Christmas Tree Deliveries


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Scene Title Christmas Tree Deliveries
Synopsis The Ferrymen and volunteers deliver trees to the residents of Summer Meadows. (A Ferrymen Christmas)
Date December 17, 2009

Summer Meadows

The low brickwork walls flanking the entrance to this subdivision pronounce it to be 'S MMER ME DOWS', black metal letters pitted by age and each tilted slightly askew by decades of weather and neglect. The rest of the subdivision echoes this theme — pavement cracked, its lines worn and faded nearly into obscurity; small lawns littered with autumn leaves and dying grass, shrubbery poorly pruned or not trimmed back at all, such flowers as there are in most cases long since grown wild. The buildings are a mix of townhouses, duplexes, and quartered apartments, most of them with paint peeling at the edges, a few boarded over and sporting jagged holes where the windows weren't quite protected enough. Feral dogs slink at the back of the streets; their feline counterparts are less commonly seen, usually visible as no more than a streak of motion disappearing into the bushes or someone's cracked-open garage door. This isn't a neighborhood where people are seen lounging on their porches as the sun sinks low in the sky; to stay out as darkness gathers is to risk unwanted attention, and the consequences thereof.

While Summer Meadows has been fairly busy for weeks, today seems to be a mad house. Reporters seem to be in force today thanks to an anonymous tip that something special was going to happen for the residents of the community. They wander the grounds talking to various people trying to get an idea of what will be happening.

Standing next to Robin, Kaylee looks pretty smug. A Uhaul truck behind them holding something within. Her eyes drop to her iphone and she frowns a bit. "Boy.. they are really working that fashionably late thing." Her voice low so has not to draw attention to them. Almost like her words conjure it up, there is a distinct sound of a semi trucks horn and the distinct rumbling and clattering of tractor trailers. "Ah… there they are."

Work seems to slow to a stop as a big rig from Greenpoint Trees Farm with a flat bed trailer rolls along the streets of Summer Meadow, but it's what the trailer hold that gets the attention of everyone. The bed of the trailer is stacked with pine trees, enough for the whole community.

With a grin to her companion, Kaylee turns around to unlatch the back of the Uhaul and shove the door up to shoe boxes of lights, tinsel and ball ornaments. "Thank you, Dee." the telepath murmurs happily.

Christmas Cheer has arrived at Summer Meadows.

"At least they're here, late or not." Robin is doing his best to stay out of the way of any reporters, and does so now by jumping up on the back of the flat bed as soon as it's stopped. He calls over a few people to help him start unloading the trees.

"Oh.. I had no doubt they would be here. I told them they could take credit for the deliver." Kaylee explains with a wicked grin, glancing past him to the reporters gathering around a man in a suit as she climbs out of the truck.. "When you have top newscasters wanting to talk to you about your generous donation.. you don't skip out." She leans close to whisper with a grin. "Plus I might have added a bit of a threat to tell the press about them if they didn't show. Would be bad for business after all." Pulling herself into the truck, Kaylee takes a box and turns to the crowd of people and gives a sharp whistle, forcing the closest eyes on her.

"Okay people! We need to get these trees to the people in this community. Each house…" Kaylee bends down and sets the box between her feet, opening up to extracts some boxes. ".. will be getting two strands of colored lights, two boxes of ornaments and a packet of tinsel."

"Very smart," Robin laughs, "and devious, Kaylee. A lethal combination." He's thrilled that the reporters are converging on the tree company spokesman, and goes about dragging trees off of the truck, passing them off to various helpers. "You start with the houses on the left, Dave and I will start on the right." He catches Kaylee's gaze and sends a thought her way, Want to pass out the ornaments and stuff to the kids? Get them off the porches and involved?

The trees, Adelaide had come to help out. Though she was bundled up she walked towards the tree givers with some enthusiasm. "Happy Holidays!" she called cheerfully.

"Hey.. I've learned from the best really." Kaylee comments, moving to sit on the edge of the Uhauls trailer. She offers Adelaide a bright smile. "Happy Holidays to you too. Names Kaylee… and you are just in time to help." She hands a box to the woman, "Each box has supplies for one tree." She points to Robin and adds, "Follow him to a house and drop that box off with the tree."

