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Scene Title Clarity
Synopsis A reunion after the abatement of the blizzard leads to Sable wanting to make her thoughts and feelings clear to Holly. Her success is arguable.
Date June 1, 2010

Holly's Home

A dog's age. That's how Sable put it on the phone when finally, finally she got ahold of Holly on the other end. Snow and circumstance have kept the twice-met pair apart for quite some time, and while Sable never seriously entertained the sordid thought that the sweet natured girl she tossed a snowball at might have frozen to death, it wasn't precisely out of the realm of possibility.

Unexpected relief, therefore, runs through Sable as she climbs the steps to Holly's door and knocks, dot dot dot dotdot - dot dot. Shave and a haircut, two bits. It's still nowhere near warm enough to go in summer garb, but Sable doesn't need to protect her face and ears from frostbite any longer, and her smiling mug is clearly visible between the brim of her newsies cap and the collar of her coat.

The door is answered pretty quickly as if she had been waiting for the arrival of her guest for some time. As she roughly pulls the door back, Holly is grinning wide in her bundled up warm clothes. She declares cheerily, "Hey, good to see you managed to make it through the wasteland."

"I'm good at walkin'," Sable says, stepping right up to Holly and pulling her into a hug, "Glad yer safe, hon," she leans back, catching Holly's eyes, "Fuckin' everythin' ever happened in the between-times since now and last I saw you. Stressful as hell, but 't least it wasn't a boring as it coulda been, trapped in a goddamn orphanage for an age." Was… she supposed to mention the Lighthouse? "Y' look great, though." She beams.

Holly's grinning continues as she tugs the other girl into the door and shoves it quickly shut to keep out the cold "Yah, it got pretty bad. I got taken out to a shelter right after your friend there brought me your letter." She sets about the room after the hug, murmuring with a blush, "You're looking nice too," while also opening the coat closet near the door.

Sable begins to shed her outermost layers, and her boots as well, revealing her usual cargo pants underneath, but with it a rather baggy sweater that hangs on her tiny frame like a wooly mantle. She tugs at it, pulling its hem straight, as she reaches up to hang her coat. She bites her lip at the mention of the letter. "Aw, yeah. Yeah, well… situation's changed some since then. 'course, it'd no less fuckin' headache inducin'. But, y'know," she shoots Holly a grin, "Women. Neither with 'em, nor without 'em."

She pads up to Holly, reaching out to take her hands, "I'm gonna wanna talk 'bout what's on my mind, 'n' I'm sorry ahead of time. Just wonderin' when we should tend to that borin' crap. Now, or later?"

A squeeze follows all that, Holly returning the grip of the smaller girl's hands. She gives a thoughtful nod, looking just a mite concerned about a conversation requiring advance warning. But ultimately she smiles, "Lets get that out of the way quick, huh? Maybe I'll put on a pot of tea or something, you must be a bit cold."

Sable nods, "Sounds solid," she agrees, "Let's get warmed up and then I c'n get it out of the way nice and quick, so you 'n' me can just enjoy ourselves."

Holly keeps her grip on the girl's hands, leading her on up the stairs of the little Queens home, carefully since it's a bit awkward walking like that. She lets go once they're to the top though, and she quickly darts off to fill up the electric kettle from the tap.

Sable flops onto the nearest couch, arms and legs spreading out, socked toes wiggling. "I'm a ramblin' man, y'know," she says, "Good at walkin' and hitchin'. But all this fuckin' snow. We didn't have nothin' like it down south. Vagrancy is a whole fuck of a lot easier when y' don't have t' worry 'bout freezing t' death."

The taller girl gives a nod of agreement, adding, "Hey, I was born here and I've only ever been evacuated the once before; this was something else altogether." She goes about the kitchen, fetching up some big coffee cups and her little teapot.

Sable grips the back of the couch and hauls herself into a sit, peering over, trying to catch a glimpse of Holly as she works. "I'm jus' glad it's over and fuckin' done with. It was not helpin' my goddamn lifestyle one bit. I can't go into detail 'r anythin', but I c'n tell you this: at one point, I had t' bite a fuckin' feral dog t' protect my fellow arctic travelers. I shit you not."

An eyebrow is raised as Holly settles herself to lean back against a counter, eyeing Sable in amazement at that bit, and suppressing a laugh, "You're serious? That /is/ crazy, I hope you didn't like, get rabies or something like that." She awaits the report of the kettle, fiddling with tidying a tea-towel on her oven with one hand.

"Y' only have t' worry about that if I bite yah," Sable says, her grin a mile wide, "Think there's some risk 'f that, though?"

A whistle begins to rise up and is quickly silenced by the flick of the off switch on the kettle. Holly fetches some of her tea leafs from a cupboard, and sets about brewing as she replies, "Well, depends on what your important conversation is about, I imagine."

Sable falls back onto the couch, arms wrapping around herself as she laughs. "Oh, Jesus, ain't no foolin' you, is there?" she says, "Get that tea in here, girl, b'fore I start foamin' a the mouth and make it a moot fuckin' point."

"Hold your horses. Cream, honey, lemon?" She peers over, grinning as she gets some lemon and honey for herself and prepares her cup.

"Honey 'n' lemon," Sable says, "Sweet with th' sour." Her socked feet tap together as she stares up at the ceiling.

Holly hurries about preparing the tea, and loads the whole mess up onto a little tray with a bowl of little cookies to carry off into the living room. She settles down onto the couch, setting the tray on the table and nodding, "Here we are."

