Close Encounters Of The Sisterly Kind


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Scene Title Close Encounters of the Sisterly Kind
Synopsis After experiencing some car trouble Adisa has assistance
Date January 9, 2011

New York City Back Road

"Just my luck I'd turn off a wrong turnpike to get to a rest stop and then end up in some middle of nowhere back road with no cell coverage and a broken down car. I bet cows'll be milling through here before any people do." A young woman, short and brunette, stands, all bundled up and mumbling to herself, leaning against her car with a map in her hands and the hood of her car open. She's given up for now trying to figure out what's wrong with it. Everything will be fine if she can just somehow get a tow truck there that will tow the car all the way into New York City.

The young woman in question is Adisa Dunham. "It is so TOTALLY not cool to not have a cell tower around here. It's like cruel and unusual punishment to people like me. That's all. A warning to say, Stay on the main roads until you get into the big city! Hah, well I'm certainly not making this mistake again. This is so unfashionable." She lets out a scoffing sound. "Getting lost and stuck in the middle of nowhere is so totally Nineteen-Ninety-Seven." Adisa brushes some hair out of her eyes as she starts to turn the map upside down. Perhaps that will show her a new, fresh perspective. You never know!

Samara Dunham had been uncharacteristically quiet since the morning when she'd gone on a walk all her own, a curious act considering her general enthusiasm towards walking. She's not sad though either, just oddly… sedate. Her eyebrows knit together slightly as she peeks out the passenger window, "Gram didn't seem happy that she left…"

It's a quiet observation, but not without her general warmth, just an observation. There for what it is. Swallowing hard, she looks away from the rolling countryside on the back road, allowing her gaze to move back to Brian. "Do you think— " her words disappear however as her eyes narrow at the road, bringing the figure into focus. "— can we stop to help her? I don't— " her eyes focus more and one of her eyebrows quirks upwards with vague recognition.

With this odd out of character play, Brian keeps giving Samara a sidelong look. Peering at her over his shoulder intently every now and then. So every now and then the car swerves just a tad. But then he's back to the diligent course. Before peering over at Sam again. "What's wrong?" He finally breaches. Peering at her, "You don't seem happy at.. Anything."

"Did I do something wrong? I mean.. They were just surprised that you were getting married. It's not like they don't— " His words are cut off when Samara requests to stop for the upcoming car. Letting out a slight sigh, he gives a light nod. "Yeah. We can stop." He lets out, pressing on the brakes. The vehicle slows on its way to the broken down car. Taking a light sigh, he looks over at the woman giving a light frown. "I love you Sameye." He lets out before, opening the door. "Stay in the car until I make sure it's not a rapist."

Almost oblivious to the approaching car, as her attention is nearly completely drawn to the now upside down map, Adisa is actually surprised to hear a car door open. Jumping, she drops the map in an annoyed huff. Scrambling to get said map of the ground, she quickly folds it up in a a haphazardly fashion and throws it into the front seat of her car, as she'd left the door open as well. She places her hands on her hips. "Haven't you ever, like, totally heard of honking when you approach a broken down car?" She says to the man who has exited the car, not noticing the person in the passenger seat as yet.

Shaking her head slightly, Sami shoots Brian a small smile that lacks it's general lustre. "No you didn't do anything." There's a pause as she frowns sightly,"I'm sorry— I'm okay, I just.." she blinks, barely believing her morning excursion. "I ran into a kind of friend and— " he absorbed a bunch of her positive emotions and then balanced them out by draining negative ones? That seems confusing. And hard to explain. So she opts for, "— it just drained me," while managing a small smile. It's not a lie, just not as thorough as it could be.

"I love you too. I'm okay. I am. Like… I will be. After I sleep I'll be right as rain." Hopefully. She almost listens to the instructions. While she doesn't wholly get out of the car, her door opens shortly after his and she twists around, letting her feet hang just outside the door.

Pausing before closing the door, he watches her quietly. "What? What kind of friend? How did it drain you?" Brian sounds.. protective, and semi-angry. Like someone's going to get punched by a hundred fists. Frowning softly at her, he closes the door.

