Clearly Off Her Meds


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Scene Title Clearly Off Her Meds
Synopsis Kaylee goes to check out Mas Mechanics and ends up meeting Eve again. She ends up finding out there is something off about Hannah's memory.
Date March 03, 2011

Mas Mechanics

The insanity of the past several weeks has kept Kaylee of thinking about this moment. A thought that had occurred to her and been lost in the insanity of sick kids and robots. Yet, as she was walking Missy in the chilly morning — an excuse to get away from the Terminal for a bit of mental quiet time — she finds herself making her way to the very place she remembered in her walk through Hannah Kirby's mind.

Of course, as Kaylee Thatcher stands before Mas Mechanics, there is a touch of confusion on her face. This looks nothing like she saw in the woman's mind. "Maybe it looked different when she was younger?" She asks with a soft sigh as she glances down at the dog at her feet, Missy's ears are perked forward at the build with head slightly cocked to the side. When she realizes her person is speaking to her, the dog looks up at the woman and gives a sweeping wag of her tail.

"Think we should look around?" That only gets a further tilt of the dog's head. Kaylee gives Missy an amused look and starts towards the garage. She runs finger tips along the chain link much like she did in the dream, but there there is no vines with big leafs.

Kaylee takes a moment to pick up a lock from the ground, clearly used for the open gate and hooks it on the metal wires of the fence, a much better place for it really. Nearing the building, eyes on the gaping maw of the garage, she calls out softly. "Hello?"

She feels a bit silly about it since it looks closed down.

The sound of humming can be heard as Kaylee nears the open garage. The rest of the inside pretty dark, the door leading to the living space and other parts of the building is opened. A staircase not far from inside.

The humming seems to be coming from underneath an old school mustang, custom paint job.. custom everything job. A pair of legs, the look feminine peek out from under the car. Though the person underneath the car does not answer to Kaylee's call. She might have to get closer.

A cat slinks up and out of the garage. It's the newest kitten of Eve's, Herb. The tiger breed, meows and then hisses at Missy.

"Herb! You stop that!" Echoes the voice from underneath the car, but then it goes back to humming. Softly to herself.

As soon as she sees the Cat, Missy freezes in place, one paw still lifted and her hair seems to stand up along her back. Kaylee knows to keep a good grip on the leash as Missy decides to take a leap at the cat with a growling bark. The weight of the dog throws the telepath forward a couple of steps, with the feeling of her arms threatening to be pulled out of their sockets.

"Missy! No!" Kaylee snaps out loudly, giving the leash a tug. "Sit!" The dog immediately cowers down, but her eyes are still locks on the cat, growling.

Once she's got the dog under control — even if she's still growling — Kaylee turns her attention to the woman under the car. "Excuse me?" The last time she met the woman under the car, she was on the verge of dating Peter. That was a long time ago for her, the memory faded some. "Hello? My name is Kaylee. Could I ask you a couple of questions?"

Herb backs away and then trots off back into the big building, a hiss from the shoulder and then the cat is gone.

"I know who you are, one of Peter's girls." Girls? Comes the voice of Eve from underneath the car, the comes slides from underneath and stares up at Kaylee. Staring at Missy, Eve cocks her head to the side. Light eerie grey eyes staring at the dog. "I use to have two huskies.. not anymore." She sighs with a slap of her palm against the pavement before sliding to her feet.

To anyone that knows Eve.. this is an unusual sight.. she's wearing jeans, a faded pair that slightly hang off her slender hips. The huge raven dark mane that is her hair is pulled back into a messy bun. Grease marks her arms and hands as well as a bit on her face as well. The older woman stares at Kaylee now with a curious one. "Ah, Cardinal. That's right." She scratches her head with the greasy hand and then wipes the palms off on the already greased marked white V neck.

"You can ask me some questions." She says with a slight knowing look, eyebrows arched as she regards the telepath.

There is a slight scrunching of the nose at the mention of being one of Peter's girls, at least she don't throw a fit about it. "That was… long ago and he screwed that up royally." Kaylee gives it a wave away as if it's nothing.

Missy relaxes mostly once the cat is gone, but those eyes are riveted to where the cat was. Standing guard maybe? Neither dog nor person are cat lovers… so they fit well together.

"But yes… I had some questions about an employee…" Kaylee trails off as she glances at the states of the garage. "Or I guess ex employee." Attention fixes right back on the precog as she asks something totally off the wall. "What did you mean 'Ah, Cardinal?'" The look suspicious.

