Christmas Comes Early


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Scene Title Christmas Comes Early
Synopsis Helena and Abby figure out where to drop their payload. It gives Alex the vapors.
Date October 20, 2008

New York Public Library, Ruins of Midtown

The call in the truck went out to Alexander, with a second message for Teo. The museum was a bust, but the old central New York Public Library, the Manhattan branch, has been agreed upon as a suitable alternate location for PARIAH's new headquarters. It just needs some fixin'. And now, it's apparently where Hel and Abby are going to bring the weaponry. Helena tries to keep the truck's lights low as they navigate the rad zone of Midtone, pulling around to a side street, where they intend to rendezvouz with Alex.

It's a sweet little haul. Thirty AK-103's with a ninety degree gas block, AK-74 style front sight block, bayonet lug and accessory lug, black ribbed 30-round magazine made of phenolic resin, an AK-74-type muzzle brake, and black synthetic furniture with a heat shield. Throw in twenty-four hundred rounds of ammunition, fifteen pounds of plastic explosives and a few claymores.

It's like Christmas came early!

Alex? He's hyperventilating. Quite literally — he's got one hand to his chest over his heart, one hand to his forehead, like nothing so much as a hoopskirted belle about to swoon. "Oh, my holy Jesus," he says, as he peers into the back of the truck. "Did you just fucking rob the IRA? I… I'm gonna be in my bunk."

It's a somewhat unhappy Abby with Helena. Nothing like running around will illegal firearms to make someone happy. 'Don't you dare use his name like that, and no we didn't. Apparently bought and paid for before he bit the dust." No shotgun in her hands now, not really needed.

"Cam was apparently in the middle of a deal." Helena informs Alex solemnly. "He'd already paid, and since I had his phone, the contact arranged delivery with me. Thing is, what are we going to do with all of this? We don't — we're not in the violence game anymore. I mean, at least not civilian targets."

"Whose— oh." Al looks appropriately contrite. "Sorry," he says, not arguing. But that decidedly lascivious gleam is there in the blue eyes. "Damn, though, girl. We're gonna sit on it. And we're gonna train with it. We may have disavowed violence, but I'm pretty sure violence will come looking for us, you know?" He clambers into the back of the truck, clicks on a little flashlight, and just shakes his head in mock dismay.

"All the same." Helena says. "We have to put it… somewhere in the library, I guess? Me and Abby can handle stuff together, but you're on your own, soldier-pecs."

"Not a problem," Alex says, flexing obligingly. "Basement archives will do beautifully," he notes. The first of the guns rises up to drift toward him, like something out of the Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Helena goes and hefts one of the lighter crates carefully herself, but pauses to watch the floating guns with evident delight. "You need a pointy blue hat and red robes. And Mickey ears." she tells Alex in delight.

Alexander whistles some of the tune from that scene. "I can do it all, peachpie. If we got time. It'll leave me flat out, but I can do it," Not an idle boast, by his grin.

Helena points out, "No need to strain you out when Abby and I perfectly capable of lending a hand. That way you won't be so exhausted. Teo's going to have a happy in his pants too, isn't he? Though speaking of which, have you told him about his brother yet?"

"Ain't seen 'im," Al says, easily. "Haven't called 'im, either." The guns begin to drift out, one by one, in a neat stream, until he has a whole flock of rifles surrounding him.

Abby's been watching the 'transportation' of the crates of rifles into the building, One hand on hip, the other at the back of her neck, with only half an ear to the conversation. When all is said and done, she just stares at the guns. "I ain't never used a military rifle before."

Helena snorts delicately. "Man, all three of you are such gun bunnies. I can handle a handgun, but that's about it. C'mere, Abby. Grab a box and help out too." Helena includes herself in this. "Lead the way, Alex."

"I've used a few," Alex says, cheerfully, as the AKs trundle after him like a flock of ducklings after their mother. "Alla way down to the basement." It's beyond where they've strung wiring, so he snags an electric lantern in one hand, light bobbing with his strides.

"Not a gunbunny. Just know my way around what I needed to go hunting." Abby motion to the nearest non floating container, making her way to one end and hooks her palm around a handle. "A handgun as well, but, rifles. Well, this is new. We're not.. planning on using them are we? I don't cotton well with shooting a person. Animal yes, person, no"

"No." says Helena emphatically. "But Cam paid for them so we may as well keep them in case they do become handy. Things going boom do occasionally provide us with an advantage. And we got a supplier out of the bargain. I just wonder where Cameron was pulling the cash, though."

Al's smile has faded, and it leaves him looking wan and weary. But the little parade of weapons doesn't falter, as he comes into one of the empty storerooms, shelves full of nothing but dust. "What she said," he affirms, in his slow drawl.

"I guess that's another mystery that you'll just have to find out now, won't you" A little effort is needed to carry her side of the cases, gun are heavy. Not too much though, hauling containers of dishes and the like lends to have some muscle. "Should we be expecting any other surprises of the exploding, firing, hurting nature?"