"That's not a thing." Brian states solidly as he approaches Adisa. He's never heard of that. He's approached tons of broken down cars. But he'll forgive the attitude for now, she might have had a bad day… Since her car is broken down. "What's the problem? Anything I can do to help?" He flashes a charming smile, placing his hands on his hips.

Adisa glances slightly over to Samara, furrowing her brow slightly at the woman. Does she know her? Possibly? But how? She doesn't think she knows ANYONE from New York. So maybe she doesn't know her. However, for the time being, Adisa's attention turns back to Brian.

"Of course it's a thing. And if it's not, it should be! You scared me half to death and back!" Adisa says with a firm nod. At the question about what the problem is, she merely gives Brian a stare. "I'm not exactly a mechanic here. That would mean I'd have to get dirty and…you know…eww. I just did my nails earlier today! Anyways, all I know is that it went kapoots kapoots kowabanga pizza spaghetti rigatoni and then it died on me!"

Before Brian slides out, Sami shrugs a little, "Someone I met when I was invisible. The first person I met when I was invisible. He's just.. unbalanced is all. And he knows it." And then as if to make it better she insists, "I'm okay," as the door closes.

After a few moments, D=deciding that it's probably safe and the other girl on the road isn't a rapist, Sami slides out of the car and closes her door. She shuffles behind Brian, not quite looking at the other woman, instead starting a thought, "Those aren't all sounds. Like pizza, spaghetti, and riga— " she finally peeks around her fiancee, staring openly at Adisa, gaping like a codfish.

Her eyes narrow into thin slits while she weights something over in her mind, and she her voice softens, its warmth a little hollowed by the cool of the icy air, "But.. you're so old."

"It's not a thing." Brian defends rapidly. He's not sure who this girl is, but he will defend that to the death. Honking the horn is not required car pulling over etiquette. When she starts going off on him, his eyes roll same. "I can help…" Winters says a little sourly. He agrees with Sami though, pizza is not a sound.

Narrowing his eyes some, he takes a step away to look back at Samara. Bitch say what? "I'm not that old…" And that hardly seems to be the thing to argue about by a random broke down.. Oh she's talking about her. Brian blinks over to Adisa. Not that old..

A sigh emits from Adisa. "Of course pizza is a sound! It's a round about sound! With other sounds thrown in. It's not like there's a better way to explain a roundabout sound like that. Spaghetti is like a straightforward kinda…vroop sound? I dunno. They've got purpose!" She eyes Brian and the semi-hiding Samara. "Anyway, any help would totally be like…superman awesome.

A frown crosses Adisa's face when Samara states that she's 'so old'. "I am like…totally not old! I'm totally young." She shakes her head. "Seriously, what kinda people drive these back ro…" Ah, and then it hits her. Could that be? Is it? "Sami?" She whispers in a barely audible voice before scrambling into her car and locks the doors. At least the driver's side doors. A look of fear is evident on her face. She's a ghost! That's the only explanation. Samara…is a ghost. And usually ghosts only come back for like…revenge or like…other unresolved business, right?

Still frozen, Sami's eyes become glassy with moisture. She blinks, which actually causes a single tear to trail down her cheek. With a loud sniff she raises a hand to her face, catching that single tear. But with still glassy eyes, there's likely to be more to follow it. "You— you were supposed to stay fourteen forever," her voice cracks around the croaky emotion she struggles to contain. "You're so old." Maybe she can almost understand Tahir's emotions at seeing Sami all grown up, especially now. She sniffles loudly.

"Addie," she whispers with a small tremble. She runs her hand along her cheeks to catch the tears again. "Addie no!! Addie!" Her eyebrows knit tightly together as she turns back to Brian and then points at the other woman, "That. Is Adisa." She sniffles again, the tears abandoned from her sister locking her doors. She paces forward a few steps, "Addie, c'mon! It's me, Sam! C'mon— mom said she told you— "

Ooohhh This is the other one! Oh shit. He needs her to like him so he can be 3 for 5 with the Dunham's. No more eye rolling. It's time to be nice Brian! Taking a step back, he looks from Adisa who is.. Scrambling into her car..? And Samara then back again. He's already on board by the time Samara makes the declaration. He glances over to the locked doors.

