Chinatown Violence

MANHATTAN — An anonymous tip delivered to the New York Police Department earlier this week has led to a stunning raid on the Chinese mafia's Refrain production and distribution. A shipment headed out from 1123 Division Street in Chinatown was ambushed by Narcotics Division and ATF agents just after 3:00pm. However, the officers were led into a gun battle with the Triad operatives at the scene, and seven of the AFT agents were gunned down in the initial assault. Pinned down and under heavy fire, NYPD narcotics division radioed in for backup.

Within minutes, three additional cruisers were en-route, including one driven by officer Magnes Varlane who gained limited notoriety during his imfamous appearance on the Glenn Beck show earlier this month.

Officer Varlane's vehicle came under attack by what is reported to be an Evolved Triad operative with superhuman strength. While both dragging his partner to safety and aiding in the rescue of the pinned down officers, Varlane was single-handedly able to protect the lives of the endangered Narcotics officers until FRONTLINE Unit-01 could arrive on scene.

New footage of FRONTLINE's daring emergency into the conflict was filmed by six different television news broadcast stations, including New York's FOX News branch, which managed to catch stunning footage of their helicopter being taken out of the air and rescued by the combined efforts of Officer Varlane's evolved ability and a member of FRONTLINE Unit-01, Chester Wade.

After witnessing the efficient use by which FRONTLINE was able to diffuse the situation and work hand-in-hand with the NYPD, New York State Senator Robert Malden has made clear his intent to push legislation through Congress to open FRONTLINE's Squad 2 (which was not scheduled for recruitment until late 2010) to active duty.

We will keep you up to date with information on the conflict with the Chinese Triad and with the potential FRONTLINE expansion as it develops.

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