Children Or Midgets Not Allowed


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Scene Title Children Or Midgets Not Allowed
Synopsis Felix is bad ass, Elizabeth gets scary, Jaiden's all protecty, and Delia's just— drunk.
Date August 27, 2010

The Corinthian

Nights in the city since the curfew was enacted have been markedly different compared to the times before. The late showings of movies have moved to 7:00pm, broadway shows have two showings, and 24 hour joints actually have to close now since their late night business goes away. At the Corinthian the gambling continues 24 hours a day, but most of the people manning the floors retreat to their rooms or, in the case of a special event - like this one - have a private ballroom set up that technically is part of the hotel and therefore, is private property.

Mike Relm is a DJ. A very good one, in fact, who has opened for The Blue Man Group and had a headlining role in the most recent Tony Hawk skateboarding tour, and those in the know have heard that, for one night only, a show will be put on, free of charge, for those who like to forget their troubles on the dance floor. He's opening for a pair of Japanese DJ's that specialize in fast, bouncy music, so pretty much anyone who likes to dance to a pounding beat will need to be there for the party of the century.

Security, as you might think, is very tight.

Despite the tight security, Delia managed to get into the hotel after curfew. Well after curfew. Thanks to a kind woman with a balcony on the second floor, she was able to climb up the side and slip in through the woman's room. She wasn't allowed to stick around though, because the woman's significant other was already incensed at the young woman's interruption of their balcony activities.

Still dressed in the horrible outfit that she borrowed from her sister, the redhead is carrying the stiletto heels, rather than wearing them. The mini dress is a great source of her discomfort at the moment and as she slips into the ballroom behind a bunch of other partiers, her hand is on the bottom part of her hem, trying to keep it down to a respectable length.

Staying out all night is usually Cardinal's purview. Elisabeth rarely does so, but hey… if we're all going to be locked in somewhere at night, a casino's as good a place as any. As the sun comes up and the curfew lifts, though, the blonde ex-cop is more than ready to call it a night, as it were. She's sitting back in one of the chairs, her feet slipped out of the high heels she was wearing all night and propped on the seat of the chair across from her. She's wearing a sleeveless little black dress that comes to just above her knees, so she looks perfectly modest there with her feet crossed at the ankles. To her companions, she murmurs, "You do realize that the only reason I let you drag me over the threshold here is because it's you and you don't know this city like I do, right?" Elisabeth is far, far from drunk. In point of fact, she's been drinking soda for the past two hours.

Nor is Fel drunk. The military haircut doesn't really jive with the wonderfully tailored tux he's in. But if they're going to be gambling, well, he can live out his 007 fantasies, can't he? No glasses anymore, either. He's not really drinking. "Pff, Liz," he says. "That's not true. I grew up in Little Odessa. And I was NYPD for ten years."

Sometimes it's good to push out of the usual comfort zone and experience new things, and it took more than a little convincing to get Liz to come. Meeting Felix, a man he had met only once at the Nite Owl, was a happy accident. Jaiden is dressed a bit more casually than the pair of them since he really doesn't _own_ a nice suit - he hasn't really had a reason to buy one up until now, honestly, but he is clean shaven, dressed in what could be described as 'club wear.' No, not leather and latex with studs or pants that have a dozen oversized zippers and bell-bottoms more than a foot across, but in something comfortable - a pair of dark jeans with a button-up long sleeved linen shirt with the sleeves rolled up a little before his elbow, held there by little straps sewn into the shirt and a pair of comfortable, well worn (but still serviceable) black boots. "I appreciate it, Lizzie-girl." Jaiden is drinking a beer - nothing too heavy, and his Aussie liver can take it, no problem. "I figured a party would be just the think to get our minds off of the fun stuff going on out in the world."

On the stage, Mike Relm mixing video and music, taking a clip from Office Space (the man talking about showing a woman his 'O' face) and turning it into a bouncy tune, and the dance floor is pretty crowded with a decent turn out - perhaps a few hundred people or so, maybe more. Considering this wasn't advertised and only broadcast by word of mouth, this could be considered a great success since there are people here and that means they probably have a room or have done some gambling. Winner: Casino.

