Clarifying Moments Are Not The Same As Moments Of Clarity


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Scene Title Clarifying Moments Are Not The Same As Moments Of Clarity
Synopsis Len meets with his Angels to sort who's doing what.
Date September 6, 2009

Fort Hero: Len Denton's Office

Len has been burning the candle at both ends, and it seems that it may be starting to get to him. His demeanor as of late has been erratic for the most part, with flashes of his charm during good moments, and just a bit of mean spiritedness at his worst. His hat is laid on his desk, as opposed to his head, exposing what could be a first, his balding head. Sitting behind his desk, he wears a black tank top instead of a button up dress shirt, exposing his shiny new tattoo, slick from being lathered in some type of oil to keep the skin wet.

As the three agents sit before him, he is typing in a few last things before he turns to address them. "What we need to do is sit down and clear up a few things. It seems that there are a few rumors abounding in regards to who's assigned to what case. So, we'll go over them for right now." There's a brief pause before he continues. "As you may have seen, I have not been spending time in the office as of late. I've been working on an assignment of my own. One, which I'm not going to go into at this time. It's not important to what we have going on here. What I can say is that there are times I may be missing, or unavailable to be reached at a moment's notice. If you get word to Reid, I will contact you. You can email me securely and I'll respond when I can. If for any reason there has been no contact for over 7 days, Reid has been instructed to contact someone and let them know. It could be one of you. If that happens, I'm certain that one of you will be assigned to act in my place during my absense. I didn't want you to be taken by surprise. There's a strong likelihood that I could disappear during this mission. As to what I'm working on, I can't say at this time. Any questions so far?"

When Veronica sits across from Len, her eyebrows raise a little at his casual attire — baring his head and his arms is a first. She frowns a little as he discusses his secretive case. Nothing ever is out in the open in this job, it seems; has she ever known what any boss of hers was working on at a given time? Not the full of it. But to be told that he's working on something secret is strange. Her brows furrow, and she cants her head curiously as the long monologue continues. No, she doesn't understand. She shakes her head at the one direct question: No, she has no questions. At least no questions that are going to be given. Her head is full of questions that will go unasked and unanswered.

Carrie sits, legs and arms crossed. Wearing her typical camo pants and white tank top, her black hair pulled back tight in a pony tail, Carrie was called in from the gun range for the meeting. She studies her boss and only gives a small nod of her head at the mention of what Len's doing. "No, sir." Comes the somewhat quiet response from her. "No questions."

Another trip out of town, Minea was fine with that. Having been called in from the midtowns, her poor telepath partner given a rest from the constant screening of whatever they were finding, and not finding. "There's always a chance that we'll all disappear. Make sure you get your ass tagged as well Denton"

Nodding to Minea, Len already admits. "I'm in the system already. I am going to encourage you all to do the same. Law Enforcement officials are being kidnapped and tortured and if it ever is one of you, I'd like to know exactly where to find you. It's not an order, but I'd appreciate having at least one less thing to worry about." Of course, with Len out there looking for Humanis First, the one being taken just may be him.

Len knows that all three understand the nature of the business and the clearances sometimes have to be utilized, and also given the fact, this isn't technically a 'The Company' assignment. He first turns to Carrie. "Castillo, nice work so far with Grim. Unfortunately, their crew struck again in Seattle, as you may well know. This is starting to be a 'Company Founder' epidemic and I cannot possibly not think the two are connected. I need you to remain in contact with Grim, keeping in mind that he's not completely trustworthy in my eyes yet, and pass on any information about future trips they may have planned to Sawyer."

Turning to Veronica. "Sawyer, I want you and Lu on Monroe's ass. You have an in, and Castillo has an in. I want them both utilized. All information on the whereabouts of Adam Monroe and his gang need to be communicated between the two and Sawyer is running that portion of the investigation." Turning back to Carrie, "Because I need you to put about 85 percent of your focus on The Sandman investigation." Whether or not it's officially called "The Sandman" remains to be seen but for now that's how he'll refer to it. "There may be a related incident in Brooklyn that I need you to follow up on." He slides over a copy of a police report he acquired.

"My contact isn't with Monroe currently; Monroe opted not to take his entire crew, and the contact was left behind. The contact also was able to confirm Grimalkin's in the crew, but not whether or not he's telling the truth," Veronica says, unsure if Castillo knows just who the contact is and if Denton wants her to know just who the contact is.

