Christ's Sake, Gitelman!


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Scene Title Christ's Sake, Gitelman!
Synopsis A relatively routine meeting between Company agents discussing the recent disaster of a break-in by one of their own(?) becomes markedly less routine when a seriously displeased technopath comes to reclaim her student. Or, more specifically, her student's body. Wonder of wonders, everyone walks away — except Mallory, who has to get used to walking again.
Date May 11, 2009

Primatech Research: Len's Office

It's early evening, or late afternoon depending on how you look at things and Len is sitting at his desk, kicked back in his usual manner, boots propped up on the desk and a cell phone at his ear. Seems it's been about an hour since he heard about the capture of Mallory Allistair, also possibly known as Robin Hood. Well, sorta. They don't quite know the details, though there was talk that Robin Hood has swapped places with Mallory — however, the existence of Robin Hood inside of Mallory has yet to be confirmed, thanks to two nicely placed tranqs to the girl's chest.

Not only that, they are dealing with the aftermath of the breakout of two of their more dangerous evolved, Niles Wight and Edward Ray. Well, if this isn't an outstanding first week on the job for the cowboy, then he don't know what is. He has called Minea Dahl and April Bradley into his office, together, to get some more information on both of these events as it appears they are somewhat tied together with the body of Mallory Allistair being at both scenes.

"As soon as she wakes up, I want to know. Do not let her near anything electronic — even so much as an electric toothbrush, am I making myself clear on that?" His feet hit the floor again as he leans up to toss his phone onto his desk, letting it slide towards the edge, but stops before it actually falls. "Whaddya got for me Agent Dahl? I got a body but it's pretty much useless to me as a prize winning stallion after a four day bender. Is this Hood or did you just tranq a schoolgirl?"

A glance to April Bradley for a moment, then back to Minea as he waits for something — anything.

"It's Hood. It was Hood, it was not Mallory Allistair. Detective Harrison will confirm that her behavior was not in keeping with the usual modus operandi of the girl. Whether he's still in the body, or not." Minea moves her hands away from her waist where they were placed, splaying them outwards in a 'I dunno' type gesture. "Hell was I supposed to do Denton? Not tranq her and pray that he didn't decide to hop a wireless signal or that phone and jump ship? It's not like I have another technopath or telepath on hand to see if it was the real Ms. Allistair." There's a sigh and the brunette's hands are back on her hips one foot placed slightly more to the right and her weight on her left. "Would the real Ms. Allistair please stand up," muttered under her breath.

Yesterday, after getting over her initial shock, April tried to think like her counterpart and figure out where the woman had run away to — but didn't succeed. She knows all too well how many avenues are open to someone with her ability — which the doppleganger clearly had, along with the element of surprise and a head start. They'll find her eventually, of course… but not having found her yet, Agent Bradley is left with only her own grasping suppositions.

I have no better option.

She sits in a chair in front of Denton's desk, forehead propped against one open hand and her thoughts pretty clearly elsewhere.

Despite the hairy last few days, Len Denton seems to be in good spirits. It's rather hard to shake this cowboy. He glances at his watch, always one to get the crack in when. "Well, she won't be standing for at least another hour, when that tranq, even with the wake up meds, runs its course through her system." He leans forward, elbows on his desk. "When she wakes, I need confirmation as to whether or not this — Robin Hood — is in that body. If not, she is to be immediately released if you can confirm she is not in cahoots with Mr. Hood. Detective Harrison should be in the meeting." He brushes it off for the time being as his attention diverts to April.

"Well now, seems we have ourselves a sticky-wicket here. What I need to know from you is whether or not you have heard from your Ghost of Christmas future yet? I'm not going to fault you for being surprised at pointing the gun at yourself, but we have got ourself an issue of potential compromise here. I need to know if I need to cut you out of this investigation or if you're going to be able to help us in — well, bringing yourself in?" As he finally leans back, strains of some country music is heard in the background from a small stereo sitting by a window.

