Choosing The Amnesiac Ex


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Scene Title Choosing the Amnesiac Ex
Synopsis Magnes visits Sparrow at her place to tell her that he's still too hung up on Claire to pursue anything with her.
Date April 18, 2010

Panucci's Pizzeria - Upstairs

Through the entrance, a one room apartment is laid out. A fresh coating of a neutral beige has been put upon the walls here. Neutral rugs lie scattered on the floor to hide the old scuffed wooden floors. A few framed posters are hung carefully depicting rather lovely nature scenes of some of New Mexico's famous sights between the two windows that look out over the front of the building. A surprisingly large new futon has found a home against the same wall, covered in a plain black cover, brightly colored pillows heaped at the arms. There are a few bookcases with all sorts of books - from a few paperback novels along with a wide collection of art books, to a variety of cookbooks in another bookshelf nearer the kitchenette. A small entertainment center holds a modest entertainment center.

The small kitchenette is situated in one corner, kept as immaculate as she can keep it. The stove might be tiny, but is found to be more than enough to whip up anything that one might wish to cook. With limited cabinet space, there is a rolling plastic shelving unit nearby that holds many of her pots and pans. No matter what is being cooked here, one can still smell the aromas of the pizzeria downstairs.

Through one of the two doorways, one finds the small, yet serviceable, bathroom. It has all the needed amenities of toilet, sink, and shower - clean, if a bit stained by the years. Through the other door next to the entrance, lies a room that has been turned into a workroom. High shelves hold all sorts of supplies from tools to clay and rock wrapped in plastic along with finished pieces of sculptures. A desk covered in rock dust has been crammed in the far end, while pictures of sketches have been pinned to the wall, along with a calender listing appointments.

It's later in the morning, and after a very long night of being in pain, Magnes is in for a long day of trying to pretend everything is alright. He's wearing a red shirt with a Robin symbol on the chest, an unbuttoned black wool trenchcoat, some blue jeans, and his black snow boots. He's got some bruises over his face, a tiny bit of swelling on his bottom lip, and his posture just seems a bit off. It's obvious he was in a fight, but he's had a shower since.

"It's Magnes." he announces after knocking on the door.

Hearing the knock, Sparrow glances to the door, though with the call of who it is, she finally rises from the couch where she'd been nibbling on french toast, and reading a book. Padding barefoot twards the door, she unlocks it so she might open it. Dressed in tshirt and boxers, it would seem that she's not quite gotten dressed yet. It's a lazy Sunday morning for some folks. As her gaze lifts to take in his face, she blinks a few times as bruises and cuts come into view. "What the hell happened to you?" The question is asked as she unconsciously steps back, waving him inside, concern to show upon her face.

"Training and testing myself. The rest of my body is worse than my face, but I'm still walking." Magnes' movements are a bit stiff, trying to avoid moving in an awkward way, then he takes a seat on her futon and groans when he lays back. "Don't worry about me. I wanted to talk to you, about the other day. I want to completely clear up any confusion or uncertainty you have."

"So there's no other person who looks worse than you, hmm?" Sparrow asks of him as she shakes her head slightly. Closing the door, she asks, "Want a drink or … maybe some aspirin or something?" The offer is made as he groans with sitting on the futon. If he does wish either, she will fetch though, though his words bring a certain slowness to her movements. "Oh?" The question is asked, almost as if she doesn't care, though the quietness of her stance and speech might show differently.

"Oh, there's another guy. I think I might have cracked his ribs. I still have to go through it all in my head. And if you have some milk, that'd be great." Magnes lays back on the futon, just trying to rest his body a bit. He does not feel like sitting up. "Sparrow, you're a really nice girl, and for all intents and purposes, I should date you, I just… I realize I'm not over Claire yet, it feels wrong to be with another girl romantically, which I guess is why I keep trying to just drown it all in trying to be some playboy. I mean, yeah, I've liked Abby for a long time, but I don't even think I could date her, if she ever wanted to. I keep trying to force this whole moving on thing, when even with all the things I say and confident words, I go and do things that prove I'm not over her."

He rolls over on to his back a bit stiffly, still grunting occasionally with a movement. "I'll never have her back, I know that, but it would be wrong to date you when I know I'd be lying to myself about not having those feelings for her still. I don't know what to say to you, to make this… better, but I can't treat you like some emotional salvation, that's just using you, I have to work this stuff out on my own."

"Milk it is then." Sparrow murmurs, though as he starts to speak, the glass is only half poured, the jug set on the counter as she glances to him. Letting him ramble, she nods, turning back to peer down at the half filled glass, bottom lip worried by her teeth unseen by him while hands curl at the edge of the counter. "I see." That's the only words that are given in answer, shoulders slumped a little by the end. Deep breaths are taken, a certain control being reached for in the moment to cover the hint of emotions.

"I honestly wish I could just switch it off. Nothing's going to come out of me being hung up on her, I'm just hurting myself and missing out on something good, but…" Magnes tries to straighten out a bit, though avoids putting his boots on the futon. "I can't change it, I don't know how to change it, if it's even something I can control. I'm learning all the sex in the world isn't gonna make me forget Claire, which almost makes me regret everything I've done, but, I'm gonna learn from it instead, try to be a better person in the end, and when I'm less insane, if you haven't found anyone yet, then maybe we can be more…"

Nodding her head, something to do, Sparrow doesn't look to the man on the futon, unable to in that moment. "Right.." She murmurs, voice trembling as she finally says, "Maybe. Who knows. I… think I'm going to go out.. I need.. air.." Turning away from the counter where the milk jug still sits, she grabs her keys and slips on some sandals, movements a tad jerky as she tries to leave.

"I'm sorry, I'm an immature asshole…" is all Magnes can really offer her, closing his eyes on the couch. Emotional guilt and physical pain are almost equal in intensity at the moment, and he just needs a nap.

"Lock the door behind you." Sparrow states quietly before leaving, hinting that she will likely not be back before he exits the apartment. The door closes behind her, slammed only a touch before her steps can be heard running down to the bottom.

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