Clean Up


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Scene Title Clean Up
Synopsis Veronica and Lawrence wait for the clean up van to come take away Goodman's remains. Lawrence isn't sure he believes Veronica, but offers a hanky to clean up the brain matter.
Date May 17, 2009

Warehouse 13, New Jersey Coast

The deed is done, the bullet spent, and Goodman's stretched on the pavement. Veronica has some time alone with the body as Lawrence climbs back down from his distant perch and starts trot-running through the streets in her direction.

Veronica has her cell phone out and nods to Lawrence as she dials Len's number, murmuring that the "job is complete." She bends down and takes Goodman's effects — wallet, anything in his pocket, and waits for the van to come. Once Lawrence is close enough to hear, she murmurs, "Keep an ear out for anyone who shouldn't see this. Of course, if someone comes, we're on the case, HomeSec." Despite her logical directions, there's a tremor in her voice that she can't quite hide.

"Of course," Lawrence says with a slightly offended sniff, nostrils flaring. "You talked to him a long time." An open statement that invites her to supply further details. Pretty typical tactic.

"Just trying to get information from him that might prove useful," Veronica says. "I'm not sure if anything he said was legitimate or not, but as long as he was willing to talk, I was going to listen. Most of it was bullshit, I'm sure." The choice of wording is ironic, as she's anything but sure at the moment. "Good shot, by the way."

Lawrence smiles. Praise! Praise is good. "Thank you," he says, modest and proud all at the same time. "…What was in the folder?"

"A file he thought was of interest to me. Like I said, it's probably bullshit, but I need to … go over it with Len." That's honest enough. She's not sure from just how far away his super-keen hearing can pick up conversation, so she's not going to flat-out lie to him. Just omit the truth. She looks up into his face, as if gauging his reaction. After all — he might decide she's a traitor now… but at least at this close of range, she's more on even footing should he choose to shoot her. The van appears in the distance. "Cleanup crew."

Lawrence purses his lips, peering down at her. He doesn't have a great poker face; it's clear he's troubled by something. "Oh," he says. A pause, and then, "I hope I didn't get any blood splatter on you. I apologize if I did. Er. Well, you have a bit," he's peering intently at the side of her face with keen, bright blue eyes, "And, er, some brain matter… hang on. I have a hanky." He digs around in his pocket.

Veronica stares at him a moment and then laughs. She reaches up and just wipes her face with her arm, shaking her head and laughing some more. A little giddily perhaps. "A hanky," she says to the van as it pulls up. The men jump out, glancing at the two clients with a little awe in their eyes, as they hustle out to take away Goodman's remains.

"…I wasn't aware that was funny," is Lawrence's puzzled reaction. He meekly puts the square of material back in his pocket.

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