"That was the plan Agent Denton. It was what I told Harrison at the scene. We'll have to wipe her, but.." Because that's S.O.P. around here. Minea's attention now diverts to April. Poor April. "We also need to deal with the detectives on the mugging case. They're wanting her and a DNA sample. We obviously can't give that to them, they'll haul her in. We know it wasn't our April at the scene. We also need some fashion of knowing that you aren't her, if we come across her again." Minea snaps her fingers. "Freeman's. I was told by her that if I wanted to communicate with her, to leave a message at the Freeman's restaurant."

April looks up at Denton as he addresses her. "By the time I could have pointed it at her— " Camera footage shows that Bradley was knocked aside by the expanding forcefield when she was covering the elevator door. "— she had a field up. Nothing would've gone through." She nods as he continues. "I'll do it, sir. She's not me." That last statement spoken with some force, because — the other April isn't.

Glancing at his computer, he hits a couple of keys and narrows his eyes at it. He turns his attention to Minea. "Wait. You can contact the April of the future?" It seems he wasn't aware of this little tidbit of information. More key tapping. Enter key. Enter key. Enter key. "Well, I used to be able to work this contraption." He looks up at Agent Dahl. "Can you see if she'll bite a request for a meeting? I am not certain she knows what we know about the future of this organization and perhaps if we bring her in on this, we can ride this bull off into a different direction entirely and bring back a couple of dangerous types in the process."

It's a really long shot, but a shot is all they have. Though, he turns to April. "Unless you object, of course."

"It's in the files…" It was just a line, but it was there none the less. "I can do that though. Meeting with just me, or with you both as well?" Minea starts to pull the blackberry from her hip clip and looks to April.

April shakes her head. "No, I don't. I — don't think my going will help, either," she says to Denton, tone apologetic. Hazel eyes flick to Minea. "She said she couldn't talk to me." Not quite in that many words, but that's what Bradley took away from it — as the report she filed yesterday also mentioned. "But she — might be willing to meet with you."

Len looks from one to the other. "You, Dahl. Try and meet with her. Explain what we know and that we're trying to figure a way to prevent it from happening. Tell her we could use her help. If she refuses, we have no choice but to target her and try to bring her and the rest of her friends down. I hate having to issue them threats but sometimes it's just gotta be done." He glances at his cup of coffee — long gone cold from sitting, that he doesn't bother to pick it up.

To April, "It's what I figured. I am not too heavily prescribed to the notion that those of the future should not cross paths with those of the past, but I reckon that just to be on the safe side — we'll keep you away from her. That being said, depending on how this meeting goes down, if you come across her — I want her brought in." He's looking at them both now, before he looks at his computer again, tapping on more keys. "This blasted computer." He picks up his Blackberry to dial tech support to come look at his computer and he cannot seem to dial out. He glances from one agent to the other. "Does either one of you have anything else for me?"

"Yeah, there is. Who else have you brought into this?" Minea's fiddling with buttons on her blackberry and frowns. "We having signal issues in the building?" That's an offhand thing as it seems she's getting shit all on the blackberry.

April nods to Denton — then shakes her head. No, nothing more on her end. She stands up, construing that as dismissal — only to give Minea a perplexed look. "I've never had any…" The younger woman pulls out her cellphone, checks the face, holds it up for Dahl to see. "Mine's working fine. Do you want to borrow it?"

Len eyes one agent then the next. "Mine's not working, nor my computer. At least as far as sending out any message." He declines the agent's offer for the usage of her phone and tries typing another email only to have it rejected by the server. "I think someone's messing with us, Agent Dahl." He types up another quick message and sends it. Anyone there? It's not quickly rejected, so he watches the screen.

Right now I'm keeping everyone on a short leash. I have brought one other agent into this. I'll let you know who that is when I think the time is appropriate." Even as he answers, his eyes are on the computer screen. "You both need to keep this information to yourselves — I am not certain yet who I can trust and who I can't."

