City Employee Committed

Excerpt from the New York Times:

An analyst and advisor to the Mayor of New York, Victoria Grey has been checked into the Lenox Hill Hospital for observation after suffering a psychotic break in the middle of Central Park.

A week ago Miss Grey stopped going to work and was reported as missing as of two days ago. An anonymous tip to her Land Lord prompted the opening of her apartment in Queens. Discovering Miss Grey in a coma, suffering from dehydration and malnutrition emergency technicians rushed her to the hospital for treatment.

At approximately 1pm yesterday Miss Grey reportedly escaped from the hospital with only a stolen coat and pair of shoes. Attending Physicians commented that she must have made her escape as soon as she regained consciousness and they were unsure as to her mental state.

Around 6pm Miss Grey turned up in Central Park and suffered a mental breakdown during which she accused strangers of causing her previous comatose state. Off duty Officers Kenzington and Belle were able to control the scene and subdue Ms. Grey until EMTs could arrive. After a brief checkup Ms. Grey was transported to Lexington Hill Hospital for observation in a maximum security ward. No statement has been given by the hospital thus far, nor is the Mayors office commenting on the incident or Ms. Grey's condition.

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