Clashing Minds


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Scene Title Clashing Minds
Synopsis Diogenes stumbles upon The Red Lotus and Yin, and the two don't get along.
Date June 27, 2009

The Red Lotus

This unmarked building, which appears at first to be apartments or something similar, has quite a different ambiance inside. The walls are all a dark wood, and the floors matching, giving the Red Lotus an 'old western' feel to it. The windows are draped with thick silk curtains, stitched with fine peacocks on them. Along the floors are oriental rugs, dark in color to soak up any spilled wine. Large mirrors hang from the walls.

The first room seems to be a greeting area, with a few comfortable sofas and low tables, even a fireplace can be found here. A few girls walk around in short kimonos and tall wooden sandals, serving drinks.

Through some heavy curtains is the main area. Oriental is still the theme, but the floors are all hardwood now. There is a bar, small though it may be, it is stocked. A few tables are spread throughout the room, one or two booths tucked back behind translucent curtains for some sort of privacy. Here, girls may or may not be less well attired. They still walk around offering drinks, but they also dance and sing on occasion.

NOTE: There are always burly, loyal guards in both rooms, more than willing to deal harshly with troublemakers.

The Red Lotus is starting to open it's business, and for an unmarked place, its getting to be rather popular. A few men are gathered in the front room, sitting around, having drinks, talking business. Girls are there to serve them, a few girls have even been claimed for laps. Despite the bright ambiance of the room, none of the girls seem ecstatic. It just seems like another day at work for most of them.

The back room is sporting a bit more activity, a few more crowds, but by no means packed. It's only the afternoon, after all, evening is when things will really start booming. One or two girls wander through the room with fans, doing little dances to the chinese music provided.

Yin is another story. There's a loud sound from upstairs, as well as a shout in chinese. Suddenly a man wearing boxers, socks, and dress pants down around his knees comes tumbling down the stairs into the 'back' room. People look up, but no one seems concerned. Following him is a small chinese girl, wearing tight jeans, boots and a silk red chinese top, her hair held up in a messy bun. The most surprising thing about her is not her unhappy look, or how her lips seem to pout, but the scar that runs from her hairline to her chin, right through her eye. She gives an order in chinese, standing over the fallen man and a few bouncers hurry over to drag the man outside. And there stands Yin, hands on her hips as she watches them go. Interesting place, this one.

The young man, wearing his usual attire which wasn't exactly formal, yet not entirely informal, steps into what at first seemed to be an apartment building, in hopes of perhaps finding a more stable place to stay in, considering how much attention Staten Island has attracted lately. His own, at the very least, more so after that run in with the telepath. Diogenes absent-mindedly brings up a hand to comb his stubbornly rebellious hair back, his eyes keenly scanning indoors that suggest that this building houses something far more than just apartments as he initially suspected. He doesn't stay in the main area for too long - only long enough to take in the women rushing back and forth, clients and, of course, the room itself. No, he soon ventures on to the next room.

And just in time, too; just as he steps into the other room, he sees and hears a man falling down the stairs in a humiliating attire(or lack thereof). He boldly moves forth so that he would look up and be able to examine whoever tossed the man downwards. A subtle smirk curves a single corner of his lips upwards when he sees Yin. It's not her alluring womanly curves that attract his attention, as comical as it might have seemed to others, but her scar that tarnished her unquestionable beauty. "You don't get what you pay for in here, do you?", she shouts out, ignoring the fact that he's drawing attention to himself.

Yin's eyes turn upward to the gentleman causing all the ruckuss - at least, now that the pantsless man is gone. His ruckuss was undoubtably moreso, but when he's removed, Yin will apparently take what she can get. A few more steps bring her down to the floor at the base of the stairwell. "No, get much better if you follow rules. If not, you get what I want you get." Clearly her english isn't top-notch, she won't be quoting Shakespeare any time soon. Her language is almost harsh with the chinese accent cutting into her sylabals abruptly. "You cause me trouble, I get you broken face, yes?" She asks, stepping a bit closer toward the new guest. She doesn't appear afraid of him at all.

