Civil Shakedown


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Scene Title Civil Shakedown
Synopsis Winters approaches Kaylee for some information. She gives less than he was hoping but learns more than she could have guessed.
Date July 29 2009

Old Lucy's

Old Lucy's has a vibrant and lively feel to it, from the dark wooden floors to the shady crimson walls lit up by neon lights and many times, the flashing of cameras from the oft-crowded floor. The mirror behind the bar reflects prices of various drinks, bottles lined up, as well as the entire saloon as seen from the bartenders; bolted-down stools line the other side, and there are loose tables and chairs placed all around, though many times they find themselves pushed back for more space within the center of the saloon. A few speakers are placed at strategic places and around a raised stage to the far corner from the bar. Above the counter, an obviously well-used bar is hung; it is this that the girls working will use should there be dancing, which is one reason many patrons choose to come aside from the drinks. Across the bar and near the back, there is a door that leads to the owner's office and just inside a stairwell that leads a apartment on the floor above the bar.

Thursday night at Old Lucy's, the place is pretty active as people group around various tables and the bar. At the moment all the attention is on the bar itself where some of the girls are dancing their little hearts out to the sounds of some of the more top 40 songs.

Kaylee isn't one of them, but she's out on the floor, taking drink orders and making sure everyone gets what they need. She's dressed in biker chic. All worn leather, including the backless vest she's wearing. She flashing her bright smile at a group of guys out having a good time. "So couple pitchers of beer then? I think I can do that." She gives them a wink and even chucks one under the chin.

Sunglasses removed, and hung at the top of the shirt. The top few buttons of the crisp white shirt are undone. The black suit jacket fitting comfortably around his broad shoulders. The well dressed man enters slowly, but with a confident stride. A walk that says, I know exactly where I'm going, but I'm in no hurry to get there. Entering the establishment, his grey eyes study the bar for a moment. The only other time he had been here that he could remember was with Veronica.. and there were problems. But even now, the hints of dream like memories sting at him.

"I got a room upstairs" The woman in his lap was saying, as her lips brushed against his neck.

The whisper of a memory is shaken off quite physically. Finally his eyes settle on what he came here for. Kaylee. But he's in no rush. Stepping over to an empty table, Winters slides into the booth. And waits.

Hips swaying a bit to the beat to the music, Kaylee comes out from behind the bar with those pitcher of the beer. "Alright boys…" She settles both carefully. "Lemme know when you another refill." She offers pleasantly, as she turn for the bar. Another waitress catches Kaylee's arm and points in Brian's direction. There is a nod from the blond but she only glances, not enough to really pick the person out.

As she approaches the table, Kaylee offers that bright smiles of her, "Hey, Cutie.. Whatcha…." the pause is accompanied by her recognizing him finally.. Only a brief pause before she continues, "Whatcha having?"

"Hey baby." Brian answers confidently, looking up at her with a little smile playing on his features. An ambiguous smile, there's no telling whether or not the man recognizes her. But Kaylee's gift will most certainly pick up that Winters does in fact recognize her. Letting his hands splay out on the table his features take on a confused look. "I have no idea. I guess I should have thought about that, huh? What's good?" He asks amiably, giving her a charming smile.

"Don't think I've ever been here before." The memories playing out through his mind, even though they're faint and far off could attest to that being a lie. If only a white one. "And I am not very well versed in the different kinds of alcohol in the world."

Resting a hips against the table and pulling out her little booklet for writing own what people want. Kaylee gives him an amused look and shrugs. "I'm not a drinker myself. So I am very much the wrong person to ask that. Ironic ain't it?" There is a flash of teeth, as she clicks her pen, "But.. Beer seems to be a big one here. Hard apple ciders." She gives him a slow look over. "Or maybe you want something a bit more sweet." She gives him a wink. If she notices the lies, she doesn't show it, she just goes on cheerfully, "Is there any of the hard liquor maybe? I know a lot of people go for Rum and Cokes." Her head tilts a bit and she lifts her brows curiously.

"No beer tonight." He murmurs, bringing up his hands to fold over his chest. He leans back and gives a grin as he looks her over. His brow goes up sharply at the sweet comment. "I do have a weak spot for the sweetness. Sweet-tooth. Whatever that's called." His fingers tap against his arms. "But I still don't know what I should get." He sounds quite helpless at that. "If only you were an alcoholic."

"Speaking of sweet," He leads in, arms coming undone and propping up on the table. Supporting his chin he gives her an inquisitive look. "Just out of curiosity and for no reason in particular, what time do you get off?"

That gets a chuckle out of the young woman and she shakes the back of her pen at him giving him one of those 'I know what your thinking, you naughty boy looks.' "That, cute stuff, is for me to know… " She gives him an apologetic look, allowing him a little pout of her lip. "Besides, I already got a guy. And I don't think he'd appreciate me telling him not to pick me up, just so that I can meet another cute guy after work." She leans a little closer. "Jealous type." Straightening, she gives him another bright smile. "So how about a strawberry daiquiri? Or maybe.. I hear screwdrivers are good. "

"Is his name Adam Munroe?" Brian asks, the facade of humor and charm all but shattering instantaneously. He tilts his head lazily as he gazes up at her. His admiring eyes remain. "I think it's time for you to take your break. We should talk." Winters suggests, but the tone implies that it's one of those suggestions that really should be followed.