"Nothing nothing dear." Eve waves her hand off dismissively. "I need to go and have a drink with him." She reminds herself and then she's looking over for her phone. It must be in her bedroom because she shrugs and turns towards Kaylee again. "I should be able to answer them, my dad opened this place.. I think," Eve lays a hand on the wall of the garage. "Either right before I was born or right after. I know everyone that has been through here." She spent so much time here with her father and his friends, her 'uncles.'

"Now you," she points at the dog. "Don't try to eat Herb, got it? I'll have to kill you and Kaylee here wouldn't like that. Okay? And don't even think about marking your spots." Eve says with a chuckle to Missy, then her eyes are on Kaylee again as she moves forward, studying the woman. "You look different." Of course she does.. it's been months Eve.

"I'm sorry, I haven't taken my meds today. I almost forgot you were coming." She rambles and waves her hand off again, a little matter of little importance.

Kaylee still gives the woman a rather confused look, she's almost wishing she had brought Abby or Joseph on the walk with her. She feels sorely in need of back up today. But a small lop sided smile of amusement tugs up at the corner of her mouth, "Oh! Eve Mas… Mas Mechanic. Didn't really click there. So… you'd know if I mentioned a woman named Hannah Kirby?" The mention of her looking different is brushes aside for other matters, since she doesn't want to get into the discussion of time traveling and it's dangers.

Head tilting a little as Kaylee regards the woman curiously, her memories of Eve are dim at best, but she remembers her being odd like that. "I got the impression she worked here when she was younger? I don't know how far back employee records go…" Brows lifting a little expectantly.

"Yes! I am Eve Mas, pleased to meet you. Can I offer some chocolate. I have Mars Bars. Wonderful." Eve says with a wide grin, mouth hanging open a bit. And then Kaylee is asking her a question about a woman working here.

"Three women have worked here. Three.." Eve says with a ruffle of the messy bun on her head. "Two were in their twenties when they worked here.." Eve remembers because they were big sisters to her. "I don't.. do you think if your father was a cheating bastard that he would have cheated on his wife with hot twenty-somethings that worked with him?" Eve asks Kaylee in all seriousness and then she's cracking up, "Ha! That's such a silly thing for me to say. Peter would shake his head at me.. if he still loved me." The oracle looks sad for a moment before she looks at Kaylee and whispers, "Peter would like to not be friends anymore." Letting Kay in on the vast secret, that Eve hasn't told anyone because it's such a big and important one.

Returning back to business, "And Thelma Mayes." Eve says the last name.. "She worked here when I was about sixteen. We were the same age, maybe a year apart. She didn't stay for long though, her mom didn't like her pretty little blonde girl working with these lowly men of dirt and grease." Eve says with a sigh, "Bitch." She mutters.

"Well…" Kaylee looks uncertain, so far no one Eve mentioned seemed right. "This woman is about your age as well. Maybe she could have slipped your mind? Seems to be good at working on motorcycles. She… has a brother named Eli? From the impression I got he came by the shop often?"

The way the other woman's jumping around topics wise makes Kaylee a touch uneasy. She's even a touch pale with it's mentioned of fathers cheating on mothers with other women. The telepath is certain that he father did just that on her own mother. "Um… look. Maybe I should just go… come back another time?" Is there a better time?

She looks about ready to turn and hurry out when something else occurs to Kaylee. "There were two others I remembered mentioned about that time. Both might have worked here at the same time. A… guy named Billy she was dating. Also a man named Benji… Ah… Benji Foster?"

"I'm sorry, I'm sure Simon told me to take my meds every morning but I just forget sometimes. I'm.. I'm all scattered. It's what happens when you see I guess." She taps the side of her head as she says the word see. "There was no Hannah and there was a Billy. But he worked here, his name was Billy Rainmen. I'm sure he was a crook or something, Rainmen as a last name?" Eve chuckles and walks closer to Kaylee, grey eyes on the telepath. "Eli doesn't ring a bell and neither does Benji.. Foster?"

"Quid pro quos, Kaylee." Eve waves her finger at the woman. "Why are you asking about people that use to work here?" she tilts her head, "Is this Hannah.. in trouble?" Eve worries that someone in trouble be connected to this place. Rubbing her forehead, Eve looks at Kaylee. "I'm nutty but I have a good long term memory sometimes." She admits. "So this Hannah has never worked here."

Kaylee doesn't answer Eve right away, she seems to stare right through the other woman as she ponders what she's being told. Never worked there. That's something to talk to council about. Their mysterious wards from the eight, keep getting more so. "She's… not so much in trouble. Hannah go hurt by a very bad man, who killed everyone with her and infected her and the dead bodies with the evo flu."

There is a small smile, sadness in it. "I — never thought of what I would say if she had worked here… or her family if I found them." Kaylee shrugs a little. "I guess I wanted to know Hannah better in case… " she doesn't make it. She can't get herself to say that part out loud.