"At least she can't go anywhere?" He gives a little grin. Haha! "Your parents didn't tell her? I thought everyone knew." Winters frowns lightly, heading for the car.

Adisa scrambles back, across to the passenger side of the car. "C'mon, Adisa. You're like totally not going crazy…you're not going crazy. Ghosts appear all the time to people who they knew in previous lifes. But what does she want with me? Is she angry that I bought clothes in her honour when she died?" She thinks about this for a quick moment before shouting, "I'M SORRY I BOUGHT CLOTHES IN YOUR HONOUR!!!" As if shouting will make things better. "Mom's crazy! Mom didn't know what she was talking about! You're just a ghost! You gotta be a ghost! You died in the explosion! What do you want?! Please don't hurt me! I'm to young to die!" There's a few tears running down her own face now.

"Apparently not?" Samara's eyebrows tick upwards as she follows Brian to the car. Taking a slow deep breath. Gently she knocks on the passenger-side window. "Come on, Addie! Mom said she told you. Please… please open the door so we can talk. Don't be ridiculous! There's no such thing as ghosts!" these words actually have her smirking at Brian rather than Adisa. It wasn't long ago that he was the one telling her that. "I'm not a ghost— I'm flesh and blood. Just look at me." She points to Brian, "Look at Brian. He's not a ghost either. We just stopped to help you out. Now come on— " She hmms, "Look, Ghosts don't age, right? I don't look sixteen anymore! And I'm not wearing the clothes I died in— so.. obviously I've changed. And ghosts can't change." It's such failed logic considering she said they didn't exist.

"And.. just please. Please open the car. We just came from Gramma and Gramp's house. I.. I wanted to see you— " since like forever ago.

Peering in the door, Brian frowns lightly. "She's evolved right? That's what your mom said?" Leaning towards the door, Brian gives a little knock on the window. "Adisa. Hi. My name's Brian. I'm dating your sister. She's not dead, I promise. She's evolved like you. She can phase through things, that's how she survived the bomb, okay? So she's been stuck in her power for four years." His words are loud and over pronounced. As if he was talking to a child that was hard of hearing. "I'm going to ask Sami, your very real and alive sister to open the door now."

Pushing away from the car, he smiles at Samara lightly. "Ghosts don't exist." He motions to the door with his thumb. "Go ahead Kitty Pryde. Open the door." He motions for her to do so. "Show her you're evolved… Or freak her out and think you're more ghost-like." He smiles lightly. "Only time will tell!"

"WHAT?!" Adisa shouts just as loudly as her other words. "I am NOT evolved! I've never told mother any such thing! I told you, she's crazy!" Unless she's around other evolved. Well…she has also registered herself as evolved with the government and gotten one of those ID cards. But that's only because she thinks it might get hard to go around without one. That's logical, right? "Anyway! You're ghosts! Come to…hurt me or something 'cause I wasn't always super nice to Samara when she was alive and I was always making fun of her wardrobe! But pleeeeeeaaaasssseeee don't hurt me!" She nearly cries. "I can't die! You can't hurt me! I'll do anything you guys ask, just don't hurt me!" She turns her face away from them, as if trying to hide herself.

"No.." Sami's eyebrows quirk upwards. "I don't.. mom talked about Tahir, but I don't think Addie is like me or him." At least not that Sam or her family knows. "But— " and then she turns back to the car, "Brian's right, I'm all evolved. And stuff." She quirks an eyebrow at him, "Are you sure this is the best idea? Ghosts pass through things…" Although there is something in opening the door.