One other, that's fine. Minea hits buttons and tries sending just a plain simple hi to her brothers email but it's summarily rejected as well. Text message as well. But April's got a signal. "Maybe Allistair is awake and someone fucked up and Hood is still in there and fucking with us?" The older brunette inquires.

April nods. "I will," she assures Denton. She looks between Len and Minea as they have technical problems, decides this too is more information than she wants to deal with today. Bradley beats a quiet retreat from the office.

The reply to Denton's query doesn't take much longer than that to arrive on his screen. Oh, yes, there's a technopath here.

There is always someone there. Since it's in email form, there is even italicized emphasis on 'always'.

Len motions Dahl over to look at his screen. He hits reply and types.

So, you've got my attention.

Hitting send, he leans back in his chair, dragging the keyboard over to his lap. Might as well be comfortable while being taken hostage — even if it is digital hostage taking.

He motions for Minea, "It's a long shot but pick up my phone there," — hard line — "and call down to tech support and see if they can figure out who's in our system."

Minea shifts to come around the desk, a glance to the email that came in with raised brows. Two seconds after Len instructs her to do so, Minea's lifting the reciever on the land line, tapping in the extension for IT. After a few moment some nerdy-sounding individual answers. "This is Agent Dahl. I'm in Agent Denton's office, we think there might be an intrusion in the system. Technopath. Can you sniff around?"

The nameless, faceless technopath replies more quickly yet.

You have something that doesn't belong to you.

On the other end of the landline, Minea gets a positive, chipper response. "Sure! Just a sec, I'll pull the logs…" There's a faint echo of keys tapping intermittently during the pause. "The security programs haven't seen anything. Not even anything glitchy. I can run a detailed scan if you like?"

Shaking his head to Minea, overhearing what was said on the phone, Len just wants her to hang up. He's going to see what this technopath wants. He types:

If this is Mr. Hood, I only took back what didn't belong to you in the first place. I'm afraid I have to tell you, you're not getting her back.

Boots go back up on the desk now as he get even more comfortable.

Minea can see the screens. Of course it's not glitchy. "Please. Call us back with what you find. Extension 836." And she hangs up. Another try of her blackberry yields nothing but a scowl on her part. "Stupid IT. You think we'd have technopaths as our IT experts." You think. Right? She eases back, arms crossed, watching the email exchange.

Your count is too low, Agent Denton.
I know where she is and it isn't there.

Len glances at Minea, a question in his eyes. Probably the first time she has seen that look at under most circumstances, Len always seems to know what's going on and what he's doing. He types:

You know where who is? And what isn't there? Surely you can speak your mind to me. Not like I can do anything about it, right? Let's just get everything out on the table. Tell me what you want, and maybe we can come to some sort of arrangement.

One hand is up, forefinger stroking her lower lip. "Wireless?" Minea glances to Denton. "Nickname for Phoenix technopath," in case he didn't know. "She was the other one that I was telling you about. Only other one I know and… " It maybe makes sense? Mallory is the brother of someone who is in contact with Phoenix.

I want you to relinquish Mallory Allistair's body. It doesn't get any simpler than that.

Len motions to Minea that he wants the hard file on 'Wireless', by snapping his finger and holding out his palm — should be a simple enough gesture. One, so that he doesn't signal that the technopath that he's looking into her, and two — his computer is probably not going to give him access to the digital copy of the file.

I do not plan on keeping it. I need to ensure Robin Hood is not inside. Once I do that, the body will be turned over to NYPD. Is the simple reply.

"On it" Minea moves quickly for the door, out of it, presumably to wherever hard copies of files are stored to try and find Wireless's file.

He isn't.
I don't believe you. Hana Gitelman certainly wouldn't.

Len responds, grin still on his face.

You can believe me or not. And if you aren't going to believe me, why should I trust that you are being truthful to me about Hood? Since you aren't him, I can only assume he's still in there. Or you are him, and just want the body back.