Diogenes slid his hands into the pockets of his darkly grey denim jeans, unwittingly pushing the lapels of his jacket which otherwise would have draped down his thighs. With that glint of amusement still painted on his lips, he continues to watch Yin intensely, the poor sap who she shoved down the stairs getting no attention from the young adult. He shared his boldness like the Asian lady, and as such was hardly phased by the brusque words or the threatening air about her. Her last sentence even causes his grin to grow. "So to whom have you caused trouble to have your face broken?", he inquires nonchalantly, and although there's poison that can be felt in his tone, his question is more fueled by curiosity than anything else.

Yin smiles, an almost sickening smile as she walks closer to the man, taking a step around him to size him up. "How it matter?" She's behind him when she leans up to speak a bit softer to him, as if it were some big secret. "He will break no more faces ever again." Then she laughs, quite simply, stepping away from him. "Drink, enjoy girls, or I call men to make you enjoy girls never no more." It's said offhandedly as she waves, one of hte girls in the short kimonos, tied loosely so she's almost falling out of it, brings Yin a small glass of something or other, bigger than a shot, but not much more than.

Diogenes tips his head to the side, but otherwise, he remains still. For someone as slimly built and ostensibly frail as him, it was sure amusing to watch him stand his ground so relentlessly even as Yin encircled him like a vulture. He only turns around after Yin's bizarre offer to either enjoy girls and drink or bid farewell to his manhood. "I wouldn't mind a drink, but I'd much rather enjoy you than any other girl in here", he states quite simply, before adding to elaborate on his wish: "Just talk. I want to talk with you." His smirk is gone by now, and he sports an all-around serious facial expression, which for Thomas meant that it held a tinge of sadness to it, should one be observant enough.

Yin finishes her drink, setting it back on the tray as the girl bows a little and turns to head back toward the bar. "My girls talk," she explains to the gentleman. "Talk and lots more, for lonely men with no love. They not mind you ask them for past life." Still trying to push her girls on him, it seems. "Talk me, very dangerous. I not like you, you not come back here, no more girls for talking for lonely men." She looks at him, but every look she possesses seems to be some off-shoot of a glare - hers made even more pointed because one of her eyes is blue, a reaction no doubt to treatment from whatever caused the scar.

The 'gentleman' lowers his chin and his gaze prior to letting out a dismissive scoff, wishing to discard the woman's persuasive suggestions with said gesture. "You're afraid that you'll scare away clients by insulting me, but you're not afraid to toss men down stairs? That's a little bit hypocritical, don't you think?", he inquires, lifting his eyes to regard the exotic woman once again. "I don't like anyone in here", he announces privately to Yin, although those nearby will no doubt overhear what he didn't keep as a secret, "And I certainly don't like uppity bitches like you. But that's exactly why I want to talk to you. Make me hate you just enough, and I might actually become a regular."

Yin walks easily toward the bar, her hips swaying as she goes until she has a seat. "It take you so long to hate someone? I sure I hate you already," He is, after all, rather annoying. She doesn't talk to the customers, that's what the girls are for. "You angry sort, then, like rough girls? We have rough girls too, but if you want to hurt them too badly, you cannot have. Too expensive for you, I think." She waves a hand and the huge man behind the bar, a bouncer too no doubt, pours her another drink of some sort of rice wine, labeled in chinese.

Diogenes considers following Yin, at first, to pursue and persuade. But it isn't long before that option is brushed aside in his mind. His eyes glide over the frame that belonged to the woman of exotic origin, and with a scoff, he nods, silently making his way out of the room into the lobby, and subsequently, out into the street. The man would stop there to look behind him, to mark this place in his memory, should he for some reason desire or need to come back there. Well, then, off to find himself a place to stay.

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