On the floor, flashes of light can be seen from little chemical lights passed out at the door, twinkling as people dance.

From a corner, a larger flash can be seen, starting along with the music.

By the time curfew has lifted, Delia's been awake for almost twenty four hours and has had at least six spiked drinks. It doesn't sound like much over the course of three hours, but it's a lot to a young woman that hasn't even had a sip of wine at Christmas, thanks to an overprotective father.

With a whoop of joy, she raises one arm in the air and begins to jump around with a random group of people that, like her, are just out for a good time. The light catches the massive mane that's only gotten more and more frizzy over the course of the night. If there's a worse for wear, this redhead is it. Finally recognizing that this is a new song, she staggers to a stop and looks around with a sort of 'buh?' look on her face. Then staggers off the dance floor toward the chairs that have been hosting a myriad of seated people.

"Fft," Elisabeth says to Felix. "Clearly you've not been paying attention then. Cuz … you know… John fucking Logan?" Her tone is dark and more than a little bitter. She really, really wants to shoot that bastard for what he did to Abby. And the first time Felix brought her here, she didn't know he owned it. Now it's just a matter of simple politeness…. and the fact that it's one of the only places in town that people can actually BE after curfew. She nods to Jaiden, though, and says, "You get this one for free. I just don't like the owner, that's all." She's watching the dancers, mostly. Wiggling her toes in the seat across from her, the blonde's upswept hair is beginning to come a bit loose just from the length of time it's been pinned. "And just so no one panics…. I'm going out of town this afternoon. Probably just overnight," she comments to the men at her table, her blue eyes taking in Delia's stumbling gait. She doesn't like the way that looks…. and she doesn't like the way some of the men, probably more drunk than Delia herself appears to be, are watching the redhead. But she just watches for now.

Fel's face immediately darkens at the mention of Logan, and there's that hint of a sneer in the curl of his mouth. HE may have that cop's pokerface when it suits him, but off-duty, he's painfully transparent. "Yeah?" he says to Liz, even as he leans in, assuming familiarity, to draw one of those pins out, and send her hair tumbling down. It looks better that way. He nods at Jaiden. "We do need to go out and mingle with the hoi polloi more."

The light in the corner is different - not one of the colors that the lights mounted on the wall are using - a muted orange instead of the reds, blues, and greens and it pulses almost like a heartbeat in time with the bass line. Still, it's probably just a light that's got an random gel on it or something.

Strange how it's just showing up now.

"I'll chalk this up to a bad decision on my part due to ignorance, then. You shoulda said something, Lizzie, before we came here. Still, having a little fun is okay as far as things go, no matter where it is." The namedrop of John Logan? No idea who he is. Only the fact that Elisabeth sounds quite bitter about it and Felix seems to have the same response gives him any clue that there's something about him that might not be good. His right foot bounces in time with the music, watching the crowd cavort in time, taking a sip of his beer now and again, catching the eye of the frazzled, sleep-deprived red head making her way across the dance floor.

Problem is, a couple of guys notice her too. Like sharks, they move and smoothly across the dance floor to get on either side of her, each smiling broadly. "Come on now, baby! I've got a few moves I can show you!"

Delia tries to smile when the men approach her, but it comes out as more of a grimace. "No, I'm tired. I'm going to siddown," she complains lightly, adding another weak smile just to keep things light and friendly. She stumbles backward a few steps and hits a chair, falling into it with an 'oof' but for some reason she just finds it funny and bursts out laughing.

"You're not tired, baby, you just need another drink." One of the wolves intones, giving her a little bit of a leer. "Maybe we can get you something a little better than that girljuice you've been drinking since you got here."

That's when Delia tries to get serious. Raising her right index finger in the air, she waves it. She's trying to point at the man but it's just making a wild pattern in the air. "Iiiii'll… I'll have you knooooowww… That!! Orange juice is FULL of vit-vit-vitaminiminins."

Elisabeth's hair tumbles down around her shoulders and she runs a hand through it casually, leaving it in a wavy disarray that's quite cute. She flicks a glance at Jaiden, though. "If I avoided every place in this town owned by a criminal, I'd never go any damn where," she retorts with a grin. It's just that this one is particularly personal.