Ask Dahl why.

Wireless. Led to "Gitleman, Hana" Minea conveniently is turning the corner into Dalton's office, the hard file in hand. "Gitleman, Hana. Also known as Wireless. Former Company agent, former Mossad Agent. Israli anti-terrorist force if you didn't know what that is. Evolved ability of Technopathy specializing in Digital Communications. She was partnered with Agent Noah Bennet. She left company service in….." Minea flips a page. "Early '06"

Watching the computer screen as Minea reads off the stats of 'Wireless'. "So, what's her deal with us? Did we screw her or something?" He reaches for the file, as he points to the screen. "She said to ask you." He types:

Asking now. So if Hood is not inside the body, where is he? I want him. And like I said, you get the body back when she wakes up and I am certain he's not in there. You have a problem with that, you know where I am, isn't that right?

He's not intentionally being an asshole, but honestly — he's not sure who to trust, so he trusts no one until proven to be honest.

Stay in contact with Harrison, since she is the one who contacted you in the first place.

Oh yeah, he's going to want a nice little chat with her as well.

"Her deal is just like that of Phoenix. They don't like the company, they fight against it and the things they've done in the past." There's a pause. "Things they know that the Company has done that has been less than above board. She's their technopath. Doesn't work with them, just helps them. Least that's what I was ever only able to gather. She sees all and knows all if it's digital."

You want him. Pray you get to him first.
I want him dead.

There's a brief pause before Hana replies to the second half of Len's statements.

No, Agent Denton. She has no part in this. I want Allistair's body.

Len considers for a moment. He types:

When I verify that Hood is no longer in there, it'll be returned. Do what you have to do. But be warned, if you make it worse for us — you make it worse for Mallory Allistair. Restore my services and you'll get the body back before the end of the day, provided that Hood is not inside.

Minea hands the file over to Len, a few pages turned up and over and tapping to the one pertaining to the last bit of her service in the Company.

Don't worry, Agent Denton. I don't need your help.

The phone on Len's desk begins to ring.

I prefer not having it.

Minea lets Denton party with Wireless over the email and picks up the phone. "Agent Denton's office. Agent Dahl speaking, how may I help you?"

Letting Dahl grab the phone, Len is quite content with this bit of verbal jabbing that's going on with Wireless.

I think you do. You might prefer not to deal with me, but you don't really even know me. I'm quite a charming fellow. Besides, I have some information that might be useful to you as it pertains to your endgame. You want to talk, you know where I am and how to reach me. Until then, I assume that you are restoring our services. Have a nice evening.

"You're the one that asked about technopaths, right?" says a familiar voice on the other end of the line — the technician who fielded Minea's previous call. "Well, all the alarms just went off. We've got a major intrusion and I'm not sure the standing defenses will be able to hold it off for long. We've called the 'path down from his office but he hasn't arrived yet."

Wireless doesn't reply to Denton. His computer just shuts down.

Then the building lights do the same.

Minea says, "Hana Gitleman. Codenamed Wireless. Tell that to the 'path." The lights go off and so does Len's computer and that raises her brows. "God, she's a bitch."

"Tell them to shut down the main line to the outside. It's the best we can do for now. Pull the plug if they have to until this is resolved." And all in all, there sits Len — a big grin on his face as he can't help but chuckle and turn to Minea. "We're having fun now, aren't we?" He puts his hands behind his head and leans further back in his chair with his feet up on his desk.

"Shut down all lines, she's a former Company agent and a technopath. Pull the fucking plug, I don't care if it pisses off your boss. She's been in the system the last fifteen minutes if not more." The phone is plunked down, and Minea glances to her blackberry again. "Denton, what if she makes a run for Allistair? It's not like the building right now is at its most secure after we just had a fucking breakout."

"You better go stop her. She's already in the system, she's gotta be close." Len stands and picks up his coffee mug. Apparently, he needs a refill. He strolls out of the office and over to the coffeemaker and pours some more for himself and takes a drink. Sure enough, all computers lose outside connectivity as the main router out is unplugged. It doesn't take long for the phones to start ringing.

