision, an' it might really affect where we go form here, you know?"

It's with a whump that Quinn plops back down on the couch, grinning wide. "But it totally will be awesome. Kristen, the woman who runs it… she even said somethin' about, once she finds a host, us bein' a studio band for a nightly show. Which I'm… less sure about, since that leaves us less time t' do stuff, but can you imagine it? It'd be pretty sick if it panned out. A bottle opener, still sitting on the coffee table from God knows when, is picked up and offered ove to Adel.

"Oh these are cool," Adel says, taking the bottle with both hands and looking over it as if the bottle itself is more cool than most things she might think of seeing. They don't always have glass coke bottles these days— holidays bring them out, but even then, she looks like she's never seen one filled before. "Oh, thanks," she takes the opening and proceeds to try and pop off the cap while she speaks.

"I think it'll be cool, the playing as a band on television thing— though I don't know who they'd get to run the actual show— Couldn't Advocate have a band too? I mean— some of those shows do have bands… I think. Don't they?" She probably doesn't watch Advocate often at all, honestly. "I saw one of two of the episodes, but… they aren't really my thing. I'm not into the politics stuff too much."

"They aren't my thing either, t' be honest. I've only watched a few episodes recently because Magnes has been on." Where as Adel gets the bottle opener, while she popping her top off, Quinn is leaning to the corner of the coffee table, and with a grunt, wedging the bottlecap off of her drink - a trick learned from many years of drinking both glass bottles of soda, and more frequently, glass bottles of Guinness.

A long sip of her drink is had, Quinn letting out a bit of a sigh. "I'll ask Kristen about it. I have until the weekend t' decide." She looks over at Adel eith a tip of her head. "Hence the need for the band meetin'. Otherwise, I would've taken my time tryin' t' get people t'gether. But since you're the newest member of the band," and as far as Quinn is concerned, even if Sable hasn't made it official, Adel is totally in, "I figured I'd run it by you an' see what you thought. Glad t' see you're not too turned off by it."

Leaning forward to take one of the pieces of chicken, Quinn takes to it with a rather unladylike bite, before looking back over at Adel. "An' sorry, there's not really much t' do here, but if you want we can head up t' the studio an' jam. Here it's mostly just movies, music, an' a few old Mega Drive games. At least until Elaine gets home an' fixes dinner."

"This is good enough dinner for me," Adel says, picking meat off the bone of another wing one pice at a time. She seems to be pleased with it right now. Even if it is cold and the sauce is all dry and it hasn't really been dipped in anything… It's chicken. You can't go wrong with chicken, right?

"I don't get to play enough video games or see enough movies. I can't afford movies. I barely got a tv. I need to crash at a friend's house every so often so that I can watch some more often!" As soon as she says that she raises a hand, pick cleaned chicken bone waved in the air. "I didn't mean with you guys I don't want to impose and i know you guys have that— uh— you know— going on. And you're like…" She bumps her hands together a bit as if to make that clear.

"So I don't want to get in the way or nothin'. But I wouldn't mind hanging out with Elaine more. She sounds pretty cool and I haven't really gotten to meet her much and I totally should, since she's our groupie and I'm in the band now and a good groupie is friends with the whole band— but I am not trying to steal her or sleep with her or anything I promise!"

Was she talking to fast there. More chicken.

"Oh hell, Adel," Quinn says with a bit of a wide smirk on her face. "If you want t' borrow any movies or anythin', let me know. I have an old DVD player I just replaced with a Blu-Ray player if you need one t' watch 'em with. Or you can hang out here, you're always welcome." There's a bit of a blink, though, when talk of something going on and bumpig of hands occurs. Quinn isn't always the quickest to catch on to things, but when she does, she gives a bit of a nervous laugh, looking off to the side.

"Trust me, Adel, you're not in the way. It's not like that's somethin' that happens all the time or anythin'. I didn't expect, uh, anyone t' tell you about that." She scratches the back of her neck, before shrugging. "But yeah, you're more than welcome t' crash here and watch movies or whatever. You're not int the way. An' hell, if you stick around, I'm sure Elaine'll be on before too long."

The drink is slid on to the glass top table, and Quinn lifts herself up form her seat, looking around the room for something. "Oh. I've been meanin' t' ask you if you were, uh, interested at all in doublin' up your drummin' work?"

"No one had to, I have a bit of a lesdar— that's not insulting is it?" Adel suddenly realizes what she said might be taken as such. "I actually think girls are pretty cute too, so it's not like I'm being anti-gay or anything. I just haven't met any I really liked enough. I like guys to though, so I guess I'm the one foot on one side and one foot on the other." As she says all this, she may suddenly wish she was eating more of that chicken.

But Quinn saves her from that embarassment as that question is processed. "Oh, I got all the time in the world. The band's pretty much all I got right now. So when we're not meeting up I'm practicing. Well, as much as I can with what I can. You'd be surprised how easy it is to build your own drum set out of stuff. My neighbors hate me, though. The guitar is easier cause I can make it not so loud and still play it. So if you got extra work for me I'm totally for it. I'll even work for chicken legs— and DVDs."

Any embarassment adel would have felt around Quinn would have been misplaced anyway, and she only offers a grin in response. "You realise, Adel, that you just got yourself drafted int' being wingwoman some day, right?" There's a wide, mirthful grin on her face as she looks back down at the other woman. "An' no, it's not insultin'. I'm very open about it anyway, I'd be a bit of a hypocrite if I thought it was."

Not seeing whatever she was looking for, QUinn settles back down on the couch, this time more gently. "Well, I was hoping I could talk you int' doin' some drum stuff for my stuff, she says as she retrieves her drink, looking over at Adel. "Like, Solo stuff, I've been working on for years. I've een usin' drum machines, but it's just not the same. So, I fgure if I'm gonne pay someone t' be drummer, it should be a friend, hmm? Not the session drummer I've had a few times now. He's kinda a dick."

"Totally, I would love to!" Adel says with a sense of enthusiasm, perhaps missplaced. "Either. Wingwoman or drummer— I can do either, or both. Just not at the same time, unless you need me to make a girl's boyfriend deaf or something so you can spirit her away with your womanly wiles."

As she says that, it doesn't seem to be sarcasm or insulting at all, as if she genuinely believes the woman has wiles in many shapes and forms.

"When do we start!?"

That just has Quinn laughing a bit harder. "Wingwoman might not be for a while, but I'm so bringin' you the enxt time I go out. It'll be a pretty grand time, defiinitely!" The smile creeps wider, the Irishwoman taking another sip of her drink. "We can start any time you want. I was workin' on a lot of it before the riots, but- well, the producer I was workin' with had t' back out, but we have the stereo upstairs, so I've sorta taken over for myself for the moment. It's fun, though!"

With that, Quinn pushes herself up back up off the sofa with a grin, and starts making her way towards a very big and very full rack of DVDs. "So, you like movies, eh?" she saus with a grin as she looks through the massive stack of movies. "I think, tonight? You an' I are going t' have a fun night." And she spins back around, a blu-ray case in hand.

Is that- Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World?

Why yes. Yes, it is.

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