Club's Closed


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Scene Title Club's Closed
Synopsis Peyton and Wendy coincidentally meet again when one goes to retrieve a lost ID card and the other goes to offer a check for the damages caused the night before. Eliot takes a smoke break.
Date July 27, 2009


The pulsing beat of bass throbs through the walls of Rapture, a high-class nightclub in the heart of Harlem. Rows of expensive cars line up out front of the exclusive club and a crowd of would-be patrons wait outside, cherry-picked by the bouncers to have only the cream of the crop on the interior, while leaving just enough eye-candy outside to entice other patrons. The club serves as a respite for the trendy and the influential from the grind of daily life.

On the inside, Rapture is as much a spectacle as it is a structure. Multiple dance floors in tiered balconies overlooking an enormous central dance floor ringed by plush leather-upholstered booths. Pale blue light shines on the wrap-around bar that curved around the back of the establishment, and the entire building is filled floor-to-floor and shoulder-to-shoulder with the pulsing, flowing sea of people dancing to the rythmic beats of electronic dance music piped through the expansive sound-system..

It's early, and the club isn't officially open yet. It may not open at all, tonight, given the fact that someone went critical on it the night before. Eliot licks his teeth, watching the workmen do their job; replace lights, move in the new sound equipment. "Damn kids."

Peyton approaches the club doors, and finds them locked. She raps on the door and waits. Dressed more conservatively than last night, she's not planning on partying, just retrieving her ID. The fake one with the birthdate that allows her to get into clubs if anyone cards! She's in a white sundress, strappy heels on her feet, hair pinned up in an updo. A much sweeter look than last night, but last night was anything but sweet. She has a couple of bruises from falling and getting stepped on, and she lost her ID to boot. Stupid Evo crazy bitches. She knocks a little louder.

After the second, louder knock, a young woman opens the door. She's in her mid-twenties, blonde, with sharp, rectangular glasses. She gives Peyton a cursory look over and raises a brow. "…Can I help you?"

The smile from the little socialite is not sincere, but is, at least, polite. She hates being made to feel like she's imposing on someone's time. "Hi. I lost my driver's license here last night… in all the chaos. Did anyone find anything?" she asks, raising her brows hopefully. The ID card has her actual name — being quasi famous means she can't just have some random person's ID with her picture pasted in. But the birth year is one year off, making her legal to drink and enter adult establishments.

Peyton gets a raised brow again, and then the blonde steps aside and ushers her inside. "Wait here for a minute. I'll go and check." She closes the door after her, and heads off.

It takes about a minute before Eliot is heading for the door. He glances up, and perks a brow. "Peyton." He smiles at the girl. "You're not supposed to be in here." Not that he seems to mind.

"Peyton!" Co-incidence. Here comes wendy in torn jeans that expose hipbones, and some purple off shoulder silk blouse number that should really be showing the heat of the summer, but it doesn't. Not on Wendy at least though. The evolved woman jaunts towards the pair at the door, but is downfalled when the woman goes in and the door closes. Bugger. Bugger it all.

So there's another knock on the door.

"Eliot," Peyton says with a smile and glint in her eye as she slips in, not hearing Wendy's call from behind. She moves closer to Eliot to give a kiss to his cheek, before turning to watch the workers put the club back in order. "Last night was something else," she says blandly with a shake of her head. You wouldn't know she had been screaming and squealing like a little girl from her blase tone today. "How much damage they do?" She turns to the door as she hears the knock.

Eliot glances over her shoulder and then back at Peyton. "Little over a grand. Nothing the insurance didn't cover. Speaker backfried and ruined one of the soundboards." He squeezes her shoulder and holds up a finger: one second. He opens the door. "Yes?"

Wendy startles, not expecting Eliot to actually answer the door. Already large eyes widen. "Oh! Mr. Ford! Wendy, Wendy Hunter! I was here last night" The black haired woman offers up her hand. "I was beside the two girls who damaged your club. I came to make sure that everything was going to be repaired in time. And to pay the deductible, if your insurance was taking care of everything and if they weren't to pay for it myself"Babble babble babble, gee eliot, you have such pretty blue eyes. A glance beyond him and she see's Peyton. "Peyton!"

