Club Fed Reunion


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Scene Title Club Fed Reunion
Synopsis Months after Moab, two former inmates have an unexpected reunion.
Date August 17, 2009

Fresh Kills Harbor

Situated at one end of the Arthur Kill, this small harbor has clearly seen days of better and more frequent use. Though it's little more than a network formed by a few creaky docks and causeways, it's still more than suitable to tie up for those who have business on the Island. Invariably, at least one of the ports is taken up by a houseboat covered in seagull shit. A thick, greenish layer of bilge scum floats on top of the water and clings to the hull of every passing vessel. Welcome to Staten Island. If you have baggage or cargo to unload, there are usually a few layabouts at the Angry Pelican, which is just a short walk away. Just be sure to ask for a clean glass and keep one hand on your wallet at all times.

Evening in Fresh Kills Harbor. One of the boats has dropped Helena off here so she can make her way to the Dispensary. It's still summer, but she's never too hot or too cold, so the grey sleeveless hoody she wears is more to obscure her face than anything else, though it's hard to miss the long blonde hair spilling out on either side of the hoodie's cowl. She moves quickly and quietly, evincing disgust at the smell of the sea bilge. She doesn't head immediately inland though - her eye is on the Angry Pelican.

Toru hasn't been spending much time on Staten lately, though today he's found himself with some residual business left to take care of. He's mostly wandering the harbor area in between taking care of things, and isn't bothering with concealing his own identity — wearing a hoodie, though the hood is down, a pair of fingerless gloves, some worn-out jeans. All very street chic. But in any event, he does make note of a boat arriving with folks — or at least a folk — and tilts his head a bit. Blonde. Cute. A hand is run through his hair, just to make sure it's all good and spikily presentable, and waits for the girl to get closer to where he's standing, sorrrrrt of in her general path.

They almost pass like two ships in the night. As she gets off the boat she moves past him, face averted though out of habit she lifts her eyes to take in the face as she passes and - waitaminute. She gets about three steps beyond him before she turns on her heel. "Satoru?" the young woman says in surprise. Fully facing him, he can see her features, see who it is. "Oh my god."

Wait, what? Most girls don't actually know his name before Toru starts trying to lay down the straight-love — though her walking right past him is certainly something he's used to — but that in itself gets him to blink, turn. Wait— yeah, he recognizes that face. His expression shifts into one of uncertainty, with vague irritation. "Aw, Hell— " and at that point he figures that might not be a good way to start the conversation. Forced smiles! "— ena! Hey, baby, wha's happenin'? 'sa pretty thing like you doin' out here?" Always a charmer.

Helena starts to step forward, then halts, arching a brow. "I keep a secret base on the island." Ha ha. Well, she was glad to see him. Then, because she knows it'll bate him, "What's a pretty thing like you doing out here?"

Normally that remark would be cause for irritation, but today Toru shrugs it off with a slight smirk, buffing his nails on his chest. Who, me? "Got some business to take care of, 's all. Terrible things, nothing fit for a lady or nothin'." He shrugs, shoves hands into sweater pockets. "Not so big a secret if you're tellin me about it," he notes. And then adds, "Y'know, you got me into some hot water a while back."

Helena cocks her head to the side. He actually believed her? Huh. Well, she'll just have to make sure he doesn't follow her. "Did I?" she asks conversationally.

Possibly not so much that Toru believed it as he's only tangentially interested. Nonetheless, he continues, "Some guy was shakin' me down for shit. Gave me some big lecture about how I need to.. be more community minded or somethin', I dunno." He blinks, frowns a moment. "I guess I don't remember that much just he said as how you'd been talkin' about me in some video I didn't see."

Helena lifts her brows. "I said that I hoped 'Toru' was safe." she says. "That's all. Sorry, I didn't realize you were the only Toru that could ever be found in New York or anywhere along the Eastern Seaboard, for that matter." She gives a little shrug. "You seem none the worse for wear, so I'm guessing you managed to get around it."

Toru smirks. "See, that's what I told the guy, but he was all persistent and shit. 'How many Torus can there be that have abilities blah blah blah'." He makes talking motions with his hands as he 'quotes'. "Guy named Cardinal. Tryin' to set me straight or somethin'." No pun intended. "It was a while back. The body has healed but the spirit's still weak, yo."

"Well, I can't kiss and make your spirit better, sorry." Helena puts her hands on her hips, smirking in amusement as she gives a mild shrug. "Cardinal's alright. I'm sure you were quite capable of giving him the slip." Her brows furrows a moment. "Have you seen any of the others? Annabelle? Shard?"

Toru actually takes a moment to think that one over, but ultimately shakes his head. "I spent a lotta time on Staten up to a month or so ago, didn't really run into any people from— from there. Couple people what shoulda been there, but." Shrug. "So, uh, since I'm spendin' mosta my time on the mainland and all now— I mean, it isn't like I wasn't there at all up to now, but do you figure I oughtta keep on the downlow? I mean, I'm gonna move and I'unno if they're lookin' for us bitches or what."

Helena considers a moment. "I don't think you necessarily have to do more than what's sensible." she says. "And if you haven't gotten caught so far, then you can probably keep on doing what you're doing." There's a pause. "There's a prisoner manifest floating around in some circles, though. I got my hands on a copy. I remember your prisoner number, but your name isn't on it." A pause. "Osteokinesis? Really?"

"Wh— Hey!" Toru gets all defensive with his power just stated out like that, looking around all shifty-like. "That ain't— " Eh. Shrug. He shakes his head, waves a hand vaguely. "Whatever. I'unno if that's what I'd call it really. I can't like control bone or anythin', I can just turn your shit into it." Pause. "Not like, literally."

Helena grins a little bit. "Okay. Well." She takes a look around, not overtly concerned that anyone's listening in on them. "I'd ask if you needed help, but you don't seem to."

Toru smirks. "Well, I got myself a swanky-ass under-the-table job and all, yo. I'm good." He waves that hand again. "I'ma get myself a new place soonlike, but my boss's got contacts can help me out with all that. We don't all gotta be revolutionaries or whatever to get things done, y'know?" Arms are folded up behind his head and he offers a cheeky grin.

"No, of course not." Helena grins in return, though notes, "I hope your new place isn't here on Staten. The law's going to come down on it any day now, and in a big way." She crosses her arms over her torso.

Toru shakes his head. "Naw, I'm just here to rough up some guy. I'm done with Staten since my old job got terminated, it's better and all over here but if that's gonna happen.." Shrug. "That pretty much sucks, man. Should I ask how you know that's goin' down?"
Helena echoes his shrug, shoving her hands in her hoodie's kangaroo pocket. "I hear things." she says. "Good luck, Toru. Sorry I got you into trouble, but I'm not surprised you managed to get out of it."

Toru grins, waves that hand idly again. "S'no prob, he's just some old guy anyway." Youth forever. "He sent some guy at me with a harpoon gun, man, that dude should be the one in the clink." Pause. Shudder. "Anyway. I'll letcha head out and do your thang then."

"Kay." She flashes him a sudden grin. She's much healthier than she looked in Moab. Of course, the food's a lot better on the outside. "Take care of yourself." With that, she starts to turn to start walking away.

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