Choking Normal


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Scene Title Choking Normal
Synopsis Kurt and Joy discuss whether or not the life they have together qualifies as normal, and what they can do to shake things up a bit.
Date October 18, 2009

The Verb - Kurt's Apartment

A simple but updated Bachelor suite with all the basic amenities. The kitchen is only separated by a floating wall and the coffee maker seems to be the focus point (and well used) in it's high tech, burgundy glory. The living room area is sectioned off from a double bed and dresser by a blue top sheet strung up and cut down the middle to function as a make shift wall. The living area itself contains a red futon and a computer desk area. there isn't a Television in the room but a multitude of electronics are somewhat organized to be piled near the computer desk. Two ancient but sturdy looking bookshelves contain a haphazard collection of literature (everything from fantasy to politics). A stacked washer and dryer is tucked over in the entrance way behind sliding doors.

Daylight starts to stream into the third floor apartment through gaps in the makeshift curtains, casting golden shafts over limbs and faces. Small flecks of dust sift through the air, illuminated in those first rays of sunshine. Joy stirs beneath the covers and the protective arm wrapped around her. Eyelids flutter once, twice, before blue eyes open and squint at the room. "Mmnn…" Blankets are pulled tighter and she cuddles up just a little closer to the man in bed next to her. "You awake?" she asks quietly.

Kurt's eyes blink as he here the voice and lifts a hand to cover a yawn threatening on his face, "Hum?" He asks not quite all there enough to catch what she actually said. He gives a slow smile and kisses the blondes hair before absent-mindedly tucking the blankets up around her and saying a sleepy, "Morning…"

"Morning," Joy murmurs in return, shifting down the length of the bed a little so she can rest her head on Kurt's chest. "This really beats sleeping on the futon…" There's a small chuckle there. "I slept very well. How about you?"

Kurt chuckles lightly at her worlds and rest an arm over her before moving the blankets to make sure they are still coving her completely, "Pretty good…glad you like it better then the futon." He stretches his free arm up behind his head and under the pillow, "Want coffee?" He asks after another yawn.

"I don't want you to leave the bed," Joy murmurs, wrapping an arm tightly around the man. "It gets cold when you get up." She sighs softly, "But coffee would be nice."

"Choices. Hard to make I know but warm coffee or warm Kurt. You can't have both lady." He winks down at her and leans to kiss the top of her head lightly before hugging her tighter with the one arm, "What it gonna be Joy?" He smiles lightly at the new name still.

Joy crawls up and over Kurt, with the blanket draped over her back. She leans down and kisses him slowly. After several long moments, she lifts herself up again. "You go make coffee, and I'll go shower. It's no substitute for a warm Kurt, but I suppose we can't stay in bed all morning."

Kurt smiles up at her before the kisses and returns it lifting a hand to place on the back of her head. A touch reluctant to let her go he finally nods and kisses her nose quickly before wiggling over towards the edge of the bed. "Now to try and act awake." He grumbles as he stands up and yawns with a stretch.

Joy smirks and crawls out of the bed after Kurt. "I have faith in you," she teases. She disappears into the bathroom, followed by the sound of the shower running. It seems as though she's mastered the art of the speed shower, because she's wrapped in a towel and stepping out before the coffee has a chance to finish brewing. "Haven't you finished yet?" she jokes.

Kurt moved over to the kitchen once he hears the shower start and makes a meticulously exact put of coffee, years to figure out but it taste just right. He leans back against the counter for a moment before heading to pull on real clothing instead of the flannel pj bottoms. As Joy comes out of the bathroom he peaks around the makeshift curtain at her and gives a smile, "Clean already? I'm impressed." He chimes and walks back out pulling an old cop blue sweater over his head.

"You look good in blue," she compliments almost absently. She leans back against the counter now, glancing at the brewer out of the corner of her eye briefly. She watches him for a moment and then asks in a quiet voice. "Is this what normal life is like?"

Heading over to the kitchen Kurt smiles at her and shrugs at the compliment, "Thanks." He pulls down to cups and pours them both as the coffee maker makes the gurgle noise that it's done, "I guess this could be considered normal life yeah." He holds out the coffee mug to her, "Honestly, you bored yet?"

"Not bored," Joy considers. "But maybe just… Curious as to where I - we go from here. Is it like this every day? Wake up, have coffee, kiss you goodbye, you go to work, I read books, you come home and we have dinner, then go to bed? Every day?"

Kurt hums as he sips his coffee and shrugs his shoulders lightly, "I really don't know. This is new to me Joy. The last three years before this were a bloody mess of jumbled living so I don't know. Maybe we ought to get a cat." He winks and chuckles a bit nervously trying to joke, "Normal isn't exactly my forté sorry."

"Normal may be overrated," the woman grants. "But I suppose the point is that you don't know what normal is until it's choking you." Joy almost winces at herself after that comment. "I think I would like to have a cat. Or a puppy. Maybe a bird? We can go look at animal shelters when you get home tonight? It's only fitting we take in another stray, right?"

Kurt nods his head slowly and always seem to be caught by these conversations before his morning coffee is drank, "Normal can be confining I guess." He muses and nods his head at the animal suggestion, "Yeah I'll have to check what we're allowed in these places." Then another yawn comes from the man, "But other then that, what else can we do to break up the normal…?" He asks tentativly.

Joy shrugs and sips at her coffee. "I'm not sure. I'll try go think something up for when you get home, eh?" She sets down her mug and then wraps her arms about the man. "C'mere, you. Listen, I think I might actually love you, Kurt. I'm not going to just run off because I find normal a little daunting." The lightheartedness of the moment doesn't last, though. "But, if I ever tell you to run, you run, okay? And you don't look back for me." And as though she hadn't just given an unnerving warning, she beams a smile. "Go on, then. You should finish getting ready for work. I think I'm going to pop off to the library for a while you're out, but I'll be here when you get back."

Kurt grins at the first words from her mouth and leans down to kiss her lightly even after the next warning sentence, "I can't guarantee I'll run and not look for you but I'll take you seriously. Best I can do Joy." He admits and then steps back from her downs the rest of his coffee, "Have fun." He tells her and it's like the warning and response never really happened.

"I'll do my best. You be safe, okay? That bike riding thing - it's dodgy!" It's only really dodgy if Joy's the one riding the bike, but it's teasing anyway. "I'll see you tonight. I'll have my phone if you need me."

Kurt nods his head and grabbing his bag heads out the door after giving her one more kiss, "I'm pretty careful don't worry." He grins to her and runs off.

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