When she sees Wendy at the door, Peyton begins to head over. "Hey, Wendy," she says with a laugh. "Small world. You'd think we were guilty parties, returning to the scene of the crime or something." Her dark eyes move to Eliot's and widen. "We're not. Guilty, I mean. We were here, but I think Wendy actually helped if anything, she's the one who called 9-1-1 and knew what was going on. I just sort of… lost my ID." She glances back to the taller woman. "Are you all right? You ran out of here like the devil was chasing you."

Eliot smiles at Wendy's sudden motor-mouth. He takes her hand and squeezes it gently. "Wendy Hunter. Hi." Introducing himself would just be redundant at this point. He glances over his shoulder. "So you two know each other? Good." He ushers Peyton outside with a gesture, and then fishes out a cigarette. "I know you aren't guilty. I /do/ have security cameras and footage, girls. If I thought you were guilty you'd be handcuffed by now." He grins. Not that the handcuffs would be a bad idea anyway. Ahem.

Wow. Wow. Wendy's eyes go distant for a few seconds, that feeling of emotions going wonky and a cock of her head to the side as she suddenly seems to look at Eliot in a whole new light. Go figure. Apropos. But she lets go quick as possible, pulling out her own smokes so she can light up. "yeah, just, you know. The excitement, the heat, the loud music. So many evolveds right there beside me and that one girl wouldn't let go of me and it was doing a number on me. I mean, strong women and telekinetics, who knew" Wendy just grins. "But please, let me help pay. It's not like we dind't particpate in helping the woman rile up and dance with that guy. Who knows"

Finding a bit of a nearby planter to perch on, Peyton sits, crossing her legs and looks up at the other two. She smirks at the handcuff remark and then tilts her head curiously at Wendy's words. "Wait. You can tell what people are? Their powers and shit? That other girl was Evo too?" Her eyebrows rise and disappear under her bangs for a moment. "What was that other girl, the one who grabbed you?" She's clearly fascinated by this topic.

Eliot gives Wendy a sudden, sharp look. She doesn't need to be telepathic to understand it. In fact, she'd have to be blind and down-right stupid not to. It disappears as fast as it appeared, but it was most definitely there. He smiles at Wendy and Peyton. "Don't worry about it, girls. Insurance covered it, no big deal."

Wendy gets the message from Eliot. Rub the side of the nose, wink, blink you're eyes twice, nod really obviously. All those clues. "Yup!" Wendy offers up. "Registered and never really called on to use it. She was… I think she does something with the mind, memory? Last one I touched who did something with memories felt like that. Was really weird, like the mind goes all sorts of foggy" But, insurance covered it. "Oh thank fucking lord, seriously, I couldn't fucking believe that they were getting into it on the dance floor. It was like right out of Carrie. just fucked up" Wendy shakes her head, offering Eliot her smoke for him to light for her. Because that's what men do for ladies.

"That's amazing," Peyton says, wide eyed. None of the people she has latched onto are Evolved — at least none that she knows of. "I've never really known anyone Evo. How long have you had your power?" She turns to Eliot, having missed the little exchange of looks between Wendy and Eliot. Yep, she's clueless. "Isn't that amazing?"

Eliot gives Peyton a smile. "Mmm?" He lights his cigarette and nods. "Yep. Amazing." Even if he weren't Evolved himself, he'd still more or less be blase about all this, given the fact that… well, he runs a high-end nightclub.

"Eh, Probably a long time and didn't know. So. Club be open tonight? I bet you'll get more people coming due to the whole .. debacle" Wendy glances over to Peyton. "You obviously made it home safe"

Peyton blushes a little bit at Eliot's lack of enthusiasm, and Wendy's low-key tone about her power. "Sorry. I just don't know anyone with any powers, so I guess I think it's exciting," she says with a chuckle. "I'm surprised the police don't make you work for them, force more people to register. Not that I would want that to happen… Just saying. And yeah, grabbed a cab. Only casualty was my ID card. It's what I get for not wanting to carry a purse."

