Cinnamon Buns From Future Past


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Scene Title Cinnamon Buns From Future Past
Synopsis Abby asks Hiro to do what everyone else is asking,
Date march 30, 2009

Village Renaissance Building - Abby and Alexander's Apartment

An average middle class apartment, it's populated with ecidedly not middle class furniture. A solitary red suede couch occupy's the immediate livingroom, with a battered coffee table and side tables as it's companion. A decent sized TV sits on a cupboard with a stero, dvd player. The kitchen sports a relic from the 70's, with matching chairs that still seem to be in decent condition. The two bedrooms off the hall are distinguishable from the other, one bearing a gold cross nailed above the door, the other not.

In the corner of the livingroom is an ornate cage on a birdstand, a blue budgie within it's depths. In another corner is a massive cat treehouse, and often occupied by a black cat with a red suede collar. It looks barely lived in, like the owners are not yet investing their effort quite yet to move in.

Church the day before left her with much to think about once she was back home. Pastor Joseph and his technicolor visions, The bird, the fortress blowing up, Eileen trying to protect herself from Abby. The text message hadn't been sent to Teo yet, oblivious to the whole raid the next day, but it would be soon as well as asking for a message to be passed to one Hiro Nakamura if he knew him - obviously since hiro was present at the breakout - and another that she needed to talk to him, when he had a chance, phone or in face. Jogging pants, cotton tanktop, red hair up in a ponytail, the blonde is baking like promised, for the church and for her and Brian who's absent once more, but that's fine with her. She needs to adjust to a life without a babysitter/lifeline.

A polite but firm knock occurs at Abby's door. This does not occur to Hiro Nakamura as a visit where he needs to violate Miss Beauchamp's home by popping INTO her home. He instead decides to approach this more like a normal call of one stranger on another. There at the door he waits, dressed in black with the ubiquitous sword peeking over his shoulder.

Brian forgot his keys, or Delilah is bringing over something fattening again that would make Sonny turn in his grave if he was dead. That's Abby's thought as she heads to the door, flour on her nose, a very domesticated pink and frilly apron around her waist. But it's not, when she looks through the spyhole. There's a man, with a sword. What in the good Lord's name. A couple heartbeats later, there's locks being undone, but not the night chain as blue eyes peer out though the crack in the doorway. "Hello?" Wait, man with a sword… "Mr… Nakamura?"

"Yes." comes the immediate and simple answer. Hiro holds up a hand and explains something, "Teo Laudani has not received your text message yet." And that opens up some questions that ought to be easy to answer really. "I knew you'd be home right now, so this is when I came." And then comes a more or less neutral look that reads simply: What is it? After all, she's the one that wanted some of his time.

Evolved. that's the answer for everything. But Teo hasn't gotten her text message yet obviously. Okay. The door is closed with a soft "Just a moment" The night chain heard to be sliding back and put away before the door opens again to admit the sword wielding man. "Thank you for coming. I would have met you somewhere else. Some people I know said that you've met Magnes Varlane?" The door is closed, locked behind him as back towards the kitchen. "Can I get you anything to drink? Eat?" Because there's a rack of cooling cinnamon buns and the place smells delicious.

There is hesitation before Hiro enters, but he does because there are better places to wait than in the hallway. Even one he knows to be owned by a friend of his. It seems impolite to him to refuse a hostess her refreshments so he responds, "Water, please." Which perhaps might get him in trouble. Sharing drinks with women he doesn't know sometimes causes trouble. He makes a visual scan of the room before carefully sitting, leaning forward where he rests. "I've met Magnes."

Water, straight from the tap. That's what Hiro's getting. Cold as she can get it and lacking anything that wasn't naturally in it. Relax Hiro, no roofies for you. The place is a little impersonal. Boxes still in various states of unpacking, a blue budgie hopping around it's cage, and a black cat with a red collar that watches the asian man, tail flicking this way, that way and blinking slowly. From the kitchen Abigail comes, putting down his glass of water, and a glass for herself filled with what one might swear is swamp sludge. "He's a little much to take, isn't he?"

"He'll survive or he won't." is as simple as Hiro puts it. He takes the offered glass with not so much as a nod but a bow of the head. There's a noticeable difference. "Is he why you asked for me?" There's something to the question that implies it doesn't seem adequate reason, but Hiro does not say so.

