Childhood Mourning


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Scene Title Childhood Mourning
Synopsis Melissa gets a call from the Den. Megan has Bad News.
Date March 11, 2010

The Den

After getting a short phone call from someone at the Den, Melissa has rushed right over. Which doesn't take too long, given the location of her house. But she did seem to forget to put on anything more than a coat to protect from the weather in her hurry. She tugs out a mask when she comes down the stairs, putting it into place over her face, though it doesn't hide the frown of concern on her face. She moves right through the lounge, heading up to the second floor, where Megan and the kids have been staying.

When Melissa arrives, Rosa directs the woman toward the room the children were sharing. No one had time to contact Melissa until it was all over. Lila's body has been removed from the bedroom and wrapped carefully in blankets by Rosa and her husband while Megan handles the other kids. All of whom are sitting on top of her with woeful expressions. Lori, the remaining twin, is finally asleep as it nears dawn, her small head tipped back on Megan's shoulder. The older two are curled up on either side of them, both looking exhausted and tear-streaked. Megan's own face looks drawn and tear-streaked as well.

Melissa steps into the room and stops, looking at the four with obvious sympathy, and sadness of her own. She may not have known Lila as well as the others, but it's clear that she grieves as well. For someone who seems to always have something to say, or always know just what to say, Melissa seems to be at a loss for words. "I came as soon as I heard," she finally says, voice soft.

The redhead looks up from her post, smiling a soft, sad smile. "Thank you, Melissa. I'm glad you're here." She kisses Lori's head gently, disengaging the tiny child from her shoulder. She kisses Hannah's head as she slips Lori into the older child's lap, and then kisses Jimmy too as she slides out of the bed. She covers them all with one blanket, allowing them to simply stay in the same bunk as they all shift together like a pile of puppies.

Standing in front of Mel, Megan says softly, "I need to let the Hangar know what's happened, and I need…. to make arrangements. I'm glad you're here."

Melissa doesn't answer immediately, but looks at the three children for a minute. She looks back to Megan, nodding. "Of course. I'm so sorry about Lila. She was a sweet girl. How is Lori holding up? Does she understand what happened?" she asks, keeping her voice soft so she doesn't disturb the kids.

Megan grimaces a little and looks at the kids. "She's terrified. I think she understands enough to know Lila's not coming back. Her parents went to heaven too. She keeps asking if they're all coming back. How come she can't go." Megan's voice cracks. That last is killing her.

Melissa's eyes close for a moment. "Damn. I wish there was something, anything I could do for her. It just kills me that these kids have it so tough. They should be outside having snowball fights and making snow…men. Not holed up in here, sick, mourning the loss of a friend and sister."

"Yeah," Megan replies quietly. Blowing out a breath, she says, "Okay… I'm going to go alert the Hangar and deal with … everything. If you don't mind looking out for them? Hannah and Jimmy know I need to go take care of her."

"Of course I don't mind," Melissa says without hesitation. "I'll stay with them until you get back. You just go do what you gotta do. They'll fine," she promises.

Megan nods slightly. "Thanks," she says quietly. "I'll be back in a couple of hours." She heads out of the Den to handle the logistics.

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