"She's a good woman, with strong faith, I'm hoping it'll carry her through it," Kaylee admits after a few moments more. "I hope she makes it, cause she had something to tell me." Something about Joseph, it worries her.

The oracle is the one to wait this time, looking off to the distance and walking over to place a hand against the chain link fence. "I had the flu that only we can contract.. it almost killed me. A nurse.. Megan." Eve smiles softly at the name. "She took care of me." Head turning to look at Kaylee over her shoulder, Eve's eyebrows raise. "And what exactly.. made you think that you could find out something about Hannah here? This place is closed down and has been abandoned for a while, until a year or two ago I think. When I started to live here myself.

"She has the flu.. can I see her?" a question to the blonde with a curious gaze behind it. Whoever this woman is.. "Maybe.. she's going by a different name and I would recognize her face.. still doesn't explain how you knew to come here though." The dark haired woman goes back to looking out of the fence, a sad expression on her face.

"I can't do that." Kaylee admits blandly. "Take you to see her. It's complicated." But she doesn't linger on that. "As for the how I ended up here…" There is a hesitation as if the telepath is debating what to say. "I can here cause of a memory. One of her memories is of this place. Or working on cars in this garage." She glances around, before letting her gaze settle on Eve again. "I figured someone might remember her."

Another tick and… "I could show you what she looks like. Benji too." Kaylee gives the precog a reassuring smile. "I am after all a telepath."

"Is she under your care?" The question seems important to Eve and she nods her head. "If it is a memory.. it's falsified.. it's not.." Eve trails off before she whirls around, bun almost becoming undone. "What do you mean a memory?" Eve's eyes grow wide as she looks from side to side. Biting her lip, "A memory of working here?" A panicked expression fills Eve's out, she can't have been forgetting about things about this place.. she never forgets things like that.. not having to do with her family and Mas Mechanics. "Would you explain.. what was happening in this memory?"

The oracle looks at Kaylee before leaning against the fence and coming to sit on the ground. Holding her hand out, "Don't go into mine.. if you do.. you might not be able to sleep for a while." A warning to Kaylee on the dangers of entering the mind of someone like Eve. Though if Kaylee were listening hard enough.. a clatter of voices, all clashing together can be heard from Eve. Faintly though in the background, the sound of laughter could be heard.. of children laughing.

Maybe it's the chaos of the mind that helps keep the telepath at bay in the first place. Kaylee doesn't even hazard a peek ever as Eve seems to react to the news of what she is. "She's in the care of some friends and it was a memory… I know cause I was in her head. I saw the little boy, her brother… I think. And I saw this place." She turns to look back up at the building. "Except… it seems greener. The building around us… worse off then they are now."

A thought occurs to Kaylee, but it's waved off as silliness. "Don't worry, though… I won't look into anyone's head that doesn't wish it. A telepath does have to draw the line somewhere."

She studies the woman for a long moment, before glancing out at the rest of midtown, "I should go though… leave you alone." Kaylee got the answers she needed, now she needed to think about that. Maybe a chat with a fellow telepath, Benji, was in order. "My boyfriend will start to wonder if I stay out too long." She told him she was going to walk the dog, she was already out longer then is needed.

"Wait there."

Eve stands and looks at Kaylee closely in the eye. "You've been so rude, as have I. Everyone talks in secrets and codes. I'm the biggest one to blame. Tell your friends I would like to see her." The woman chuckles and then lays a hand on Kaylee's wrist. "It was greener and the building worst off then now?" Eve's eyes widen and she walks hurriedly over to the garage. "Come here." She says stiffly and gives Kaylee a hard stare.

She disappears through the doorway that leads through the rest of the building, "Don't sit and take forever Kaylee, don't you have somewhere to be?" is echoed back to Kaylee from the doorway.

"Well… Midtown in general looked worse off." Kaylee corrects watching Eve disappear into the building. She hesitates. Well, the precog is acting rather crazy after all, giving mixed messages. She glances down at the dog, who glances up at her, as if the canine would have an answer. "Think I should?" Her answer is a slow waving of that tail. She takes it as a sign and after tying the dog off on one of the fence's uprights, she follows.

"Eve?" She calls as she moves through the doorway. Kaylee hesitates again at the door, but decides she's being silly. She moves deeper into the building looking for her. "Where'd you go?" Is asked, fingers tucking blonde strands behind her ears out of nervousness.

The sound of things being shoved and thrown around can be heard by Kaylee as she makes her way deeper into the building. She passes the kitchen area before coming to a big room. Lots of couches and chairs, it's a huge room not meant to be a living room of sorts but Eve changed that. The woman in question can be seen in the corner rifling through something.. a box.

