Chinese and Boys


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Scene Title Chinese and Boys
Synopsis Eve eats Chinese leftovers and discusses boys with Jezebel.
Date January 5, 2009

The Garden

The kitchen is a goodly size, with plenty of counter space. The walls have been painted a sunny yellow, in an attempt to add warmth and energy. The main appliances are older than the minor ones, which look brand-new. While someone has managed to scrub the place clean, the kitchen needs something new on the floor and something to sit at better than a folding table and chairs. The small window over the sink has a decent view of part of the yard.

The Garden is quiet most of the time, but it seems almost spooky now with the overcast sky and the late evening. There's still some lights on, including a bit of light on the second floor. They don't help much with navigating the driveway and yard right near the house, since they're muffled by curtains. Still, there are signs of life here.

"Jezebel!" Eve calls for her sister as she enters the house and sets her coat on a chair. "Are you here?" Eve is dressed in a pair of black jeans and a long sleeved white and black shirt. Her feet are clad in boots as she looks around the Garden in search for her sister.

Jezebel pops out of the kitchen. "I'm here, Eve! How are you?"

Eve enters the kitchen and goes to take a seat. "How are you sis?" she asks and plays with a flower that is on the table.

Jezebel replies, "Better than I have been, thanks, but very busy. How are you these days? By the way, want tea or leftover Chinese food?"

"I'm ok, I guess." Eve smiles at the mention of food. "Chinese would be great. Hows preparation for the Foxhole coming?"

"Lots of shopping," Jezebel says as she fishes around in the fridge and puts things on a plate. "I haven't heard back from the engineers."

Eve nods her head and watches as Jezebel places things on a plate. "I had another dream, but it was really puzzling. I'm not telling many people about it right now. It.. people had red marks on their foreheads in my dream but the thing is that not everyone had the mark. Right before I awoke, I realized when I looked into a window that I had it as well." Eve explains and she wrinkles her forehead. "I have some thoughts about what it means but.. I can't be sure." It looks as if Eve isn't ready to talk anymore about the dream.

Jezebel says, "Hmm," as she pops the plate into the microwave. "I'd ask you some questions about what you remember, but I think you don't want to talk about it. One thing's clear: someone needs to kick the authorities hard. Tony asked me this afternoon what we were doing to stop it." She comes over and gives Eve a hug. "If you die, I will miss you terribly. I promise to bring your spirit offerings and to remember you. If I die too, I'll look you up in the afterlife."

"What are they doing this time?" Referring to the authorities. She chuckles at Jezebel's talk of death. "I'm sure you would." A grin is on her face now.

Jezebel says, “I have no idea. Ask Hana, she knows everything. I haven't the foggiest idea how to find where the virus is being stored. If it were still in development, I'd tell you to look for somewhere with power, water and gas for the Bunsen burners. The finished virus can probably be stored at room temperature in an airtight container, because it will be in crystalline form.”

"Sounds like you need to have a meeting with Hana yourself." Eve grins at Jezebel and studies her sister. "You can help her a lot with this."

Jezebel says, “I did have a meeting with Hana. That's how I wound up in charge of the backup plan. I think we need James Bond.”

Eve laughs and rubs Jezebel's shoulder to comfort her. "We'll figure it out. I have to set up a meeting between you and Darius I want you to meet him. He also has said that he would be willing to meet with Hana or Bennet to talk about joining the Ferrymen." Eve clearly looks excited about that.

Jezebel exclaims, "That's great news! You should tell Hana right away, if you haven't already. I don't know about you meeting Tony. He's a Ferryman and he's sweet, but he might just try to seduce you. Then I'd have to hit him."

"I'll tell her as soon as I can." Eve raises an eyebrow. "Did he try to seduce you?"

Jezebel chuckles while blushing. "He calls me a sexbomb. I have no idea why."

"You like him don't you?" Eve grins and leans forward and winks at her sister, "The plant girl has found a match?" Eve chuckles and then shakes her head to herself. She looks out the window, still smiling. "I never hear you talk of relationships, at all." The singer looks at her sister. "Why is that?"

Jezebel lets go of Eve to fish the plate of Chinese food out of the microwave and set it down in front of her. "I usually don't have relationships to speak of. Those I had, went badly. I think I like him more than he likes me, which makes me sad."

"Nonsense, you just have to get to know him better." Eve begins to eat some of the food, offering some to Jezebel, "You never know what can happen. Take a risk, a chance." Eve says and she looks out the window and scowls at the cloudy night. "Haven't been able to see the moon lately."

Jezebel says, "No thanks, that's the remains of a raid on the Canal Street Market. Tony wanted Chinese for dinner. I am taking a chance here, but I think he doesn't want to talk about himself. It is a shame about the moon. I keep being afraid there will be another blizzard, which is the last thing we need."

"You'll just have to see what happens." Eve says and eats a little more of the food. "And that would be bad, terrible. Blizzard." Eve says absently and it's like she isn't entirely in the room she is sitting in with Jezebel, most likely the dream has crossed her mind, it takes but a moment for Eve to snap out of it and look back at Jezebel. "Sorry.. about that."

Jezebel replies, "It's okay. If you are suddenly enlightened, spill all. Want to tell me more about Darius, or should I just let you eat?"

"I don't know what else to say about him. He's great, I like to spend time with him. He lives right across the street from the Lounge." Eve doesn't go into detail to how she knows that is where he lives.

Jezebel raises her eyebrows. "Well, that's handy. Should I be shopping for a housewarming gift?" She grins wickedly at Eve.

"No! I'm not living with him! I just.. sleep over sometimes. That's it." Eve grins widely, "We could really use him on the Ferrymen, I'll try to get that meeting between Hana and Darius soon."

Jezebel teases, "Yeah, sure, right. You'll move in. What's your favorite color? I hope that meeting will happen soon. Tony's staying here; he says he's tired of renting hotel rooms."

"Now what should I be buying you two?" Eve laughs and smiles, "You two alone in this house.. something is bound to happen. I don't need my ability to tell me that."

Jezebel turns bright red. "I don't know. I'll have to think of something. A decent bed would be nice. All I've got is a cot."

"A bed it is." Eve laughs but says nothing of what is running through her head.

Jezebel says, “Thanks. Don't bankrupt yourself, or Darius either. It's going to have to be something that can be dragged over here, not delivered.”

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