Sable scootches back to give Holly more room, eyes following the girl as she sets down the tray. She grins, then leans forward, wrapping her arms around Holly in an impromptu hug. "This is just too fuckin' sweet," she says, "This ain't right." She doesn't sound the least bothered, however.

The hug is returned gently, Holly beaming and glowing in the cheeks, "Feels plenty right to me." She lets one hand scoot forward to grab a little sugary cookie to chomp on briefly, letting the tea sit for a moment

"Course it does to you," Sable says, turning so that she sits next to Holly properly, "This sorta thing is all jus' life as usual. Tea and cookies? Jesus," she grins, "Much as I protest t' this goddamn snow, I guess it is t' thank fer you 'n' me meetin', eh?"

Holly gives a slow nod at that, and smiles, "Yup, the snow did do one thing good at least. I guess you're right though, you've lived a pretty different life from me." She gazes around the room, family pictures of her and her mother and assorted other faces about. She scoops up her teacup and sips lightly, "

Sable follows suit, taking up her own teacup and blowing ripples across the liquid's steaming surface before sipping. She watches Holly out of the corner of her eyes as they sit side by side. "So…" she begins, "'bout you 'n' me. Such as there is such a notion."

The girl settles back on the couch a little, cradling her warm mug between both hands and lifting her feet to rest on the table, socked feet wriggling. "I kind of like that notion, if that matters. At least, so far as I can tell."

"I'm in no way opposed m'self," Sable says, nodding, "But we gotta know where we stand. Un, like, romantic though it may very well be, y'know? Cuz…" she makes a face, "Well, see, y' read my shitty fuckin' letter. And while I won't bore y' with the details, I got sorta burned a bit recent-like, and I'm still figurin' out whatall is goin' on in my heart 'n' my head. So I'd like t' know what y' expect, 'n' t' let you know what I'm feelin', so neither of us gets burned anythin' like I did."

Holly looks thoughtful at that, and is silent for a rather heavy moment as she tries to compose her thoughts as much as she can. "I'm not really sure what I expect, really. It's been a long time since I've even really had anyone I've been interested in like, well, this." She clenches her hands a little on her mug, whitening the knuckles just a little as she notes, "All I really want is to get to know you, and see what comes of it, you know?"

Sable peers into her tea, as if somewhere at the bottom, a conclusively right and proper path might be found. Some direction, a divination in leaves. But there are no such dredges. Just amber liquid. She sips again, reaches for a cookie, dips, bites, dips, bites, buying moments as she tries to construct sense within a mind not usually terribly concerned with such things. She finally sets her mug down, turning to Holly, all seriousness as she reaches out to take Holly's chin, drawing their gazes together.

"I dunno where my heart is right now, hon," Sable says, with an air of frank confession, "I've got signs 'n' omens of all sorts, 'n' I gotta say straight out, that y'r not the only fair lady my path has crossed. You're as good as any, I'm sure, 'n' as lovely too, spirit 'n' form both. But when time comes t' make a decision, if either 'f us decides someone else is who we're s'pposed t' be with, I'm hopin' we can, the each of us, accept it with grace, if not a smile."

Holly's head turns to meet the gaze, pondering over this in her head a little and processing the words. Tea is sipped at another moment, and she peers around the room again, trying to build coherent thoughts from chaos. "There's always that possibility of course. And perhaps we are taking it all too seriously too fast, this is pretty heavy thoughts. That's how anything goes, I guess." She looks a little sad at giving voice to that thought, but then tries a small smile before returning to her warm tea.

Sable wrinkles her nose, "I know, I know," she says, "'n' normally I wouldn't burden y' with it, it's just that after my own experience… I dunno, I figured it'd be better t' be real clear and all. Knowin' what you feel… it's hard 'n' its easy. Easy, cuz it's all there is when you're feelin' it. Hard, cuz you never know what it'll turn into, or what it'll mean, 'n'…"

The yellow eyed girl stops herself with a laugh, "I'm fuckin' babblin'. Sorry. Y'know…" she cricks her neck, "You wanna know how I feel right at this very instant?"

Takes a dip of the cookie, and she gives a slow nod, smiling a little, "I find your babbling a little endearing. You're like a lost little thing going on and on." She laughs a little at that, "Go ahead." She sips more tea, and wiggles her toes in her socks again.

Sable doesn't continue babbling. Instead on hand reaches out to take Holly's teacup, drawing it from her fingers and setting it aside, while the other moves to catch the girl's waist. She leans in and over, and finds Holly's lips with her own. The kiss makes her immediate feelings very evident.

Holly's breath pauses for a moment, and her cheeks burst back into red glow as she reorients her mind on this new situation. She squirms a bit awkwardly in the embrace, her mouth moving forward of their own after contact, mashing together with affection.

The cup is now safely out of harm's way. This leaves Sable with a free hand, which she promptly slides into Holly's hair, running her fingers through it before lifting it to the back of her head, drawing the kiss deeper. Her other hand's thumb runs against the bottom ridge of Holly's ribs.

Seems to take it all in stride, mainly due to a lack of experience with this kind of intimacy. She knows the part where she moves her lips against Sable's though, and her own arms move around the smaller girl's body, squeezing her idly.

Sable doesn't lack for experience. Inarticulate in some ways though she may be, she is perfectly conversant in this language. She slides up onto Holly's lap, legs parting over legs, and wraps her arms around the other girl's shoulders. She gives Holly's bottom lip a light suckle, then draws back, smiling at her with a expression made only more feline by her yellow eyes. "Am I bein' clear enough?"

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