"Do you want Lu and I to try to catch up to Monroe on this little trip he's taking? I don't know where he's heading next, or if he intends to return here, as he apparently did after Japan and Canada, if he was responsible for those founders' deaths. My contact doesn't know either, as far as I know, though of course, as with Grim, every thing's taken with a grain of salt."

Leaning forward Carrie slides the file where she can pick it up, "Right. I still haven't found my phone, but then I haven't gone back to the squirrel room yet.. Otherwise, I can only wait for Grim to call me." Leaning back against she flips open the file. "Thank god for something on this. I think Ayers and I have about run dry of stuff we could get about this woman." She glances at Len and nods. "I'll get over there as soon as I can and see if I can talk to this…" She flips a paper up… "newest victim." She trails off a bit her eyes scannign the folder, brows knitting a bit.

Honestly, it's a given that if one knows the other knows. Grim's telling Carrie. Brian's telling Vee. It's a bit circle of tattle-tales. Fricking serious. To Veronica. "Right now, I just want you to be aware of where he is and let's try and prevent another founding member from being murdered. There are some leads you need to follow up on. Sophie Gramble in Seattle and the ex-wife of Fletcher up in Ontario." He slides over a folder for her. "We are pretty clear that Monroe's crew was responsible for Gramble, but I need to connect him to Fletcher. Only if you think he's found another member, do I want you following him and trying to stop him.

"Thanks, Castillo. We need to get someone on this and fast, so if you need to take Ayers with you then go right ahead. All I ask if that if you get any further intel from Grim to pass it along to Sawyer who can compare it to her contact and see if it matches up. He looks from one to the other, "Any questions on this?"

Veronica keeps her face a neutral mask — inside, her feelings are violently ambivalent, however. She'd been told not to go after Monroe ever since he took her at gun point, stole her tranq gun and ring, and tased her in a bar; now here's her chance to get even, and she finds herself afraid. "Got it," she says, opening the folder and perusing its contents. "You want us to interview these folks in person?" she asks, her gaze rising from the manila folder to Len's watchful eyes.

"Make sure, Sawyer, to talk to the tech guys, got some of them tracking Grim's marker." Carrie murmurs, sounding a bit distracted as she scans the file in her hands. "Last I got was they had left Seattle. I haven't checked in yet," She snaps the folder closed and gives Len a tight lipped smile. "Will do, boss. I'll pass on what I can. And no, sir… No questions."

"It'll get you out of the city for a while." he nods to Veronica at her question.

Moving on, he glances at Minea. "What's the status of Ivanov? Any word yet?" It may be he already knows the answer, since he has not heard one word yet, but he's going to ask to at least find out if she has any leads whatsoever.

"Keep me posted on anything you find." Len may need it. He hands out a printed sheet of paper to each of them. "I received this email this morning. Had it not had my name so nicely printed at the top and have access to an email account that never received spam mail, I'd have discarded it. The letter reads:

Date: 09/05/09
To: xxx.xxxx|xxxx#xxx.xxxx|xxxx
From: xxx.xxxx|xxxx#xxx.xxxx|xxxx

Subject: Humanis First!

Hello Mr. Denton,
I am Einliter. I know Elisabeth Harrison through institutions that are probably what you regard as the usual suspects. I want to exchange assistance in hunting down Humanis First!.

In light of the recent altercation and abduction of Special Agent Felix Ivanov and their operatives, I realize that this falls within the jurisdiction of law enforcement first and foremost. However, I owe both Officer Harrison and the agent a certain sense of obligation. We all owe them our lives as of January, after all. In potentially bloody irony: so do the bigots who've done them harm.

I don't know the details of the circumstances surrounding the ballroom incident, and I'd appreciate if you would share what you know. That aside, if you haven't already, I recommend tracking down the vehicle that was used to take Special Agent Ivanov away. The ball took place in a nice part of town, so if you can make available 10 minutes of footage from nearby traffic camera archives, we may be able to pull a license plate number and general direction, possibly recover the vehicle, determine its origin, circumstances of its theft/purchase, etc. I know a few resourceful individuals who can get eyes on the ground and in the sky, and between them and the DHS or NYPD's psychometers/postcogs I am led to believe you would have access to, there's a chance we could aggregate enough information to move on.