That's an affirmative, in the nod of her head. "He's.. Richard and Xiulan both thought that maybe you should talk with him, since he idolizes you. Something about a comic book. He's been going onto Staten Island and doing things that even I consider life threatening. I've tried to tell him before that the world isn't a comic book, I thought, the time spent in… " Well Hiro knows where the warehouse is, he helped break them out supposedly. "The warehouse, and the fights, might have made him realize that he needs to be a little more smarter about it but, it's not. I promised Xiulan I would try and find you and ask you to have a talk with Magnes, if you can handle it. Maybe talk some sense into him" Thin fingers hook in with one another, interlaced on her lap. "I care for him, he's a good guy, more naive than I am, was, and I don't want to see him get killed"

Hiro stares through Abby for a moment, fixing her with an unblinking gaze that seems not really to be thinking about her words or her or even this place and time. But the fact that he is paying attention after all is proven with his next words, "I've already been asked to do this." He looks down into the glass of water he's holding as if divining something in it. Seeing a future perhaps, or more likely a past. "Let me ask you this. What do you like about your friend Magnes? What is it that makes him important?"

Figures. Someone already got a hold of him. Which makes this redundant. A waste of his time. "Because he cares" It comes quietly, she didn't even have to think about. "Because Mr. Nakamura, no matter how much I sometimes want to throttle him, he tries to please me, with no expectation of anything in return, tries to share an interest in what I like" She reaches out to turn her glass a quarter to the left, adjusting it's position on her table. "He's important Mr. Nakamura because he's a good soul who only does what he does to try and make the world a better place even if it's a bit misguided at times" Up from the green liquid she glances towards Hiro. "And I don't think I could take a world without Panucci Pizza's gravity manipulating pizza boy"

At that Hiro's eyes cut up toward Abby and he looks at her again directly this time. "Are you sure you want that changed? The man he becomes may be somebody that makes you hurt inside."

"I laid on the floor beside him Mr. Nakamura, after they pulled him from the cage. He was crying, not because he was in pain, but because he realized that he couldn't protect me. He couldn't' stop.. them.. from doing what they did. How can it hurt more than that, than taking all the pain away from him that I can, but not being able to take that away? He'll go on to be, who he'll be, and if he hurts me then.." Abby shakes her head "Then he'll hurt me inside, but it will be with a purpose I am sure, God wouldn't just let a person hurt, without purpose" She sound sure of that. "He's a good soul. Whatever he ends up being, i'll not stop caring for him Mr. Nakamura. Just not in the fashion he wants me to"

Somehow Hiro still looks skeptical, but when it comes down to it he isn't saying no. "I met myself once." he confides in a sense that most people cannot mean literally. "I didn't like the man I saw. And then I turned into him." More staring into the glass of water. He hasn't had so much as a sip from it, instead using it as some kind of prop, perhaps. "I'm not going to change Magnes. If he changes, it will be his decision. He'll become what he's meant to be. For most of us growing up is about accepting fate. That goes for you too. And me, I'm no exception. I too have tried to change my fate. But," Hiro looks up again at this, "I will talk to him."

Wise words, even she understands the counsel he's offering with a small bob of her head. "Do you wish you hadn't?" She hasn't looked away, just wrapped her arms around herself, her elbows on her knees and studying him. "Magnes will be, what Magnes will be. Even just talking to you might make him take a different path at that crossroads. Maybe it won't. But we have to try because he's a friend. He'd do the same for me regardless"

"I wish a lot of things that will never be, Miss Beauchamp." Hiro says softly with a series of nods that continue after the words are gone. He definitely does not seem to be the man one would envision walking in with a sword and menacing anybody. At least not right now. "I wish I were still like Magnes. Part of me, anyway. Maybe he needs your help more than mine. I don't think I'm a real person to him."

"If wishes were horses, everyone would be riding fast and far away. Your a comic book hero, come to life. Your everything I told him the world didn't have right now" There's a soft inhale, a nod of her head as Abby pushes herself up from the couch at the start of the beeping from the oven. "I think he's afraid to be around me Mr. Nakamura. After everything that happened. He's very chivalrous and we could probably all do with a bit of Magnes inside us. But we all grow up and we can't keep the Pokemon bedsheets forever. The world isn't always good triumphs over evil" Yellow oven mitts to protect her hands, the redhead pulls out another cake pan and the hot cinnamon buns from inside, still bubbling with melted brown sugar."Thank you, for that night. I admit that I wasn't paying much attention to who came, but there was a man who looks like you, with a sword, helping my friends. Thank you Mr. Nakamura. I don't know if you can fathom how thankful I am for your help that night"

"I saw you." he explains briefly, watching the young woman go about her work. "I was everywhere that night. Everywhere. I even allowed myself to step back in time to watch some of what occurred before. To get a better picture of why we were there." Hiro pauses for a moment and adds, "You were not always so alone as you thought. Nobody is if I can help it." Taking a breath, he adds, "I'm not the hero Magnes thinks, because what Magnes has read is not the whole story. Isaac Mendez didn't live long enough to tell it. But, when I can be, where I can, I try to be a hero. I try."

