Church Shootout

Feature story on the six o clock news.

"With so many terrible and appaling things happening by the Pariah terrorists, rarely do we get to report a story which brings us hope. We are happy to report tonight that New York City still has some fight in it. Our correspondent White Goodman has the story…"

"Prayer. Hymns. The usual happenings of St John's Church, the last thing anyone expected were for bullets to be ringing out in the church. But yesterday afternoon, just that happened. Alleged Pariah terrorists came to propagate their agenda of destruction by attacking a young female named Abigail Beauchamp."

"Yeah, I was leaving with my mom and we saw these two guys coming in, one was a Chinese or Korean or something? And the other guy was a readhead white guy, and I guess they wanted to hurt that girl." A twelve year old who was on scene at the crime.

"Apparently these two were both allegedly Evolved and very dangerous. Though when they attacked, they were fought off by one Brian Fulk and his twin brother Andrew."

"Andrew was teleported to the roof of the Cathedral, while Brian fought with the assailants in the church. He suffered very serious knife wounds but fortunately Emergency Response Teams were able to stabilize him. Abigail was hurt, but is fine, thanks to this young man's heroism."

"Interestingly enough, Brian Fulk is the same young man who fought off a robbery at the Nite Owl, only a month ago."

"That's the kind of kid we could use on the force. He's an inspiration to all of us. Willing to put others lives before himself, and we're just lucky we were able to get him to the hospital. He's the type of guy who gives all hope, you know?" A chubby Police Officer says who responded to the attack.

Brian and Andrew Fulk were both unavailable for comment, but we did get a chance to speak to Brian's fiancee Abigail.

"It was God that saved us both today. And our faith, I just keep giving thanks that He protected me and saved Brian. I can not praise the Lord enough…"

"Whatever religion we may commit ourselves to, an event like this is an indication to this journalist, that we can all have a little more faith."

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