Personally, I have some information regarding the identities of those within Emile Danko's cell, as well as the one other main paramilitary operational cell working out of Manhattan. A few names, basic descriptions, a few significant notes on histories. I believe that disseminating this information to parties that would subsequently place these people on broadcasted watch lists would merely chase them even further down their rabbit holes, more problematic than helpful. However, if I was not prepared to defer to your opinions, I wouldn't be writing you.

The truth is, I have been fighting Humanis First! for a very long time, and my judgement is at best suspect, at worst inconsistent. Today, I think the probability of recovering Special Agent Ivanov alive is unrealistic and Officer Harrison has the right to have a shot at these fuckers as soon as there is one to take, but tomorrow I am liable to change my mind. It's an unfortunate side-effect of more personal histry than is feasible to discuss.

Please get back to me as soon as possible about whether or not you're interested in pooling resources. If you have ethical or technical roadblocks with any of the necessary tactical work, deceit, or information access, I would be more than happy to contribute.

Good hunting.

— E.

"Do any of you have any idea who this may be?" Len asks as he's clearly no clue who this guy could be, though honestly at this point, Len might be willing to reach out to a stranger.

Does anyone have a clue. Does anyone have a clue.

If the expression of intense anger that's crossing Minea's face right now is a clue, then, She has a clue.

It's further evidenced by Minea taking her piece of paper and starting to rip it in half, then quarters and so on and so on and so on. "Fucking bastard. God damned fucking piece of shit bastard."

Veronica glances at the paper and shakes her head. "Sounds like someone in Phoenix or the like," she begins to say, before Minea starts ripping up the paper. "And Minea apparently knows. Not sure how his trying to help makes him a bastard, but drama queen looks like she can tell us something about it," she adds a little dryly.

That's the sort of reaction he was looking for. Gotta love it. "Care to share with us, Agent Dahl." Len almost looks amused now and if this were any other day and in regards to any other subject, he'd probably be chuckling, but he's not. The time for jokes will come another time.

Brows lift a bit as she takes the piece of paper and Carrie gives it a look over. After a scan of it, she can only shake her head and set it on his desk, "No one that I know of." She glances at the other two woman, brows lift at Minea's reaction.

"He's a dead man" Minea offers up, a gesture to the pile of shredded paper. She looks to the three in the room "As in literally, you just got an email from a dead man. My former partner to be more accurate, before I joined the company"

"Well, since I'm sure there's no internet in Heaven, and I can hardly see computers suriving the intense heat of hell, can someone tell me how a dead man sent me an email dated today?" He looks from one woman to the next, then the next, though his final gaze rests on the agent who seems to have all the answers. Or at least be able to come up with more questions. Len's eyes are on Minea's. "I sincerely hope I'm not being haunted."

"Covered up his death for some reason?" Veronica says, turning to look at Minea, understanding how angry she must be if she felt her partner had died and it turns out he is out there alive and never letting her know that eensy, teensy detail. "Is he Evolved? Got a real name? I'm guessing Einstein, Eyeliner, Einliter, whatever it is, isn't the real name."

"No covering up what happened to him. He was evolved, passive biological detection. If it was living, and in his radius, he could detect it. He met a truck head on on a bridge while riding his bike. Trust me, he was confirmed dead three times over, I made sure of it.:" Minea's tongue searches out her molar, sweeping around it as she shakes her head. "I knwo someone else though, who isn't dead, and has the ability to get traffic camera's and the like and i'm going to go pay his ass a visit adn give him fucking hell for using that name"

Still curious as to Minea's reaction to that email, Len doesn't press her for a name. "I'm going to respond to this email, if there's something you find out that I should know, you need to come see me, call me, get in touch with me in some manner. Especially if it looks like I'm being set up for something." To the others, he gives a wave of his large hand. "I've nothing else. Keep me updated constantly on your work, so I know what's going on. Secure email or secure VOIP, if you can't see me in person. That's all I have." With that, he dismisses them to go about their business.

Len watches the three walk out and turns to his computer and types in a response.

E —

Give 'M' a contact number and we'll meet.


With that, he turns off his monitor and steps out of the office.

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