Adisa's freak out and subsequent confession about making fun of her wardrobe has Sami pressing a hand to her forehead. The glassy quality to her eyes is long gone as she reaches through the door, hoodie sleeve and all and unlocks it on the inside. She clicks the handle and voila! door is opened. And then, absently she says, "Well I have a future with roadside assistance." She turns back to Brian, "I'm handy if you lock your keys in your car~"

"Oh." When Samara reaches into the car, Brian eyes her, pushing up on his tippy-toes. He whispers, "Your sister is kinda crazy." Going back down on his feet, he just looks inside there. Scrubbing at his chin. "So like your mom told her and she thinks your mom is crazy?" How dare she insult the Mother Dunham.

He places his hands on his knees, not going to open the door or anything. He doesn't want to freak her out more. "If she's going to keep freaking out.. Maybe just like leave your phone number and when she calms down.." He takes a few steps to examine the hood. "I'll see what I can do?"

While she would scramble back more, that would be a bit impossible for Adisa to do as she watches her apparent older sister open up her car door. Would a ghost open up a door to do harm to you? Probably not, right? "Ss…Ss…Sami? Samara?" She blinks, as if trying to hold back tears. After all, she already has cried a bit, and which has smudged her eyeliner. "Fine. Maybe you're alive and real. So maybe like…mom and dad weren't crazy after all. But what about him?" Adisa points to Brian. "He's like…I dunno. Does he always dress like that?" She asks almost pretentiously before nearly jumping out of the car and giving Samara a giant hug as the sisters are reunited after these years.

A fleeting shrug is cast to Brian at the questions, but Sam nods regardless— “Thanks Brian— leaving a note might— “ but then Adisa’s coming along. She manages a tighter more supportive smile with a nod as her own eyes become a little glossy again. “Yes Addie it’s me— “ she begins gently. And then the clothing comments. Goodbye glassy eyes. Her bright hazel eyes roll, “Brian is— Brian is… “ her cheeks flush slightly. “Brian is amazing!” there’s a defensive edge to her voice. “He’s— “ standing right behind her. Her cheeks flush brighter, this isn’t the kind of conversation she likes to have in front of the person in question, but she can’t help it, “He’s a good dresser! And he’s sweet and kind and fun and— “ she’s tomato red now as she shuffles backwards only to almost literally fall into her sister’s arms, tugged easily forward with the little mass she has.

Huffing lightly at his dress, and glancing down to inspect himself. He rolls his eyes before looking back up at the hood. He's a good dresser. Lowering himself into the hood, he hovers to the left lightly to peer past the hood cover to try and eaves drop. But it doesn't last long before he's back into the hood. He smirks a little, it's nothing she hasn't said to him before… But with the last and—

"Her fiancee. Hi. I'm Brian. Nice to meet you." He smiles brightly before disappearing back to the hood to tweak this and frown at that.

Adisa hugs Samara tightly. "Ohemgee! I totally thought you were super dead!" She nearly sniffles. "Your body wasn't found and you were in New York and you didn't call home and nobody knew where you were! But you're here and your alive and you're not dead! You're not! You're not!" After a few more moments, she breaks the hug and looks at Samara all teary eyed. "And you're actually a better dresser then I remembered! You're totally not horrible at fashion." Yes, 'cause that's important, don't you know! As Brian speaks, she nearly blanches. "Fiancee? You two are getting married?" Oh…my…god. I totally am planning this wedding. Trust me, you guys are so totally not gonna be disappointed. It's gonna be super nice! Oh, I'm Adisa, by the way." She says in introduction to Brian. She frowns, then. "I can't do anything with a broken car though. And I'm planning to go to Tahir's. Though…I haven't talked to him yet. But that doesn't matter until I can get into the city." She shrugs and rolls her eyes. "Oh my god…does Tahir know you're alive? Have you seen him yet? We've got sooooo much to catch up on!"

Sam shakes her head, "No I was never dead in the first place it is was incredibly confusing though and then all of that stuff happened and— I was always a perfectly fine dresser, there's nothing wrong with anything I ever…" Talking quickly with little pause seems to be a Dunham quality. "Nooooooo!" what she's objecting to is entirely unclear, but the objection is adamant. With a deep breath she holds out her hand to Adisa having had the hug already terminated, "I mean yes we are getting married, but no you aren't planning the wedding— I…"

Her lips part as she attempts to formulate her own thoughts. While Sami has a chatty bubbly way about her, keeping up with Adisa is actually difficult even for her sister. "Yes, Tahir knows and we saw him earlier, but he was just himself. Oh man. I visited him this one time when I was like invisible…" she lowers her voice, "NEVER go into his closet. The one that people would think to be a linen closet. Use your own linens. Just don't go in there."