Her blue eyes flicker back to the girl about the time the guys flank her. Ayup. And there they go. Elisabeth slips her feet casually into her nearly 3-inch heels, though she doesn't stand as yet. Instead, she gives a minute jerk of her chin toward the situation and murmurs idly to the speedster holding her hair clip, "Am I going to actually get into a fistfight in this dress, or are you gonna get off your speedster butt and just Wally West 'em into oblivion for that poor girl?"

Felix smirks at Liz, running his fingers through her hair. He follows Liz's little signal, though. "I think I can go fend 'em off without resorting to that," he says, picking himself up and heading that way. There's a little FRONTLINE lapel pin on his tux. Maybe that'll serve. Or just the haircut. He picks his way through the dancers to Delia, and says, "There you are, honey. I thought you promised me the next dance." Like he's an old friend with every right to ask.
The light in the corner starts to shift in spectrum, going from orange to red and then back around to green, as if someone is moving balloons in front of a very bright spotlight. There are a few 'oohs' and 'ahs' from a group over near the wall.

Jaiden gets to his feet and follows the pair of Frontliners over to where Delia and the two wolves stand. Felix hasn't been informed of Jaiden's evolved status, so there won't be anything flashy going on tonight. He just smiles and stands behind them, arms like tree trunks crossed over his chest.

"Hey man, back off." the taller of the pair says, a man who's fake tan is evident even in this darkened room, who's steroid-pumped muscles, half-buttoned shirt and bleached blonde hair give an image of a very self-absorbed ass who takes what he wants and is used to getting it. "I'm just going to give my friend here…" An arm drapes over Delia's shoulders. "A ride back to my place. So why don't you and your aunt, or whoever this is," A hand is waved flippantly at Liz, "Go find somethin' else to do." The smaller of the pair, wearing shades and with spiked, ugly hair, sneers. "Yeah, go on or we'll…" He trails off at the sight of Felix's lapel pin. "Um…Ricky….?" Shorty nudges Ricky with his elbow. "These guys are cops."

Felix's save earns a grateful expression from Delia and she opens her mouth to speak when all of a sudden there's an arm around her shoulder. "Hey back off!" she bellows, hitting him with the pair of shoes in her hand. It's a rather girlie toss, so it does absolutely nothing to dissuade him. Her next action does though, a side slide on the chair has her slipping off and trying to wrench out from under his arm.

"Yeah! He's… a.. cop?" Her eyes widen a bit and she gives her savior a giant and very tense smile. "He… he is a cop! So you better back off, good friend too!" And the young woman backs up a few more steps to almost collide with Elisabeth and Jaiden.

It seems shock is the order of the morning, because she instantly hides behind the large man and sings to herself, "Oh god oh god oh god… You are not supposed to see me like this~"

Elisabeth is actually behind her two companions. And although she could get pissy about that stupid brave soul's attempt at denigrating her, mostly it just seems not worth the effort required to knock his teeth down his throat. The boys can handle this, yeah? And Delia's getting her own hits in too.

Blue eyes skim around the dance floor, her attention caught — ooh, shiny! — by the lights changing different colors. It's a pretty cool light show, and though she keeps one eye on the happenings nearest her, it occurs to Elisabeth as her eyes wander that…. well, lights don't usually do that. Move about in multiple directions from a central source changing colors and just generally being… odd. Sparing a glance to her guys, Liz slips out from behind Jaiden to walk across the dance floor to inspect it more closely.

"We're not just cops. We're -the- cops," says Felix, with his best crazy vulpine grin, mouth a bit too broad for even his long jaw. "And the lady doesn't want to go anywhere with you, it's obvious, citizen. So you might want to clear off." There are times when it's just so much fun to be the dickwad with the badge.

Ricky seems to puff up a little, like a balloon, the tendons in his neck standing out as he grits his teeth just a little too hard, the acne from the steroids glistening in the light of the dance floor. "Ricky…" the shorter one says, tugging at his arm. "Remember…the thing with the stuff at the place that one time?" There's implication in those words. Chances are that, if taken in and checked, Ricky would be found to have at least one outstanding warrant for something.