"Richard took all the paintings.." she says aloud more to herself than to Kaylee. "But he didn't take my sketches in this box." Eve explains before she ahas and comes hurriedly over to Kaylee, the cat Herb is no where to be seen. "When I first met my best friend Gillian.. I had a series of visions.. all of things to come. Just like my dreams, some were in the near and some distant future. But this astounded me." Talking like a scientist that has discovered some new organism.

"Did Midtown look like this?" Is asked and Kaylee is allowed to look at the sketches that Eve did so long ago. They depict a forest like and green Midtown all over, there are single sketches of individual streets and even one of the front of Mas Mechanics.

"This future.. was not happening.. or so I thought.." Eve mutters and scratches her head. "Kaylee, this is important. Do you know what this means if it's true?"

Brows furrow a little as she looks from Eve to the sketches, reaching out to take them and draw them closer for a better look. Kaylee is quiet for a long moment, with lips pressed together in thought. "No." She says finally, looking up at Eve again. "Not like this… It… well actually the whole city looked abandoned and war torn. Like a bomb had been dropped or something."

Another glance to the sketches and she hands them back to Eve with an apologetic smile. "This building, the garage, had weeds and stuff growing around it. That's what I meant by greener. It was more… spring or summery, rather then winter." Kaylee eyes the books thoughtfully. "So… you're a precog?" This has her thoughtful, considering her options. "I need to go, but I'll leave my number. If.. you paint anything that might be of something like a war torn city… could you let me know?" It's been a annoying thought in the back of her head, one she's been discounting… but if Eve paints it…

Oh what Kaylee wouldn't give to be able to talk to Hiro, to ask his advice on this. Plus, she's worried about him, since she hadn't seen him since he dropped her off.

"Yes, I can see the future.. I use to work with Pariah.. then Phoenix.. and then the Ferrymen and Endgame by affiliation. I've been around the block.." Eve says softly as she takes her sketches back and she looks at Kaylee in a new light. "Will you be careful?" she asks the blonde telepath with a thoughtful expression. "There's always an apocalypse on the horizon but this time.. it feels different. Please be careful." Eve says it as a mother would say to her child, worried for their wellbeing.

"I have a feeling everything isn't as it seems.. and if we don't turn the lights on soon, we'll be plunged in darkness.. forever." A dark note from the seer. Nodding her head, hair beginning to tumble out of it's messy bun and to her lower back. "I'll call you." She says with a brief nod, placing her sketchbooks on the couch. Eve begins to lead Kaylee out.

"Kaylee, this doesn't make sense.. at all." The oracle distressed by what she has just learned. She rakes her brain for clues to if she has already seen this.. but with Richard having taken her memories of the dreams and paintings as well.. she has no clue. "I might.. have some information for you.. give me a week at least. Yeah?"

And there Eve goes, swatting away at whatever is in the air flying over her head. Which is nothing. "Damn flying beetles. I prefer the Beatles to be honest." As they come to the open garage door. The dark haired woman sticks her hand out. "Kaylee, it was very nice seeing you again. And please don't be a stranger." Back to cheery Eve it is, though her eyes portray something different.. fear.

Missy is retrieved and Kaylee kind of turns back to stare at Eve for a long moment. She really doesn't know what to think of the seer. "Um… Eve?" She seems hesitant to ask and ready to flee from the strange woman, but she needs to know. "Which Richard has the paintings?"

If it was the one that Kaylee's been face to face with… well… just maybe. She can get a look if she needs it.

"The Richard that has the paintings.. is the one I'm going to see." Eve replies cryptically and then she continues. "The one that's not suppose to be here of course." As if Kaylee should know because she's a telepath. Then the woman is looking over the ruins before staring back at Kaylee.

"I'm going to see him, to have a look at my paintings. Do you want to come with me?" The question hangs in the air, tense.

"I do." She does. She really does, but.. "But… I can't be around one of them. I've already pushed my luck with visiting family that works for the Institute." Kaylee lifts her shoulders in a there you have it, kind of way.

"Just let me know what you found out," Kaylee offers instead giving Eve a bit of a wave, before stepping out of the gate to be on her way.

"I'll call you." Eve answers softly and she watches as Kaylee walks away. When telepath walks away, the singer comes back to the garage and finally finds her phone. After a moment or two, she begins to dial a number. Watching Kaylee walk way, her head tilts to the side the tangled strands covering her eyes as the phone rings on the other side..

"Kaylee Ray..?" she whispers softly, a thoughtful expression on her face.

Why does it feel like she's just tumbled down the rabbit hole?

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