Slowly peeking around the hood, Brian's brows are arched high. Impressed. He did not know anyone could out-talk Sami. But apparently it's possible. He watches for a few minutes dumbfounded. "Nice to meet you." He says a little in awe. He laughs a little when Samara rejects Adisa for planning the wedding. "She could help, Sameye. I'm sure she'd do a great job." Says the male who is a man.

"Uhh.." Brian brings up a finger to his lips, tilting his torso to the side. "When was the last time you looked at your gas gauge?" He asks, trying to sound friendly and not condescending.

Adisa frowns. "I don't get it…so…you're evolved…and…you can go through stuff…but you're definitely not Jesus-like, then? Like…raising from the dead and stuff? 'Cause, I'd imagine if a person was dead and was a ghost and then wasn't a ghost any more, they'd keep the ability to go through stuff if they wanted to. Just like when they were a ghost" That's her logic anyway. She eyes Samara. "Okay…well, I'll totes keep that in mind. Hopefully he like…totally already has an extra bed made up or something." She puts her hands on her hips and frowns. "I sooo am gonna help you with the wedding. And that's that!" She says firmly. She brightly grins as Brian says that she could help. "You know, Sami…I'm liking Brian more and more!" She flashes him a little smiles before looking dumbfounded and blinking. "Gas gauge? What's that? Usually the gas station people do everything." She shakes her head. "Can you fix it? If not, we need a tow truck."

Hazel eyes blinking back at her sister, "We'll see," is the noncommittal answer regarding planning the wedding. At least Adisa is excited. "Addie you ran out of gas? Please please tell me that when dad taught you to drive he at least showed you how to fill up once!" Being the spoiled brat of the family sometimes means not having to do things for yourself. Well often it means that. "And no, I'm not like Jesus-like, I didn't rise on the third day or whatever, but I thought I was dead and I still like go through stuff but only when I want to and only when I feel like because I'm like learning to control it and stuff I mean seriously so freakin' awesome— " she gasps for breath only to go back into crazy chatter mode. "And I'm glad you like him because I plan on keeping him around." She shrugs.

"Gas gauge.. Like the little thing. That tells you how much gas you have?" Brian looks over at Samara for a minute with a look that asks, 'am I being punk'd?!' before looking back to Adisa. He bites down on his lip for a moment before going to close the hood. "You ran out of gas. I'm pretty sure." He sighs lightly. "We can take you to the closest gas station.. Get a can and bring you back." He offers with a light smile. "And that way.. You two can have time to catch up?"

"Oooooohhhh! The little thing that blinks and tells me when I need gas!" Adisa smiles brightly. "Well…you know…it was blinking to tell me that I needed gas, but I was all, 'Uh-uh. Ain't no way girlfriend. I totally filled you up with gas like…just the other day.' So I figured it was probably fine." She offers a shrug. "Well…of course Daddy taught me how to fill up the car. But full service is like…so totally much better. I mean, why do something yourself when you can like…get somebody else to do it for you, right?" She looks between the two of them. "Uh…I think there was a gas station kinda near the off-ramp I took? Maybe?" She shrugs. "I guess they'd have gas to put into a can."

Sami shrugs at Brian's expression, countering with one of her own 'I tried to warn you?'. She reaches for both of their hands, to tug them back to the car, this is clearly the plan as she shuffles towards it. Her lips twitch to the side with a quiet hmmm, "Come on, we'll get the gas, come back and then you can get to Tahir's and hope for the life of him he isn't entertaining the bicycle of the month." She swallows as a sardonic smile curls her lips upwards. "And— you can tell me all about— " she actually sighs now, remembering dinners around the table, "—your newest pink lipgloss." For the next hour. Just to prove it's possible.

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