Helena shakes her head. "I don't think so." she says. "We're gonna need some things for the library, of course. I'm sure there's a breakroom for the staff, but no real means to cook aside from microwaves. Not to mention getting power. And I'd like to see if we can manage net access." This conversation goes down as they continue to ferry their weaponry.

"I'm sure they have cabling for internet. Something we can repair and come in on. We can likely set up an electric range, or bring in a stove or two, if we got a room we want to be the kitchen," Al notes, utterly matter of fact.

'Like greek to me," Abbigail murmurs under her breath, though a big flashy smile is offered for the two. "Beats slapping dwon plates on a table over and over today. I needed a break. If I heard Mr. Gorvanti complain about his coffee being too weak one more time, by heavens I was going to slap him. I can scout around to see if there's any stoves or the like available for cheap."

Helena grins at that. "Reminds me, Abby. What do you do with the surplus food? Do you guys throw it away? Because I'm sure it could be used to feed our wayward membership instead. Is that possible?"

Alexander wonders, as he steers a few of the rifles up to the top of the shelves with a negligent motion of his hand, "Where do you work?"

'Nite Owl. graveyard shift for the last two weeks, about to switch to day for the next two. Probably don't want half eaten food, but, Mary gets enough orders wrong of late, I could save that for you, the messed up plates if you like, or whatever the owner might be kind enough to give me" She looks to Alexander. "Short pink shirts with white aprons"

"He'll get a nosebleed if you keep talking like that." Helena notes in amusement. "I think we're almost finished here. Should I start putting the word out for people who need crash space? Then we can start working on fixing it up."

Alexander looks bland. "If they make you wear little rollerskates, I am there," he says, easily, as he heads back for the way up. "And yeah, put out the word. It's safe, it just ain't comfy."

"Your in luck. They do. I swear, the first two weeks I was falling everywhere, but now I'm pretty good at it" Abby grins to Helena. "I'll see what I can do to get some food down here, Not the best, but it'll be something." She watches Alexander head back out.

"If only we could get Jennifer to join us." Helena sighs. "Our supply problems would be much less of a problem. She's a duplicator."

"Who says she has to join, maybe she can do like I did first, just help out unofficially? Tell your issue, see what she might be willing to aide unofficially?" Abby crosses her arms under her chest, looking towards the door.

"How're you thinking she could help?" Al wonders, peeking back in, and blinking mildly.

Helena blinks at Alex, and then reaches out to 'knock knock knock' on his head. "She's a duplicator. Duplicates matter. Can make multiple copies of things. Like food or cokes or ammo."

Helena notes to Abby, "And she's helping with the miracle project voluntarily, but having her focus on helping with PARIAH's supply…that would take her away from the Ferrymen an awful lot, I think."

'You won't know until you ask her Helena. It's not like it's maybe something she can't do in her spare time, and maybe once a week. We can… do something in trade for her doing that? I'm sure someone else's gifts can be useful to her, or someone might be handy with a hammer and nails and can fix things around wherever she lives"

Alexander makes a sheepish face. "Misunderstood. Thought you meant she duplicated herself," he explains.

Helena laughs. "Ha, no. Though you know, there was that crazy preacher man…" she trails off, looks to Abby. "Are you objected to the idea of her joining in general?" she asks curiously.

'Why in the heavens would I object to her joining? You yourself said that she was helping us out, but that it might take her away from the ferryman. I'm saying that dismissing asking her outright is not fair to the those who might take refuge here. That you won't know /unless/ you ask" There's a frown on the southern blonde's face. 'Though from the sounds of it, Alex there was hoping she'd come"

"I don't know her, but that does sound useful," Al says, musingly. Apparently he's suddenly tired, because he finds a clear space, and sits down cross-legged.

Helena laughs, putting up her hands. "Okay, okay!" she says. "I'll ask her. Hopefully Bennet and Wireless won't be pissed if we steal her."

"Who's to call it stealing? Helena, your asking for help. The worst that happens is she says no, and that is that. The best? She says yes and she comes once a week to use the gifts that god gave her, to help us out. It's not as if she needs to make a feast, just, duplicate staples." Abby shakes her head. "I mean, People can cook, so, she doesn't have to duplicate fully prepared meals."

Alexander gestures at Abby, amused. "What she said," he says, quietly.

"If I ask her to join PARIAH, she'd be leaving the Ferrymen and — oh you know what, I'm just going to stop talking now." Helena rolls her eyes and finds a spare chair, collapsing in it as well. "Abby, are you good for a place to live?"

"I'm good. Was good before I met you, I'm still good now. And you'd not be asking her to join PARIAH, Helena, you'd be asking her to help; big difference." Down onto the floor Abby sinks. "It's a hovel, and it's everything in one room, but it works for me. Just so long as I got a space to put my bed, a space to pray and a dresser for my clothes, I'm in hog heaven."

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