The retreating Delia hides behind Jaiden, the taller man reaching back to pat her on the hand lightly. "Ain't looking, sweetie. Don't worry." A smile appearing for a moment before he moves to stand shoulder to shoulder with Felix. "Ricky, m'boy…why don't you and your friend here go elsewhere? Now." There's no question about what Jaiden wants them to do. Leave.

"B…b…but the curfew!" the shorter one whimpers.

As Elisabeth draws closer, the crowd gets a little denser and the light show gets a little brighter. Motes of light, almost like faeries, flutter through the crowd, leaving tinkling dustmotes behind them that pulse in time with the music. Most of the people are smiling, hugging, talking to each other and watching the show, but as she draws closer to the source, a different sight comes into view. The lights?

A girl, probably not more than eight, sits on a chair, legs dangling, not even reaching the floor, dressed in a simple white cotton dress, her feet bare. She looks tired and hungry, but the man sitting next to her does not. "Come one, come all, ladies and gentlemen." he says with a smile. "Come see my lovely daughter's trick…" A hat is laid on the ground in front, several bills already hanging out of the top.

"Daddy?" the little girl whimpers. "I'm tired."

The man shushes. "Go on now, baby. Do the show and you'll get another shot." He shows the little girl something in his closed hand and she nods emphatically, the light show intensifying….

As Felix and Jaiden take care of the two jerkasaurus rexes, Delia's attention is transfixed on the light show over there. Unlike Elisabeth, she remains where she is, safe and sound and still too drunk to walk properly. Her bare feet are pointed inward, pigeon style, and her arms are dangling down on either side. The red curls and frizz that make a thick mane on her head hangs as limp as most of her body feels.

"Hey! Look over there, there's weird lights… like… weird lights." She really can't think of anything else to call them, or even describe them as. It seems that in less that five minutes, Delia Ryans has forgotten most of the English language.

Those kinds of behaviors are maybe the one thing that make Elisabeth absolutely see red. And Elisabeth's temper is on something of a short leash to start with. But you throw a kid in the mix, and you feed her drugs to keep her amped up and performing? Oh not just no but hell fucking no. The blonde wades into the crowd, ordering the patrons, "~Get out of the way. Now.~" The order is laced with every bit of venom and authority that she can muster, along with every bit of suggestion that she can dredge up. "You," she says, walking straight at the man next to the child, "get on the floor, you piece of fucking scum. You're under arrest." Let's forget about the fact that technically she no longer has that ability — she's not a cop. But these assholes don't need to know that whilst the actual cops and Child Protective Services …. or maybe just the Ferryman at her back …. are contacted.

It's hard to tell in a club where the music is thumping like it is right here, but there's a deep, sub-audible bass thrum roiling around, too, if anyone happens to be sensitive to acoustics. The rumble doesn't match the music's beat.

Satisfied that that two would-be sharks have been driven off from Delia, Fel's diverted by her comment about the lights. He glances that way for the moment. And then abruptly realizes that his Liz is….not at hand. He pats Delia on the shoulder, and then starts heading after his fellow FRONTLINER. Who has apparently found trouble.

Let's get this out of the way; Jaiden stays with Delia, standing very much in between her and the lights, watching, just in case he is needed. Close enough to hear.

Elizabeth emerging from the crowd startles the little girl, causing her to jump, causing the lights to fade. She starts crying, covering her face. "Sorry, daddy, sorry. I'm just so tired…" she whimpers, leaning back in her chair.

The crowd, at Elisabeth's declaration (and unconsciously due to the bass rumbling around them) backs away, toward the DJ, leaving the man, his daughter, and the two FRONTLINE members relatively unmolested. "Now see here…my little girl is doing God's work, showing these people the beauty that comes from her cursed condition." The man stands, a syringe falling from his left hand to the floor, the glint of a fluorescent blue substance visible before it cracks and spills on the floor. "She works to save her SOUL" The man grabs for the girl's hand. "You'd damn her to hell for eternity?" The little girl is jerked into his arms and he starts to back away, toward one of the fire doors.