The bright sunny smile fades away, but there is still an amused smirk left in it's place. There is a glance around the room and she looks thoughtful. Should she? Glancing back at him, she tucks the notebook away and slides into a seat opposite of him and folds her hands on the table. His question is flat out ignored as she asks, "What do you want?" She asks brows lifting with the question. "I'm trying to work here. You know… Make a living?" She sounds rather put out.

"Well hello there. Not so charming, now that you're off the clock." Brian notes, an amused smile pulling up at his lips. He shakes his hand dismissively, "I apologize, for taking away from your work. I understand how important that is, and I am sincerely sorry that I am inconveniencing you here." He tilts his head at her. "But would you rather me have come to your place? I figured this was more.. Polite." His head bobs as he speak the word.

"Now. That's a loaded question, Kaylee." Winters murmurs. "I want a lot of things. A great many things. I want to stop the genocide in Africa, I also want to go hang-gliding." He tilts his head as he thinks about what else he wants. "I would love to meet Kevin Spacey. He just seems so interesting, don't you think?" He asks with a grin. "What do you want, Kaylee?"

"I do thank you for not showing up at my home. At least you've got enough manners there." That smug smile is still on Kaylee's lips, as if he was saying the most amusing things, but her eyes narrow a bit as she considers him. "I want a lot of things, whoever you are." Her tone fairly polite, she leans forward so she can loudly whisper, "But what I want… right now… at this moment? Is to know why you are here bothering me."

Straightening in her chair, she crosses leather clad legs, bouncing one booted foot a bit. "I mean, you must have a reason. Since you come walking in here and ask to talk." She spreads her hands a bit. "So… ?"

Brian's features seem truly troubled. "I'm sorry Kaylee. I really don't mean to bother you." For a minute it looks like he might just get up and leave in a huff. However he remains, "Again, I have to answer your question with another question. Just like Jesus. What do you want?" He folds his arms over his chest once again. "I'm not the one who started this, Kay. Is it okay that I call you, Kay?" He gives a little smile. "You can call me by my nickname. It's—" He pauses, his brows hiking up in mock surprise. "Wait a minute. I don't need to tell you, do I?" A broad grin creeps over his lips as he taps his head two times. "I know it must be easy for you to steal like that, Kay. But not everyone is ignorant of it. So, I want to know what you want with me. With my thoughts. And what Adam Munroe wants with my thoughts." Brian says a bit sternly.

"It's Kaylee. And I want nothing with you." Kaylee says rather cheerfully, cause it's true. "Not interested in you in anyway." Her arms move to fold under her chest as she gives a little shake of her head. "And I don't know your name… or your nickname." She couldn't get it through the jumble of this thoughts, but she's not going to say that.

Her expression turns rather bored as she continues, her eyes glancing around the room. "And I dunno why you don't just go to Adam yourself about all this." Not like she hasn't been seen with him. "There is not anything I can tell you." She casts a glance at the bar, before looking back at him with a small smile. "Now. If you'll excuse me, I do have to work."

"I've been very polite, Kaylee. And I feel like I'm being nice." Brian says, his tone growing a little heavier. "I'm willing to be honest with you. Anything you get from me.." He taps his head. "I let you have." Hello passes over his thoughts, should Kaylee be 'listening'. Then it goes back to the indecipherable jumble of his thoughts, his defenses. "I feel like you should be a little more helpful. Perhaps you could set up a meeting between the two of us." Winters says softly, tilting his head.

"When you run to him to tell him about how I confronted you here? Maybe you could add in that if he's interested in me. I would be willing to meet with him." Winters says, sliding out of the booth as well. "Could you do that for me, Kaylee?" Though finally he gives a little pout. "Not interested in anyway? That's a shame, I was hoping we could be friends."

Kaylee slides out of her side of the booth and pulls out the notebook as she prepares to get back to work. She doesn't hesitate to look the man in the eye and repeat. "I am being honest with you. I don't know anything about what he wants." Her lips press together in a thinline, like she wants to say something else, but instead she sighs. her head tilts down to look at her pad, her expression thoughtful, "I'll see what he says about a meeting, but no guarentees." her eyes roll up to look at Brian. "Is there a way for him to reach you?"

"Thank you Kaylee." Brian says, sounding quite genuine. His hand comes up to give her shoulder a brief squeeze of gratitude. Dropping his hand, he goes to reach into his pocket, though his gaze remains on her features. "I believe you. And he can reach me, through you. I'll be checking up on you over the next couple of days." A clip is produced of bills and placed squarely on the table. "For the tips you could have been making." He pauses. "Was there something else you wanted to say?"

She looks less then amused at the thought of him checking in on her, as if she needs a pseudo-stalker. "No." Kaylee says firmly, at his question. "Nothing of any importance anyhow." She flashes him a bright smile. "Thank you, though." Tapping her notepad on her hand, "I'll see what I can do about a meeting." She needs her head to the clip of money. "Take that with you. Give it to a charity or something." She doesn't say goodbye, she just turns ways and heads back into the crowd.

Later that night, she gives her two weeks notice… that should give enough time for him to check in. She also finds the time to call Adam Monroe, she really didn't have a ride planned, but she doesn't feel comfortable enough, so she asks that he comes to pick her up with that group of thugs he has with him often. Of course, she's worried he'll be pissed about her getting caught again, but what's a girl to do? She was just following orders and she thought she was careful.

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