The only light in the room comes through the window; the hallway is darker, at least until emergency lighting kicks on, slightly belated.

Walking through a first-floor corridor, unseen by the two whom she was speaking with previously, Hana smiles as she senses the main router shut down. If such a thin, grim expression merits the word. It doesn't make much difference, but she isn't about to tell them that. She listens, instead, as the agents patrolling the building chatter on their radios — and follow the trail of fictitious breadcrumbs she provides via the same medium.

"Already in the system. She's already in the fucking building, I'll take the halls around her room." As the emergency lights go on and someone is handing out radios. Minea grabs one, heading down the hall and the stairs to level one, her feet making no small amount of noise as she wrenches open the door to the stairs and starts hopping down them. Woman was probably beelining straight for Mallory. She's not going to let the woman take her just because she says the technopath isn't still in there.

Primatech Research: Level 1

Level one. One story beneath the surface of Bronx ground, the space in which the Company keeps Evolved who aren't in permanent holding and aren't quite a security risk. Of course, if they weren't any risk at all they'd be on level 0…

Hana, in the Company's scheme of rankings, rightfully belongs somewhere rather lower than this, but it's Level 1 she's on now. She hears Minea's radio first, the person who isn't paying attention to the clamor across the channels. Smart woman.

Not smart enough, however, as her headlong charge down the stairwell carries Minea out the door and straight into an outstretched foot.

She wasn't expecting the foot, didn't expect the woman to be there already when she wrenches the door open and heads into the hall. Minea hops up over the outstretched foot, throwing her radio towards the other woman's chest as a distraction, who's waiting and frankly got a foot up, literally on the other woman. "Gitleman. We just need to make sure it's not Robin Hood." Talk is still talk though and as she's speaking the current Company agent is throwing her arm, and namely her elbow at the other woman with the rest of her body in after. Barrel her backwards and away from Mallory's direction.

The radio hits, bounces. The elbow doesn't, as Hana grabs it and adds force to Minea's forward motion, pivoting back to sling her in the direction of the wall. Minea might work with Phoenix. It still isn't earning her any bonus points. Half a step after the woman and Hana aims a palm strike at her solar plexus. She doesn't bother to talk; Hana isn't big on talk, and she didn't like their actions.

She'll take the hit to the wall, her back solidly connecting. But as the palm comes in for its strike, Minea's rolling away from it and bringing her knee up to make contact with Hana's side in counteraction, her own left palm coming up in an aim for the underside of the technopath's jaw. Get her down, fast, minimal hurts on her side. Or at least, get her down enough to cause the woman to back off. But something tells Minea that Hana doesn't know the meaning of the phrase 'back off'.

The knee to her side earns Minea a grunt of air; Hana blocks the strike at her jaw with her right forearm, slams her left into Minea's in an imperfect mirror of the other woman's blocked strike. Hers succeeds, for one, and while her opponent is disoriented, Hana follows through with a sequence that leaves Minea at the base of the wall and no longer in her way. And that — was all Hana wanted.

The technopath turns away, which isn't nearly the same as ignoring the other woman, fingers of her right hand curled at her side. Around something, but it'd take a critical and close look to see the glint of metal between them.

That's gonna hurt. Wonder if Levi would constitute this as straining herself? Minea's not at her best, and Hana's got the upper hand anyways in regards to the training. It leave Minea gasping for air and scrabbling at her waist for the taser gun. Though it's seeming to take a weee bit longer than she would normally take to get it seeing that Hana just handed her her ass on a platter.

Pulling out his wallet, Len turns to the security guard next to him. "I'll put down 20 on the technopath." The security guard doesn't seem to be willing to take that bet. Len shrugs and tucks his wallet back in.

He starts to type into his Blackberry.

Do you have access to Mallory Allistair?

A simple message sent out.