"Not sure if we're gonna open, actually." Eliot glances over his shoulder. "It depends. If the technicians can be done with the whole installing soon, then yes. If not, it'll just have to close down for the night." He sighs. "Thousands of dollars down the drain. Oh well." He shrugs, because it's not that huge a loss for him. He takes a drag of his cigarette and smiles. "Did you girls have fun last night despite the chaos?"

"You'll make it up, i'm sure, tomorrow in sales. Hell, iplement a one night cover charge, get some lie band in here last minute, i'm sure you won't even notice the drop in funds" Wend points out. She turns her head, blowing out the smoke from her cigarette into some ring that floats away slowly, and another stream right through the center. Someones been smoking a long time.

Yawning a little at the talk of money, Peyton turns to watch the smoke ring float away. "It was fun, until things starting going all horror-movie on us," she says with a wrinkle of her nose, turning back to look at both the smokers. "I'm glad no one was hurt, though if the telekinetic chick had been roughed up a bit, I wouldn't have been too upset. She totally ruined a good party atmosphere." Pout.

Eliot gives Peyton a mock-pout in return. "Aaaaw. Did widdle Peyton have to stop dancing?" He winks at her, and then takes another drag. "Either way, if you girls want to have a drink, you're welcome to join me when I go back inside."

"Maybe Eliot here will take you dancing right now" Wendy teases Peyton with a grin. "yeah. I mean, come on, Super strength. She roughed up the dork of a byfriend. If you're dating the telekinetic and she starts throwing fits cause you're dancing with another girl, have the mind to go back to the one you came with" Wendy puffs away on her smoke still, shaking her head to the pair. "I gotta get back to the mo… I got someplace to be. Guy to see"

Peyton narrows her almond-shaped eyes at Eliot but her lips curve into a smirk to show she's not really hurt by his mocking. "It was like 45 minutes left til curfew, not even enough time to find a good club and get a drink, hardly. Sucks. But I'll let you buy me a drink now to make up for it." She winks and then turns the mock pout on Wendy. "Leaving? Got a date?"

Eliot tips his head towards Wendy and raises a brow. "So soon?" He takes a last drag of his cigarette and puts it out.
his head towards Wendy and raises a brow. "So soon?" He takes a last drag of his cigarette and puts it out.’

"Could call it a date. I made a friend. Maxwell Quinn" Wendy grins at this little name drop. "Maybe i'll convince him to drop by tomorrow night. If you want to alert the papparazi" Wendy offers. "Peyton Whitney and Maxwell Quinn is sure to get the press"

The socialite raises a brow. "Alert the paparazzi?" she says with a scoff. "I'd never do that. Those people are vultures. I never asked to be in the news. But maybe I'll come by tomorrow, if you're going to be here. Always good to make new friends." Especially ones seemingly made of money who pay for her drinks! "Have fun, Wendy-bird." She glances back at Eliot. "So it's not too early for cocktails?"

"Just what I need. Nalani bails town and I still can't get rid of the damn celebrities." Eliot doesn't seem to mind as much as he's saying he does, though. He winks at Peyton, and sticks his hands in his pockets. He offers Peyton his elbow. "Never too early for cocktails."

"Wendy-bird. Suddenly //everyone is calling me that" But Wendy just nods, turning on her heel after grinding out the smoke with her heel and heading off to her little red car. The one down the street parked illegally, and that has no top.

Peyton gives a head shake and rises, taking the proffered elbow. "She's an odd duck, that Wendy. But I like her," she muses to herself. "And don't forget my ID card…" Most places she can get in by a wave of the bouncer's hand, but once in a while someone doesn't recognize her and she gets carded. "So where were you yesterday? I only come here to see you, you know…" she says playfully as they enter the building once more.

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