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Scene Title Classmates
Synopsis Katherine is talked into signing up for EMT courses and finds a familiar face as a fellow student.
Date October 23, 2009

Half past nine is when things in class taper down and end. People gather up their gear, get thier books, settle on homeowkr. Some make plans to go eat, have coffee or dessert. Abigail doens't live nearby and has to obey the curfew so she refrain from going out mostly with others. Johan can sometimes get her to join them all for a few minutes. But this day there was a new addition to the class in the form of Katherine and so Abby felt obliged to stay swing over. "Hey, need a ride home or is Veronica picking you up?"

Katherine knew it would be just a matter of time when she would need to find something to do with herself, so taking some classes seemed like the thing to do. They told her she'd have some catch up to do, but she was okay with that. If truth be told, the counselor rather just pointed Katherine in the right direction and Katherine blindly followed. Whatever brain function dictation decision making process seems to be broken still, so it was easy to convince the former agent to plop down some money on a paramedics course.

Katherine's first night in class and the only person she recognized was Abigail, whom she met at the salon. She paid attention to the instructor and learned quite a bit that first day, though there were a few things that she got lost on due to entering the class late. When Abby approaches, she was just putting her phone up to her ear to call Veronica for a ride home. She disconnects the call and turns to Abby with a wrinkling of her nose. "I was just about to call for a ride. Are you going that way?"

"I can drive you where you have to go or you can have someone pick you up at the bar. Likely closer" Abigail offers. "We can stop, get coffee or whatever to drink on the way if you like' The blonde offers. Circles under her eyes show that last night, not the greatest night of sleep that she got. "I got the green SUV outside. Get your gear, we'll go" There's a friendly smile offered though.

As if the decision was made for her, Katherine picks up her backpack and slings it over her back and prepares to follow Abby to the SUV. "Okay. I have a vague recollection of going to a bar once and then flying. I think I liked it. The flying, I mean." She's kind of rambling at this point as she speaks, her sneaker bottoms scraping along the blacktop as she walks.

"Veronica said you were having problems remembering things. It must be pretty terrifying at times, not knowing something and thinking you should. I don't think you've ever been to my bar though. Pretty sure you never were. Veronica has" Abigail's sports bag is tossed over her shoulder, messenger bag hefted. 'How are you fitting into things? Have you found a new job yet?"

"No." On the job, anyway. She doesn't mention she really hasn't been looking either. Not for any lack of want, but she's not really sure she knows how. Putting Homeland Security on your resume might raise a few eyebrows and require answering some questions, most which Katherine would have no clue on how to answer. "I like to help people, so the counselor thought this would be a good idea." It's not Katherine who thought, but the counselor. Katherine seems to just be along for the ride. "I liked helping out when the building collapsed."

"Well, it's a good place to start. They swear those who graduate here get a job, so i'm hoping that I'll find a place. Liz, friend of mine, Harrison swears that I can probably get a job within the department or at the emergency room as a technician or some other place. Or you cna probably get a job in one of the big companies as like, their on site medic, in a few months" Helpful offerings from the blonde.

As they spill out the door, she holds it open for Kat. "Put in time and you can come back and become a paramedic"

Katherine steps through the door, then once again in tow beside Abigail. Kat nods. "I'm not sure what I want to do, except help people. Some of the stuff they were talking about seems familiar to me, so maybe I did some before I died." She can speak matter of factly about her own death, only because it's like it happened to someone else. Or it happened to her in what literally could have been another life. "I just hope I do well in this class."

"I think you'll dow ell, if you put your mind to it" And likely, most of it was. Abby was sure that company 'homeland' training covered a lot of things. "If you like, I mean, on the days that we don't have class, and i'm not busy with that bar, you can come over and head upstairs and we can see to reviewing stuff, homework and the like. I know I can always use a study buddy, sometimes the things they teach don't stick right off the bar and I need to have help" The keychain for her car is pressed, a beep sounding to help her find it in the parking lot.
ORDER: It is now your pose.

"I think I'd like that." She's been a little apprehensive about school if only because she's not sure the extent of her brain damage or if it'll sustain any new learning. The extra studying might help. She also has to catch up on a few weeks worth of classes. "What made you decide you wanted to do this stuff?" Kat asks, as she lets out a huff of air.

How much to say to that? Because I lost my healing ability and I'm trying to find a way to compensate? "I like helping people, making them feel better. Healing them. I can't do it the way some evolved healers do it so, this seemed like a pretty good choice. I have some friends who are EMT's and Paramedics and they suggested it" Abigail smiles with one side of her mouth looking over. "How much do you have to catch up on? You came about a month and a half in"

Oh. Um. Katherine pulls a crumpled piece of paper from her pocket and attempts to smooth it out some for reading. There's a good chunk highlighted. "All of this. He said it was mostly reading with some catch up labs that we can do after class sometime. The teacher didn't seem to think it was going to be a problem. Has it been hard?" she asks, now wondering if she's too far behind to catch up.

"Depends upon your defenition of Hard. I'm not exactly the smartest brick on the block. Most of these people here have had some medical training. Johan started going to Medical school but he stopped, there's Emily, same thing. They're old hat at some of this and I had to take come college courses till I could pass the tests they put in front of me. But, between you adn me, I could use the extra time in the labs and help you out. I have a friend too, she's a nurse, i'm sure she'd be glad to help" Maybe she could get Eileen to help her out. Just conveniently neglect to mention that Kat is a brain damaged company agent? maaaaybe that might work. Abigail skirts around the car to the drivers side, tossing her stuff in the back before gtting into her seat. "Where am I dropping you off and have you had anything to eat?"

Once the lock comes up on the passenger side, Katherine opens the door and climbs in, forgetting she has a pack on her back. She leans forward and slips it off, then sets it on the floor near her feet and shuts the door, then slips her seatbelt on. "I'd appreciate that. Really. I really didn't want to wait to get this started, even if that meant I was behind." Mostly practicing CPR on the test dummy and all that, but it's stuff that needs to get done to check the block for her training time. As for eating, "Well, I ate something before I came to class, but that was about 5 hours ago, I guess. I could eat something, if it's not too much trouble."

"Tell you what, you call Veronica, I assume you were gonna call Veronica. Have her meet us at the Nite Owl. We can get something there since it's not far from where I live. Veronica can easily bypass curfew, I can't. We can go over the stuff you need to catch up on and we can eat, while we wait, deal?" Abigail looks over, waiting for confirmation while she puts on her own seatbelt and turns the car on.

"I can do that." Kat calls up Veronica and relays the information requested, then hangs up and turns to look out the window as they drive. Seems as if all in all, everything is going to turn out just fine.

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