Clandestine Conversation In Cyberspace


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Scene Title Clandestine Conversation In Cyberspace
Synopsis Helena has a request for a friend, and gets both less and more than she asked for.
Date June 10, 2009


And so here it is, a simple text, with a simple question from Helena, to Teo. At worst, he'll refuse or not reply, but hopefully he'll say yes, or at least ask what for.

Helena: Could I have one of the injections back?

His answer is prompt as if he'd been waiting for it over coffee.

Teo: What for?

And her answer is succinct and equally prompt: Claire.

Teo: There are better ways.
Teo: Arthur is watching her. If you use the Formula, he will find out about it.
Teo: Do you want him to?

Helena pauses when she recieves this latest text. Yes, it does make sense. Arthur would be watching, but so far, he has no reason to assume that Abby's place is anything other than a friend's.

Helena: No. Is that why you took it?

Teo 'Teo' writes nothing for a longer moment, then. Perhaps unsurprisingly, when the next message rings into Helena's phone, it wholly ignores that particular conflict.

Teo: What do you know about Delphine?

Helena gets worried for a moment that Teo - or whoever is calling himself Teo - is no longer there. But then she gets a message and sighs with relief. "Delphine?" she muses allowed, and responds.

Helena: Nothing. Who is that?

Teo: Female Evolved. Can probably help Claire.
Teo: Pinehearst secret.

A catch. There's always a catch. Doubtless, it's a separate absurdity in and of itself that Teo knows of this at all.

Helena sighs.

Helena: And Abby?

Teo: If God wills it.

He might even be trying to be funny. It's difficult to tell, but the tacit implication is there: that this Teo knows as much about Abigail Beauchamp as he did about the rest of them.

Teo: Be patient.
Teo: Arthur doesn't want Claire fixed, but Arthur doesn't need to have everything he wants.

Helena chews on her lip. Yeah, that was almost funny.

Helena: Can you tell me anything else about this Delphine? Besides her first name and that she's connected to PH?

Teo: Your height but lanky. Brunette, long curls. 30s.
Teo: Utterly priceless asset.

Helena taps her chin a few moments before resuming her thumbs faster than lightning can strike action.

Helena: Ok. Suggested locs for search?

More introspection, then, quiet. In flesh, Ghost raises one foot up above the bed and splays his toes, studies the ceiling between the webbed V's. The whore beside him remains asleep under the frozen undulations and puddles of linens, the meager noise of button-clicks and MIDI tings inadequate to wake her.

Teo: Outside Pinehearst Tower. Discreetly. I'll let you know when.

Helena is in Cat's penthouse, sitting comfortably enough on the woman's couch. The trappings are less sordid, but in a way, more secretive.

Helena: Alright. You realize I'm never as discreet as I try to be?

That's Helena's fear talking. This is important, and it doesn't need botching up.

I watch the news, Ghost responds genially. That probably means Yes.

She can't help but laugh. And for a long time, she goes silent, and maybe he'll even think that he can wake up the hooker and see about a round of in and out, but then there's the familiar message beep.

Helena: I'll try. Thank you.

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