The technopath pivots, steel drawing a glinting streak through the air before the slender throwing-knife clangs off the wall by Minea's scrabbling hand — close enough to trim hairs. "Quit while you're ahead, Dahl," she states coldly. Now it's her left hand holding something — the twin of the blade now lying at Minea's side.

Hana lifts her chin slightly, a change in the direction of her gaze indicating that something else has demanded a piece of her attention. Since there's nothing else there, it's presumably something sensed via her ability.

Len doesn't receive an immediate reply.

Mallory, Wireless sends, into the formless aether well beyond the Company facility. I think they are willing to talk, but be careful. Agent Denton— She provides the number corresponding to Len's Blackberry, and will allow it to receive messages from Mallory. is asking after you.

Mallory Allistair

Mallory has been circling, as much as anyone can circle in her particular situation. Waiting. Waiting for a signal, and there it is. The number for the Blackberry registers, and nanoseonds after Hana transmits the connection is made to the little machine.

i am

"Christ's sake Gitleman! I was giving her back! Or did you not talk to Harrison." The knife that rests beside her head is not ignored. "I promised her that I'd bring her back before the night was even close to being over! But no. You come stomping through here not 12 hours after it's been broken into! Just stop. I can show you to her!" Burning lung. Buuuuurning lung. There will be a rematch, oh yes there will, at some later date. Minea's hand stays where it is, inches from the taser, but not touching it. Watching the other woman.

He keeps checking his Blackberry for any sort of responses. The fight seems to have been paused so he can only assume that Wireless received his message. Len watches the black and white screen. Of course the video would be in color, but apparently they didn't want to spring for color monitors. Pity. "This would have been much better in color." he comments, then gets cut off as Alan Jackson rings out on his Blackberry for an incoming message. He immediately stands and begins to walk. He doesn't go by where Dahl and Wireless are fighting it out, but takes a different route until he gets to the room where they are holding the body of Mallory Allistair. He punches into the Blackberry.

Transmit to this device. I have your body. Warn that we have not been able to verify that Robin Hood has evacuated. You may have to fight him for possession.

With that, he swipes his card and steps into the room, then up to the body. He takes her hand and places the device into the hand and curls the fingers around it then lays the hand down. He pulls up a chair and waits.

Hana looks at Minea; doesn't respond to her. She turns to look down the hall, listening to Len's Blackberry approach; sneaky Texan. Hana doesn't move to intercept, just continues to listen. It's Mallory she addresses.

I'm not there and I don't trust him.

Mallory is puzzled. The Blackberry is scanned through; the camera is turned on, and from that she can see… a ceiling. She has no way of knowing what's by the Blackberry. don't know how to get back in, she sends to Hana. meat no connection

Minea watches, a moment, two before she starts to work herself back up to standing, hand away from the taser. "I can take you to her, Wireless."

Len is sitting there and waiting. Of course, he has no ability to tell her how to do this. He can only sit back and wait for her to upload. Or whatever. The cowboy begins to hum a little country tune as he waits.

Hana looks over at Minea; as long as that hand stays away from the taser, she's willing to let the semblance of armed truce abide. She doesn't, however, reply. The Israeli woman walks down the hall to the little room where Len waits in his chair. Dark eyes give the Texan a sharp glance, before Hana walks over to the bed where Mallory's body lies. A second, measuring look is given to the agent, its twin to the open doorway, the technopath sweeping for nearby radios. There aren't any, aside from Minea. So Hana sets one long-fingered hand on the teen's forehead.

Here, Mallory.

A virtual hand outstretched.

I'll hold the connection.

Minea follows, standing at the doorway, hands on her hips. Not on her gun though, not even the hidden on. Just watching the silence and ready to play interference should anyone come on down.

Mallory can work with a connection; one falter, and then she's travelling through Hana. It's a weird transmitting of self, too; memories and thoughts and secrets and actions, herself, going through Hana as a conduit. And then she's gone, and Mallory stirs in the bed.