Delia cranes her neck to try to see around Jaiden. It's pretty much in vain because the booming voice causes them to blink out and to keep from falling over she has to hold onto one of his arms. "Hey! The— The— Lights? The lights! They stopped!" The redhead straightens again and looks up at Jaiden, as if expecting him to know why, where, when, what, and how it all occurred.

The dispersion of the crowd gives her a good view of one of the red fire doors. It just happens to be the one the man is backing toward, "Hey, that guy has a little girl… Or a midget. I don't think kids… or midgets… are allowed in here. Are they?"

There's something….really kind of frightening in Felix's face at the man's reply. "Cursed, yeah?" His accent is pure Brooklyn, and entirely infuriated. And then he's just a blur, stitching a dark line through the crowd to snatch the little girl away from her father….and deal him a hell of a blow, albeit a contemptuous, open-handed slap. Still enough force to knock him down "So you're dosing her with -Refrain- to help?" He's all but snarling, as he asides to Liz, "Call it in, Liz. We need Child Protective Services on this one."

It's good that Felix moved when he did. His motion gave Elisabeth that split second to at least try to pull her instinctive, enraged response under control. The subaudible bass that thrums off her rolls over Jaiden and Delia — as well as the rest of the crowd — ruffling the hairs on people's arms and heads, creating a tingle in the skin. The blonde's jaw is clenched for a long moment, and she manages to pivot on one of those high heels and march back to the table to pick up her phone.

The advantage to actually being an ex-cop is that she knows the numbers to her precinct by heart. They're dialed before she even has to think about them, and she's got the desk sergeant on the line instantly. "Yeah, who's this? Rankins? Sarge, this is Harrison. … No, sir, but I've got someone out here you're gonna want. Some fucker's out here pumping his minor child full of Refrain and got her sitting in the middle of the fucking Corinthian at 5 in the morning, telling her to entertain the customers with her ability. I need Child Protective, and I need a unit to take this bastard in and charge him with…. " Elisabeth pauses and says, "At the very least, fucking child endangerment. Child abuse. Possession. Prostitution — he was selling his kid's ability, so I don't know if that'll stick but we'll try." She's furious. The low bass hum still hasn't abated. "Yes, sir. ….. No. No, see if you can get Greta Jernigan. She's good with the Evo kids. … Uh-huh, thanks."

When she hangs up, Liz tells Felix, "Unit's just around the corner." Her tone is deadly quiet. If that bastard even moves, she's going to crush him with sound or something.

What did the five fingers say to the face? *SLAP!* Daddy goes sprawling, his little girl now in the arms of Felix, and the girl? She curls up in Felix's arms and starts crying, arms around his neck, getting his suit all wet with tears. "Daddy, daddy…" she keeps saying over and over again.

"Lizzie…I'm gonna get Red here home where she can sleep off whatever she's drank, yeah? You need me for anything else?" He starts leading Delia away.

Looking up at Jaiden, something he says gives the definite impression that she really didn't appreciate it. "Hey!!" she starts as they walk toward the door, "I was ju— just drinking orange juice!!" Although, orange juice has never made her feel all princesslike and top of the world before.

As she's led away, she looks over her shoulder and waves a really big wave with her free hand to the two soldiers. "Bye Lizzie!! Bye … Cop guy!!" She finally remembers why he looks familiar, "Hey! Guess what? I know that guy!!" she chatters to Jaiden on her way out the door. "Really, really really… I totally do!"

The police arrive about ten minutes after they're called, a bouncer sitting with a chair straddling the man's chest, smoking a cigarette as if that was the most natural position to be in, occasionally dropping ash on the guy's face who struggles fruitlessly. Jaiden and Delia are gone, since they don't want to be fingered or questioned, and the two FRONTLINE people are questioned, have there statements taken, and the man is taken to jail.

His daughter is taken to Child Protective Services via a hospital.

She'll be fine in the morning. He'll be waking up to a new boyfriend. All in all, a bad situation turned good for all involved.

The End

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