Hiro was.. watching her? Down in the brothel and in the cells. She doesn't know whether she should be embarrassed or something else. The cinnamon bun's are pried out, put out on brown paper bags to cool as she process's his words, swallows hard at that thought. "We're all not the people Magnes thinks we are. but just trying" She looks over to him then back down to her task at hand. "Just trying to be one is good enough. Are you seeing him today?" There, they're all out and she takes the pan over to the sink so she can fill it with hot water to soak. What was it Joseph had said. He's never alone, she's never alone. God is always there. "Don't tell anyone, what you saw, when you stepped back. They don't need to know. Some day the truth will come out, and they can know then"

Hiro's gaze is level but full of sympathy. "I've seen things you wouldn't believe. I didn't get this way because I tell secrets, Miss Beauchamp. And I am not interested in spying on people because of any thrills. When I make myself watch a thing, it's because it deserves a witness." Just what he's seen he will keep as cryptic as he can. Perhaps it was nothing. Or everything. Looking back at the water Hiro confesses, "From a certain point of view I've already spoken to Magnes. I showed him something. But from your point of view and mine, right now, it hasn't occurred yet. I understand if that's confusing."

"The same Teo hasn't gotten my text message yet but your here because he'll get it" Sorta understands, in as much as she can the moment. Maybe she'd have a better understanding if she wasn't dealing with post Logan shit and an imprisoned boss. "I was going to give you some cinnamon buns for him and for you. Are you still able to do that? If not I'll find out where he is and bring them to him" The cooled buns find themselves placed on top of wax paper in a big Rubbermaid container. "You do something with Time" She glances over af she puts another sheet of wax paper to protect the lid from the contents. "Do I ever get better? Do my nightmares stop?"

"Heh…" Hiro even smiles now, looking a little abashed, "I haven't gone to the future for a long time. And the last time I went you weren't somebody that I met. I don't know. But I've come to understand the future and time and how it flows now, and I can tell you that any future I see for you is probably going to be inaccurate. I think as soon as I see it, it will not come true. So don't make me go to see a good future for you and then risk that it might not happen that way." Rising from where he sits, he looks at the Rubbermaid container and says, "I can bring the buns to Magnes if you like. When I see him."

"Really? The future you see isn't always the one that it will be? Does knowing what happens, mean that it changes from what you know? Even if you don't know the hows of between now and then?" She opens a drawer, grabbing a magic marker and scribbling across the top of the container before she pushes it towards the end of the counter so she can grab a second one. "I won't make you go look. Don't worry. I know they'll go away. It'll take time. Some things, I'm not meant to know"

"How do you heal people?" Hiro counters gently, watching Abby.

"I ask god, and I lay my hands on them" Abby's reply is rote, but not without emotion behind it. A smaller container is plucked from a box and filled with the rest of the cooled buns, wax paper cut to fit and Hiro's name scribbled on top as she seals it.

Hiro points out then, "I think we'll just have to learn to accept that we don't understand how each other works. Because I can't imagine it's that simple. And I know how confusing my ability is."

"What if you've seen the future though. Even just a little?" It's an honest question really, and there's something more than curiosity there.

"I did, once." Hiro's eyes look around the room and he sighs. "It was this time. And I tried to stop it."

"Should I try to stop, what I saw?" Time is his specialty after all.

Such a difficult question to answer. Hiro's lost faith in the question itself, as well as the answer. But still he gives an answer that is its own reason, "You should always try to do what is right."

"What is right" There's a smile as she looks down at the container, securing the lid and putting it on top of Magnes's container of sweets. "You are wise beyond your years Mr. Nakamura. Your another good soul, one of many. Those are for you. Thank you, for coming, for seeing Magnes, even if you already have. Don't let me take up anymore of your time"

It looks for a brief moment as if Hiro wants to protest something Abby said, but rather than open his mouth and do so, he simply takes the offered confections, bows his head and says, "Arigato." Ostensibly for the cinnamon buns, but most likely for more than that. And then Hiro leaves without leaving, as only he can do. Ceasing to be here.

Which is not something that Abigail is used to at all and it's slightly unsettling for someone to just 'poof'. Did he 'poof' in front of her door when he arrived? The rest of her time in the kitchen, quiet as she is, every now and then leaves her looking at where he'd stood and then disappeared before shaking her head.

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