Len is still leaning back in his chair, waiting for something to happen. No idea what — fluttering eyes or a stream of curses — something. He glances up as the door opens and Hana and Minea walk in. He doesn't way a word as he watches Wireless move over and create the conduit between the Blackberry and the body.

As Mallory stirs, he grins. "See — it wasn't all that bad, now was it? All this hostility for no apparent reason." Remaining seated, he glances from one technopath to the next, "The only thing I need to know is if Robin Hood left any sort of clues inside the body there that we might be able to use to track him down."

For as much data as wanders through her head on a moment-by-moment basis… there's a world of difference between that and conveying the full array of complexities that are a person's being. Hana's nostrils flare and her lips twist; when she removes her hand from Mallory's head, it's to dab a thin trace of red from the base of her nose. The Israeli woman remains silent, not deigning to respond to Len, keeping a wary eye on both him and Minea, and letting Mallory readjust.

…forget how to make this work, the screen on the Blackberry reads. Mallory laboriously blinks twice; her left hand twitches, lies still, twitches again.

Len's not looking like he's going to be moving any time soon. "Though if you're certain she's out of there, I'll take my phone back." he comments to Hana.

Oh yeah. "I wouldn't imagine it's you. You've been doped up. We had to stop Hood from escaping. Sorry about that."

Sorry, indeed.

"Quite certain," Hana states. She looks across at Len, who seems… quite less than inclined to move, then snorts softly. Walking forward, Hana takes the phone from Mallory's hand. We'll give this back and then we'll go, she tells the girl in that moment of contact. After which the Israeli woman tosses the Blackberry towards the Texan.

Minea's holding up the wall, trying not to look like her back is protesting, her hip, and that it's maybe just slightly difficult to breathe at the moment. She just watches Hana and Mallory interact, what they can see of course.

Mallory turns her head toward Hana, then Len; she struggles to get upright on meat that doesn't even feel like her anymore. Her mouth opens and her throat works, but nothing that comes out even sounds like words. The disgusted noise she makes immediately after that discovery could probably be safely assumed to be a swear word.

The Blackberry is caught. He glances up at Hana to make sure he can now safely make a phone call, and assuming he can, he calls. "Cancel all distress alarms. All is well here. You can restore all network services as well." Len hangs up the phone and grins over to Mallory, swear word not withstanding. "How does it feel to be back?"

He glances over at Minea as if to give her a 'well, you got your ass kicked this time, didn't ya?' look. He may have to order her back for more hand to hand combat training.

If Hana were someone else, she'd probably be amused by Mallory's discomfiture. Of course, anyone else wouldn't be here right now. She makes no response to Len's querying glance, but the call does go through — it's allowable. Otherwise, the woman seems to have settled in to wait, albeit in a guarded fashion. There's still a knife hilt weighting her left hand.

Mallory considers how to respond to Len as she stands up, wobbles on her legs. Her mouth works again, but nothing wordish comes out, so she just settles on a thumbs up with a sour expression and shambles toward Hana and her knife.

Minea's not sullen about getting her ass handed to her. She's recovering from three bullet wounds and a pissy healer who did only enough to get her out of the hospital. She shuffles out of the door and into the hall, making room for Mallory and Hana. "I'll escort them out."

Len holds up his hand. "Now now. One good deed deserves another. You're welcome to walk out of here, but I need to know what she knows about Robin Hood. I have no problem with you two walking out of here, but she needs to give me something. Certainly he couldn't have spent time in there and not left a single clue behind." Even as he tries to talk to them, he has not moved from his chair.

Mallory gestures toward her mouth with an irritated look and extends an arm to make a grabby motion at Len while eyeing his Blackberry. Gimme.

Len glances at his phone and reaches it towards Hana, as opposed to directly to Mallory.

