Choices and Chances


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Scene Title Choices and Chances
Synopsis What to do is discussed in regards to Felix and friends over pizza
Date December 5, 2008

Undisclosed loft in the east side. Minea's temporary safehouse

It's not quite the cliched artist's drafty garret, but it's a lot more spartan quarters than the hotel. Not that Fel seems to much mind, or care. He's been a model patient - no noises, no complaints, mostly sleeping, reading, or daydreaming the time away. At the moment, he's on the bed he's been given, patiently rereading 'The Hound of the Baskervilles' for the umpteenth time.

Minea's hunkering over a drafting board, white light lamp casting a true light glow over the immediate workspace. Xacto blade in hand and trimming. Soft orchestral music occasionally drifting off from a laptop in the corner. Stringed instruments as she works at making what she and the others need. Compare, trim, compare, trim. Ther rest of the place set up for eventual 'artists'. Occasionally she pushes the glasses on her nose up as they've slid. Align, compare, trim.

Christian slips in just as quiet as a bowling ball down a flight of stairs. "gawdamnit."he mutters It takes a moment, before he can decide what he wants to carry and what he sets down. He decides the rifle can stay, and instead carries the pizza."Felix, dude."he takes a moment to doff his helmet, before sliding into view with a huge pizza box. "I brought dinner. I was gonna bring you a beer, but I figured you wouldn't be allowed. You hungry now?"

Felix sets aside the book and sits up, eagerly. "I am, actually," he says, sounding more cheerful. "And no beer for me, now. Not with all the chemicals in my bloodstream already. It's been quiet here.

"NO alcohol" Comes from the woman hovering over the back lit table. "four days, five, sooner if you can get your healer here. Keep the pizza away from the table or I'll turn you all into Castrato's" Minea frowns at whatever it is she's working on before standing up, a small series of crackles that is her back. "Dr. Bianco will come when we ask. Just need to give him as much warning as we possibly can. He'll give kitty a new face and then I can get the passport done. I have the birth certificate almost done, waiting on some paper I didn't didn't have to make a social and then it'll all be registered. Edward Dantes will come to life and Felix Ivanov will be as the body that's in the morgue" Minea pulls the glasses off her nose looks over at the two before she hits a button on her blackberry to check "Hows the pain Felix?"

Christian sets the pizza down instead on Felix's lap. "I got you a Sig P220 carry, a fourteen inch Mossberg and because you love them so much I put an order out for a Kalashnikov. I figured if things don't go to plan, it'd be comforting to know you have some options. "he settles back, into the nearest seat. "I could get Abby here, but I cant keep her cooped up. I don't want to expose her to any additional danger, and she doesn't want to play by our rules. Any advice with Deckard?"

"Christian. Marry me," Felix says, blithely. "Honestly. I don't even know if you prefer men or women….." And then he peers at Minea. "Did you just call me Kitty?" he wonders, tone amused rather than offended. "I'm okay. Pain's not bad at all. What about Deck? Do you know where he is? Because that's who I got damn near kneecapped about."

"We can use the Linderman act to compel her. Get her brought in as a necessary need. Can subpoena her I'm sure and make her come" because, you know, everyone's registered. Minea moves her stool over to her laptop and eases down onto it. Long hair back in a crappy messy bun and the glasses slid back on her nose. Click. Click. Click. She's going through files, pulling up stuff. At home here in the electronics as she was in the suit, sunglasses and paintings. She lets the other two talk, though she smiles when Felix asks his question to her. That should be answer enough.

A soft shake"I dunno, you'll need some big tits to make me forget that face."is all he can think to say, before Minea grabs his attention. "Bring up the Linderman act like its a leash again, and Minea so help me god."He lets that sit, for a few moments before looking back to Felix."I cant get him to come in, maybe if you called him and we brought him here. You know how he is, he wont talk to me worth a damn. He's out hiding somewhere, they've got him nailed under a arson and murder charge right now. I'd like to get him here."

"Abby should not be registered," Felix says, more seriously. "If she isn't already. I need her more as a possible informant than I do with her name in that database." He stares at that last. "Shit. AS far as he knows, I'm dead. And we need to keep it that way. I want him safe, but….if I have to keep leaking that I'm alive, there's no point to this charade."

"Your healer isn't registered?" Up her head pops, looking over to the two. "How good is she? Worth keeping on the street with a tail, or better to yank her in regardless to tell what she knows?" Minea looks at the two over her reading glasses. "And the less people, the better. Seriously. loose lips sink ships. No one will believe he's Edward Dantes and my work will be pointless and we'll be wasting the good Dr. Bianco's talents"

"She can heal anyone, and does it for the charity of it. She can fix anything, quickly. She's very closely aligned with Phoenix, may just as well be a proper member. If we strong arm her, then we loose everything. We cant do this without cooperation, and I wont have her forcibly registered. "he ponders a touch. "I can get her here in an hour, if you want her but there will be a small additional security risk associated with telling her. I'd like to keep her here until Felix, is nothing but a cartoon. She may not like it, but you have a better understanding with her than I do. I have my burst transmitter with me, I can get a hold of her securely."he ponders a touch, lifting a thumb to scratch along his jaw. "Know anyone who can employ her?"

"What he said," Felix says, quietly. "And I can wait. Better have Doctor Bianco come first, so that the person she heals never existed to begin with, right? Employ her how?"

"that end of things is your business, not mine" Minea turns back to the laptop, searching for scrap paper, not the expensive document stuff she's been hoarding, to start writing down names. "I just get you the legal people you need" Each word drawn out, and not so as to make a point but because she's split her attention between them and what she's writing.

"Well, here's what I'd like to do. Provide Abby and Deckard both with cover identities to jobs they don't need to show up for, and let them work on their stuff. Abby gets to heal, and doesn't get compromised by having some routine pattern. Deckard gets freedom, and we acid etch his fingerprints off. I'll see what I can do about pulling down the charges, maybe sabotage the case. I want both of them free and safe. You(felix), Deckard and Abby are my first priority right now. "He pauses a moment to sip a beer he's produced."I don't want to be cold, but operationally Abby is more important than you, me and Deckard. You and I are badges, Deckard is a grifter. If we get caught and killed, someone else will fill our place. Abby is one of a kind, we aren't."

Felix nods, sagely. "Exactly," he says, quietly. "Moreau, my SAC, knows about what I'm up to. She can help you, through me. I can get them IDs. Deckard….how can we help him?"

There's a polite cough from Minea at the feds sheer /thought/ of going elsewhere for ID's.

Christian points to the floor. "We can get his slippery ass right here, and park him here until the vanguard stop looking for him. I don't want him caught one because he doesn't deserve to be tortured much less to death and two because he's useful. If a phone call from you wont do it, how can I get him here."

"I don't know. Find him and grab him," Felix says, quietly.

Christian nods softly, licking a tooth. "He wont trust me, you know that right? What if I bottled everyone we needed to know about this, up in here right now and rigged the room with thirteen pounds of RDX?"and no, he wasn't kidding.

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