Claudine Salonga
Portrayed By Claudine Barretto
Sex Female
Status Registered Evolved
Ability Telepathy
Age 26
Date of Birth July 4th
Date of Death
Occupation Company Agent and Psychiatrist
Family Lots
Significant Other None Yet
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Dr. Salonga is a Company Agent and a psychiatrist, serving as a counselor for other agents and those in Company custody. A young and idealistic woman, she has a strong sense of morals and wont delve into people's minds using her abilities unless given their permission or given orders to do so by her superiors.

Character History:

Born in the Philippines. Graduated Magna Cum Laude at Harvard University with B.As in Biology and Psychology. Attended Columbia Medical School with interests in psychiatry and neurology. Now in the second year of her residency in psychiatry at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Details Classified.

Evolved Human Ability:


Claudine is able to communicate via telepathy as easy as someone else is able to converse with words. Through it, she is able to share memories of her life or events that she has seen with a perfect clarity, though as with any form of communication, it is tainted by her world view.

Claudine is able to receive thoughts as well, though her telepathy doesn't work like many people assume. Rather than having to actually delve into another's mind, it works more like hearing than most would suspect. Her telepathy is always on, and in general, the average person's mind can be quite loud when they are thinking hard on something. So more often than not, she quiets other people's thoughts thus preventing a shattering of her sanity. People with strong thoughts are the ones that she is able to notice even with 'volume adjustment', despite her wish not to. She is privy to other tricks, that are well..classified

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