One dark brow arches as Len proffers the phone to her. Hana doesn't take it. Instead, she sets her free hand on Mallory's shoulder; they've been linked twice already in the past two minutes, if Hana being the conduit for Mallory's entire consciousness can be called by a term so narrow as link. What's one more going to hurt?

He can keep his phone. Tell me.

Mallory looks at Hana and tilts her head to the left; hmn. Taylor Reed. Will they kill him? The tone suggests she'd rather they did.

Minea's standing at the door, watching, waiting, a rather impassive look on her face.

Maintaining contact with Mallory, Hana looks across the room at Len, gaze hooded. They haven't said. I don't think so. She pauses. They may well seal him up in isolation. But if they can use him, they will. There's another momentary beat of silence, measurable only on the digital scale. Taylor Reed, is it?

Yes. Mallory's lips press together; she's staring intently at Hana. It might look a little weird. He needs to go into a USB drive and have a hammer taken to it. It's alright if it's not me with the hammer, though.

What do you want to tell Denton? Wireless asks.

Mallory considers that one for a few. Who does she really dislike? Maybe one of the jocks at school. Never let it be said that Mallory isn't petty. Kyle Hunter. No, wait. He can be tied back to her. Do you have anyone you'd like to see them chase and detain? Enemy?

Tilting her head to one side, Hana regards Mallory with an impassive glance. They are my enemy, is Wireless' simple reply.

Len glances from one to the other. There's something going on, though he's not entirely sure. This technopathy thing is one of those things he'll never fully comprehend. "Look, I'm not going to stop you from going after him — but we'd just like a chance. We have killers out there who are associating with him and if we can cut him off from them — in whatever way we have to — it'll hinder their activity." He glances up at Hana. "I need that name. I've given you what you wanted — Now I need what I want."

Mallory frowns. And Simon's. Which makes them mine. Her gaze shifts to Minea, then back to Hana. If you know another technopath, pick a name. Or we tell this jackass the real name and take our chances.

Hana's gaze returns to Len, eyes narrowing slightly. None that can be surrendered. And if he does chase 'Robin Hood'… it will at least make him sweat. A slight pause. Can you walk?

She doesn't trust Denton, doesn't trust anything he says. That much is — not only obvious but has never gone away. Hana weighs her options, rifles through what she knows of the agent. It's considerably more than she knew an hour ago.

In the end, the name doesn't mean anything to Hana. It's just that much more information she would prefer the Company not have.

His name is Taylor Reed, says the Blackberry's screen.

Mallory extends her arms and, like someone attempting to cross a tightrope, takes a couple of wobbling steps forward. Bottom lip between her teeth, her mental reply is bordering on a snarl. Think so. Not well, though. This is weakness.

The Blackberry lights up and Len glances at it. He stands and tosses the Blackberry to Minea and grins. "Looks like your back on this assignment. Find him." Which basically dismisses the agent as he watches Hana and Mallory. "I can bring in a wheelchair." he offers.

See? Helpful!

Minea's reaction is quick, she catches the blackberry, turning it over and with a glance to Hana and Mallory, the other agent is stiffly walking away, dialing up Elisabeth's number on Len's phone so she can inform the detective that Mallory's been collected by Hana and is back in her body, and to start gathering information on Taylor Reed.

Keeping her hand on Mallory's shoulder as the girl attempts walking, Hana blinks once. Walk or I'll carry you, she informs the teenager, before breaking the contact and giving her outstretched arms room. Hana: not helpful. Of course, then Len offers the option of a wheelchair; the woman glances sidelong at him and does nothing, leaving it entirely up to Mallory whether she accepts the offer. Which raises the question of whether or not she would push a wheelchair… something of Hana's demeanor gives the impression that the answer is no.

Well, those are some cruddy options. Being carried? Mallory pulls a face. The wobbling is pretty crappy, too. The wheelchair is tempting. She nods to Len, lips still pursed, not happy about it.


After seeing the 'guests' off Company grounds, Len returns to his office and finds a message waiting on his computer screen:

Agent Denton.
I will be watching you.

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