Robin's suggestion gets a nod and she turns her attention to some of the kids watching in quiet awe. "Hey kids.. come start helping with the boxes." She motions for them to approach. At first they hesitate, but then slowly they make their ways closer. Kaylee puts a box in each kids hands and repeats the same thing she did to the new volunteer, before turning them towards Robin.

Robin would wave to the newcomer, but he's carrying a tree. So instead he grins and replies, "Happy Holidays to you too, I'm Robin." As the kids start taking boxes and wandering his way, he starts to feel like the pied piper. "Okay! One tree, one tree stand," Helpfully delivered by Dave, who's holding dozens of the things, "And one box of decorations." He pats the young boy on the shoulder, "Good job. Want to keep helping me out?"

Adelaide takes the box and carefully and balances it shifting the weight and carrying to Robin.

Stacking up a group of her own boxes, Kalyee moves to join Robin as well. "I'll be faster this way for sure." She watches other grab trees off the truck and wait to follow them. Kaylee turns a smug look Robin's way. "I'm pretty happy with how this is turning out." Sticking her chin on the tops of the boxes, Kaylee lets go with one hand, and ways everyone to follows as she strikes out to the first house, the family already standing there looking rather shocked, their kids looking wide eyed and excited.

"Hello folks! On behalf of the work crews here at Summer Meadows…." Of course in Kaylee's head she's thinking Ferrymen, ".. we'd like you to have a tree. So that Santa has something to put gifts under." She proceed to motions Adelaide to offer them her box of goods.

Chuckling at Kaylee's smug look, Robin nods cheerfully. "I think it's going pretty well myself, and it was a great idea to do this." He leans the tree against the wall near the door so it can be taken in by the family, then steps out of the way so the helpers can hand out the decorations. "Happy Holidays!"

"Happy Holidays." Is called brightly as the family moves to take the tree and stuff inside. "Oh.. and I'm sure one of the workers would be happy to set up the tree on the stand if you ask." That said Kaylee continues on. "Of course, it's working. Parents can't resist the idea of making their kids happy. Tis the season and all. It's like the one time of year that kids should be the fore front of everyone's minds."

The next house is devoid of people on the porch, so Kaylee walks up to the door and knocks softly, waiting. "Christmas day is really shaping up, I hope you'll be there to be able to help with the gift handling. Delilah and I heard of some puppies and such needing homes. So I went to the various home that the kinds wanted them and talked to the parents." She frowns at the door and knocks again, a touch more firmly before she continues. "I was surprised how many said yes."

Robin hefts another tree up and waits for the family to answer the door. "Most said yes? That's great to hear, I hate the idea of a kid asking for something and not getting it, especially when it's something so simple." He flashes Kaylee as grin, "I should be able to be here for at least part of it. I've got the other Christmas party to sort out, and I'm going to spend some time with Buck. Did I tell you we got a tree? It's at his place, of course."

Nails tap lightly on the box and she shrugs. "They are in there, but I think their nervous. We'll leave it out here, maybe once there isn't a crowd they will take it inside." Kaylee takes a moment to place a box of ornaments next to the door and moves to Robin can place the tree. "Anyhow, Robin.. I'm not expecting the whole day.. just an hour or two to pass out the gifts."

Her smile falls a bit. "I had hoped to see of Joseph wanted to come to Dinner or something for Christmas.. Felicity is an awesome cook and I didn't know if he was gonna be alone at Christmas or not. I still haven't figured something to give him as a gift… Not that it matters with him missing… I guess."

"I'll definitely be here for a few hours, at the very least." Robin replies as he sets the tree next to the door. "A gift still matters… Who knows, maybe he'll be back with us by Christmas." Rob is doing his best to sound hopeful though the worry bleeds through. Heading off the porch to get yet another tree, he asks, "What sort of gifts do you think he'd like?"

Following Robin, Kaylee shrugs a bit and sighs. "That's the thing. What the heck do I get a pastor? Seriously.. I'm clueless." The other box she had, is still held tight in her arms. "I mean.. I want a gift that says. 'Hey, your a great guy. I like you.' just not too obvious, but… " She gives a soft huff of frustration. "Anyhow.. I just hope he'll be home period and in one piece."

Getting another tree then heading towards the next house, this one with a family already standing in the open door, Robin nods to Kaylee. "Me too, kiddo. Me too."

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