Christmas Eve Terror

New York Times
December 25, 2010

Some two-hundred and fifty patrons of d'Sarthe's restaurant in Central Park were treated not to holiday cheer on Christmas Eve during a formal holiday gala held by restaurant owner Gideon d'Sarthe on Christmas Eve. Instead, diners seeking a merry Christmas experience found themselves wrapped in a dangerous struggle for their very lives. According to the Department of Homeland Security, two unrelated but highly dangerous incidents happened to converge on d'Sarthe's.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations, working on leads provided to them by reliable sources had heard that known terrorist and member of the pro-evolved extremist group Messiah, Griffin Mihangle, had been spotted in the vicinity of d'Sarthe's restaurant earlier in the afternoon. Around 5:00pm, the FBI in coordination with the Department of Homeland Security set about to perform an undercover sweep of the restaurant, keeping a FRONTLINE reserve unit waiting in the wings along with the NYPD's counter-terrorism task force.

This situation may have gone over as the FBI had planned, were it not for the presence of a different terror plot happening parallel to Mihangle's appearance. According to sources within the Department of Homeland Security, militant anti-evolved terrorist group Humanis First made an attempt to release a suicide bomber into the restaurant.

According to eye-witnesses who were present on the scene, the suicide bomber seemed disoriented and possibly intoxicated. "He swaggered out of the kitchen, seemed confused." Said one survivor of the incident. "When he realized what was strapped to him, he panicked. If it weren't for the people that responded so quickly, we'd probably all have died."

The quick responders mentioned were elements of Gideon d'Sarthe's hired security team from Redbird Security Solutions as well as a civilian military contractor who happened to be present at the event, Warren Ray, a Registered Tier-0 SLC-Expressive human who explained to the crowd that he was registered as a 'Mechanical Intuitive.'

Ray was able to successfully disarm the explosive device, saving the lives of hundreds of patrons as well as the bomber himself. According to authorities, the bomber, who's name has not yet been released to the public, was taken into custody by the Department of Homeland Security following the altercation.

This chaotic and unexpected event served to waylay the plans of the FBI's counter-terro team searching for Mihangle, however. With Redbird Security becoming aware of the suicide bomber and on high alert, an incident transpired which allowed the terrorist Mihangle to escape. According to both eye-witnesses and a spokesperson from Redbird Security Solutions, the firearm of agent Daniel Henderson accidentally discharged in the tavern of d'Sarthe's, prompting Redbird Security Solution members to disable and detain the federal agent, prompting Mihangle to flee.

Radio interference at the time, speculated to be part of a coordinated effort by associates of Mihangle to aid in his flight, disabled FBI contact to the FRONTLINE teams and NYPD waiting outside. However, FRONTLINE Unit-01 commander Elisabeth Harrison was on-scene for the gala, and was able to reach out to the OS-Unit waiting in the wings, signaling for them to attempt to apprehend Mihangle.

An altercation followed in which Mihangle engaged members of FRONTLINE and caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage to the restaurant. The unprepared FRONTLINE team was caught unawares by Mihangle and were unable to prevent his escape. It is presumed that Mihangle was able to flee south from d'Sarthe's into the largely unpatrolled ruins of Midtown Manhattan.

In the wake of the incident two individuals believed to be responsible for the delivery of the suicide bomber were found dead in the delivery truck they had brought the bomber to the restaurant in from self-inflicted gunshot wounds. These men were later identified as Timothy Harlois (44) and Anthony Montgomery (28), Registered SLC-Expressive humans.

Harlois and Montgomery's status as Registered Evolved confounded law-enforcement whom had been under the belief that the attack was coordinated by Humanis First. However, a search of the delivery vehicle revealed a suicide note written by Montgomery and signed by Harlois' which cited their displeasure with their Evolved status and displeasure with living a life in which they were "afflicted" with a disease that gave them uncontrollable supernatural abilities that were dangerous to their families.

Both Harlois and Montgomery were Tier-2 registered Evolved, Harlois a resident of Jersey City and Montgomery from Plattsburg, New York. According to information available on the Registry of the Evolved, Harlois is listed as having 'Stinging Cells', an ability that causes all of Harlois' skin cells to produce the same painful reaction that the tendrils of a Man-O-War Jellyfish do. Montgomery is listed as possessing an ability defined as 'Nerve Manipulation'. According to the Registry Montgomery's ability allowed him to manipulate and interrupt nerve signals in the human body by touch. The Times contacted Montgomery's wife Susan Montgomery following the release of his name to the public, and she was able to shed more light on his psychological situation.

"Tony was struggling, learning how to control what he did." Susan explained to the Times yesterday evening. "He'd always say how he didn't ask to become what he was, how he never wanted to be a freak. It ate at him, what he'd done with his ability, the pain he'd caused people without meaning to. I don't think he wanted to be what he was. He wanted there to be a cure for people like him, but that just isn't a reality."

According to Susan Montgomery, Anthony has accidentally damaged the optical nerves in her eyes when he had first learned of his ability, rendering his wife permanently blind. The couple had been fleeced of their savings by a charlatan claiming to be a Registered Evolved healer who professed to be able to restore Susan's sight over a period of repeated therapies, however after receiving a twenty-thousand dollar up front payment, disappeared on the family.

Their suicide note explained the men's ties to Humanis First as a means of 'making a statement with what is left of their lives.' The note went on to further say, "We want the world to realize that we're dangerous. To ourselves, to our families, our loves ones and yours as well. How many more like ourselves have slipped under the radar, how many more dangerous people are out there? We didn't ask for this. If we are to suffer, we will show the world our suffering."

The Department of Homeland Security is currently looking into the activities of Humanis First at the restaurant as well as looking for any information that readers may have on both the Humanis First attack and the possible whereabouts of Griffin Mihangle. You can find more information on Griffin Mihangle at the Department of Homeland Security's terror information website where you may also anonymously provide tips to assist in his capture.

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